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It's that time of year again when peeps are on the menu. Peeps, those little birds full of cushiony marshmallow and coasted with the sugariest of colored sugar, come in all shapes and colors. Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of peeps!!!

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
Watch the TODAY clip on how peeps are made: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-fjbQ7YT2yfg.html
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Peeps | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit



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Lauryn Howell
Lauryn Howell 9 годин тому
Brads just in the background cakin it up a 20:45
Eat the Rich
Eat the Rich 15 годин тому
Please make pop rocks!
404_NotFound 21 годину тому
All "Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet ________" should just be renamed, "Pastry Chef suffers for 25+ minutes"
Wide One
Wide One День тому
“Did you just google UKvid?”
majorxdf День тому
I'm sorry Peeps fans, but Peeps are terrible! Also, the face that girl made at 14:22 was hilarious.
Sumin Oh
Sumin Oh День тому
"SNACKER IN CHIEF" at BA? Now that is my dream job 😋
Ben Bagley
Ben Bagley День тому
Tempering the Peeps
Claudia Lopez
Claudia Lopez День тому
I wish they woul put Claire on more videos I only come here fl Or her she’s a QUEEN period
shes1of@kind День тому
The sugar os not sanding sugar. Its cotton candy that has been made stale and then ground to sugar again.
큐핏Cupid День тому
I hate peeps because they are just a marshmallow literally dipped in colored sugar
Joaqo Rod
Joaqo Rod День тому
20:41 thicc boy Brad!
Olivia Arana
Olivia Arana День тому
Hello! I think making some corn nuts would be dope!!! Lol
Fast doggo
Fast doggo День тому
If you take a bunny peep then microwave it for like 8 seconds and push it down lightly it will look like Kim jong un
Fast doggo
Fast doggo День тому
8.23 wait wtf That REALLY close to where I live.
Fast doggo
Fast doggo День тому
Please make fun dip!!!!
Patty Smith
Patty Smith День тому
Pop rocks ?
Ej Lionhart
Ej Lionhart День тому
Pop rocks please!
Joey Gergely
Joey Gergely 2 дні тому
pop rocks
Wholemeal Blousey
Wholemeal Blousey 2 дні тому
Insert name HERE
Insert name HERE 2 дні тому
Ooooh Cherry ripe!
Jeremy Gribbin
Jeremy Gribbin 2 дні тому
"Tumeric doesnt have a lot of flavour on its own.." -Ya, sure Claire. *Defs not
Insert name HERE
Insert name HERE 2 дні тому
Can we please have a mars bar? I think the nougat might be interesting and it’s always fun to use chocolate! Mars are perfectly complicated and are everything the BA audience wants.
Michael Lester
Michael Lester 2 дні тому
We need a pop rock episode.
el_the_ elf
el_the_ elf 2 дні тому
20:39 background left. Your welcome 😂
homemade kitchen recipes
homemade kitchen recipes 2 дні тому
Pop rocks 😃
PJ Atwood
PJ Atwood 2 дні тому
Who else leaves their peeps open to dry out before they eat them? 😂
SimplyStormie 2 дні тому
The last ingredient...love. Where do you buy that?
Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters 2 дні тому
Ewwwww! Peeps
azul garcia
azul garcia 2 дні тому
azul garcia
azul garcia 2 дні тому
azul garcia
azul garcia 2 дні тому
azul garcia
azul garcia 2 дні тому
tatitan765 2 дні тому
Claire do pop rocks please
Carl Gerlitz
Carl Gerlitz 3 дні тому
We wanna see pop rocks
Tanya Harrison
Tanya Harrison 3 дні тому
Do pop rocks
RouseOutdoors 3 дні тому
Poor Claire... i feel like she ends up crying in every episode
Badriyah 3 дні тому
This reminds me of lil peep:(
Bonnie eh
Bonnie eh 3 дні тому
Oh gosh the lavender
Bonnie eh
Bonnie eh 3 дні тому
dallfox Joelle
dallfox Joelle 3 дні тому
Peeps are not made for gourmet cooks, there made for everyday people to be frank, and I know this is all rude but if she can't taste it don't rate it. And also I'm sorry to everyone who finds this rude I do know different people have different taste but I found that she was tossing off are own taste😖🙁😞😐
BabyBeach :P
BabyBeach :P 3 дні тому
Babii Rii Cutie
Babii Rii Cutie 3 дні тому
4:47 * uSeS WiKiPeDiA*
tribekat 3 дні тому
Claire is always sick! I'm worried.
Angel Contreras
Angel Contreras 3 дні тому
Bring on the pop rocks!
evelyn kauserud
evelyn kauserud 3 дні тому
is it just me or should brad and claire date...?
valep24 3 дні тому
We need Claire to make gourmet nerds and sour patch kids
Agustina Gonzalez
Agustina Gonzalez 3 дні тому
Henry Long
Henry Long 4 дні тому
didnt use butterfly pea flower for blue? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm disappointed
MoonDustShine 4 дні тому
An 'main' ingredient in Peeps is air *_I'M DYING_*
blood hound
blood hound 4 дні тому
Seeing the peeps beaks fall off Claire is filled with determination
Alannah Lieu
Alannah Lieu 4 дні тому
14:44 - 14:59 Why does it sound so sad ?
majorxdf День тому
Because the Peeps she made were ruined, so the editor of this video put in sad piano music to be funny.
Alannah Lieu
Alannah Lieu 4 дні тому
Please make jelly belly
Kayden Harrick
Kayden Harrick 4 дні тому
Make mini eggs
Rba noah 7
Rba noah 7 4 дні тому
Yes pop rocks
Tramp DanIs41
Tramp DanIs41 4 дні тому
Velvetroseq 4 дні тому
Everyone: obsdfjgsaihjjila POP ROCKS jkhfbskjaldgskjdalfnla Me: get well soon Claire ;3;
Nea main
Nea main 4 дні тому
3:13 my friends
AndrewSun15 4 дні тому
I love peeps....
ILOVEMONEY1618 5 днів тому
Pop rocks LOL Chris you are now the bane of Claires existence
itsZinZin W
itsZinZin W 5 днів тому
Pop rocks
No Excuses
No Excuses 5 днів тому
You can tell a bunch of snobs work there
No Excuses
No Excuses 5 днів тому
You had better start liking peeps yo an no more downing em 😡
Sofieheartcrash 5 днів тому
WHy not try foreign candy? Like Cuberdon's from belgium! :D
Ethan Wong
Ethan Wong 5 днів тому
hey, your channel is great that looks nice. Keep Sharing
animeweeb lol
animeweeb lol 5 днів тому
I like peeps they are good but messy
Heylee Warren
Heylee Warren 5 днів тому
Pop rocks !
jodie _dodie
jodie _dodie 5 днів тому
peeps at easter were the one time a year I got to eat marshmallow so it made that much more painful that I hated peeps :(
Victoria Maybele
Victoria Maybele 5 днів тому
Also, love her emotional journey in this😂
Victoria Maybele
Victoria Maybele 5 днів тому
This is my new reality tv: love triangle between that guy who works behind Claire and that guy who had Claire put the hot garlic in her ear. Claire just wants to succeed. I’m expecting more to go off in the future and I’ll keep watching because this is a show I would very much enjoy
Emily Ayers
Emily Ayers 5 днів тому
Texansalltheway93 5 днів тому
For sure want to see pop rocks!!!
Harsh Gupta
Harsh Gupta 5 днів тому
14:08: "I really feel like today's going to be a wrap up day." *Checks remaining length of video* Over 10 minutes left.
Kite Catloid
Kite Catloid 5 днів тому
i like peeps owo
Kylee Pittman
Kylee Pittman 6 днів тому
Try to make a gormet happy meal
Mabel Mavelia
Mabel Mavelia 6 днів тому
anyone else hate peeps but love claire enough to watch this
timplusive1 6 днів тому
Christina chaey always brings this joy to this show Why is there a show for her reminiscing about her sweet childhood?!?!?
spencer wells
spencer wells 6 днів тому
how do these people not already know how peeps taste like??!!!!! edit: What do peeps taste like?
Sam Sloan
Sam Sloan 6 днів тому
please do poprocks
Lucas Surprenant
Lucas Surprenant 6 днів тому
You should do pop tarts
Easy Art
Easy Art 6 днів тому
Please do gourmet toaster strudels!!!
Rae Anna Riggs
Rae Anna Riggs 6 днів тому
Lol honestly I wasn't really paying too much attention to the video (because I have it sitting on the table to listen to while I'm eating lol) but when I saw the camera zoom in on Brad in the background I saw he had some weird machine that was not usually in a kitchen, and then I saw it was a compound bow and then I started to actually pay attention lol. Then when he said "Oh you won't be able to pull back on this" I was like nooo let her try dude and then he said it was "You can't pull back 70lbs" I was like oh damn probably not cause I mean I've been practicing archery since I was 14 and started at barely 25-30lbs and even 7 years later I'm only at 45-50lbs, but then again I exclusively only shoot recurves and sometimes longbows, I don't like compounds, I see them mostly only good for competitions and hunting which I participate in neither. But I'm glad he at least let her try to pull it back 😂 Anyways, it was an interesting video because although I wasn't watching it that closely until that point, I was listening while making my salad and as someone who hates peeps (even when I was a kid I hated them because they're literally just all sugar and no flavors even the flavored ones taste the same), but I would definitely try yours!!!
B_A_FPS 6 днів тому
I think it's really cute that she almost cried while getting those compliments. I don't really know, but it just felt heartwarming.
Tiny Giraffe
Tiny Giraffe 6 днів тому
"Eat before they start to weep", claire you didn't actually fix the problem did you.
Paco's Tacos
Paco's Tacos 6 днів тому
Daniel Bercero
Daniel Bercero 6 днів тому
Use Aleve or other anti-inflammatory drugs to help with the clogged ear.
Lucy DLC
Lucy DLC 7 днів тому
lol I love the peep with the sunglasses hahaha
QueenLivia1 7 днів тому
my dream job- snacker in chief
Ingeborg Moesgaard-Christensen
Ingeborg Moesgaard-Christensen 7 днів тому
do pop rocks
Nadia Gaxiola
Nadia Gaxiola 7 днів тому
Hot Cheetos!!!!!
BabyBeach :P
BabyBeach :P 7 днів тому
“It’s soft” “Uh huh” “It’s creamy” “Uh- wait wut, not sure we’re on the same page here mum”
Jen Greg
Jen Greg 7 днів тому
Make cinnabuns
Jacob Molea
Jacob Molea 7 днів тому
You should do pop tarts
Noor Ahmad
Noor Ahmad 7 днів тому
Try saying chick-shaped ten times lol
Piglet 7 днів тому
I wish I worked there. If Claire asked if I wanted to try or take any of the things I would have said yes grabbed a wagon and took all of them. Then I would have snacks for the rest of the year.
Erin Wozniak
Erin Wozniak 7 днів тому
Imagine if these people had to be poor even for a week. Snobs.
Erin Wozniak
Erin Wozniak 7 днів тому
saarah s
saarah s 7 днів тому
Claire, we love you but we love Pop rocks as well. Please, do Pop rocks.
genuwine21 7 днів тому
fun dip and pop rocks would be fun to make at home for handing out during summer.
Paul Keefe
Paul Keefe 8 днів тому
@16:15 that camera work though!!!!
DQSpider 8 днів тому
I really liked this channel until y'all got super snotty about Peeps. what the hell
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