Phelian - Lost

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Lost in the atmosphere.
Phelian - Lost
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1 лис 2016

phelianlostphelian lostPhelian - Lostwavevisionlost with you broken without youwithyoubrokenwithouteplost with you broken without you epfuturegaragefuture garageelectronicmelodicatmosphericdeeprelaxingchilledchillFluidified





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Андрей Данилов
Андрей Данилов День тому
Я бы по такому лесу на эндуро бы вжарил а не стоял как ТП)))
Therious 3 дні тому
10,777,333 views after a while i tend to get tired of seeing synchronicity;[-
TREVOR CEPHAS 3 дні тому
Why they didn't play this on Beyond Two Souls
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 4 дні тому
That sub bass..
Hunter Peterson
Hunter Peterson 5 днів тому
I feel so lost ever since my family was split apart nothing has been the same staying with a drunk dad that would hit me then, and say dark things and make me watch himself cut himself, then I woke up one morning at the age of 16 that he to left to the Philippines from united states my sister went to Mexico with her lover and my mom went where my family came from I stayed in a broken home where I had nothing but memories of my childhood all the great times, home cooked meals being home by the time it was dark. The feeling if being abandoned by those who's love was suppose to be unconditional smashes the way your heart can love the way of feeling completely alone in a cold world I was always be broken and left on my own 😭
Farhan Zahid
Farhan Zahid 5 днів тому
Dope . ! just a slow motion kyya bat hai dude i love it
CH1NOify 5 днів тому
marcin winiarski
marcin winiarski 6 днів тому
Lost in The World. Please come to ME. .... Amazing tune 😍
Ramsès Ishvara
Ramsès Ishvara 6 днів тому
Suratu 115 Rabbi Dawood 1. Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheem 2. Alhamdu Dawoodi rabbi al’alameen 3. Alrrahmani alrraheem 4. Washadadna mulkahu waataynahu alhikmata wafasla alkhitabi 5. Ya dawoodu inna ja’alnaka khaleefatan fee al-ardi faohkum bayna alnnasi bialhaqqi wala tattabi’i alhawa fayudillaka ‘an sabeeli Allahi inna allatheena yadilloona ‘an sabeeli Allahi lahum ‘athabun shadeedun bima nasoo yawma alhisabi 6. Kathalika yoohee ilayka wa-ila allatheena min qablika Allahu al’azeezu alhakeem 7. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo innama almushrikoona najasun fala yaqraboo almasjida alharama ba’da ‘amihim hatha wa-in khiftum ‘aylatan fasawfa yughneekumu Allahu min fadlihi in shaa inna Allaha ‘aleemun hakeem. Amīn Bienaventurado el que lee y los que oyen las palabras de esta profecia, y guardan las cosas en ella escritas, porque el tiempo ha llegado (creo, no estoy seguro de la hora mi reloj esta retrasado). copyleft Ramsès XIII, El-Mendigo. Athmosphère, TAT omis sphère, est-ce que j'ai une gueule d'at-mouse fer ?
amine elyoussofi
amine elyoussofi 6 днів тому
Im lost in youtube
fri-ke sema
fri-ke sema 7 днів тому
Dope . !
Елена Лакеева
Елена Лакеева 7 днів тому
Теперь я абсолютно точно знаю ,что Такая музыка исцелит всех людей на нашей чудесной планете!)
Satiro Chapoto santos
Satiro Chapoto santos 7 днів тому
John Ancel
John Ancel 7 днів тому
I mean what is it you think I've been preparing for? Why I said come. Why I said where do we wanna meet. No one knows scripture man. Its a sad day to be alive
Ničeho se neboj
Ničeho se neboj 8 днів тому
10 000 000 (so many people live in my country) Glad to bring more people to channels like Opera infinita, Illegal sound etc. Something is too good to be mainstream somebody says, but the more people know this unbelievable music, the better i think...
Moises Sanchez
Moises Sanchez 8 днів тому
What a time to be alive. When music seems to be the only escape from reality.
dwreus81 12 днів тому
I’m lost in what is real or not. I found the love of my life at a time when I couldn’t give myself fully. As a result we kept braking up. Because I wasn’t giving myself 100% when she asked to say something so she could stay I told her to do whatever is in her best interest. When she left I assumed she stayed with friends. We kept texting we loved one another then 6 months later we met up she told me she found another man. Come to find out it was this cold lonely older Jewish guy with a lot more money than me. I was in agony and pain. Feeling like nothing I had to offer mattered. I feel as though if she saw my 100% she would have never left. Many say she would have cheated eventually but I regret not giving her my all. At least then the pain would have been different. I love her so much and still miss her. I want her to be happy wherever she is no matter if my pain cause hate. How can one spit at a love like this. I hope I can love like this again.
Rocky Bansal
Rocky Bansal 13 днів тому
Osm song , really I feel relief , Wen I listen this song
dissmas 13 днів тому
For Christ’s sake, bring it to the Spotify!
Павел Радонцев
Павел Радонцев 13 днів тому
Почему Русские не могут создавать такие шедевры?((
Jamstaman 14 днів тому
Wish my soul could burst from this human shell and finally be free..
Rosalina perez
Rosalina perez 14 днів тому
One day I was at the beach, as I was walking back to my car I heard a voice of a man say excuse me I turn around and instantly loved him we exchanged numbers caught up with each other made sweet passionate love on cocoa Beach FL what a beautiful night it was laying on the board walk looking up at the Stars while the love of your life is passionately making love to you... Time passes he ends up in prison what I regret the most is he told me to get in touch with him I never did. I never wrote a letter saying anything because I was hurt that he left me for so long (15 yrs) when I did finally decided to write it was to late. He died in prison I'll never be the same. I'm lost and full of regrets. 😥 Rest in perfect peace my love. I'm sorry #ShawnRobbins 2014
Rosalina perez
Rosalina perez 8 днів тому
+dwreus81 Thank you. Thanks everyone who said something. It helps alot to know that complete strangers care. Thanks so so much.
Rosalina perez
Rosalina perez 8 днів тому
+MediaRuger 😖 I'm in complete tears. Thanks so much for this. I appreciate u.
MediaRuger 9 днів тому
Hey rosa i feel your pain i got a message from shawn he said he let himself die as he could not bare being without you he knows you tried but it was too late in the flesh but not the afterlife he is better now and awaits for you with open arms no one Ever truly dies LOVE AND LIGHT FROM RAFAH
RonRon 10 днів тому
+dwreus81 To tell her there is a better place for her comment, like facebook, where you can get response that is better than all of ours combined from someone you actually know, and not from bunch of srangers. I actually do feel bad for her, as I said earlier. Does feeling bad for someone also considered being rude?
dwreus81 10 днів тому
+RonRon "there's also no reason to write this, especially on youtube" the post is already done so you're scolding this person for what purpose? Is this not being rude?
Lanuhsi Slehs
Lanuhsi Slehs 16 днів тому
Such lucid bad-ass-ery is very hard to find. Chi miigwech youtube for your ever present algorrythmic side bar of coolness...!
jericho tm
jericho tm 16 днів тому
Thank you! There are medicines for broken bodies... but for broken souls, there is no none! Music has the ability to do that... a few tens of thousand of years ago, people got healed through sound therapy! God bless the man who created this mix, and the one who posted it aswell!
Harjeet Singh
Harjeet Singh 16 днів тому
It's awesome...takes you to hidden places...
John O Brien (Primeline Sales & Marketing)
I too am lost.... Not sure of which direction i should be going... There's a life lesson here. NEVER EVER BUY CHEAP SAT NAVS ONLINE
Edward Batis
Edward Batis 17 днів тому
Can someone tell me what style of music is this ? I am just in love with the song.
boula bou
boula bou 18 днів тому
music that touches your soul
Васил Борисов
Васил Борисов 18 днів тому
lyrics please?!
Dustin Gotti
Dustin Gotti 19 днів тому
Always & Forever
Sean Surrao
Sean Surrao 20 днів тому
I wish I would be lost and never be found..
Jason De Araujo
Jason De Araujo 20 днів тому
yaah neh
Jason De Araujo
Jason De Araujo 20 днів тому
add me on bbm ;} Im cool - i promise 234611
xX_AMR_Xx 20 днів тому
Que estupenda canción ✌
Z͟a͟r͟a͟ D͟a͟ F͟u͟r͟r͟y͟
Standing here...Surrounded by a world moving far too fast. All I see are blurs of people who used to be, city lights spinning around uncontrollably. Im lost...Walking forever never knowing where I am or where I am going. ....I find myself in a forest, it feels....Calm. I look around at the trees around me blowing in the wind. Will anyone ever hear me? Will my calls be left unheard because they choose not to listen, or because I choose not to call? ....Im lost in a world I cannot understand...But arent we all?
Hiroki Dabar
Hiroki Dabar 16 днів тому
youre lost in a system when you were born into slavery. Its hard to identify with a prison, only the weak fool themselves, so you must be strong
Fahd Arif
Fahd Arif 19 днів тому
i would like to hear more of your thoughts
Mikhail Gorovoy
Mikhail Gorovoy 20 днів тому
amazing! but i'm not lost
ExvitaTM 22 дні тому
This is so accurate.
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 25 днів тому
I'm just a psychoactive plant lover.
Rohit Verma
Rohit Verma 25 днів тому
Current I'm floating somewhere above everything :)
allisfaith 25 днів тому
What are the lyrics?
Andrew Doran
Andrew Doran 27 днів тому
No one I have in my life understands the thoughts I have it is both beautiful and sad because I cant explain how I feel in words. To be honest not even I know how I feel sometimes.This song is the epitome of that. Peace, Enjoy your day!
Bananowa Gąska
Bananowa Gąska 27 днів тому
2019 😍
Piotr Paszkiewicz
Piotr Paszkiewicz 28 днів тому
Ju fuckt me uu!!!!
Andy Rector
Andy Rector 28 днів тому
Long ago, a man named Johnny Cage fought Scorpion here.
TheSanraiz 28 днів тому
5/10 not so special
Daniel Anguiano
Daniel Anguiano 29 днів тому
r4vz king
r4vz king Місяць тому
this song make me high
Joesph Ramirez
Joesph Ramirez Місяць тому
Like wow diss song is beautiful
Jem LSD na śniadanie
Jem LSD na śniadanie Місяць тому
Gaming Haven
Gaming Haven Місяць тому
Im sick of this bullshit comments no body understand me , staying in dark don't know what to do... etc that's soo stupid 😠
Karina Espinoza
Karina Espinoza Місяць тому
Why can't I find beautiful souls like the ones right here? I feel like people are afraid to show emotion sometimes, when I try to share my dreams, people think I'm too much or living in a fantasy. I'm trying to accept the fact that there's close minded people out there that will make you feel like you're the one that's crazy, but don't let what sets your soul on fire be destroyed. Always follow your dreams, love you all!
daiseythemoo Місяць тому
i cannot locate this on Spotify.
Sari Місяць тому
djef ardeur
djef ardeur Місяць тому
scared of living!!!
Hari Prakash
Hari Prakash Місяць тому
Is that longest road - Morgan page ?
Enigmatic Harle
Enigmatic Harle Місяць тому
I thought I recognized the vocals and lyrics... Now my question is, why isn't it credited here? Hopefully it is credited in actuality...
Александр Space
Александр Space Місяць тому
Hari Prakash yes)
Sarah Hongerloot
Sarah Hongerloot Місяць тому
Mmmmmm YUMMY Puuuurrrrrrr
Michael_Ebel Місяць тому
dear future me: if im reading this, i hope i can fulfill my dreams, but the only person who can do that....... is me
Vizh 90
Vizh 90 Місяць тому
Thank you for anyone who put this video on my recommendation list, now I'm lost
The beginners world
The beginners world Місяць тому
I found this one finally! I m happy! There's no time needed to play this! Early morning## late nights!
Sagar Sehrawat
Sagar Sehrawat Місяць тому
3 months straight, Endless nights,no sleep.
HeatherLoves Місяць тому
This shit makes me feel like I’m Alone. Wondering around all By myself looking for someone but nothing. And then at the end a friend appears.
Holger ́s Sohn
Holger ́s Sohn Місяць тому
which genre is this?
Darrien Cottle
Darrien Cottle Місяць тому
I'm forever alone in this cold world
cortez massey
cortez massey Місяць тому
Whose the vocalist
Froozy Місяць тому
10 MIL Incoming. This song deserves 100 MIL, respect to creator!
Scarlet Spades
Scarlet Spades Місяць тому
I want to buy this track to use it in a set, but I can't seem to find it anywhere?!
moopss555 Місяць тому
In love with 2 ??
Сергей Мехед
Сергей Мехед Місяць тому
Душа просто радует меня под етот трек класно лайк полюбому
SickFoxStudio Місяць тому
there's another song that this female vocal reminds me, where she says you go down a lonely road
Tony Saourn
Tony Saourn Місяць тому
Click this song by accident and now it's on repeat couple days now.Love it!
Васил Борисов
Васил Борисов Місяць тому
Yatin Tribhuwan
Yatin Tribhuwan Місяць тому
Phelian - Lost You're waiting for it And you're waving in it Yeah All you must speak from something If you are so frequently in love You prefer it all to me then my love If you are so frequently in love Yeah You pull it apart and you're just left there They're waiting for it, you're waiting for it And you're waving in it, and you're craving in it If you fill my cup with all you must To speak from something If you are so frequently in love You prefer it all to me then my love If you are so frequently in love Yeah You pull it apart and you're just left there And you're waving in it You must fall in love And you're waving in it You must fall in love Yeah If you are so frequently in love You prefer it all to me then my love Yeah If you are so frequently in love You pull it apart and you're just left there Yeah If you are so frequently in love Yeah You prefer it all to me then my love Yeah If you are so frequently in love Yeah You pull it apart and you're just left there Yeah You're waving in it Must fall in love!
Random Viewer
Random Viewer Місяць тому
Lost in words
María José Carmona
María José Carmona Місяць тому
Me transporta a un mundo que no existe y eso es mucho
Dave Paul
Dave Paul Місяць тому
What is this genre of music called? Fucking loving it
D Smith
D Smith Місяць тому
When searching for songs i always give it 4-5 secs then click a 1/4 way through to see if the song grabs me. This song did but the cover pic grabbed me more. Pretty sure her coat should be red and there is a wolf behind one of those trees. Just saying.....
Сергей Мехед
Сергей Мехед Місяць тому
Музыка ну просто заебись
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez Місяць тому
*"We all have a purpose we just have to find what makes us who we really are and not what others want us to be but ourselves."*
Daniel Anguiano
Daniel Anguiano Місяць тому
Here in this video I did was my best
mad ragazzi
mad ragazzi Місяць тому
blacksunray8 Місяць тому
Sitting in my prison cell. Thinking of all the shit I did in my past. How I ended up in here just for being black with a big cock.
Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving Місяць тому
blacksunray8 bruh😂
Jakir Місяць тому
Alexander Chuprina
Alexander Chuprina Місяць тому
Так это же охуенная песня, какие вопросы?
ScrapironRyann Місяць тому
I've downloaded some of these tracks, but i find they're not as good as when i look at the background picture and read these comments, the whole thing sets a mood & it takes you places . A beautiful part of youtube
Aeolian Місяць тому
Hey, I recognise the samples? Anyone want to tell me where they're from?
Hippy Love
Hippy Love Місяць тому
Letter to myself ... You can do it no matter what your feeling ... Cheer up butter cup
ArcLite 2 місяці тому
amazing future garage
Steven Linley
Steven Linley 2 місяці тому
Everyone out there, don't stress, life is hard. If you have the sense to listen to a melody like this then you are strong enough to overcome anything at all. If only we could band together as a physical group and take down all the primary factors of stress. It will happen one day! I'm from Tasmania and wish all of you a good Christmas and new years even though I don't follow the mainstream. Peace to everyone
Steven Linley
Steven Linley 2 місяці тому
1000 brain dead people compared to 56000 is a pretty good ratio. Gives me new hope in humanity.
Seth Jenkins
Seth Jenkins 2 місяці тому
I see a lot of comments about how this track makes us feel, just remember the point of life is to be alive. Feeling is part of being alive...
Punshed Anonym
Punshed Anonym 2 місяці тому
I love this song..
The Evidence
The Evidence 2 місяці тому
This music is not that one to listen. This is the one to feel and be, just that being that feels it and listens. Was that an Enlightement?
Equinox 2 місяці тому
Who are you a person even a human I don’t know decide who truly you are leaving messages like this just to change your personality of this world about you we are gods angle send the message of love and faith. I will achieve my dreams and my goals I am higher and stronger more thoughtful of the words that control the power inside me. I can control if my day will be a good day or bad day I will talk about the truth and do what I am capable of doing this body of mine is body of a soul who has traveled far and wide I will come back to what I was my name is Xhelmy what about yours?
nicknuke7 2 місяці тому
This should be on Spotify, it isn't!
Ricky Clark
Ricky Clark 2 місяці тому
Top Top tune. Takes me away into fantasy land. Just sublime. Thank you 😃
Alexandrs Melnikovs
Alexandrs Melnikovs 2 місяці тому
Thank you for that awesome masterpiece.
Breanne  Wells
Breanne Wells 2 місяці тому
What song is this exactly? Not on iTunes with the rest of his music, frustrating!!
hajime saito
hajime saito 2 місяці тому
You're waving in it (Yeah) All you must speak from something If you are so frequently in love You prefer it all to me then my love If you are so frequently in love (Yeah) You pull it apart and you're just left there They're waiting for it, you're waiting for it And you're waving in it, and you're craving in it If you fill my cup with all you must To speak from something If you are so frequently in love You prefer it all to me then my love If you are so frequently in love (Yeah) You pull it apart and you're just left there And you're waving in it You must fall in love And you're waving in it You must fall in love (Yeah) If you are so frequently in love You prefer it all to me then my love (Yeah) If you are so frequently in love You pull it apart and you're just left there (Yeah) If you are so frequently in love (Yeah) You prefer it all to me then my love (Yeah) If you are so frequently in love (Yeah) You pull it apart and you're just left there Yeah You're waving in it Must fall in love thanks @Fluidified for the upload Special thanks to @Miller Thyme for pointing us to the lyrics and huge shoutout to @@zysiuPlayGames for clearing up the lyrics​. I have tried to put in a song format to try to follow the lyrics much easier. Please like this comment so others can also view these lyrics. Thank you all for listening. Peace and Love from Canada
Terracid :3
Terracid :3 2 місяці тому
Merci mary de me l’avoir découvert 🖤
aaron luttrell
aaron luttrell 2 місяці тому
aaron luttrell
aaron luttrell 2 місяці тому
maybe you could send me an inbox one of these days to chat about an opportuity to use it in a rap track
aaron luttrell
aaron luttrell 2 місяці тому
hi there your such a great composer
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