Pregnant YouTube Star Nicole Thea Dead at 24 | E! News

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The UKvid community is mourning the loss of the 24-year-old internet star who was expecting a baby boy with boyfriend Global Boga. Get the details.
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/1169823/pregnant-youtube-star-nicole-thea-dead-at-24
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Pregnant UKvid Star Nicole Thea Dead at 24 | E! News




12 лип 2020





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Trail Blazer
Trail Blazer День тому
Rest In Peace Nicole Thea and Rest In Peace baby Reign
Linda Menga
Linda Menga 2 дні тому
My heart goes out to your family, may your beautiful soul RIP 😢
BYS 4ever
BYS 4ever 4 дні тому
I can't believe your gone....l just started watching you and Boga ...you were so full of life...your death really let me know life is not promised tomorrow. You didnt waste a moment of life❣❣❣ I am so happy you died knowing true love and giving it💞💕!!! REST IN LOVE BEAUTIFUL!!! Boga l pray you heal and love again when the time is right king ❤
Shola 7 днів тому
Please listen to her boyfriend' (Global Boga's) song 'Only You' dedicated to Nicole on Nicole Thea's channel or on Spotify so that you can support them. Please also remember that she was also a dancer (as is Boga) so her legacy can live on. :)
Shola 7 днів тому
As a big supporter of Nicole before her death the news was so sad to hear and I remember screaming on the day it happened. And it's crazy to see that the sad news of her death has reached the US. The video failed to include that she was a very popular Afrobeats DANCER in the UK and I would argue she was more known for her amazing dancing than UKvid. This is the second dancer this year that the African/Afro-Caribbean dancing community has lost (the first one was Picture Kodak at age 20 something may she RIP) Also, her boyfriend Global Boga who is a Ghanaian dancer released a SONG dedicated to her PLEASE listen to the song 'Only You' on spotify or check NicoleThea youtube channel to watch the song if you're seeing this comment so you can support them! Thank you to anyone who does.
Grace Mat
Grace Mat 9 днів тому
still feels surreal .. life is just so unfair and too short
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games 9 днів тому
Even though I never knew about her I must show respect ❤️ I type and prayers and these 🌸 🌸🌸🌸 flowers I can’t imagine pain for the man his unborn child died and his love his love I can’t imagine since the only family I most have is nice mom grandma man I like him I could not imagine the pain Rest In Peace
Rose - Marry Marietjie
Rose - Marry Marietjie 9 днів тому
May her soul rest in internal piece 🙇🙇
watch it
watch it 11 днів тому
I still refuse to believe this tragedy, how is Nicole the life and soul of everything just taken away just like that, unbelievable. My dear Nicole and Reign, rest well. Borga stand strong, words cannot explain how we feel for you at this times
myra hernandez
myra hernandez 11 днів тому
RIP first time I have watched her video my heart is broken
Bell'AS Mathild'AS
Bell'AS Mathild'AS 12 днів тому
Pleaseee ladies and gents let us keep our pregnancy updates and infos SECRETS from social network. This is a good lesson to know. You've already expose the pregnancy to your fan base, That's what have to be said only. RIP Nicole Thea no woman in the world deserves that...
Popticorn 123
Popticorn 123 13 днів тому
Rest in power✊🏾
Jeushdj Hsishind
Jeushdj Hsishind 15 днів тому
This women was beautiful in so many ways I just found out about this and it breaks my heart. Rip princess 👑
Jessica Malave
Jessica Malave 15 днів тому
How is she dead but there is a video floating around smh show me the actual dead body not a live one.
jewel Johnson
jewel Johnson 15 днів тому
Jesus how she die tho so sad
Alexis R.
Alexis R. 14 днів тому
Massive heart attack
Lamar 17 днів тому
Who cares
Sᴀɴтιᴘᴇʀʀᴀs 2 дні тому
I don't
Kiara Thornton
Kiara Thornton 17 днів тому
What a beautiful BLACK QUEEN! May GOD be with her fiance and family! 🙏🏽
Quanta tristeza!!!😭😭 mais uma rainha e um anjinho no céu🙌🙏😪😢😭😭🌹💝
Tania M
Tania M 18 днів тому
Rest In Peace beautiful
Rell Anne
Rell Anne 18 днів тому
Surprised E. Is covering this!!! Only just told who she was. Ext sad....RIP
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot 18 днів тому
Look how she smells the milk bath with suspicion. Y'all better wake up! She was poisoned 1:00 check the look on her face.
Savitri Deepan
Savitri Deepan 19 днів тому
Deep hug
Deep hug 20 днів тому
say is, GOD please give this Brother strength to endure until the end. 🥀🗣️ Have mercy on us HEAVENLY FATHER!!!
Shamoya Wade
Shamoya Wade 20 днів тому
Wait, she knew she was gonna die ?!!
KiBeyou 20 днів тому
So crazy that the man lost her and the baby that he couldn't wait for to take to the park and stuff life is so short crazy things can happen I wish all the best for all you gu❤️
Allan. 20 днів тому
Why do you guys put sad music
Deep hug
Deep hug 20 днів тому
Wow! This is so sad. God please give her family and friends strength to cope with this terrible loss. I didn't know of her before now but my heart goes out to the loss.
Ahmed Hoff
Ahmed Hoff 20 днів тому
Nicole is actually my aunty 😭😢
god 20 днів тому
wtf is going on in 2020, so much unfortunate events keeps happening 😭
JJ Gang
JJ Gang 20 днів тому
Rip😔🧸💞🕊fly high angels
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 21 день тому
say is, GOD please give this Brother strength to endure until the end. 🥀🗣️ Have mercy on us HEAVENLY FATHER!!!
Donna Shiers
Donna Shiers 21 день тому
Im so so so so sorry
abbygale brianna
abbygale brianna 21 день тому
Guys we need to appreciate life even more u never know when its ur turn live life to the fullest RIP nicole 😔
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams 21 день тому
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bowen voowy
bowen voowy 21 день тому
where you will constantly receive the 😅word of God. You are blessed.
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot 21 день тому
Look how she smells the milk bath with suspicion. Y'all better wake up! 1:00 check the look on her face.
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot
@//n The milk water was mixed with poison perhaps paint thinner. She doesn't display a look of comfort, it's a look of distrust. That midwife is guilty as guilty gets.
//n 4 дні тому
What do you think was going on?
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot
Lord Scorpio - Universal Tarot 21 день тому
Someone in consistent, close contact with her was slowly poisoning her. I wouldn't doubt that the milk bath was mixed with paint thinner without her knowledge. Someone was jealous of her most likely her midwife. 1:00 proves it all.
Caroline Macdonald
Caroline Macdonald 21 день тому
RIP and thoughts go out to you all - so sad xxxxxx
Lovely ROBLOX Kirsty lewis
Lovely ROBLOX Kirsty lewis 21 день тому
RIP angel
Tam Tam love
Tam Tam love 21 день тому
THIS is soooooooo sad MAY she rest in peace 😢
Anonymous 21 день тому
Too much filming of pregnancies, and people's energy can affect others, not everyone will be happy for you, keep some things private, and guarded.
Ivan Ivez
Ivan Ivez 21 день тому
That’s the problem. Majority of these UKvid and social media stars reveal too much of their intimate stuff on social media. Nothing wrong with it but don’t do it too much smh
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon 21 день тому
Never heard of her until the notification I received..not sure how she died!
Pat F
Pat F 21 день тому
Wow! This is so sad. God please give her family and friends strength to cope with this terrible loss. I didn't know of her before now but my heart goes out to the loss.
Jocy 1220
Jocy 1220 21 день тому
Ugh so terrible I know what its like to lose a pregnant woman. My best friend died 2 weeks before her due date in a terrible car accident on the way to a surprise baby shower her job was throwing her. I really feel for this family. May they rest in peace.
call her bunny
call her bunny 18 днів тому
@Jocy 1220 yeees, heart wrenching, is more like it. And you're welcome🕊🕯
Jocy 1220
Jocy 1220 18 днів тому
@call her bunny heart wrenching! Thank u .
call her bunny
call her bunny 18 днів тому
This is sad...my condolences🥺
franca imariagbe
franca imariagbe 21 день тому
When something is going on in your life .. don’t advertise it to the world to see as there are evil eyes watching aswell. Rip queen.
Ivan Ivez
Ivan Ivez 21 день тому
That’s the problem. A lot of social media stars reveal their intimate stuff online smh
Stanley Ehis
Stanley Ehis 21 день тому
Gloria Lewis
Gloria Lewis 21 день тому
Why did the baby die as well? Why did save the baby?🤔
Alexis R.
Alexis R. 14 днів тому
She had a massive heart attack so if this occurred when she was alone before anyone could find her, then the baby would only have so long before running out of air and dying.
Frida Zola
Frida Zola 21 день тому
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 21 день тому
It’s even worse because her baby died too 😭😭🕊🙏🏾
TAH MERCY NUNG 21 день тому
So sorry to hear of Nicole’s death. Please this is a call to give our lives to Jesus. Have you encountered Jesus? This is an opportunity 🎉🎉🎉. You can make that choice to serve Jesus and have eternel life as opposed to going to hell. Jesus loves you irrespective of your past and that’s why he died for you. John 3:16. All you need to do is say sincerely « Lord Jesus i ask to please forgive me where i have sinned against you in my thoughts and actions. Wash me with your precious blood in Jesus name. Lord write my name in the book of Life ». Once you’ve done that prayer sincerely. Hurrraaaay 🎊🎊💃💃💃.1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. You are now a child God. Christ has forgiven you. Begin to read the bible. You’ll be enriched as you do so. Ask the holyspirit to lead you to a church where you will constantly receive the 😅word of God. You are blessed.
Ivan Ivez
Ivan Ivez 21 день тому
Life is short. The bible describes the human life as a vapour then gone. Quite scary when you think about it. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone smh
Emmaculate Awuor
Emmaculate Awuor 21 день тому
Rest in peace beautiful woman my condolences to the bereaved.
Goddess Gia
Goddess Gia 21 день тому
My condolences to both families😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 21 день тому
She Wuz a Qwaing..
The Messiah is Coming
The Messiah is Coming 22 дні тому
The Messiah is.coming like a thief in the night
My Secret Sketchbook
My Secret Sketchbook 4 дні тому
What about the false messiah??? He will claim to be the true one right so what do u folks believe is the false one?. Any signs plz. Peace from England UK
BusinessLawPole 22 дні тому
Brookliyn Minaj
Brookliyn Minaj 22 дні тому
Mary Nazario
Mary Nazario 22 дні тому
Nobody wanted an autopsy? They knew it was overdose or what?
DJ UNCLE GEN 22 дні тому
so the baby couldnt be saved.... so sad.
DJ UNCLE GEN 22 дні тому
i am so sorry for her and the baby passing away....
Isioma Ijeh
Isioma Ijeh 22 дні тому
very painful, may ur memory be a blessing
naesha j
naesha j 22 дні тому
rest in peace🥺💕
Darren Green
Darren Green 22 дні тому
My condolences to her family, Fiancee and friends
D y
D y 22 дні тому
Prayers. So sorry for your loss.
Rose Bryant
Rose Bryant 22 дні тому
So sad 🙏
Lauren Dallas
Lauren Dallas 22 дні тому
I can’t handle this. This is so beyond tragic and sad....
Shelly Ann Lewis
Shelly Ann Lewis 22 дні тому
My condolences to her family.
Shelly Ann Lewis
Shelly Ann Lewis 22 дні тому
So Sad 😥
Doug Davis
Doug Davis 22 дні тому
She Wuz a Qwaing..
ツIt'sMeSilvy 22 дні тому
Am i the only one that don't know u is she?...
M. Smith
M. Smith 22 дні тому
E news is not reliable journalism. E news and their viewers will never know what the inverted pyramid means.
Jennifer Parker
Jennifer Parker 22 дні тому
I never got to watch her, but I'm heartbroken all the same. She's so beautiful. May her and her son rest in peace 🙏❤️ and please God be with her friends and family, especially her husband. Just seeing her so happy and excited and to see how thrilled he was when he found out they were having a boy broke my heart. God bless and lots of healing and love. I'm so sorry for all of you and your loss of such a beautiful,young,and talented woman.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 22 дні тому
Absolutely terrible. My condolences to the family and friends.
Ksa Skaka
Ksa Skaka 22 дні тому
RIP sweetheart
Nadia De Battisti
Nadia De Battisti 22 дні тому
Nadia De Battisti
Nadia De Battisti 22 дні тому
Juli-Hannah 22 дні тому
If reports of her passing were five days ago then how does her channel have videos posted if her answering a Q&A three days ago? And a milk bath video the day of her death? Just curious. No negativity about this whatsoever!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 22 дні тому
this is absolutely crushing. rest in sweet peace to her and her baby.
pink girl
pink girl 22 дні тому
So..how did she die?
Pretty Gang
Pretty Gang 22 дні тому
My deepest condolences 😢
CoCoCherry 23 дні тому
I just feel so bad for the boyfriend!He was so excited to become a dad and now he’s loss his wife and the baby💔💔Prayers to the family,friends,and the boyfriend.💔Rest in peace Nicole 🕊❤️
You Can't Cook
You Can't Cook 23 дні тому
This girl is ugly but danm...she thought she was special...of ghanaians touching her
You Can't Cook
You Can't Cook 21 день тому
@Ivan Ivez I doubt it..
Ivan Ivez
Ivan Ivez 21 день тому
Very inappropriate to say
Paulette Copper
Paulette Copper 23 дні тому
God loves her too He will take of her please don't cry too much She is with the Lord
Kristyn Funk
Kristyn Funk 23 дні тому
This is heartbreaking. They looked so happy 😢 Life is so unfair.
ItsHeather 23 дні тому
this is relatable..
debbiedelight7 23 дні тому
I did not know her but I am so sorry ...this is truly heartbreaking...I hope it is not racial...sorry I do not trust certain white people right now.
carj 863
carj 863 23 дні тому
Dang this is sad
Andrea Blancarte
Andrea Blancarte 23 дні тому
Yinka Wilson
Yinka Wilson 23 дні тому
Rest in perfect peace nicole thea ,boga i can't say i know how you feel but god is in controll
Raleigh Deaver
Raleigh Deaver 23 дні тому
"I wanted a girl so she could be a daddy's girl" Bless her soul. I wish all mums were like this with their daughters.
Laura N
Laura N 23 дні тому
So sad😩💔💔💔
absurdly cute
absurdly cute 23 дні тому
this is absolutely crushing. rest in sweet peace to her and her baby.
Jacki 23 дні тому
How did she died?
Karen Manuks
Karen Manuks 23 дні тому
may ur soul rest in perfect peace. condolences to ur family😥😣
Dedria Artis
Dedria Artis 23 дні тому
votive 23 дні тому
UKvid star...? What does that mean?
Yeayourugly !
Yeayourugly ! 23 дні тому
This was soo sad💔
Angel Goddess
Angel Goddess 23 дні тому
Oh my heart aches for them! Pregnancy has a scary side unfortunately, however enjoy it to the fullest it’s one of the greatest things!💓
Karin Eades
Karin Eades 23 дні тому
My heart goes out to the Family at this difficult time your in My Prayers 🙏🙏 R.I.H Nicole & Reign 🕊️🕊️
Jean Steele
Jean Steele 23 дні тому
Maternal death? ??who was the OB/Gyn? Was she identified as high risk. This is SAD. 24 years. Her partner is devastated I am sure.
Sonia Johnson
Sonia Johnson 23 дні тому
I can't believe that you've gone rest in peace Nicole and blessings to boge
Life Of Jaylan
Life Of Jaylan 23 дні тому
R.I.P truly a queen
Gila Serrote
Gila Serrote 23 дні тому
God help this family 💔, this is bad time, we need to continue to pray to God
Mareen 23 дні тому
Ruhe in Frieden🥺
Purple Gacha
Purple Gacha 23 дні тому
Their latest video was 3 days ago. Ans this video was 4 days ago. I am very suspicious.
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