PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface

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Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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8 жов 2019





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Karimitoo 234
Karimitoo 234 9 годин тому
I just got ps4 on week ago....😭
Lil_Turk 74
Lil_Turk 74 9 годин тому
gta 6?
RaitonNin 9 годин тому
ah yes HD RUMBLE
lewis coleman
lewis coleman 9 годин тому
Redo fighting force
Ban Evasion
Ban Evasion 9 годин тому
Jonatan Garcia
Jonatan Garcia 9 годин тому
Lol I have to buy 3. one for me, my son, and my daughter. got to keep the squad up.
BLK 747
BLK 747 9 годин тому
i think 2021 would be better to release this
Reinhardt Mulder
Reinhardt Mulder 9 годин тому
Please tell me the remake is Rugby08
Moritz R.
Moritz R. 10 годин тому
Lord Gaben
John Inphx
John Inphx 10 годин тому
I need BIGGER controllers. Just too small!
TheGreyGap 10 годин тому
GTA character: falls of maze Bank tower Ps5 controller: deploys parachute
GHOSTLY_SPADE21 10 годин тому
Would I be able to use my scuff controller on the ps5?
Muhammed danyaal Hassim
Muhammed danyaal Hassim 10 годин тому
It took him 6 minutes to say it will come next year and their are rumers
Mike R
Mike R 10 годин тому
Bluepoint is making Twisted Metal!!!
Enos Lives
Enos Lives 10 годин тому
i needed the ps4 controller to be slightly heavier so im glad about the bigger battery ..
Liv Guy
Liv Guy 10 годин тому
I've only just got back into playing my ps4, didn't touch it for a good 3 years. There are quite a few games I want to get like: Last of us II, Medievil, Spyro, and now the ps5 is coming out -___- Honestly don't think I'm going to bother with the ps5. It'll take a real unique selling point to make me cough up for it.
Logan Lopez
Logan Lopez 10 годин тому
So uhhh...what about Project Scarlet?
Josh Combs
Josh Combs 10 годин тому
I can't wait for the PS5 version of Skyrim
outsider956 10 годин тому
I want to see a couple ps1 RPGs remade. legend of legaia had the most unique battle system I've seen in a game. and I would really love to see a redone xenogears. keep it anime style (persona 5 did it). I know neither of these games had the following of FF7, but they're about the same time period, could be the same year as legend of legaia since their graphic styles were so similar
BraveSirRobin And His Minstrels
BraveSirRobin And His Minstrels 10 годин тому
Is the vibration of the controller really that important?, how about longer battery life instead
No Official Name Entitled
No Official Name Entitled 10 годин тому
Yeah... imma stick with PS4 for a while...
Tri Atharva
Tri Atharva 10 годин тому
Lets hope for a pursuit force remastered or pursuit force rebooted universe and or story
clout GOD
clout GOD 11 годин тому
The playstation 5 needs............A BUILT IN MIC
Athens_1 PSVR
Athens_1 PSVR 11 годин тому
Where are the people that are going to run out and over pay for the PS5? You gotta be first right?
Nick Teele
Nick Teele 11 годин тому
I hope they bring back legacy kain.they canned at least 2 attempts to bring it back nows the time
Rodrick Scott
Rodrick Scott 11 годин тому
Gotta be assassins creed or god of war they love remastering them
harrison jones
harrison jones 11 годин тому
Bluepoint is definitely making Simpson’s hit and run remastered
Tom Fuckery
Tom Fuckery 11 годин тому
Aaron Porter
Aaron Porter 11 годин тому
Who remembers the PSP
Kugo Ginjo
Kugo Ginjo 11 годин тому
Remasters gta sanadreas
Richard Field
Richard Field 11 годин тому
I hope they mash gta5 with the other gta games into one massive online game
F B I 11 годин тому
just remember, what ever consoles can do PC can do it better.
Stop hacking Royal plays
Stop hacking Royal plays 11 годин тому
Xbox better than ps5
Justin Chappell
Justin Chappell 11 годин тому
I hope this doesn't mean Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come out on ps5 instead of ps4. I can't afford a ps5
sterling foulks
sterling foulks 11 годин тому
Yeeeesssssssss so impressed so far I hope it all goes to plan or better
tigeroscarfan 11 годин тому
is there any news about backwards compatible with older discs from ps1, 2, 3 and even ps4? i remember being unhappy that ps4 didn't support backwards compatible, it's like where you have a collection of game's and every now and again you like to revisit and replay older games. sometimes they do remaster games for ps4 which is good.
tigeroscarfan 11 годин тому
@Chris Smith thanks for that 🖒
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 11 годин тому
Ps4 thats all
Divock Origi
Divock Origi 11 годин тому
I’m not buying PS5 I’m just gonna keep buying new games on PS4
Ken Lee
Ken Lee 11 годин тому
I have a ps4 pro for 2 years,but sony just offer few GOOD games on it, maybe I will take switch instands of ps5
Star boy
Star boy 12 годин тому
What about if you don’t have a phone
Shane Ostrowski
Shane Ostrowski 12 годин тому
I wish ps5 is conpatible to ps3 games as will
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 11 годин тому
It wont
Michael Green
Michael Green 12 годин тому
I can start saving now for a PS5 but I still won't have enough to buy their $80.00 games
Saman Lama
Saman Lama 12 годин тому
I'd rather save up to buy a new Alienware Laptop.
Christopher Bridges
Christopher Bridges 12 годин тому
Microsoft and Sony don't need to come out with no more consoles everybody cannot afford internet service but the ones who can afford it can't get it because of the location and the area where they live in but Microsoft and Sony didn't look at it like that they need to come out with a console that you can play offline as well as online but that's Sony and Microsoft downfall they didn't look at that a lot of people's don't want to play online they like to play offline as well Xbox and Sony screwed up again!!!!
Korean Batman
Korean Batman 12 годин тому
Realin 12 годин тому
Got me fucked up
Im0rtal Ostrich
Im0rtal Ostrich 12 годин тому
Playstation publishers: so wat kind of vibration do we want for the new dualshock. Playstation devs:YES
Mars the Knife
Mars the Knife 12 годин тому
When you realize PS5 is gonna be a big hit My PS4 : *Sad Titanic Music plays*
Phil Drake
Phil Drake 12 годин тому
Mark Cerny said that programming expertise will be able to tap in in 3 decades on the ps4 so I don't get it why sony is releasing ps5 next year?
Giveaway 12 годин тому
Xbox is still better
Vladumir Phillips
Vladumir Phillips 13 годин тому
What is the point of me buying every fucking PlayStation, of course they wouldn't make any money if you already love the one you have. But I understand that games are being upgraded so we need better graphics so yeah, A Better station for a better game experience whatever.
woodro blue83
woodro blue83 13 годин тому
It little too soon but I'm buy it not the first launch tho
Pin Head-God
Pin Head-God 13 годин тому
QUESTION Do you still have to pay for online? If so why not get a gaming PC since all you need is WiFi and your ready
Thurin Aradan
Thurin Aradan 13 годин тому
Yay, more landfill.
Alish Bista
Alish Bista 13 годин тому
I bet the launch game must be a new god of war series or uncharted may be
frosty pablo
frosty pablo 13 годин тому
Xbox one has been out for more than a year. Xbox got the drop on everyone. PS is too far behind.
Jenssina 14 годин тому
I hope they bring the free PlayStation online back because paying for ps plus is complete bs
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 14 годин тому
They won't
Space_Boi_ 21
Space_Boi_ 21 14 годин тому
I wish they add lika transfer thing so u can play the games u have purchased in the PS store
kim ashole
kim ashole 14 годин тому
nope dualshock 5 will be ps 5
Holy Knight
Holy Knight 14 годин тому
I won't buy anymore consoles until the second version comes out, which will be the finished one.
TheRightAttachment 14 годин тому
I got one question tho Will there be a Minecraft 2?
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