Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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18 бер 2019





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Sonna 2 години тому
John Oliver public shames people all the time...
OGG 3 години тому
Its amazing to se somebody go thru a situation like Monica Lewinsky and come out this amazing!
Anon¥mus 3 години тому
Monica Lewinsky has been in more rap songs than the rap artists that make the songs. She's a boss.
memebigboy 4 години тому
13:20 wow nicki Minaj laying thicc of the slutshaming
WarrEn 5 годин тому
Goldfish don't have 9 second memories, STOP THE FAKE NEWS
Paula Bain
Paula Bain 5 годин тому
It always made me wonder. This young woman and President Clinton wound up being about her, not him. He went on 60 Minutes with Hillary holding his hand and both swore he didn't know her...she never let go of his hand...and 16 years later she is running for President against the lecher of all time...and she LOSES! Payback, I guess. Go, Monica!
Andrew Azreal
Andrew Azreal 6 годин тому
Who knew Monica was actually funny af
silversterparty 6 годин тому
I will probably show this interview of ML to my students. What an empowering message! Thank you
the last Jedi
the last Jedi 6 годин тому
i hate to say it ..but when you screw a man ( the man here is equally if not more a whore ) knowing very well that he is married then you deserve shit ..not for 2 decades tho
qkljhewgfhergk 7 годин тому
oh cry me a river. this whore blew the president and now we have to apologize to her? give me a break. Even when I was 22 I'd have known better. What'd she think was gonna happen???
CC Copy Cat
CC Copy Cat 8 годин тому
Ok, so, yes, it was somewhat wrong how the Lewinski scandal was handled. HOWEVER, she was in the government, an adult, started not only an affair with a married man, but the president, kept the dress he jizzed on and bragged about it, potentially jeopardized US security, and has been making money on it ever since with so many entities. As someone who had an affair with a married man at a young age, I can say that I still feel shame to this day, but I know why and I make no excuses about it. When you choose to do something like that on such a large scale, that's the consequence you get. Was it wrong to put out every detail? Yes. Were the people who handled it a bunch of hypocrites? Hell yes. But everyone acts like she's so innocent and she's not. I'm also upset about John being like, oh, I'm sorry for what I did 10 years go, that suddenly makes me ok and now I'm going to give everyone else shit about something I did as well and many others did as well.
Ann O'Halloran
Ann O'Halloran 8 годин тому
Thank you Ms. L you are awesome!!!!
The Shameless Kid
The Shameless Kid 10 годин тому
You know what Fuck Jay Leno #TeamCocoForLife
Sanctum Sanctorum
Sanctum Sanctorum 10 годин тому
Why isn’t Leno being vilified or fired for his actions?
HellstreamGames 10 годин тому
Such slander against Tucker. It was a satirical comedy radio show ffs. This show never give the facts... none of it was serious. I cant remember the bname of the character in the show but it was a racist bird or something like that. If youre going to then excuse others about old jokes and such. Then give all the facts about the situation about the person your slandering.
HellstreamGames 10 годин тому
Just to add, im from Sweden and have seen from the sidelines how the media works. Its the reason Trump won. Why not change tactic?!
Todd Kelly
Todd Kelly 11 годин тому
I am not a Republican but Carlson stopped a war.
Dan Holan
Dan Holan 16 годин тому
Dee Cohen
Dee Cohen 16 годин тому
Great show Jax. Thats so gangster that she wore a beret to the 90’s theme party. Way to take control of the situation Monica. She is a badass!
Katia Levy
Katia Levy 16 годин тому
I love ML! I’m still baffled that her name was dragged through the mud while he walked away barely unscathed. And I agree with her, she shouldn’t have had to change her name. She is a source of strength who exemplifies poise, bravery and intelligence.
S Lovitt
S Lovitt 17 годин тому
Great episode!!! Love Monica!!!
Zeke ZekeKan
Zeke ZekeKan 17 годин тому
Wonder why it's so hard for you to find a job. Didn't she blow her last boss? Put that on your resume you'll get hired.
Sage Bismack
Sage Bismack 18 годин тому
Funny how the woman always gets shamed and humiliated while the guy involved walks away with barely a scratch on his reputation. Look at the Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson scandal...Jackson's career was derailed while Justin went on to become an even bigger star! Wish John or Jax could mention this in his report?
morrae 19 годин тому
Amazing interview. Not to distract from the powerful message by the powerful woman, but her eyes are absolutely mesmerizing. What a color
Patricia Bartosik
Patricia Bartosik 21 годину тому
The internet is our public now so don't gossip about other people's personal lives. You may live to regret it.
a d
a d 22 години тому
you won't mention the fake rape and racism hoaxes
a d
a d 22 години тому
so the jump to conclusion crowd still is the norm
Lívia Podda
Lívia Podda День тому
Monica is a shine light. It's a shame she suffered all of this.
Necrodead День тому
Did she not know that Bill Clinton was the current president of the USA when she screwed him? And married?
Necrodead День тому
6:38 "just want to fill time more than they want to be correct." i'm looking at you JOHN
Rush Lover
Rush Lover День тому
This guy is constantly making up shit. He sucks Jussie Swallowit’s ass big time.
Rush Lover
Rush Lover День тому
Very unfunny Horse poop comes from Oliver’s mouth
lola boots
lola boots День тому
Jamie Oliver is a, to the bone, public shamer... Hypocrit
badfishy911 День тому
Black mirror is more truth than fiction
Corey Sullivan
Corey Sullivan День тому
It’s funny. Tucker is the only non war monger right now.
Tim D
Tim D 2 дні тому
My bitch about this ordeal was the fact of Bill the president lying on the stand and not suffering actual consequences to a federal crime.
Paul Lomax
Paul Lomax 2 дні тому
Awe. Hey John: Why did you remove your idiotic "impeachment" segment? I was about to tear you a new one, you limey idiot!
EricTred 2 дні тому
What an amazing interview. GL in life Monica lord knows you lived in hell. Reguardless of who's fault it was. Some say Monica set this up to impeach President Clinton by the GOP and others say she was a 22 year old that made a mistake I don't know what to believe but still no one show go thou that hell.
Jay Krainert
Jay Krainert 2 дні тому
Has everyone forgot that Monica Lewinsky let herself be used as a token for Trump at the debates in 2016?
Criz Nluv
Criz Nluv 2 дні тому
Awww... ☺
Sam H
Sam H 2 дні тому
Lewinsky more like dicksucky
Ammon Ely
Ammon Ely 3 дні тому
Interesting how after watching a factual video on the wrongful, hateful, liberal bias that The View holds to firmly five days a week...Google/UKvid bombards me with John Oliver crap. And as I go forward to the next video, it's oliver crap again. And more, and more, crap. How many times does oliver need to be proven wrong before Google/UKvid and msnbc, and cnn, and cbs, and abc news get the clue? Lies are proven daily...EVERYDAY, JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY IS THROWN OUT THE BACK DOOR WITH THEIR OTHER TRASHY PROGRAMMING and still don't get that most of America is no longer buying in to their bs!! It's not for a lack of effort on their partial view lenses. that's for certain.
Justin Casey
Justin Casey 3 дні тому
holy shit Monica's green eyes stand out so much i love it. gorgeous, i love green and wanted green eyes and when i turned 18 my eyes started turning green from blue i guess that can happen so i was happy. Kill it monica do you baby!!!!!!
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 3 дні тому
the real shame of all this is that it was dragged through all kinds of proceeding, Clinton got impeached, Monica got shamed, and the asshole who put them through hell got a book as if he was a hero, it was two consenting adults
Amir Dodangeh
Amir Dodangeh 3 дні тому
can u pls talk about iran and and USA and what trump did to our life here , history of relationship between the two countries like (Iran Air Flight 655) (sanctions) etc ... there is a large number of people here that just trying to live their life with this economic and isolated system that usa made for us , they simply don't care about both hard liners and there is lots of misbehaving from USA that not even allow the people here to talk to our government and hardliners about reconsider about our relationship with usa . every time iran trust to USA word it had very big consequences for our people ( the working class ) .
RacerX Reloaded
RacerX Reloaded 3 дні тому
Who's Idea was it to give Monica HELL for years ..? *Just Ask Hillery*
Joanna Davis
Joanna Davis 3 дні тому
I absolutely LOVE this. This interview with Monica Lewinski displays the compassion and empathy John Oliver possesses. I am so saddened by what this woman endured making this one mistake of her life. How inspiring to see how strong she is.
Patches Neshell
Patches Neshell 3 дні тому
That was great! I learned a lot from her. Ty
The Condescending Goomba
The Condescending Goomba 3 дні тому
As a 22 year old I agree
AshVsTheDeadite 3 дні тому
Tim Kane
Tim Kane 3 дні тому
That might be the best interview I’ve ever seen.
Nishant Mehrotra
Nishant Mehrotra 4 дні тому
How did she make income ? If no one wanted to hire her.
Diane Walden
Diane Walden 4 дні тому
Monica sucks a......... cock and gets shamed, jump ahead 20 years later, and now sextapes make a starlet a Star. Oh well... mew world, new rules.
Relatable Rosa
Relatable Rosa 4 дні тому
I was not alive during the scandal so I had no idea who she was before this but she seems pretty epic
Rio Vio
Rio Vio 4 дні тому
lol 13 minutes of build up to say fuck Jay Leno?
Mr Me
Mr Me 4 дні тому
She sucks presidential cock
Kel Green
Kel Green 4 дні тому
I find it hard to be empatheric to her situation. Regardless of her age at the time, she was accused of what she actually did. She wasnt falsely accused like the five young Black men who went to jail in NYC. She can still make her way. So meh.
Oscar Jones
Oscar Jones 4 дні тому
John is a huge hypocrite..can't be a horrible person and then simply apologize 10 years later and then criticize everyone else...btw all the ppl cheering in his audience are equally guilty
FooBar Maximus
FooBar Maximus 4 дні тому
No one can shame me. I have none. lolol
Vasily C.
Vasily C. 5 днів тому
This is the woman I wouldn't have judged for voting for trump.
Allison Hart
Allison Hart 5 днів тому
holy crap. i never really thought of it that way...a person is totally dehumanized by becoming a punchline / meme. a good example today is the lady from the "It's Ma'am," meme - who is actually Tiffany Michelle from Alberquerque, and she's actually a rapper too! unfortunately dumb 4chan shitlords still think it's funny to repost the same meme over and over as a dogwhistle for transphobia.
Godfrey Jemand
Godfrey Jemand 5 днів тому
Monica is not that smart. She actually said, "I was not a perfect angel" REALLY? She gave the Pres. a BJ. Smart HUH? If you can't imagine what can happen from your actions it is the definition of DUMB.
TrTveT 5 днів тому
"I made fun of Monica Lewinski, but Jay Leno did it more and should be shunned "
TrTveT 5 днів тому
Is Oliver accusing the right media for outrage culture?
Ze Games
Ze Games 5 днів тому
I never understood why she got ANY flack at all. HE WAS THE GODDAMN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Also, she's still hella attractive. Even more so with the poise and aplomb she displayed in this interview.
Vance Wallace
Vance Wallace 5 днів тому
Wow... Great episode. Certainly makes one reflect on one's own behavior & judgemental tendencies or at least it did in my case... BTW I think I just fell in love with Monica Lewinsky lol... Seems like such a kind, intelligent, funny, cool, strong, and beautiful woman and it's pretty fucked up how many people would rather define her by a mistake she made in her early 20s than recognize her for the qualities I just mentioned.... Pretty god damn impressive how she was able to handle all of it with such grace and integrity. I know I wouldn't have been able to bounce back anywhere near as elegantly. oh BTW #FuckLenoStarrNewt&Clinton
XxXEvilLoverXxX 5 днів тому
That was so nice. It's rare to see someone bother to reach out to someone like Monica, and i think her commentary is so valid and enlightening, as well as inspiring. Thank you John aka Alvin
Vance Wallace
Vance Wallace 5 днів тому
Hahahahaha props to whoever wrote the "Sorry mom." joke... lol
Thrifty Girl Treasures
Thrifty Girl Treasures 6 днів тому
Omg John Oliver...you are EPIC🤣😊 And Jay Leno is a PIG 🐽🐽oh yeah and he is NOT FUNNY either😑
Bea Rose
Bea Rose 6 днів тому
@carolinesto I'm thinking of calling it the "Bill Clinton's Waving Dick Scandal"
Bea Rose
Bea Rose 6 днів тому
Sure she messed around with a married guy. But its not her marriage, its not her responsibility. Bill was the idiotic power figure that couldn't keep his dick in his pants. No matter how tempted you are, it is never the other persons fault you had sex with them. Don't go saying she's the slut when she was in one relationship while you were in at least two! Plus lets be real, its probably not the first time.
John Galt's motor
John Galt's motor 6 днів тому
John said the word pirate to someone wearing an eyepatch.
21_Gun_N’_Done 6 днів тому
CNN: this man posted a trump meme online, we will release his name publicly unless he apologizes
Susanna Paul
Susanna Paul 6 днів тому
Thank you for this. As a woman just a few years older than Ms. Lewinsky, I knew exactly what it meant for a young woman to have a so-called consensual relationship with her boss, and I hated that the victim (Ms. Lewinsky) bore the brunt of the blame for this scandal. I am so inspired by her resilience and humor. And so impressed with John Oliver's humility. Great piece. Thank you so much!!
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy 6 днів тому
Herman Wilhelm
Herman Wilhelm 6 днів тому
She is a lovely woman. Bet Mr. Starr got his kicks, in his imagination!
Matthew Harris-Levesque
Matthew Harris-Levesque 6 днів тому
Alvin Simon Theodore. He could definitely pull that one off. Just put youtube settings to 1.5X for the proof positive.
daisx beohfox
daisx beohfox 6 днів тому
SooooOOOOoo Dick-structive - Monica Lewinsky. . Oh and the power of sucking a powerful mans dick. Makes Monica Lewinsky, still relative in 2019
llarry2769 6 днів тому
A lesson for anyone going through that unfair moment in life. A Lewinsky Lesson in an Oliver Overture. Love it !
Kevin Rasmussen
Kevin Rasmussen 6 днів тому
"...If the sound thud grew a face." Priceless.
Bobbie Housand
Bobbie Housand 6 днів тому
She also had an affair with her former married high school teacher and bragged about it so her credibility was questioned. Check the net.
Flying Chef
Flying Chef 7 днів тому
I just adore her (Monica)! That's a Wonder Woman. Bill should have had to endure commensurately the same results - it took two, and one was in a much bigger power position (intimidating - it's the dang pressie). I don't think his fees for his appearances are commensurate with Ms. Wonder Woman Lewinsky's! THAT is a shame, a public shame!
Forbidden Crystal Internet
Forbidden Crystal Internet 7 днів тому
omfg, that interview was worse than watching Piers Morgan. Way to softball her, although what can you expect she's the anti-bullying mascot. But she then goes on to endorse some vague mob-rule system of determining and shaming individuals we 'mostly' agree are objectionable. "Oh yeah public shaming is awful and it needs to stop but we DO need some sort of mechanism to...y'know...broadcast a widely held opinion about a particular person, by scrutinizing their lives and judging their past decisions. uuuuhhhh well, not just anyone I mean just politically affiliated people...UUHHHH, I mean elected officials, specifically, of course. Just NOT ME!. Other people."
diaz9rox 7 днів тому
monica lewinsky for president???
Adama Koroma
Adama Koroma 7 днів тому
Live it to fox to fuck things up for everyone 😏. They need experienced reporters not these ass kissing clowns.
Brett Carter
Brett Carter 7 днів тому
Wow Monica Lewinsky has really surprised me recently. I admit I've made some jokes at her expense but anyone who could survive and endure the bullshit she did is surely a stronger person than me.
demonte Thompson
demonte Thompson 7 днів тому
Ok so the president of the united states at that time was married, she also could have stayed out the spot light and she is not fighting for peace she is fight to be able to do a awful thing and not be judge for it or be responsible for her part. not once has she came out an apollogize for sexaul activities with a man she knew was married. I do agree that the internet doesnt let anything go but she still should know it was partially self inflicted and there is always a consequence . I have yet to see this type of segment done for people who are put in jail, lynched , and/or died by the hands of the government . she got off easy for helping to disrupt our executive branch of government.
TeamJella 7 днів тому
In addition to what you said, she claims it was a secist attack (around 21:10). She slept with a married man, both parties were guilty, she's just a dumb slut that did something stupid and refused to own up to it.
Team VLCN 7 днів тому
I love John Oliver's interviews. He never looks for someone just because they're famous or controversial, but he talks to people who matter in regards to the rest of his pieces.
Team VLCN 7 днів тому
What does she mean by "allowed to talk to my friends."?
TheDubstepAddict 7 днів тому
I wonder how many of the people sitting in the audience or in front of their screens rn used to slutshame and laugh at her back in the day... i wasnt alive back then, but many of you must have been.
Midnite Matinee
Midnite Matinee 7 днів тому
Honestly props to Family Guy and South Park back in the day for putting the spotlight on Bill Clinton instead of Monica Lewinsky. I don't know if they did it on purpose or not but those shows' audiences were like 12-16 year olds and exposing them to the other side of the scandal really must have left an impression on a lot of kids. I know I was one of them. I seriously grew up not even knowing what Monica looked like and didn't even learn her name until I heard the famous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" quote from Clinton.
RubeeRoja 7 днів тому
I just have to say, this was an amazing episode, John and crew. Thank you so much. Such a great balance of getting the punchlines in and letting the issues be heard and your guest speak her mind so poignantly. Thank you.
Coco Loco
Coco Loco 7 днів тому
Is anyone else not able to watch any of the new videos?
Streuner von der blutigen Freiheit
What a charming person this woman is. Intelligent, funny and absolutely charming. Thanks for giving her credit, and her fight against bullying, too.
pvic 7 днів тому
hey im 22
Liglerian 7 днів тому
Yup, let’s just pull up all things we find horrible from 15 in he past. So 30 years from now, we’ll have people getting mad at the fact that we used emotes, instead of whatever they will use in the future....oh god, her initials backwards hahahhahhahahaha
Caroline Cooke
Caroline Cooke 8 днів тому
Mahmoud Diab
Mahmoud Diab 8 днів тому
Thank you Oliver. Monica is such a sweetheart.
Knock Out
Knock Out 8 днів тому
Monica Lewinsky is amazing and hilarious. I have so much respect for her.
Samuel Robertson
Samuel Robertson 8 днів тому
Great interview. I'm glad the experience didn't destroy her. Hillary didn't have to leave Bill but she definitely should have helped and supported her. The fact she didn't speaks volumes about her character.
BlackEpyon 8 днів тому
Whether it's Monica Lewinski, or Stormy Daniels, I say, "who cares!?" We should not know, or care, what a man does in his private life, if he isn't hurting anybody.
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