PZ9 Got Me Kicked Out of Carter Sharer's House

Stove's Kitchen
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Today I get a mysterious call from someone that I don't know. Carter and Ryan both need to hear my side of the story about PZ9 and Project Zorgo. But Carter and Ryan have been so skeptical that I eventually pay the consequences. Watch to find out what happens!
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James Challenger
James Challenger 48 секунд тому
Do not kickstove out the house because I know PZ9 name is Melvin not Stove kitchen send it to cartersharer's house
taleisb grade5
taleisb grade5 2 години тому
And now he is with the spy ninjas
taleisb grade5
taleisb grade5 2 години тому
PZ9 is Melvin go cheek his Chanel @ Melvin
Emely Cuahutencos
Emely Cuahutencos 3 години тому
U guys Ryan is teaming with pz9
Linda Seo
Linda Seo 3 години тому
Patty Golonka
Patty Golonka 4 години тому
Is it. Just a act???
Emily Sozzi
Emily Sozzi 5 годин тому
ryan is working for pz9
Katie Harrison
Katie Harrison 5 годин тому
His real name is Melvin that's his real name Melvin
Katie Harrison
Katie Harrison 6 годин тому
Stove stove stove ez9 is actually a project zorgo member and have you ever seen CWC there on UKvid Chad and V Daniel Henry Jean
Eva Barzani
Eva Barzani 7 годин тому
stove is not pz9
Lily Loarka
Lily Loarka 8 годин тому
Dont trust Ryan he is bad
Lily Loarka
Lily Loarka 9 годин тому
Stove is not pz9 is Melvin
dhiren savla
dhiren savla 9 годин тому
Pz9 ismelvin
haroon hassan
haroon hassan 12 годин тому
Rich Taylor
Rich Taylor 13 годин тому
Ryan is nortey he is working for pz 9 and check out Chad and vys chanal
Candice Van Der Poel
Candice Van Der Poel 13 годин тому
Leef him
Gael Naranjo
Gael Naranjo 14 годин тому
stove is never bad he is trustwerthy noooooooooooo guys like for stove
Daquan Wauddy
Daquan Wauddy 16 годин тому
Stove is not pz9 like if u agree 👇🏾
Corey Walko
Corey Walko 22 години тому
Ryan is pz9
GamingWith X
GamingWith X 22 години тому
Pz9 is melvin
Thomas Atkinson
Thomas Atkinson 23 години тому
You are pz9
Nathan Britt
Nathan Britt День тому
Stove is not Pz9 Melvin is pz9
Ismael Vasquez
Ismael Vasquez День тому
Everybody unsubscribe from Carter
Ismael Vasquez
Ismael Vasquez День тому
I'm unsubscribeing to Carter and ryan
Ismael Vasquez
Ismael Vasquez День тому
Trust stove
Ashley Griffin
Ashley Griffin День тому
Go to the shares house share the love just crazy and John and Connor Connor on Steven they live near you I remember because they watch their videos videos and you said they live by because I remember that their house
gaming with rahmir and saafir
I'm subscribed
Ashley Griffin
Ashley Griffin День тому
That’s my phone screen did you know that on my phone that I’m watching you on right now it’s on your new iPad that you were going to give away please give me a shout out I never ever get shadows on you guys and guess what I’m a spy ninja stop hacking you guys
the real tfk bot
the real tfk bot День тому
PZ 9 name is Melvin
Molly Blair
Molly Blair День тому
Stove vy quaint sorry if I spelled this wrong ok back to the story got kicked out of the spy ninjas
Sharrockm День тому
He’s not PZ9
Johnny Jackson
Johnny Jackson День тому
Nice vid
Sidd Yousaf
Sidd Yousaf День тому
Stove is not PZ9 Watch Chad wild clay’s Channel it is Melvin
by 304 mu the bestcam dam
by 304 mu the bestcam dam День тому
It is pz9
Yessica Lopez
Yessica Lopez День тому
Is Melvin that is not pz9
arti bindra chawla
arti bindra chawla День тому
stove pz9s name is melvin
osman ibrahim
osman ibrahim День тому
Sorry stove☹️🥺🙁😩😫😤😭
zain n
zain n День тому
stop acting
josiah frye
josiah frye День тому
Ryan needs to stop trying to help but he doesn’t even know the truth stove has been there way longer than Ryan how could carter believe him he knows stove more then Ryan and know one even likes Ryan
Yoanamarti День тому
Who is in 2020
Azaila Gonzalez
Azaila Gonzalez 2 дні тому
PZ9 is melvin
Siolita Llapanji
Siolita Llapanji 2 дні тому
you don’t have ears did u hear him
Mary Mackool
Mary Mackool 2 дні тому
It was 104,000 dollars
xiimara Ramirez
xiimara Ramirez 2 дні тому
That is actually so unfair i am so mád because stove doesnt have any fault cárter is not understanding a person cann't be justo kicked out luke that imagine you cárter un that situación😔😔😔😔😔
Richford Afranie
Richford Afranie 2 дні тому
stove is the pz9🤐🤯🤬😮
Jeremy Hall
Jeremy Hall 2 дні тому
Stove I feel like Ryan is a pz member
Rajikumari L
Rajikumari L 2 дні тому
I think ryan is pz9 don't trust ryan
Elizabeth Vasquez
Elizabeth Vasquez 2 дні тому
Like if he is not a bad guy
Brenna Brooks
Brenna Brooks 2 дні тому
He’s working with project Zorgo he has to go
Brenna Brooks
Brenna Brooks 2 дні тому
Stove is pz9 don’t let stove get near you
Markho Guivencan
Markho Guivencan 2 дні тому
Me stove ❤️
Blake Apostolides
Blake Apostolides 2 дні тому
BlakeaAp apostolides
Amelia Murphy
Amelia Murphy 2 дні тому
Can I win a giveaway #Love your videos We are cooking up vidoes
Chan Chanfle
Chan Chanfle 2 дні тому
I am so sad
Amira Subuh
Amira Subuh 2 дні тому
Pz9 is Melvin he is a part of the spy ningas
Rosalinda Gomez
Rosalinda Gomez 2 дні тому
Stove i like your video pls give me shout out And your aint pz9
Amaya Hayes
Amaya Hayes 2 дні тому
Ryan lies to much that why carter smashed his car and I hope he does it again
Pablo Diaz
Pablo Diaz 2 дні тому
NHL Gamer
NHL Gamer 2 дні тому
Ryan what is wrong with you
why you laughin" Ryan 14:10 - 14:16 you are making the relationship worse!
Gabriel Yuan
Gabriel Yuan 2 дні тому
Stove is not pz9
latisha mcmullen
latisha mcmullen 2 дні тому
Ryan is working for project zorgo
Alexie Lazaro
Alexie Lazaro 3 дні тому
Ryan is pz9
sebas and isabe rivera
sebas and isabe rivera 3 дні тому
Samantha Murillo
Samantha Murillo 3 дні тому
Don’t trust Ryan
lucy gamer555
lucy gamer555 3 дні тому
Stove Ryan is.the bad person and Carter I think Liz understands u
William Deaton III
William Deaton III 3 дні тому
For one stove is not pz9 and you need to stop treating him like he is
Nina Slayer
Nina Slayer 3 дні тому
Stove is not bad
Cheetah Cool
Cheetah Cool 3 дні тому
stove is not pz9. pz9 face is already reveled. his name is ?
Ami Jhungeer
Ami Jhungeer 3 дні тому
It was not nice of you Carter by kiking Stove out of the house
Cosy Hu
Cosy Hu 3 дні тому
kick ryan awe now
Aracely Alvarez
Aracely Alvarez 3 дні тому
Told him
Aracely Alvarez
Aracely Alvarez 3 дні тому
Sorry stove
Tiffany Swagel
Tiffany Swagel 3 дні тому
Pz9 is Marvin that is on chad and vy channel
Ron Gyan Start Maria
Ron Gyan Start Maria 3 дні тому
Pz9 has long hair and has an eating on her ear I think pz9 is a girl based on her ear
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams 3 дні тому
I saw pz9 have earrings on and they were blue
Stephanie Williams
Stephanie Williams 3 дні тому
And take his mask off
Roselin Rozario
Roselin Rozario 3 дні тому
Pz9 is Marvin not stove carter Marvin shape is then he fight spyninja then he open mask he saw pz9 is Marvin not stove stove Marvin is pz9
Melissa bestram
Melissa bestram 4 дні тому
Stove is so nice though
Justin TubeHD
Justin TubeHD 4 дні тому
PRAY FOR STOVE! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Everybody plz stay on stove’s side! I don’t trust RYAN! He laughed when stove left!
Justin TubeHD
Justin TubeHD 4 дні тому
Stove is not pz9 , type pz9 it will show someone with a beard and pz9’s real name is Melvin
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