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Watch the official Music Video for “B U B B L E G U M"" by Quavo.
Directed by Daps & Quavo
Produced by Sara Lacombe
Creative Directed by Joseph Desrosiers
Stream or Download “B U B B L E G U M” Now: qualitycontrol.lnk.to/QuavoNewMusic
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Buddah Bless this beat
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave
Pop, pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
[Verse 1]
Hey, you got it, drop, Ferrari ('Rari)
Hey, you got it, hoes, menagin'
Hey, you got it, woah, your wallet (woah)
Two falcon fifties back to back on autopilot (woah)
Jumped on her phone and put them bands on her
Everywhere we go we see some fans for her
The plug pulled up on me wanna convo with us
Had to triumph, finesse or gon' buy 'em
Hey, you got it, trust the process (process)
Hey, you got it, whip it, hibachi (hibachi)
Hey, you got it, probably goin' through college (college)
I'm tryna figure out the best way to feed your wallet (yeah, yeah)
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (yeah, yeah)
[Verse 2]
Hey, you got it, still got it poppin' (poppin')
Hey, you got it, freeze on the diamonds (freeze)
Hey, you got it, probably got somebody (body)
That won't sacrifice it (no)
That don't satisfy you, yeah, yeah
I let her park the Benz, yeah (skr skrt)
Drop one off then go shop with friends, yeah (shop)
This the type of life we live, yeah (can't stop)
Million dollar type of M's, yeah, yeah
Put her in the light and watch her eyes glow up (glow)
Locked in tight, she like the vibe on us (oh)
When she check the gram watch her likes go up (woah)
Woah, watch her likes go up (woah)
Fuck with me and get rich (rich)
Popped one off then she fly through the six (six)
Keep a real nigga and she fuck with the bitch (bitch)
Six in the mornin' and we still talkin' shit (shit)
Drink a molly grow some weed (weed)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (weave)
Pop bubblegum while she thumb through her weave (yeah, yeah)
Music video by Quavo performing B U B B L E G U M. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc





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Rafii Guasp
Rafii Guasp 30 хвилин тому
Shit is trashh, basura,müll, poubele,lixo, 垃圾, ゴミ
Unapologetically Black
Unapologetically Black 31 хвилина тому
Pure Garbage
Paule Meier
Paule Meier 37 хвилин тому
Allanah Silverburg
Allanah Silverburg 38 хвилин тому
Ragene Hill
Ragene Hill 40 хвилин тому
He need offset and takeoff
Travon Springs
Travon Springs 47 хвилин тому
I like the song and the video. Plus, Draya looks so amazing. She’s beautiful and sexy. Geesh!
calvin chimugodho
calvin chimugodho 48 хвилин тому
quavo this tune is fire
zacho cracy
zacho cracy Годину тому
Maybe a little more autotune, repetition, and a simpler beat could improve... *lmao this trash*
Florin Dogaru
Florin Dogaru Годину тому
so whats the story...? #rapisdead
Nenedakidd Годину тому
Im fuckin wit it
Nathan Schnneyder
Nathan Schnneyder Годину тому
Marvin McClendon
Marvin McClendon Годину тому
Dude the is pretty good y'all need to shut up I like quavo songs especially lamb talk and F you for saying F quavo dude
Marvin McClendon
Marvin McClendon Годину тому
This is to you emo nite you quavo is good
pnuttsanandreas Годину тому
Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Showit Kiflom
Showit Kiflom Годину тому
That technological video! Lol youre not floating anymore. Janet jackson had one of these space videos once. It just had less auto tune. You're there though!
Unknownz Person
Unknownz Person 2 години тому
Fuck Quavo 🙄🖕
Mau Gnzz
Mau Gnzz 2 години тому
Zee Rent
Zee Rent 2 години тому
Quavo muncho huncho... soooooo you're basically telling me I should move out the country?
Clarence Beck
Clarence Beck 2 години тому
Lamar Gerard
Lamar Gerard 2 години тому
Same the sounds song quavo every or me just it is??
Aliza B.
Aliza B. 2 години тому
Is this the Player's Anthem instrumental???
melanin monroe
melanin monroe 2 години тому
I love watching quavo
Caca Man
Caca Man 2 години тому
You want to know who is awesome Read the first word
Skape Arts
Skape Arts 3 години тому
show this song to my pitbuill now hes a chihuahua .....
gift from Virgo
gift from Virgo 3 години тому
the production is fucking amazing!
Heavan Rene
Heavan Rene 3 години тому
Migos videos are always epic . Like a movie 🎥
Slim Bundy TV
Slim Bundy TV 3 години тому
Draya was clickbait
Wamicha Classicy
Wamicha Classicy 3 години тому
Quavo Rap predator
Super420420420 3 години тому
This is the shit Quavo Hands down Quavo
Kim 3 години тому
Drama. 🚮
Dancer Brasil
Dancer Brasil 3 години тому
*Segura essa representatividade*
Chris Powell
Chris Powell 3 години тому
Let's make a song
Jax 3 години тому
How does anyone enjoy this generic shit
Ms. xxxfan
Ms. xxxfan 3 години тому
Is she an elf or am I trippin????
Ashly Jones
Ashly Jones 4 години тому
You got my favorite girl hair I love her
СЬI4 RU_ЛИТ 4 години тому
AyeeYT 4 години тому
Hunch looks like Quavo *Joke*
sportacus sissoko pitrolie Gladia
sportacus sissoko pitrolie Gladia 4 години тому
Donte Johnson
Donte Johnson 4 години тому
-_- 4 години тому
Jalen Huntley
Jalen Huntley 4 години тому
Some people here is just hating but he still getting money but this lit
High Brige
High Brige 4 години тому
Who is draya
Oli UN
Oli UN 4 години тому
Seasick Joker
Seasick Joker 4 години тому
Is it me or does this whole video just seem like a conspiracy theory
Black S-6ix
Black S-6ix 4 години тому
fuck shee
Portal2x2 4 години тому
Дорого, красиво... Музыка так себе))))
Africaine Queen
Africaine Queen 4 години тому
Black woman 💫🍫
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 4 години тому
Is it just me or draya looks amazing?
T C 5 годин тому
Remix with juvenile will be shit straight 🔥 🔥
LIL PEEP OMEgos 5 годин тому
RACK1 5 годин тому
Music has been my dream for as long as I can remember. Please help make it come true. ukvid.net/video/відео-SU68V5uSNiQ.html
Catterrs 5 годин тому
it is just me or every comment sounds the same
Mati 5 годин тому
NIce Music Quavo
B.L.X-BeyiQlex TV
B.L.X-BeyiQlex TV 5 годин тому
Shocking video on UKvid check it hurry ukvid.net/video/відео-rx-4dRfMGJk.html
juned ansari
juned ansari 5 годин тому
I really didn't enjoy this shit
Gnar Gnaw
Gnar Gnaw 5 годин тому
Get in my playlist already.
insanedelightd 6 годин тому
Srry this shit is wackk He needs to stopppppl
J - LUXX 6 годин тому
Draya 🔥
michael jy jordan
michael jy jordan 6 годин тому
how love bubbelgum?
mico syrjälä
mico syrjälä 6 годин тому
Bubble gum😍
mrBaldwine2000 6 годин тому
Oh wow!!!! This is really trash! Rap is dead!
Shubham Mishra
Shubham Mishra 6 годин тому
#YRN #Quavo #Hancho #QC #00
Allynafe Jay
Allynafe Jay 6 годин тому
Pop pop bubble gum ......ahhh this song not my favorite even though i like quavo....the beat is 🔥🔥🔥
Hamza Bajwa
Hamza Bajwa 6 годин тому
did you guys think Quavo or any other of the Migos had it in them, to make a unique sound for a SOLO album ??? Theyre mumble rappers, they have pretty much 1 style that they repeat for the mass audience.
CarlosTV 6 годин тому
some was haring when quavo dropped his album fuck yaaaaaaa
Lafonzo Moody
Lafonzo Moody 6 годин тому
Did y'all here when he said" hoe minajing " there was a pic of nicki lol
S N 7 годин тому
The beat is only thing that saved this song... finna start calling him Chrous Huncho lmao
iMTS Kobsy
iMTS Kobsy 7 годин тому
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson 7 годин тому
This is trash! For the time being Quavo... STAY IN MIGOS!
Toy Toy
Toy Toy 7 годин тому
Why did he do this😂🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
John KE Violinist
John KE Violinist 7 годин тому
Quavo the king
Gio Rojas
Gio Rojas 7 годин тому
Nombre de la morenasa es para una tarea :v 🍑🐍🐍
Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez 7 годин тому
Tafadzwa Zifamba
Tafadzwa Zifamba 7 годин тому
Quavo songs - copy paste copy paste
Layek 7 годин тому
I don't understand anything 🤗🤗 but I like the sound
Gamer ArmyCz
Gamer ArmyCz 7 годин тому
LsOutDaLane 7 годин тому
I kin digg it 💪🏾
Josue Valentin
Josue Valentin 8 годин тому
Josue Valentin
Josue Valentin 8 годин тому
Rey David
Rey David 8 годин тому
Fuck Quavo, this music is trash
Malcolm Carrington
Malcolm Carrington 8 годин тому
Get Nicki Minaj on the remix 😂 Would be 🔥 tho
Slutty Raver Costumes
Slutty Raver Costumes 8 годин тому
AHHH! *scared
CloudNyne 8 годин тому
Producers should definitely get paid more than the artist.
Romario Kirlig
Romario Kirlig 8 годин тому
Sounds like travis scott
Éll Gould
Éll Gould 8 годин тому
Watching this video cos of the girls... Other than that... SONG IS TRASH.
CRAZY Hd 8 годин тому
Rip lil peep your a fuckboy
Devin Woods
Devin Woods 8 годин тому
Damn I’ve never seen so many hating mothefuxkers than this comment section, heads up, If u don’t like , don’t watch 😂😂😂
theswirus12 8 годин тому
Marna Podjeba Żabsona
Mois Mois
Mois Mois 8 годин тому
Khabib smashed ur boy u clown
Mike Howard
Mike Howard 8 годин тому
Best song on the album
espie 8 годин тому
Big bro, pass out, flip the switch and this are the only tracks I liked. Album was too samey, but maybe the rest will grow on me.
andreas the fan
andreas the fan 8 годин тому
Love quavo
Tato Melo
Tato Melo 9 годин тому
Fuck you
Nolan 9 годин тому
Bigdickeous The Great
Bigdickeous The Great 9 годин тому
Migos trash af nowadays
Phil The Great
Phil The Great 9 годин тому
Man this looks expensive...
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 9 годин тому
You still a bitch
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 9 годин тому
Your music is trash however i like the video..
CRYSTAL COOK 9 годин тому
SORAB TV 9 годин тому
1:22 that are some fast glasses
click my picture
click my picture 9 годин тому
I like their space suits
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