Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! (All 5 Combo Meals)

Matt Stonie
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Morgan & I asked for 50k Likes & 20k Comments, and you guys delivered! So, as promised (as if I wasn't going to do it anyways...) we are doing the Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! All 5 Combo Meals in one sitting & finish as fast as I can!

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24 лис 2020





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A A 7 хвилин тому
I am sure your grandma loves you
A A 11 хвилин тому
Good I am full now
Lovro Kladnik
Lovro Kladnik 26 хвилин тому
Im hungry
omar ahmed
omar ahmed 37 хвилин тому
the end of the challenge 7:32
omar ahmed
omar ahmed 42 хвилини тому
the starting of the challenge 3:21
omar ahmed
omar ahmed 44 хвилини тому
my fav combo 0:17
omar ahmed
omar ahmed 44 хвилини тому
i mean 0:18
nafeesa eissa
nafeesa eissa 49 хвилин тому
سحس احسن منك
Capt_ Cashew
Capt_ Cashew 3 години тому
I can’t even imagine how big the dump is after this.
Top Gamer
Top Gamer 3 години тому
The sidemen definitly need to watch this vedio
Mousa Mia
Mousa Mia 3 години тому
Albin Jose
Albin Jose 4 години тому
4:04 i saw one last fry in that box 😂
Lenny_Face 2.o
Lenny_Face 2.o 4 години тому
Bread is the best part
Anquan Lewis
Anquan Lewis 5 годин тому
keep up the good work
Cashappme Kobecs
Cashappme Kobecs 5 годин тому
Dammmnn nigga pass the box 🤤
Excali Aur Tokyoo Ka Bada Beta
Excali Aur Tokyoo Ka Bada Beta 6 годин тому
underwood212 6
underwood212 6 6 годин тому
How does he stay so small
IceXLIV 6 годин тому
Box No Slaw Extra Toast Thank me later
Skywalkin21 6 годин тому
I know I can’t be the only one wondering if his girl gets jealous when he eats all this food😂?
H W 6 годин тому
How is he not fat? Gosh.... I gain 10lbs just from breathing
Jey_da God
Jey_da God 7 годин тому
POV: your here watching him eating all this really good food while your over eating your saliva. 🤤
Gerarudo 7 годин тому
A p p l e j u i c e
Southern Cali
Southern Cali 7 годин тому
A challenge i can do except for ll the drink and fries
Noah Gee
Noah Gee 8 годин тому
Ayylmao 8 годин тому
definitely ate the coleslaw wrong
Nimar Sidhu
Nimar Sidhu 8 годин тому
Pomo Grenade
Pomo Grenade 8 годин тому
why is he screaming tho?
The real cheese Productions
The real cheese Productions 9 годин тому
This is the definition of you didnt even taste it
Baldomero Alejandro
Baldomero Alejandro 9 годин тому
Is it just me or did I hear a android at 3:59
Olivia Wise
Olivia Wise 9 годин тому
What if they had something you don’t like do you just not order it or do you order it and just eat it and deal with it
T K 9 годин тому
I'm surprised he doesnt have diabetes yet😬🤯😳
Jack Lou
Jack Lou 10 годин тому
a p p l e j u i c e
Neosp 14
Neosp 14 10 годин тому
He should have gotten the lemonade
Enhance Thechance
Enhance Thechance 11 годин тому
How? How can someone consume that much?
Anime Vxbxs
Anime Vxbxs 11 годин тому
Toilet go burr burrrr
That one Dude
That one Dude 11 годин тому
Food tastes better when you don’t eat it. Said no one ever
Virtual XD
Virtual XD 11 годин тому
There is only one raising canes in indiana and its in my town
Black Crystal Dragoon
Black Crystal Dragoon 11 годин тому
Should've opted in for one box combo to have double texas toast instead of cole slaw. Btw why do u look like Chandler (from Mr. Beast's channel's) brother?
Erick Rivas
Erick Rivas 12 годин тому
the most impressive thing about this is the fact he ate the coleslaws
ty Howard
ty Howard 12 годин тому
There food hella good only have it when I went to Vegas
Gabele_007 12 годин тому
Who gets a brain freeze in their collar bone? Lmaooo
Kayla Treadwell
Kayla Treadwell 14 годин тому
The coleslaw hit different though 😍😫
BF Denton
BF Denton 15 годин тому
Coolest Entertainment
Coolest Entertainment 15 годин тому
He unhealthily fuh sure y ain’t he fat yet 😂
You'reAvarigeHuman 15 годин тому
What was the trip to the toilet like
Nezeeto 15 годин тому
Bro you forgot the 100 chicken finger platter 😂
yas 16 годин тому
suddenly i’m hungry
isaac noriega
isaac noriega 16 годин тому
The food looks so good until you use water or pop while eating lol:).
Colonel Mitchell
Colonel Mitchell 16 годин тому
i think you can get a bos of fingers that come with 25 wings sooooo........
RCD05 17 годин тому
He literally ordered 3 things aka the full menu 😂😂
Haya Hannoun
Haya Hannoun 17 годин тому
Dude it takes me like 20 minutes to finish a happy meal lol
Haya Hannoun
Haya Hannoun 16 годин тому
@RCD05 what?
RCD05 17 годин тому
Canes has a happy mean? 😂
iconic trooper
iconic trooper 17 годин тому
Why do l watch this to only get hungry
echo5m 17 годин тому
Anyone else feel like canes isn't worth the hype? I literally see the line going into the street.
Eons Reach
Eons Reach 17 годин тому
With the shoulder pain I wonder if he had a mini heart attack just speculating 🤔
Uchiha 18 годин тому
How can he even fit that much inside? Is this scientifically possible? Can anyone explain please.
StatikGhostFN 19 годин тому
He always makes me extremely hungry 😋
Adrina Leon
Adrina Leon 19 годин тому
you eat so much but still skiny
random tiktoks
random tiktoks 19 годин тому
Me when I breath air: 🤰
Creative IdiotGf
Creative IdiotGf 19 годин тому
Ya know canes originated in my parish
alxx 20 годин тому
3:59 the android ring tone 😭
dizzySnipess 20 годин тому
Fun fact: this man's level of metabolism is 420
Squid Bacon
Squid Bacon 21 годину тому
bro i couldn't do this
jason balucan
jason balucan 21 годину тому
How you keep your self less weight how can you tell us
Wassim tells you how
Wassim tells you how 21 годину тому
3:59 that samsung ringtone tho
UL wizard
UL wizard 22 години тому
How does he eat so much but he’s so skinny
ARTE CORTEZ 22 години тому
Se va a venir muriendo este sujeto
قصي اليوسف
قصي اليوسف 23 години тому
red: matt kinda sus vote him out of the ship everyone: there is no ship matt: *i have became the power of this ship*
DJjames 123
DJjames 123 23 години тому
This guys perfect metabolism is passing me off
D0N DI3GS День тому
Anyone else mouth watery ?
AreYaLosin? День тому
Dream: speed run minecraft Blue babies: speed run life Matt: speed run his trips to toilet
Among Sus
Among Sus День тому
Matt probably has the best metabolism of all time
Muffin Sensei
Muffin Sensei День тому
Eatin fast isnt fun tbh
SimoNoobGamer День тому
How does he not get sicknor toxic frm that
M Nasban
M Nasban День тому
If you start lifting you would be sick buff
Mukundh Balaji
Mukundh Balaji День тому
Soon you will be fat and your weight will be 934500 kg
Yonatan Addis
Yonatan Addis День тому
How tf is this man not huge??
Tony Ponce
Tony Ponce День тому
only person i’ve ever seen eat the coleslaw
DODI YONA День тому
Accept Pink Broccoli Challenge
DODI YONA День тому
Accept Pink Broccoli Challenge
DODI YONA День тому
Accept Pink Broccoli Challenge
DODI YONA День тому
Accept Pink Broccoli Challenge
DODI YONA День тому
Accept Pink Broccoli Challenge
MightyGotBan Gaming
MightyGotBan Gaming День тому
Can't lie Raising Canes is fire af
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster День тому
I miss when he used to grind UKvid
Elclid День тому
mcdonalds full menu monkaS
Upil Kuda
Upil Kuda День тому
You must see tanboy kun from indonesia
Upil Kuda
Upil Kuda День тому
Tanboy kun
وائل عبدالقوي
وائل عبدالقوي День тому
العرب احسن
Theovergamer209 День тому
I hope this how much schools give the kids food if they have a school party not just a pizza size of a finger
pop smoke
pop smoke День тому
If u haven’t had canes u are missing out by a lot
Basilisk Fang
Basilisk Fang День тому
damn, now i'm hungry
Anonymous G
Anonymous G День тому
just so I don't get hungry I eat something slowly and binge his videos.
ghostly_01 -_-
ghostly_01 -_- День тому
Enjoy the food
Ab awal Hawlader
Ab awal Hawlader День тому
how lucky his grandmother will be
Nuclear Satin
Nuclear Satin День тому
Nice diet coke with that 4 combos
at the edge of cosmos
at the edge of cosmos День тому
Waiter: what would you like to have sir .... Matt : just bring two plates of everything you have
Happy Yana
Happy Yana День тому
Erie Priscilla
Erie Priscilla День тому
He doesn't eat the food the food eats him 😳😭
Talkative Yellow Toad
Talkative Yellow Toad День тому
5:54 you know they’re in pain when the camera transitions from a still one to s moving one
Team Zodic
Team Zodic День тому
Did no one else hear the “DUH- DU- DUH- DU-“ android notification???
TLKthunder День тому
matt: eats an entire menu in 20 minute me: takes one day to eat a chicken strip
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