Rams vs. Packers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Los Angeles Rams take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 12 of the 2021 NFL season.

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27 лис 2021





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That was refreshing to see a Packers pick six.
C eugene Jones
The packers d needs a raise for what they did on the field, and Adam's is absolutely on fire!!
Kimanzi Constable
Whoever edits these videos does a good job giving us highlights without the videos being too long. Kudos.
Not Adam
im really proud of EQ. Hes been getting more and more consistent every game. He made some nice plays today and ALMOST had the insane tipped pass catch.
Things I took away from this game as a Packer fan.
Tony M
The way rodgers carries an offense is unique and super fun to watch. The way he communicates and how his offense can adjust to his audibles is amazing and scary for the opponent. He can read defenses like a children's book...
Aaron Rodgers had a great performance for the Packers.
Dylan Vazquez
It’s so good having Cobb back. It’s a shame the way things played out prior to him getting traded. But he really brings an energy to this receiving core
Even with that dropped punt by Cobb, he still played really well. You can tell he's glad to be back at Lambeau., and so am I!
What really impresses me with Rodgers is how he finds the open receiver.
Rodgers better make it to the Super Bowl this year dammit I can’t take another playoff loss😩
Cold game Veteran 🥶
Great overall game for my Packers. Both defense and offense looked great. 2 busted coverages 2x for 6 was the only issue I truly had. But we look great going into a bye week
Ryan Courtney
AJ Dillion is so fun to watch. He makes the first guy miss and then he flat out runs over the next guy.
Travis Hollingsworth
Cobb finally showing he's still got it!! What a game.
As a Niners fan, Greenbay also did great today. Aaron rodgers is still a great qb. Randall Cobb and Davante Adams are still really good players.
Stephen Lennartz
The Rams' logo was my favorite when I was a kid collecting those little NFL helmets. The new logo looks like something from a box of laundry detergent! 😂
as a Cardinals' fan, I must admit GB is scary!!!
The Packers Defense deserves the game ball for the way they made Matt Stafford uncomfortable in the pocket
Wally Palmer
I was there yesterday. What an awesome game! Go Pack Go!