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WELCOME TO UKvid MY MATE AND BRILLIANT PERSON AMANDA LAMB - and yes I got Amanda, her off the tv, modelling and Harry Hill crush, to come on my channel and do her makeup live.
She is so much fun so give her a follow on Instagram @missamandalamb
Her makeup buys are here
* Hourglass Ambient Dim Light Primer - www.spacenk.com/uk/en_GB/makeup/complexion/primer/ambient-light-correcting-primer-MUK200016707.html?dwvar_MUK200016707_color=UK200016707
* Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - tidd.ly/36980de1
* Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter - www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/product/hollywood-flawless-filter-shade-3-light-medium
* Beauty Pie Seamless Buffing Brush - www.beautypie.com/face/makeup-brushes/seamless-foundation-buffing-brush--1000
* Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder - www.beautypie.com/face/powder/one-powder-wonder-uberlucent
* Bobbi Brown Blusher Brush - www.bobbibrown.co.uk/product/13995/7292/brushes-tools/blush-brush
* Beauty Pie Smart Powder Blusher - www.beautypie.com/face/powder/smart-powder-blush-peachy-dreams
* Bobbi Brown Full Impact Concealer - tidd.ly/b1ae9536
* Hourglass Scattered Light In Foil ---www.spacenk.com/uk/en_GB/makeup/eyes/eyeshadow/scattered-light-glitter-eyeshadow-MUK300052302.html?dwvar_MUK300052302_color=UK300052302
* Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Bette - www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/product/eyes-to-mesmerise-bette?istCompanyId=3dfffc45-1529-45a3-a883-dba601d7c955&istFeedId=531587ba-0c6c-4397-a202-a1570efe3443&istItemId=xltqqlwrm&istBid=tztx&ds_rl=1246056&gclid=CjwKCAiAvonyBRB7EiwAadauqWi4gzcns155dcqCA9fyj5BQX2eOPUc_i8EccR_GtrT9byG5t93dShoC8vIQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
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* Benefit Rollerlash Mascara - tidd.ly/f16e7a6
* Nars Lash Curler - tidd.ly/f16e7a6
* Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Penelope - www.charlottetilbury.com/uk/product/k-i-s-s-i-n-g-penelope-pink
Shower hat purloined from hotels around the world.

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Linda Marocco
Linda Marocco Місяць тому
I LOVE Amanda, what a genuine woman she is!.., she is gorgeous!!!... great video!!!... I never leave the house without makeup either!... you go girl!💜💜💜💜💜
Linda Marocco
Linda Marocco Місяць тому
Liz Roberts good for you!!!!!!... you go girl!!!!💜💜💜💜💜
Liz Roberts
Liz Roberts Місяць тому
Linda Marocco I even put make up on to do horse mucking out, I'm sure they appreciate is 😊
Jodie Brown
Jodie Brown 27 днів тому
What a refreshing woman! More videos with Amanda please xx
isabel reid
isabel reid 29 днів тому
I’m so glad I’m not the only one , went swimming and had forgot my towel had to dry my self with a sock , left the leisure centre and drove home hearing lime green swimming goggles , only noticed when in the shower x it’s not an age thing it’s a busy woman thing x
Kas Adam
Kas Adam Місяць тому
P.S I'm coming up to London Baggors and I'm going to hire a trailer when u clear out Ur cupboards! Just saying!
Kas Adam
Kas Adam Місяць тому
Yessss! What a fab two videos! Amanda's fav 5 products were indeed great to! Amanda if u love Beautypies Wonderscrub u will love the Oxygen breathable mask! Works soo beautifully together. Another must is Apothoka SOS recovery nail and cuticle oil!!! = Heavenly. Thank.u ladies, xxx
Suzanne Wilding
Suzanne Wilding Місяць тому
What a fabulous vlog. Such honest, down to earth women who we can relate to.
Martine 67
Martine 67 Місяць тому
Hello! I stumbled across this video and loved it! But when you talked about the Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder , I jus twondered it you had tried the La Mer loose "The Powder" and how does it stand upt to the Beauty Pie one in giving that lovely glow ? Thank you
Liz Roberts
Liz Roberts Місяць тому
Great fun, two lovely ladies 😊
Laura Ramsay
Laura Ramsay Місяць тому
Just discovered your channel, best video ever, please do more 🙏😊👍lovin Amanda too
Melinda R
Melinda R Місяць тому
Please don’t pump your mascara wand in and out of the container/tube! It just pumps air in and make it dry out (and go bad) much faster.
Giulietta Ciambotti
Giulietta Ciambotti Місяць тому
Watched your most recent vid, coming back for this. Come for the fun, stay for the info. LOVE.
Kitty K
Kitty K Місяць тому
Great🙌🏼💕please do more with amanda 💅🏼🙌🏼Maybe her fave perfume
LolaLove Bunny
LolaLove Bunny Місяць тому
I liberate shower caps from hotels too, I use them to pack my shoes in my suitcase!
liviusss Місяць тому
Are all British people so charming and down-to-earth?! Besides the posh accent, I love their sense of irony and self-deprecating, dry humour...
Sophie Larches
Sophie Larches Місяць тому
Love this 👍💋😄
Rozina Rafiq
Rozina Rafiq Місяць тому
Loved this. So real and relatable :)
PK Blondie
PK Blondie Місяць тому
Loved this! Thanks gorgeous ladies! 💞🇨🇦
Catherine Phillips
Catherine Phillips Місяць тому
Another great way to use hotel shower caps - pack your shoes in them, it makes sure that your shoes never transfer any dirt onto you clothes.
Susan Buckley
Susan Buckley Місяць тому
How would you compare Beauty Pie powder with Mac transparent finishing powder?
Nicola Bray
Nicola Bray Місяць тому
Aww loved this Nadine🥰🙌🏻 xx
Desert Rose
Desert Rose Місяць тому
It's funny how famous people in one country arent in another and how differently they are percieved when you dont know theyre 'famous'.
Janice Simpson
Janice Simpson Місяць тому
Great video ladies! Does the under eye concealer go into fine lines?x
Melinda Maplewood
Melinda Maplewood Місяць тому
I take a sharpie and write the initials of the color name on the bottom of my lipsticks now. 😆
J Jadot
J Jadot Місяць тому
Such a great video ✨💫⭐️💯
Jansue Місяць тому
Gorgeous, natural. Looking forward to next video.🤗🤗🤩🤩
DB Місяць тому
Loved this can’t wait for the next one with Amanda
Salma Mullen
Salma Mullen Місяць тому
Do a regular competition to give away products .🌺🌺😜😜
SAN Місяць тому
omg yh i remember her from the scot AD... such a captivating AD...glad shes doing well... and this was a great, funny and real video... i love these guest talks
Katie Howe
Katie Howe Місяць тому
A complete an utter joy to watch and this has really made my week. I could imagine lunch with you two would be an incredible hoot! The shower cap idea is just genius too! Thank you so much for sharing this!🤗
A Bunce
A Bunce Місяць тому
Love this video 💛
Emma Bailey
Emma Bailey Місяць тому
Hi Nadine or anyone reading - does anyone know where Amanda's top/dress is from, please?
liviusss Місяць тому
I think it is this Zara dress, I have the same one but in a different print: m.zara.com/ww/en/paisley-print-dress-p02587159.html?v1=22782916
J Fay
J Fay Місяць тому
Just to say the link for the tinted moisturiser leads to a different laura mercier moisturiser than Amanda used.
Annie Lockwood
Annie Lockwood Місяць тому
I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this vlog 😊👏
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones Місяць тому
Hi can you tell who is the mirror by? please ❤
Vicki Jones
Vicki Jones Місяць тому
@Nadine Baggott thank I'll have to remember to check it out. And have a wonderful day
Nadine Baggott
Nadine Baggott Місяць тому
Vicki Jones yes it’s Riki and I have a video on here reviewing magnifying light up mirrors x
Denise Younger
Denise Younger Місяць тому
Love u try magnesium at night for sleep it works get a liquid one
Jessica Maia
Jessica Maia Місяць тому
As a 26 year old American woman, it's lovely to watch two middle aged British women getting excited about makeup! It's hilarious, yet adorable 💕
Loraine Mcgillivray
Loraine Mcgillivray Місяць тому
Hi tell Amanda to get a satin bonnet (for curly hair girls who sleep in them) which are very inexpensive on ebay etc and far less sweaty than a shower cap during menopause. That's what I use for facial treatments or makeup to keep my hair out of the way. I do have curly hair so I often sleep in them - not very glam but so much less frizz to deal with in the morning. I too love a tinted moisturiser rather than a heavy foundation and a little pinpoint concealing where necessary. Still a very beautiful woman, but was absolutely stunning in the Insurance ads. Props have to be given for managing a liquid liner so quickly and cleanly at an age where the eyelids aren't as smooth, I switched to pencil, gel and/or powder a long time ago. It's so real to have some pricey makeup and brushes, then whip out an old toothbrush to do her brows. We all have old favorite techniques. All the vast array of brow products available now and I use a bobbi brown eyeshadow in wheat for my brows - as it is the perfect shade, unmatched in the plethora of dedicated brow products available as it is without a hint of warmth so a true ashy light taupe. I like this series as often the products look used (occasionally well loved) and so many people don't use half the amount of makeup seen on youtube tutorials. I don't think many women (certainly in the UK) are wearing as much makeup as shown on this platform or Instagram for the school run, popping to the shops or work or whatever. Best wishes to you both.
jenny garwood
jenny garwood Місяць тому
Hi could you recommend a bb cream (drugstore) which is good for dry mature skin I'm in 40s please help x
Andrea Awangku
Andrea Awangku Місяць тому
OMG!!! This lady is absolutely brilliant to watch!!! Please please make her a regular on your channel as she is just so real and relatible!! I should also add, and incredibly beautiful lady!! Thanks for this great video Nadine xx
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Connelly Місяць тому
Really enjoyed watching this, Amanda is so lovely. x
Kay Conway
Kay Conway Місяць тому
You 2 are absolutely wonderful, please make more videos!!!!
Robin Rositani
Robin Rositani Місяць тому
Love Amanda! Real woman. I started putting my bobbi brown tinted moisturizer on with a brush today. So much nicer. Much older than Amanda but still the make up works.
Maureen Bouey
Maureen Bouey Місяць тому
Wondering what Amanda was going to say about the reason she prefers travel size mascara...?
Francoise Eden-hamilton
Francoise Eden-hamilton Місяць тому
Good point,maybe it’s to do with the amount of Tracy she does and small is easier?
Jsel657 Місяць тому
Speaking of foundation, I tried the No7 Perfect and Protect All in One, and I love it! Goes on perfectly, and dries without drying my skin. A great dupe for the IT Cosmetics CC Cream!
Lydia Gregory
Lydia Gregory Місяць тому
What foundation should i go to if im getting too old for full matt but cant go too to glowy as ive always had oily skin. Does someone to a satin finish with hydration but no glo.
Michele Reilly Thompson
Michele Reilly Thompson Місяць тому
She so lovely and down to earth . Ps a will come with skip help de clutter ur wardrobes lol #giveaway x
Mrs KFK Місяць тому
What a lovely lady! Really enjoyed this ❤️
Sarah Harold
Sarah Harold Місяць тому
I've been using a toothbrush to brush my brows for 20 years(separate one for my teeth). Best thing ever!
Carole Buckle
Carole Buckle Місяць тому
You are both so natural, good sisterhood , I love Amanda & Nadine xx
Margaret O' Shea
Margaret O' Shea Місяць тому
Really loved this video ....real makeup for real women and all with great sense of humour....
Czech Reme
Czech Reme Місяць тому
She looks amazing and seems genuine. I was baby and loved horses and I would stop playing with my siblings so I could watch her ad every time it was on Tele. Good times and it’s great to see her and her success in life. 🥰
Simone Schultz
Simone Schultz Місяць тому
I REALLY loved the new bare minerals complete coverage serum concealer
angie curran
angie curran Місяць тому
Great video gals !
ACM Місяць тому
Simple is Always the Most Beautiful ♥️ Such Beauty’s❣️
Irene dW
Irene dW Місяць тому
I love this so much! What a great video and I love Amanda, followed her right away :)
Alex r.
Alex r. Місяць тому
Amanda is also a cool one 🤟
Lorraine Watkins
Lorraine Watkins Місяць тому
I liked the natural look of her makeup routine.
robin rizzo
robin rizzo Місяць тому
We need more Amanda!!! She’s wonderful!!
QueensGirl65 Місяць тому
You have the most fun friends Nadine. I'd love to have " a bang about your cupboards " too. Most of my friends are minimalist in regard to makeup.
Brenda Olsen
Brenda Olsen Місяць тому
LOVED the F bomb facial reactions on you both! Thank you for a great giggle. Amanda you are lovely. New IG follower here. Hi from 🇨🇦
Chantal Rommy
Chantal Rommy Місяць тому
Omg I do the same thing with hotel stuff
Janmay Місяць тому
Why am I such a fan of British women?
Rachel Rach
Rachel Rach Місяць тому
Always loved Amanda . She would be a great girlfriend to have a coffee/ cake etc with 😄🍰☕️🍸
Angela R
Angela R Місяць тому
Lovely girl, thanks for having her on your show. Love Beauty Pie BUT it’s so frustrating as they go out of stock on things frequently or they literally disappear from then website (Jeju night cream 😬) so don’t fall in love with anything or you get disappointed.
Alanca Abyssal
Alanca Abyssal Місяць тому
Thank you both for this video. I love that you collaborate with other people Nadine, this is great. Seeing people with their own habits, using the products they like is definitely very helpful. 🥰
Elaine Burnston
Elaine Burnston Місяць тому
Loved loved loved this video, you two made me chuckle so much. Two lovely ladies. Looking forward to seeing the next one 💕
Alanca Abyssal
Alanca Abyssal Місяць тому
LashSensational waterproof; good lifter. Everything stays in place pretty well after it, even without using a curler
Emma Hague
Emma Hague Місяць тому
Fab video ladies I found myself smiling throughout the whole thing!! Love Amanda! Xx
Claire Maxwell
Claire Maxwell Місяць тому
Hi, really enjoyed that. You started talking about your menopause experience. If you’re comfortable sharing I’d like to know more - what it was like, what worked for you...? Would you consider doing a vlog on that?
Roberta Green
Roberta Green Місяць тому
Seriously you two are bloody hilarious , on a serious note I love the tinted moisturiser and I don’t even like them . Eyes beaut all in all fab-u- lous 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Monica Sztenke
Monica Sztenke Місяць тому
Hi Nadine, where is your mirror from please ?
Cisel Carda
Cisel Carda Місяць тому
I loved Amanda. Can't wait for the next video.
Michelle J
Michelle J Місяць тому
Great video thank you. My daughter is 15 and can do amazing winged eyeliner, she looks stunning (proud mum here!). X
Susie Tunes
Susie Tunes Місяць тому
Great video - good fun. Thankyou both 😘
Pamela Jamieson
Pamela Jamieson Місяць тому
Loved this ladies x
halfa mo
halfa mo Місяць тому
Muscle cramps/anxiety/sleep - check your B vitamins. Been there, done that :( PS brilliant episode! x
Juliana Merz
Juliana Merz Місяць тому
I absolutely love this series. More please!!!!!!♥️
Minoo Verdi
Minoo Verdi Місяць тому
I had the opposite experience with Beauty Pie. I came on board just as they started and bought a large cross section and did so for over year. In January I realised that I no longer used any of the products I had bought. They are nice but compared to the Korean equivalents I own not a patch. So I cancelled in January. I use Apeiu loose and pressed powder with has SPF too, Sensational. Makeup didn’t suit my medium tan neutral skintone. The only things I rate highly are the tinted SPF and bronzer for my dark skin. But I have found better tinted spf from Korea. The candles were ok. The perfumes, not really.
watashiwamillo Місяць тому
I'm so interested in that BP powder. Does anyone have any comparison thoughts on it vs the NARS pressed powder? They seem similar in that, when I run my finger over the NARS, nothing comes off; seems smilier to the BP?
Kate Hipkin
Kate Hipkin Місяць тому
47! Forty- bloody- seven!!! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it, baby-face! X Also loving the fact that Amanda Lamb and I use the same Beauty Pie powder! Xxx
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