Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 3

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Have you seen a Lamborghini this naked? We took this one down to the skeleton and found some amazing things! We finally found out everything that we need and we can't wait to start ordering parts. This is going to be one awesome build, so stay tuned! Thanks For Watching!!!

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21 бер 2019

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TheDaveyht3 23 години тому
splash guard expensive broken rad cheap?? you guys are a trip!!
Christopher Weaver
Christopher Weaver День тому
What is crazy is the inner fender for the front on this model is only $153 from the website lol. A lot cheaper than I thought for Audi Plastic lol.
Michael Wynne
Michael Wynne День тому
Read the comments before you pull that starter.
Skull Bandit
Skull Bandit 2 дні тому
u literally made a lambo
Vladimir Kuncak
Vladimir Kuncak 2 дні тому
6:40 It seems cat is also fan of lamborghini (exsotic) cars.
Martin Raps
Martin Raps 2 дні тому
really, dude.... dude .... dude, this is legit. set a counter how many times you say "dude" and "this is legit". You would wonder. Btw it looks so much Audi than Lamborghini. Oh hold on, Audi owns Lambo lol
Pascal Boudreau
Pascal Boudreau 2 дні тому
Love the content, nice guys and all but the pothead language gets a little under my skin.
MechE184 3 дні тому
careful....that mono-cock is contagious
TugaGuyDIY 4 дні тому
Awesome content and fun to fix a wrecked car. Please when you have 5 minutes to spare, go and find some synonyms for "legit"
DejaVuReves 4 дні тому
Lambo is owned by Audi, which is owned by VW .. that's why we keep seeing Audi parts in Lamborghini & VW parts in Audi ....
Vanet voann
Vanet voann 6 днів тому
Huge respect seriously there are tons of bolts weird structures. I'm also curious how to assemble these parts without any guide etc :) It could be a real netflix series seriously Good work guys
Tomone ElEscarmiento
Tomone ElEscarmiento 6 днів тому
what did ya say at the beginning - the car has 7000miles? what do you expect - roasted bolds or nuts that turned round??? ;-)
Aadarsh and Joe RC and Gaming
Aadarsh and Joe RC and Gaming 8 днів тому
Great Video!
ematech 8 днів тому
Magneti Marelli genius project parts easy to assemble
Craig Rhinehart
Craig Rhinehart 8 днів тому
I am a little bit interested in this project, but the production moves a little too slowly for my taste.
Craig Rhinehart
Craig Rhinehart 6 днів тому
@Franswahz Art Overreact much? I'm trying to offer actual constructive feedback to these guys. I've watched a few similar productions lately, and this one simply moves along a little to slowly for my taste. Too much talking and not enough doing. It takes four episodes for what should perhaps take one or two. I'm therefore not going to watch anymore. I thought they might want to know that. I'm not angry.
Franswahz Art
Franswahz Art 7 днів тому
what do you expect? Them buying a factory??? It's manual labor and pleaaaase.... nobody cares for your taste if u need a "LEGIT" fixing as they study the whole car for inspection.
Captain_Coleslaw 9 днів тому
I fucking love yall hillbilly soundin bois wrenchin away on a german built car. Its actually brilliant to watch
Emmanuel Enriquez
Emmanuel Enriquez 9 днів тому
This video was a major part of rebuilding. I would like to work with GoonSquad one day, I’m all the way in Chicago. Keep up the good work.
Emmanuel Enriquez
Emmanuel Enriquez 9 днів тому
And I still got to see the rest of the videos missed out 😹 would most deff would get a hurricane Lambo 🔥
Steve 10 днів тому
So....you’re willing to spend thousands on spare parts, but you can’t spend $20 on a manual that will tell you the name of all the parts your guessing the name of? Just saying...
Drew C
Drew C 11 днів тому
Dude has really got to stop saying legit...
Anthony Schmid
Anthony Schmid 11 днів тому
The whole series for this is already out, but I'm literally going through all of them. Dope videos guys. Much respect from Cali.
Isaac Roblero
Isaac Roblero 8 днів тому
Anthony Schmid same here
Romeo Popaz
Romeo Popaz 11 днів тому
fk toooo much talking
Dan Mart
Dan Mart 11 днів тому
They sound so ignorant, discovering car parts they didn't even know the Lambo had !!!!
Peter Lopez
Peter Lopez 11 днів тому
Dan Mart not ignorant they are just sound amazed by these parts
Nouman Qaiser
Nouman Qaiser 12 днів тому
Thanks guys. You are legit
Howard Kaye
Howard Kaye 13 днів тому
Hope you guys can put it back together!
ernesto dors
ernesto dors 13 днів тому
call arthur tussik let the panells straighten dumbasses safe's mulla
ernesto dors
ernesto dors 13 днів тому
close mouthporn safe it for sugerdaddy
jazz21977 13 днів тому
5:15 Master Overlord Kitty told me to subscribe.. LOL
KGB 13 днів тому
how much did the wrecked cost of the lot?
High Ridge Handyman
High Ridge Handyman 14 днів тому
Legit bro
Kristoffer Gaard
Kristoffer Gaard 14 днів тому
thats legit dude
UnReality 14 днів тому
These guys are leaking some serious positivity :) Love it!
مصري جيمر
مصري جيمر 14 днів тому
كل بعض لكن من حرس حخرئ خلي الناس ليك
bashpr0mpt 14 днів тому
Siiick. Liiit. Daaang. Legggiiit. Solllliiiidd. Fuck the camera guy gives me cancer as much as the shitty background music. It's like UKvid in 2012. Cringe.
KammeBox 14 днів тому
Take a shot each time they say "that's legit!|
Quantum Information
Quantum Information 15 днів тому
fascinating stuff, better than gaming on a sunday
Flat Foot
Flat Foot 15 днів тому
Legendary, epic and awesome. Thanks mom and dad for not caring if we learn English but you give us money for buying toys most people can only dream about. You're epic and awesome and legendary. Dude, AWESOME and LEGIT DUDE! This is legit dude, dude, it's awesome dude and epic dude. Dude! It's awesome dude, sick dude, legit dude. Dude, I'm so stoked our parents didn't care if we went to school and instead gave us the epic money to do this useless video stuff. We are making epic history dudes, so you too can take a Lamborghini apart. That's epic and legit dudes.
Rawb Rapswell
Rawb Rapswell 14 днів тому
you sound mad. did mommy not love you?
Kodiak 15 днів тому
New drinking game, take a shot every time you hear legit
Matthew Schultz
Matthew Schultz 14 днів тому
Kodiak haha beat me to it. I was just about to post the same
EricJ0hansson 15 днів тому
"It's gonna be a challenge, hopefully not, hopefully as easy as taking a part the rest of this stuff - but other than that, pretty simple". What does that even mean.
suryan N.K
suryan N.K 15 днів тому
why the hell do ppl dislike this kinda videos >::??? :((
Jason Pryde
Jason Pryde 15 днів тому
im only here for thomas.
Eric Wilczynski
Eric Wilczynski 16 днів тому
Dude !!!!
Deon Zeelie
Deon Zeelie 16 днів тому
Love the rebuild guys! If you have the passion and the imagination you can do ANYTHING 👍🏻
Malachi Prince
Malachi Prince 16 днів тому
Nice lighting
Frank D'Aiello
Frank D'Aiello 17 днів тому
I’m not 100% certain about this but I think those radiators leading to the vent by the rear fender are for cooling the brakes
somerican pillar
somerican pillar 17 днів тому
🐱Thomas the technician🤣😂🤣
M A 17 днів тому
Talking talking talking ......
nickybullvol82 18 днів тому
I stuck it in my cousins ass while I watched this
Alberto Mcdonald
Alberto Mcdonald 18 днів тому
Idk y but I like seeing wrecked cars after car chrashes like when he pulled off the siding it satisfied me like if u agree🤷‍♂️🥴
Mike F
Mike F 18 днів тому
what a complete pain in the ass to watch these clowns tearing apart a sports car which they dont even know basic stuff about... pathetic
RAЯ 18 днів тому
What in tarnation
LS Zangief
LS Zangief 18 днів тому
Sick guys for young ones. Music is good as well can anyone get me track listings
Devin Stepp
Devin Stepp 18 днів тому
Nooooo no no no no nooooo put a towel in your gas inlet😓 all that dust and dirt isn't good!!
MelodyNo 18 днів тому
You need a sponsor? :)
AndreiAndrei Andrei
AndreiAndrei Andrei 18 днів тому
fucking idiots fakers,lose your black money , shits
Static City
Static City 19 днів тому
YOUNG and DUMB if you start messing with this masterpiece with aftermarket exhausts and wheels. And you also don't know the meaning of OEM!?!?! You use the phrase a lot, but clearly have no idea of it's meaning!!! Pissed off - but love your videos!
Роман Тихонов
Роман Тихонов 19 днів тому
Cut off trash words: "this is crazy man" "omg" "damn" maaan" "really" "pretty" "cool" "awesome" "this is hilarious" "oh sweet" "legit" "sick" "i love that" "dude" - its so annoying to hear this every second of the video cause its a fake emotions. Theres nothing much but a car. Video is great, music is great, your speech is really bad. Learn to speak clearly.
CreeD Virgin
CreeD Virgin 19 днів тому
How many times did he used legit....??
Owen DEBEST 19 днів тому
"especially how we drive, full throttle full sent" imagine they crash the first day after rebuild it
vanhalenps4 19 днів тому
Lambo: every bolt is the same, whenever possible. GM: These three bolts look the same but each one is from a different continent. This bolt is SAE, this one is SAE with metric thread, the third on is a 7.3 mm and it comes rusted from the factory to a 7.1 mm pentagon
Alfa Driver
Alfa Driver 20 днів тому
Seems lIke human have discovered a 🛸
globalste 20 днів тому
most difficult job on a Lambo... replacing that wretched rubber seal on the front bonnet that holds the trim in and seals the battery - horrid job!
achilles sproles
achilles sproles 20 днів тому
thats crazy
achilles sproles
achilles sproles 20 днів тому
lol lots of talking about what you are going to do
achilles sproles
achilles sproles 20 днів тому
"thats pretty crazy dude "
Ryan Payne
Ryan Payne 20 днів тому
May I ask how much you paid for the huracan
John Bolton
John Bolton 21 день тому
It's so leggit its sick its so legit blah
John Bolton
John Bolton 21 день тому
How many times is something la git? oh fucking hell
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez 21 день тому
Frame. Space frame from Audi. R8
Nicholas Cox
Nicholas Cox 22 дні тому
I was trying to watch another episode.... but can't handle the 'legit'. :-/
Razvan Paslaru
Razvan Paslaru 22 дні тому
The chance of me buying a huracan in the future and fixing it in my garage is pretty good. So , thanks in advance:))
Erikas Brazdzius
Erikas Brazdzius 22 дні тому
this thing is legit, no big dill
dnantis 23 дні тому
I dont know but i have seen torn apart side quarter panels worse than that one and they have fixed them like brand new panel !!! Are you guus going to throw that away and not fix it ???
Ahmad Shahin
Ahmad Shahin 24 дні тому
You guys just need to work as much as you talk That will make the videos way shorter .
John Doe
John Doe 25 днів тому
Is that some kind of mid west accent?
ziofrenko 25 днів тому
the one I know most is ignorance: both to the complexity of a machine that has 4-wheel drive (for example the rear tires 305 against the 335 of the viper) a double-clutch gearbox (most radiators are also for the gearbox and the transmission) that towards the exotic nature of the new Lamborghini that has been owned by Audi since 1998, an exoticism that does not belong at all to the Huracan which is an Audi R8 with a different name, and therefore is no more exotic than a Porsche 911. the Gallardo was produced in 14,000 units, most of the BMW Ms are more exotic than a Gallardo ... you don't know how to distinguish a piece of aluminum from a piece of plastic or steel, an intercooler from a radiator (which the intercooler then serves for the turbo, never seen a turbo on a lamborghini) ... These videos, in my opinion, don't make you an excellent advertisement ...
dj manix
dj manix 25 днів тому
little rads could be oil coolers
Sixto Nieves
Sixto Nieves 25 днів тому
everything is super simple, I don't know what I'm doing but is super simple. Lol
Cullen Rickert
Cullen Rickert 25 днів тому
Ryan Fleming
Ryan Fleming 25 днів тому
tooken apart
John 26 днів тому
But is it legit? Perhaps we’ll never know.
John 23 дні тому
@Jon Evans Dannnnnnnnngggggggggg
Jon Evans
Jon Evans 23 дні тому
Maybe there are some torx bolts in there
Wayne Goff
Wayne Goff 23 дні тому
It's his favorite word DUUUUDE.
Arnest Mostert
Arnest Mostert 26 днів тому
You talk too much and nonsense too
Gazza North
Gazza North 26 днів тому
Stop the "dudes"!! Driving me mad.
Matt Bricking
Matt Bricking 23 дні тому
It's the "legit" that gets me.
issam issam
issam issam 28 днів тому
Those radiator are for cooling up the break there's 4 actually one radiator for each wheel and the one in the center located in the bumper is for colling up the transmission
Ted Heavy
Ted Heavy 29 днів тому
That is legit
Bill McLaren
Bill McLaren 29 днів тому
Is this legit dude?
That is legit...
John Wh
John Wh Місяць тому
Nice lads but I hear sick/ awesome/ crazy/ legit one more time I'm going to climb aboard a 747 across the pond and thump them!
The Valiant Rebel 42
The Valiant Rebel 42 Місяць тому
this cat has stuck with you from the beginning but its still tryna figure out what yalls are doing 5:13
Civer Garcia
Civer Garcia Місяць тому
Keep up the good work i liked
Tom Gore
Tom Gore Місяць тому
I have a '15 Huracan LP 610-4....You guys ROCK! Black - Ithaca green calipers and Alcantera interior...
skendel Місяць тому
Just an FYI, it isn't necessary to start off EVERY video with a "what is up" type of statement. LOL EVERY UKvidr does it! :)
The Ironman
The Ironman Місяць тому
The car looks worse than it is due to the aluminium outer skin collapsing easily. It probably didn’t crash at very high speed. Hence little structural damage.
Harry Місяць тому
omg thomas is so big now
Faiz Uddin
Faiz Uddin Місяць тому
sebastiaan van der voet
sebastiaan van der voet Місяць тому
we will just cut the video with what your dicks and are working because it really does not get along with you a thick 24-part episode to rebuild a car
Joe Wilder
Joe Wilder Місяць тому
I see a right quarter panel for it on EBay for $3,000.
Tyan i7505
Tyan i7505 Місяць тому
Basically everything in the VW family can be taken apart with some metric sockets and a few torx bits. Been working on VWs most my life and can honestly say these things are like playing with legos. Only problem I ever run into is stupid shit like them having 14 different rear coil spring variants on the 15-17 passats. But other than that, easy cars.
Luke Roberson
Luke Roberson Місяць тому
First video " one headlight costs like 5k" Third video "waves brake light around with one hand" 😯😂😂
feersty Місяць тому
Taken apart! Not Tooken apart!
Adel Belgacem
Adel Belgacem Місяць тому
after this car is rebuild i really want to see the girl reaction to her own car that she threw out 😏😏😏 nice job guys👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻
Wayne Goff
Wayne Goff 23 дні тому
She'll say they are cheats and she wants her car back!
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