Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 3

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Have you seen a Lamborghini this naked? We took this one down to the skeleton and found some amazing things! We finally found out everything that we need and we can't wait to start ordering parts. This is going to be one awesome build, so stay tuned! Thanks For Watching!!!

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21 бер 2019





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MGRIND 6 годин тому
Amazing channel
CyGuy980 11 годин тому
Take a shot every time they say “legit”
Lolkrop Gruis
Lolkrop Gruis 18 годин тому
2050 : Rebuilding a wrecked Boeing
Vaibhav Hayaran
Vaibhav Hayaran День тому
Music at 3:04 please?
Cobey Risden
Cobey Risden День тому
Alotaf Hindi
Alotaf Hindi 2 дні тому
“There’s always them specialists in the comment section”. Lol so true.
Nessie Bud
Nessie Bud 2 дні тому
these arw the yeeyee people i like
Saeid Ahangari
Saeid Ahangari 6 днів тому
please dont talk too much!
Okami GTI
Okami GTI 5 днів тому
"please don't talk too much!" why? It's their channel, not yours. If you don't like, then go watch something else
Adam Reed
Adam Reed 7 днів тому
Just wow, good for you guys
Abram Maloney
Abram Maloney 8 днів тому
It cools down the brakes
Marcos Trazzini
Marcos Trazzini 9 днів тому
Though job indeed. But even thoughest would be trying to cound how many times they say "dude" 🤣🤣🤣
blaser51 9 днів тому
8000 were made throughout the years in production or thereabouts
blaser51 10 днів тому
I'm BAD which is also my initials!! Finally realized U used a screw gun???
blaser51 10 днів тому
Hey Goonies, It really cool that you do all your mechanics with hand tools. But why? You could use low impact air of electric tool to save some time. But what the hell you guys are so young and full of energy, "LEGIT" right. too funny!!
Max 10 днів тому
*that is legit*
Zanusssi Dokazano
Zanusssi Dokazano 10 днів тому
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 11 днів тому
Hell ya just slap a quarter panel on that baby , bungee the door shut and your golden ! MINT !
michele vitarelli
michele vitarelli 11 днів тому
What did they pay for the wrecked Lamborghini?
michele vitarelli
michele vitarelli 10 днів тому
+adri5991 ouch.
adri5991 10 днів тому
michele vitarelli 81.000 dollars
Benicho 11 днів тому
Dang... i wish you guys could repair and upgrade people's cars for free...But when someone needed an upgrade just pay for the parts
Jack Short
Jack Short 11 днів тому
These guys are probably lucky that none of the windows shattered in the crash
Prathamesh Rivonkar
Prathamesh Rivonkar 11 днів тому
The car repair work plus the video editing work... you guys are really working hard! Keep it up!
Vez Legit
Vez Legit 12 днів тому
Poop scoop
Lars Voelker
Lars Voelker 12 днів тому
Since 1998 Lamborghini as Part of 'Audi AG' is owned by the Volkswagen Company. The cars are engineered by Audi. Same thing with Bentley.
Wick 12 днів тому
How many "legit" in this video?
Phillip Craggs
Phillip Craggs 13 днів тому
I can't do it, you guys say 'legit' way too much. I was interested in watching, but I can do it, sorry. have fun with the build.
Kareem Poswall
Kareem Poswall 13 днів тому
15:11 when ur lambos fuel cap wont close properly
codsac 13 днів тому
got more subscribers than streetspeed717 good job
W S 13 днів тому
Lots of people with good advice & connections for parts help etc. I Hope good luck is on your side and video helps with no extra parts at end!! License plate needs to say “LEGIT!”
Angel Ramos
Angel Ramos 14 днів тому
I like your vídeos because yall show the whole process and good videos
Up live
Up live 14 днів тому
Loba bacot koplok lah
Authorn 14 днів тому
Super simple
The Verox
The Verox 14 днів тому
The damages were not so bad then why the car considered totaled
MD 86
MD 86 15 днів тому
why there is some ppl put dislike on the video
B ride Up
B ride Up 15 днів тому
Thomas is the best supervisor. Bro he's looking at the car like yup so far so good. 🤣
Eric McManus
Eric McManus 16 днів тому
You guys should find a wrecked 911 Turbo
Barry Norgaard
Barry Norgaard 16 днів тому
Car looks strange "all tooken apart" :)
del trotts
del trotts 16 днів тому
Give me a dollar everytime he says LEGIT............
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 16 днів тому
KID KT 16 днів тому
Perfect !! This is ony REMOTE CONTROL MODEL : @
Rhys Khetani
Rhys Khetani 16 днів тому
You retarded Americans talk to fucking much.
Maria Ayala
Maria Ayala 17 днів тому
They are my favorite UKvidr
de4ek 17 днів тому
"that is legit"
Lea James
Lea James 17 днів тому
Next I would like to see a gold digger prank with the lambo or Dodge viper
Kristiadi Hartanto
Kristiadi Hartanto 17 днів тому
One of the radiators broken. How much one of those?
ieatyomama 17 днів тому
DUDE! That's legit! Sweet!
King mohammed01 Game play
King mohammed01 Game play 18 днів тому
how much did you buy this lamborghini for
Mirna Carrillo
Mirna Carrillo 18 днів тому
Hit up royalty exotics in Las Vegas about a titanium exhaust system. They have legit options for the hurican
Stephen Averbuck
Stephen Averbuck 18 днів тому
WhileI doubt I will be working on a Lambo any time soon I am enjoying watching you guys do it. I would like it even more if you could stop or at least minimize using the partial word legit, I'm just sayin'.
NXcorsist 18 днів тому
Send all the panels to Arthur Tussik maybe he can fix them.
Ron Kirkland
Ron Kirkland 19 днів тому
U 2 twins ?
Micah Vogel
Micah Vogel 19 днів тому
You guys are stepping up your montage music game! I love it!
Mohammed Riyadh
Mohammed Riyadh 19 днів тому
Ron Kirkland
Ron Kirkland 20 днів тому
Hey u all!!!
Morten Haraldsen
Morten Haraldsen 20 днів тому
You can have the not so damaged radiators repaired. As long as it doesn't have a massive hole in it and just cracked/bent cooling lines it should be repairable.
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona
Carbon Fiber Creations Arizona 20 днів тому
If you guys like carbon fiber I do real carbon fiber work. Give us a like on Facebook - Carbon Fiber Creations
Motrhead69 20 днів тому
You goons talk to much "on camera"....
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 20 днів тому
love that cat..
Luiz Felipe Dias
Luiz Felipe Dias 20 днів тому
B is for Bilding is working on a Huracan too.
Mattice Desloovere
Mattice Desloovere 20 днів тому
b is for build is also rebuilding a huracan
Dangerous Devil Official
Dangerous Devil Official 20 днів тому
Well, I like the enthusiasm of you young men. This project is a huge undertaking! You all will get a baptism by fire here. This is not a car that can be put back together willey nilley. It needs to be put back to exact factory specs. The insurance is not dumb. They totaled this car, because the cost to put this back together to true factory spec is going to be extensive... I hope you guys learn a lot on this project and don’t take a bath on the final cost. These type of projects can put you into serious financial trouble in a hurry!
Dj_to_lit Dj
Dj_to_lit Dj 21 день тому
My parents have a aventerdoor
A k
A k 21 день тому
B is for build is doing a rebuild before you guys
Arnie Kando
Arnie Kando 21 день тому
You should keep the original rims
Logan Sycks
Logan Sycks 21 день тому
Will you put it back together
serkan okur
serkan okur 21 день тому
why do you talk too. I think more work with less talk
SwerLiTh 79
SwerLiTh 79 22 дні тому
Wash ervi fing
Edward bennett
Edward bennett 22 дні тому
One is for the oil the other is for gas
Luca_solid_snake 22 дні тому
*sees any broken car* dat is Legit
Klassic Noob
Klassic Noob 22 дні тому
Hey guys, recently my truck got totalled; it's a 2010 Ram RT. It's at copart; im wondering what type of liscense I need or if a friend has the liscense and he can buy it and I give him the money kind of thing, or if it's better for me to just get a broker I've never used copart so I thought I'd ask guys that use them monthly
Mc Cc
Mc Cc 22 дні тому
What's your budget for this project? Please let me know and thanks again for incredible videos!!
Phemelo Segokotlo
Phemelo Segokotlo 22 дні тому
are you guys twins or just brothers??? i love this channel....
jer bo
jer bo 22 дні тому
the one question i have is: is it legit?
supercoupe08 22 дні тому
Luuuuuugggggiiiiittttttt!!!! How much did you pay the scrapyard???
Oscar Montaño Lopez
Oscar Montaño Lopez 23 дні тому
Nice work champ
Badben F
Badben F 23 дні тому
B is for build is doing a huracan convertible
Kaleb St.Clair
Kaleb St.Clair 23 дні тому
At 15:10 the hammer hurts my soul
J_Millz23 23 дні тому
It’s not the first Lamborghini build on UKvid
Mike Daniels
Mike Daniels 23 дні тому
There is something oddly satisfying about watching 2 guys with country accents work on an Italian supercar. God talks like we do boys.......
Mid Night
Mid Night 23 дні тому
06:41 song?
David Ruiz
David Ruiz 23 дні тому
haha good video guys! and good work! is funny to me how you say that the parts are going to be "hopefully cheap"... I'm from Costa Rica and I'm sure I can buy like 3 cars like mine with the money you will spend in just one of those radiators! good luck though!
2crazy2behere The Purger
2crazy2behere The Purger 23 дні тому
Don’t Lamborghini’s have a weird starting system ? I was watching another UKvidr and he had to have the dealership show him how to start it sense he couldn’t figure it out . I hope that’s not the issue y’all are having.. cause that would suck to find out you needed to push a button to engage the starter or something like that
Rob Fleischhauer
Rob Fleischhauer 23 дні тому
Hi Guys, love your show, as you mentioned lots of Audi / Volkswagen parts, wouldn't surprise me if the front and rear suspension is the same as the Audi R8 . Not a professional mechanic here , just guessing. keep up with your show it's addicting to watch.
KameMan 24 дні тому
Don't mess with the Lambo factory exhaust! Check into skinning that door!
KameMan 24 дні тому
Rehang the US flag in a better , more prominent location. Up high on the back wall facing out to the right hand overhead door.
SanFranciscoBay 24 дні тому
Make less work, not more work. Leave the parts intact and bang them out by drilling holes with the puller. Who cares what the car looks like when it is finished. It's an expensive car that was wrecked, totaled by the insurance company and rebuilt to run, not look good.
Grant Fryer
Grant Fryer 24 дні тому
I made a new drinking game, "drink when they say legit".
Scott Mendez
Scott Mendez 24 дні тому
You don't gotta have a good memory to work on that car. You just gotta play the video in reverse, and you'll know exactly what the hell you did.
Kcidical 24 дні тому
The song with piano at about 7:00?
paul davis
paul davis 24 дні тому
lukas marin
lukas marin 24 дні тому
how much money did you spend on the lamborghini and how much more do you have to spend to repair it '
EpicMiln 24 дні тому
a ferarri after this build?
Jeff C
Jeff C 24 дні тому
Daaaang. That’s legit.
Naabigh Allie
Naabigh Allie 24 дні тому
That dude with the green Cap does nothing except record, the other guy is the smart one
killeralbani 24 дні тому
Great Job Guys ;-)
Raptor123 Omen
Raptor123 Omen 24 дні тому
just to let you guys know vw, audi and lamborghini are owned by vw
ShortedToGround Racing
ShortedToGround Racing 24 дні тому
I hope to see you guys getting some of these awesome cars to the race track, especially the Lambo and Viper!
Brad Mundie's
Brad Mundie's 24 дні тому
Not the first Huracan rebuild....B is for Build started one right before you guys did and I've seen others as well.
Richard Jolowo
Richard Jolowo 24 дні тому
Not hero on heracanne
Mugurlu TR
Mugurlu TR 24 дні тому
2040: Rebuilding a wrecked Lykan Hypersport
hill billy
hill billy 25 днів тому
/lambo was my favorite car growing up, but with the skin off they are just a cluster fuck.... who the fuck uses square tubbing? lol.... million little brackets......
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