Reports of LeBron refusing to be coached is disrespectful - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith gives his thoughts on Michael Wilbon's report that LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers has been told that LeBron James doesn't want to be coached. Although Stephen A. believes this report to be true based on Wilbon's NBA credibility, he admits LeBron's criticism in a lost season with the Los Angeles Lakers has gotten way out of hand.
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22 бер 2019





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Lomax 4 дні тому
Lechoke is a cancer in every team... always have a reason and always a choke!
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari 6 днів тому
This is news? What’s next, Lebron had his hairline fixed, Lebron didn’t want Eric in Miami, Lebron and Melo r super close? ESPN taking nothing and making it into “hard hitting topics”.
da Kid
da Kid 8 днів тому
Puleexeeeeeee-I'm from the Cleve area-LeDrama is unreal-LeDrama can't BS the LA fans/area-his bb prowess notwithstanding
reg4321 11 днів тому
Trade Lebron James and get some picks for him, and free up more salary cap space to get 2 superstars.
Keevin Hesue
Keevin Hesue 11 днів тому
anthony Landino
anthony Landino 15 днів тому
Steven A: Who judges what instructions are deemed worthy to be received. LeBron???????????
Ronnie Mackie
Ronnie Mackie 15 днів тому
How do he know that's true they always saying stuff that's not true that's hear say just ask lebron you guys are something else wood born hates lebron too
Ronnie Mackie
Ronnie Mackie 15 днів тому
Рональд Доктор
Рональд Доктор 16 днів тому
Reports of LA Fans tolerating Lebron is complete stupid and Idiocy.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 16 днів тому
Here is the thing I thought Max was on the money and completely missed the reason lebron didnt cry when Pat told him no. Is because he didnt have a ring he knows that pop is running on fumes so if he were to have went to SA he wouldn't have took no very easily. Do you think pop is that stupid? You think he just miraculously missed lebron because he had nothing to offer? No it's because pop knows that bron doesnt want to be coached. With the talent pop has in SA they are barely going to hang on to the 6th seed. For all my basketball experts. Have yall seen that documentary of lebron in HS? Should watch it great documentary. He didnt want to be coached either until he realized that he needed that structure that his team needed that structure. Bron isnt dumb however, his ego has gotten in the way. If bron would put that to the side and go with pop forget about it. The NBA is done them rings would be coming in and he would surpass MJ. But he wants to prove that you need him. That ship might have sailed he has been very exciting to watch but his time is winding down.
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 16 днів тому
Actually that's false. Lebron wanted Pat riley to come down from the box to coach him and the heat and he said nope. Erik is the coach. So that argument is wrong. www.google.com/amp/s/lebronwire.usatoday.com/2018/04/09/pat-riley-lebron-james-wanted-me-to-coach-heat-in-2010/amp/ there is the link for all the basketball "experts" that choose not to work for SI, NBA, ESPN, Fox, and CBS because they make more at their current positions.
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen 16 днів тому
Looks like Labron cant be coached ?? Especially from a white guy ?? Labron is a racist ??? Who knew ???
James CARTER 17 днів тому
Lebron's in La so he can bond with the young core because he'll be coaching in a few years
Walter Gallier
Walter Gallier 17 днів тому
From past history, LJames doesn't want to be coached by a white coach.
Henry Catamisan
Henry Catamisan 18 днів тому
Lebron is goat to all nba players no other than,,,,king of the court
Horace Grant
Horace Grant 18 днів тому
MegaSuckitdry 21 день тому
jesus fucking Christ leave the guy alone already. 1 "bad" season and all of a sudden hes the worst player in history. im not even a Lebron fan but lets be honest whos advice he's suppose to be taking? Walton? sub average player? Id to everything opposite from what he tells me the dude couldn't play for shit.
Crytech 22 дні тому
Dan le batard says Phil Jackson has been told that Kobe doesnt want to be coached.... ...ESPN running out of stories. They reporting he said she said reports now.
D M J 22 дні тому
What ever Stephen A! LeBrons game hasn't really evolved since High School. I think that's the reason they say he can't be coached is because "He is the chosen One" by th NBA and LeBron believes that,causing him to be spoiled. All the other great players weren't chosen they had the skills and mindset to take the league by storm with whom ever they had. LeBron shops around the league for players and takes the credit when they win. etc etc etcetera!
Thomas Woodworth
Thomas Woodworth 22 дні тому
Danny Ainge was a shitty coach in Phoenix.
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 23 дні тому
All i care about is highlights from the game not two old men trying to make the news like theyre so damn smart. Max hows that cliff theory u dummy? Three stooges is a better name for this show. All the wannabes on this Network think its about them and not the athletes.
Fred Rebz
Fred Rebz 24 дні тому
Lebron iQ is over rated. Just because he is the must athletic and most powerful and most unstoppable doesn’t mean he is a smart player. He isn’t even close to Bird ,rondo is probably a smarter player none of them are as athletic
Michael Hart
Michael Hart 23 дні тому
You seem like your 13 lol
C Swaim
C Swaim 24 дні тому
Who cares LeBron is a titty baby anyway.
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 25 днів тому
Wilt Chamberlain is the goat,my opinion nothing more nothing less
0ldskoollio 25 днів тому
Trade LeBron, He will NEVER be a Laker. Some other sucker team will give up the farm for him, the Lakers should take advantage of that. Oh yea, and Magic can go with him.
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 25 днів тому
0ldskoollio :I doubt it,mostly because he probably has a no trade provision in his contract
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 25 днів тому
Lebron reminds me of Cm Punk,someone that wants things his own way
1quickster 25 днів тому
The formula for a championship is three superstars plus complimentary players plus a good coach equals championship. When Lebron went to Miami he had Wade and Bosch plus complimentary players plus a good coach equals championship. When he went back to Cleveland he had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love plus complimentary plus plus a good head coach equals championship. The Lakers can sign two superstars. I'd say Kyrie Irving and Demarcus Cousin or Nikola Vucevic . But, they have too many players who have less than five years Trade a few of them for veterans. I like to see the Lakes with a starting lineup of Kyrie Irving PG, Brandon Ingram SG, Lebron James SF, Demarcus Cousin or Nikol Vucevic PF, Javele McGee CTR. The less experience overhype players . The Bench: injury prone Lonzo Ball PG, Josh Hart SG, Kyle Kuzma SF, resign Tyson Chandler to play Center, Wagner PF. The bench is inadequate because it the only way the Lakers can have a full pledge team. The Lakers can't simply afford any players.
pjay213 25 днів тому
Brandon Ohara
Brandon Ohara 25 днів тому
Lebron can never do any wrong. He's too prideful to be "coached", it'll hurt his ego. Weird because MJ enjoyed being coached and learning from Phil. Lebron has never respected any of his coaches except for his H.S coach. Pop would coach the shit outta him and I think lebron would listen. Maybe that's why he hasn't went to San Antonio? Who knows huh?
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 25 днів тому
Brandon Ohara :San Antonio couldn’t pay him the $ he would want
Good Krypollo
Good Krypollo 25 днів тому
LeBron is the biggest baby in the world
Cindi Turner
Cindi Turner 25 днів тому
Be honest LeBron is better than YOU!
Cindi Turner
Cindi Turner 25 днів тому
MJ is freaking old now, why even try to compare him to LBJ both are great of all times. Let MJ be with his **** girl.
Robsay01 25 днів тому
MJ is the king and still will remain. MJ, through the teachings of Dean Smith allowed for him not to be a prima Donna baby.
RAZER SHARP 25 днів тому
Steven A is contradicting himself. He criticized LeBron in the past and now that everyone is pointing out his flaws it's not ok for everyone to do what Steven A did back then? Kick rocks homie! F.0.H.
RAZER SHARP 25 днів тому
My point is that it doesn't matter what he didn't called him, but the fact that he admitted to criticizing LeBron in the past and now that others are doing he's talking about people shouldn't? If that's not contradicting then it sure is being a hypocrite. But it's my opinion, that's all. Overall l like Steven A strategic methods of journalism for the most part. ✌
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn 25 днів тому
Stephen A didn’t called LeBron uncoachable or toxic, so he wasn’t contradicting himself.
Blake's toys
Blake's toys 26 днів тому
Lebron is a little bitch move on.
don sky walker
don sky walker 26 днів тому
Y no talk about the champs? He lost tf? Losin now😂😂😂
Jason  Olvera
Jason Olvera 26 днів тому
Lebron is not the Goat Kobe Bryant was the best and took the lakers to many championship
Eyem Dunn
Eyem Dunn 25 днів тому
Jason Olvera hey, nice opinion
Rod Buycks
Rod Buycks 26 днів тому
So basically SAS telling the kids out there don't listen to authority if you feel you know more about something than them. Hmm. Great advice!
When you run out of Laker material to talk about everyday😂
AkiraTheGodEater 26 днів тому
I’m sure I’ve seen lebron sitting away from everybody else when the coach’s are talking to them. Lebron has a lot of power more than people think.
queen bee
queen bee 26 днів тому
Thakid Boyyy
Thakid Boyyy 26 днів тому
Kobe should be the head coach
Jamarv Larue
Jamarv Larue 26 днів тому
I feel you kb24 / he skill player
Bernard L Wright
Bernard L Wright 26 днів тому
Come back home lebron.
cjsligo Jones
cjsligo Jones 26 днів тому
Who cares??
division100 26 днів тому
LeBron is his own coach he coaches himself and when he loses he blames the team
donstone 26 днів тому
Bench him, lol.
Nelson Acosta
Nelson Acosta 26 днів тому
ESPN is going to talk about Lebron on a regular basis 8 years after he retires.
FilmDude 26 днів тому
I feel like ESPN is an entire channel dedicated to a 24/7 circlejerk around Lebron. They praise him so much, and then when we watch the games we see something entirely different.
Rey Francis
Rey Francis 26 днів тому
I hate Lebron
Richard Faymonville
Richard Faymonville 26 днів тому
Wow. Stephen A: LeBron apologist. Pundits need to lay off using the terms basketball "savant" and "genius." This savant-ness and genius-ness hasn't resulted in Ws or building better rosters (like we know LeBron has done behind closed doors with management.) So... these things (being a bball savant or genius) have no value. Stop saying no one understands him. It's basketball. Not theoretical mathematics.
0 1
0 1 26 днів тому
He’s now in the West; that’s why he ain’t making the playoffs.
Kaleb Stewart
Kaleb Stewart 26 днів тому
Allen Iverson said this would happen
Will Horton
Will Horton 26 днів тому
If Bron went to the Spurs it'd be Pop just doesn't have it anymore, they need to get a new coach that can turn them into a contender.
daniel saiyan
daniel saiyan 26 днів тому
Let Lebron be ..focus on the teams that will be in the playoffs and give young players shine ...Lebron will be back next year !
Codeine Dream
Codeine Dream 26 днів тому
Should've came back to Miami
marecku21 26 днів тому
In other words, LeBron is the Primest of Prima Donnas we've ever seen in the NBA, but Stephen Smith believes he is entitled to be. I pity duh foos who traded for him.
CedRock starr
CedRock starr 26 днів тому
The Lebron witch-hunt continues... thanks SAS
D Will
D Will 26 днів тому
02:40 LOL Pat Riley opted not to coach Lebron tho. Even when asked.
Greg Gentile
Greg Gentile 26 днів тому
LeBron average at best, steph and kd school that sucka mc on a regular basis.
Javier Alvarez
Javier Alvarez 26 днів тому
LeBron does not know more than any coach in the nba. If he did, he would set more than 2 screens a season and play D.
Kobe Bean Bryant
Kobe Bean Bryant 26 днів тому
Fuck this lebron. It got to the point that he thinks he is above anyone
Money Makin Rich
Money Makin Rich 26 днів тому
Let Kobe Coach 🔺️ Offense
Ramz 26 днів тому
LeBron is in the west now, time to separate the men from the boys. real teams in the west, unlike the East for the past 10 years.
NyKil Rashad
NyKil Rashad 26 днів тому
Great stuff
MrKillian1983 26 днів тому
Continuous reports of LeBron during an irrelevant season are disrespectful. Why don't you cover something that actually matters instead of an overrated crybaby.
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 26 днів тому
Stephen A.Smith is a racist scumbag,pc of shit black man that if I ever see I’m going to spit in his face.
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 26 днів тому
Mobb ties
Kelvin Feliciano
Kelvin Feliciano 26 днів тому
Welcome to the West "king" of the east.
afterkwiss 26 днів тому
"Some guy told some other guy that a guy heard a guy ... that LeBron ..." There are 30 teams and hundreds of players among which a shitload of other talented ones. Still, it's all about LeBron.
erwin021777 26 днів тому
Isn't it common knowledge?
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson 26 днів тому
They try to shove Lebron down our throats!😏
Shawn M
Shawn M 26 днів тому
Isn't that interesting. It totally cool to trash Ben Roethlisberger day in and day out...but reporting something true about Lebron James is disrespectful.
Chromeshelled Regios
Chromeshelled Regios 26 днів тому
Nobody wants to work with doc rivers look how he did Paul Pierce and old swad
Mertlox 26 днів тому
How can the be coached?
Ish Xxx
Ish Xxx 26 днів тому
Stephen A hairline refusing to be coached 🤣😂😂
Mzamo Ntantiso
Mzamo Ntantiso 26 днів тому
well KOBE has been ill treated, degraded, disrespected and continues to be disrespected and never got this ridiculous protection Lebron is getting! So let him get it too he deserves it!
Charles Sellman
Charles Sellman 26 днів тому
How SAS?
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 26 днів тому
That sounds about right, greatest coach killer of all time
Westy 26 днів тому
Lebron a savant? Lebron is 6'8 250lbs with remarkable athletic ability. That being said, he's far from the smartest person on the court at any given time. The guy campaigned for Hillary Clinton... he's borderline retarded.
Chris R
Chris R 26 днів тому
That dude has to put Kobe down, to lift LeRot up...
Justin Boseman
Justin Boseman 26 днів тому
I told people Lebron was a coaching nightmare 10 years ago......Lebron doesn't know that much basketball...he knows how to play a produce stats for himself, he doesn't make people better around him because he cannot conform to another system that doesn't involve him, iso, drive and kick, stand around and watch smh
Hunter Crain
Hunter Crain 26 днів тому
LeBron could tell Stephen A Smith to drop to his knees and he’d do it. Bron only cares when it’s easy. He quits when it’s hard. It’s obvious.
Ant Essex
Ant Essex 26 днів тому
Im a Lakers fan and fuck LeBron man! Stop being a baby back bitch and play some basketball!
ZCorp Alpha
ZCorp Alpha 26 днів тому
LeBron, join Atlanta Hawks, we would welcome you, 🏀
Eugene Li
Eugene Li 26 днів тому
This was so boring. Stephen A. always prefaces something to avoid criticism and emphasises his credentials. Then he over dramatises his position. Max follows up by trying to be the voice of reason. He says things in such a matter of fact way. Then Stephen A. gets annoyed at him and starts yelling at him and it becomes a shouting match. Left-right-left-right-left... Zzzz... PS: Max always seems to misinterpret what Stephen A. is saying. Stephen A., you're clear. Max understands you. You don't have to make it any more clear.
Barney Chan
Barney Chan 27 днів тому
Simple solution. Let LeBaby coach. Then coach killer fire himself. 🤣
Hoodrat Pat
Hoodrat Pat 27 днів тому
Danny Ainge coached the Suns tho 🤔
Caserio Music
Caserio Music 27 днів тому
So when they talk bron to play D I guess he don’t find that important
Benjamin Pectol
Benjamin Pectol 27 днів тому
Coaches need to coach the weakest link and find and exploit mismatches. Phil Jackson never tried to "coach" or change Jordan's game. Michael Jordan was still coachable and respectful enough to listen and that's why he won 6 rings. LeBron is a clown compared to Michael Jordan.
James STATE Dowling
James STATE Dowling 27 днів тому
Wait I could have sworn Stephen A on a different telecast did say he was a coach killer. I think some of the criticism isn't warranted as well but he has always been a coach killer in my eyes.
ricky lee
ricky lee 27 днів тому
Disrespectful ? It's the truth.
Derrick Ross
Derrick Ross 27 днів тому
It's open season on Lebron
LiveIn 5ive
LiveIn 5ive 27 днів тому
That's ppl for you. Just human nature to envy successful ppl, praying for their downfall lol. Sad!
Shawn Davis
Shawn Davis 27 днів тому
He's killed almost every coach he's had. This ain't news.
DNikos7 27 днів тому
ESPN during NBA finals: Let's talk about Lebron.
Alejandro Emmanuel Torres Rodriguez
kobe had Phil Jackson
gie Muzik
gie Muzik 27 днів тому
You can't disrespect your coach just bc, you have a certain level of intelligence. Lebron becoming a sore loser
Don Sullivan
Don Sullivan 27 днів тому
Steven A is on crack, Lebron coach killing toxic.
Cory E. Provost
Cory E. Provost 27 днів тому
What a stupid fucking culture.
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