Responding to the Backlash Over My Cremated Palette

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HEY EVERYONE! Welcome back to my channel! How are ya?? Today we are sitting down and talking about the Cremated palette and the controversy surrounding it. I answer your questions and then my best friend Nicole transforms me into the cover of the Cremated palette! Serving you grayscale Wednesday realness. The Cremated Collection is LAUNCHING EXCLUSIVELY on JeffreeStarCosmetics.com this FRIDAY MAY. 22nd at 10AM PST / 1PM EST!
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20 тра 2020





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channel is ded thx
channel is ded thx Годину тому
Can you respond to the backlash over you calling your entire past a dark time, having a n*zi themed makeup palette you tried to hide and covering the truth about b*tdf (things are censored in case he uses filters lol)
Ella Walls
Ella Walls Годину тому
I love the name and theme. I think it went great with colors. He should do a Tim Burton line! Colors based off his movie. I swear this pallet made me think of Time Burton.
Haitian Creole With Luciano
Haitian Creole With Luciano 2 години тому
*I’m offended on your behalf*
Melissa Tracy
Melissa Tracy 2 години тому
I bet people will be doing this look for Halloween
luis romero
luis romero 2 години тому
Saludos cordiales
Vannah Rose
Vannah Rose 3 години тому
Lolol this make up look isn’t fucking it
JoJo Bear
JoJo Bear 3 години тому
Girl its fierce.. never mind the haters.
Kayla Brown
Kayla Brown 5 годин тому
Is this collection going to be permanent? I hope so! ❤
bilias hour
bilias hour 5 годин тому
into the emergency room while everything was dark and thats all i remember. Im proud of you if you read all that i know it was long lol.
mimi khaute
mimi khaute 5 годин тому
youlo yolo
youlo yolo 5 годин тому
i’m dyslexic and i’m offended by palettes with words
Adrian 1996
Adrian 1996 6 годин тому
Jesus Christ La llorona 🤣, it looks really cool
bilias hour
bilias hour 5 годин тому
Jeffrey is girl or boy?
Honey Stiletto
Honey Stiletto 6 годин тому
Sigh... Jeffree, you know people are gonna stay forever popping shit about everything! You just keep doing you ‘cause you do it SO WELL❤️❤️❤️
Lorena Paola
Lorena Paola 7 годин тому
Sarah Petto
Sarah Petto 8 годин тому
I'm dyslexic I totally understand I could say /spell something one minute and the next second I can't.
Bilmem Ki
Bilmem Ki 9 годин тому
You're gay
tch071 11 годин тому
I love this palette! People are being a little too much. Me and my little girl adore you always!!! Let it slide off of ya like water off a ducks back.
Javi gonzalez
Javi gonzalez 11 годин тому
Most of my family who has passed away has been cremated, and I am not offended by the name of the palette, also I do not understand how people do not understand that the creation of this palette started long before this pandemic so they should not relate it to each other... I still think the palette is beautiful and it's a shame that Jeffree receives this amount of hate just because everyone tends to over-analyze everything, it's just a palette you guys :(
Samantha Schoeler
Samantha Schoeler 12 годин тому
God I love you Jeffree 😍 you are so fucking gorgeous and fabulous yet raunchy and twisted at the same time which I fucking love 💘
Kuzey ÜNAL
Kuzey ÜNAL 12 годин тому
La bu kerimcan malına benziyo
Rachel Henke
Rachel Henke 12 годин тому
Ordered mine as soon as the launch hit. Got it in the mail today. Freaking yes sis!! No REGRETS. Would buy again if I could. P.S please tell me you're going to be producing more of your lipstick weirdo!!! I was lucky to get the palette but not the lipstick. Talk about bittersweet.
severina zink
severina zink 13 годин тому
Damn jeffrey-lynn is lit 😆
lifetime reacts
lifetime reacts 14 годин тому
Im i the only one who thinks they should socual distance bc do they even live together??
JohnnieVision 14 годин тому
I need to pretend I am gay so I can get 18 Million Subs
Illuos1ion 14 годин тому
Amanda Mosher
Amanda Mosher 14 годин тому
Jefree ur makeup looks amazing
Alin ALTUNTAŞ 14 годин тому
Jeffrey is girl or boy?
Cath Sharp
Cath Sharp 16 годин тому
Anyone just watch the explanation and skip the tutorial?
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 18 годин тому
f#%cking exhausting!!!
dinaara jayme
dinaara jayme 18 годин тому
im fat and im offended by food
Rand Adera
Rand Adera 18 годин тому
You So Crezy But ILove You❤❤
Pop Mary
Pop Mary 18 годин тому
You should have called it - Platinum - from the first place - but oh well too late
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 17 годин тому
I would love it if she went over again and used at least one thing from each of his palettes on him. Dress that girrrrl up!
Zhino Jamal DIY
Zhino Jamal DIY 19 годин тому
You grel
Linnéa Backelund
Linnéa Backelund 19 годин тому
You are my god
Taha Muslim
Taha Muslim 20 годин тому
الباشا نعم
الباشا نعم 20 годин тому
زين سؤال هم تجيك؟؟
Alaa Suhaill
Alaa Suhaill 21 годину тому
حكو. بلعربي
Alaa Suhaill
Alaa Suhaill 21 годину тому
ض Wdtvvgtca4obzccfvaj
majesty quin
majesty quin 21 годину тому
i know that dress is karma 🎶
Lolgaming19Brawlstars 21 годину тому
Emirhan Kahya V2
Emirhan Kahya V2 21 годину тому
Bitch geğğ
Allison Nicole
Allison Nicole День тому
The first time my friend told me I was like “it takes so long to make a palette do you really think that Jeffree star himself would throw anything together that quick? People pressed”
Kizzy Urquhart
Kizzy Urquhart День тому
goog happy
Eva Brushey
Eva Brushey День тому
Nicole's shirt is perfect.
Crying In Aesthetic
Crying In Aesthetic День тому
I'm really happy Jeffree's community are really supported including me ofcourse. I just don't get the hate, like cmon people Jeffree worked so hard for this! 💛🖤
Bespoke Original Design
Bespoke Original Design День тому
ohh great.... more poseur goths. le sigh. the reason they think that is offensive. they are not weirdo's. your clients are normies trying to be funky.or emmo.
DestineMarie День тому
I would love it if she went over again and used at least one thing from each of his palettes on him. Dress that girrrrl up!
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey День тому
Mate.. you need help.. like.. professional help.
WEIRDO /ويردو
WEIRDO /ويردو День тому
Brinarae06 День тому
Cerena DeFalco
Cerena DeFalco День тому
As someone getting into character creating I needed a pallet with these colors and coverage. My husband was cremated per his request. I never associated this pallet with that part of my life.
halil konaş
halil konaş День тому
Akıllısı beni bulmaz delisi ayrılmaz;)
Genesis Lmao
Genesis Lmao День тому
For his lovely supporters search up I found out what Jeffre was hiding 🥰
oh sweet
oh sweet День тому
OMG amazing look
علوش وكذا
علوش وكذا День тому
Girl Boss 1234
Girl Boss 1234 День тому
He looks demonic!! Getting ready for his entrance into hell with Satan himself!!!
Bookish ASMR
Bookish ASMR День тому
My grandpa who I was super close with who I lived with for 18 years died two days ago in the house and I was there. He's being cremated on Wednesday. I'm not angry about this palette and he lived with me we were majorly close like father daughter type close so if anyone is actually offended that's valid, you're in pain and grieving okay fine and I'm sorry for your loss but you should NOT say that he shouldn't release his palette that he worked really hard on. That's just stupid
حلا محمد
حلا محمد День тому
thisisnixofficial День тому
Wow, I'm just here to take a moment to say how talented Nicole is! That make up she did is a work of art 🎨
Diego Vicente
Diego Vicente День тому
Eu só eu Brasil
Grayson Scheda
Grayson Scheda День тому
Jefree, my sister died in a car crash on March 14, her name was Alyssa Scheda, and all I wanted to say we both love/loved you and she was cremated, when I saw this video it absolutely shook me. It was crazy to me to see a pale released a few months after she died, I guess I wanted to say thank you a lot. And she would of been shook when she saw this palet
xoobo vola
xoobo vola День тому
desperate for some excitement during quarantine so I guess they're grasping at the shortest of straws now 🙄.
Omer Alaabade
Omer Alaabade День тому
سجاد طائي
سجاد طائي День тому
doreqi День тому
Dear Jeffree, why isn't there a palette collaboration with Lipstick Nic by now??? She deserves one! Pretty sure it will be a bomb edition!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
xoobo vola
xoobo vola День тому
wow Nicole is so talented. That line work is perfect- I would have had to fixed it 10 times with a swab. You make a great team.
No Half Measures
No Half Measures День тому
Honey lost weight ! She looking GOOD
GG p1x1ie
GG p1x1ie День тому
aww they are so cute ❤️
BTS A-R-M-Y День тому
What the f**ke😫
GG p1x1ie
GG p1x1ie День тому
im shook 😍 this is amazing
George Bissonnette
George Bissonnette День тому
Should pick a random viewer to be on a episode
Catalina Rivarola
Catalina Rivarola День тому
Nevaeh Hiebert
Nevaeh Hiebert День тому
i feel like alot of people cant afford your pallets you should make some smaller pallets more affordable
Keylianies Rosario
Keylianies Rosario День тому
I think it would look cool the palette if it was in a shape of a coffin XD but it’s nice i guess the new product
Brianna Perez
Brianna Perez День тому
Flash back Mary who lol I love the look😭💞
the chino
the chino День тому
The onli
Dark Lord
Dark Lord День тому
No disrespect..but is he a guy ir did he go thru a surgery...again...no disrespect..am just oblivious
alexandra is dead
alexandra is dead День тому
lol this pallette should definitely be on lipstickna**, huh?
Ediene Cassia Da Silva
Ediene Cassia Da Silva День тому
I am against more respected gays
Marisa F
Marisa F День тому
wow Nicole is so talented. That line work is perfect- I would have had to fixed it 10 times with a swab. You make a great team.
Lei Bae
Lei Bae День тому
Nicole’s hair 😍😍😍
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