Rich and Mike's The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

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A little late to the game? NO! We've got until December to pointlessly speculate on the last of the "Skywalker saga" films!!! Mike has a crazy plot prediction and Rich has some ideas on how Palpatine can come back. Enjoy, friends!!




14 лип 2019





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Matt Allred
Matt Allred 12 годин тому
Problem is Disney doesn’t own all the old characters. That’s why they are moving away from all of the old characters. So time travel back to old characters is against everything they are trying to do. They are trying poorly to create new characters but failing unfortunately.
AD BLOCK 4 LIFE 12 годин тому
put down a gray blanket or at LEAST clean that floor lol.
Leah L
Leah L 13 годин тому
Evilwoks is the best idea
tiberiius 15 годин тому
Kotor sounds great for the new trilogy!!
J Davis
J Davis 15 годин тому
"Star Wars is too big to fail!" -- Oh man, *TOO TRUE.* Could be written on the tombstone for Generation X.
Play More
Play More 17 годин тому
Well, I basically just watched the next star wars. It was simultaneously engaging and entertaining as well as deeply, deeply disappointing. Wait. Is this Star Wars?
Jarred Emanuel
Jarred Emanuel 18 годин тому
They are going to back in time, and prevent Anakin from turning to the dark side.
Joseph DeMille
Joseph DeMille 18 годин тому
Why does Rian Johnson try to imitate George Lucas' voice?
The Cinema Grotesque
The Cinema Grotesque 18 годин тому
I doin't think it's going to be time travel. even in this video if you go to 20:47 you can see the part of Luke's lightsaber that broke in two now has something like a black band on it, as if it's been repaired. Also wee see in TLJ that the new dish had also been knocked off the Falcon on Crait (spelling?) so it'd make sense that they would replace it.
Jason Hyman
Jason Hyman 19 годин тому
I don't get why everyone's so upset on Rey's parents being nobody. Like, do her parents HAVE to be some big important plot thing? I thought the whole idea of her carving out her own place in the galaxy without a legacy was really good and well done.
Vundal 20 годин тому
Just saying... how crazy would a time travel plot to stop order 66 from occurring be?
Stuart E
Stuart E 20 годин тому
22:00 "what's in the bag" where do you think she keeps her make-up?
Insanity Pepper
Insanity Pepper 21 годину тому
JJ is Pajama boy all grow'd up.
Crimson Ghost
Crimson Ghost 21 годину тому
Going back and doing the Old Republic would be a great idea. The established canon would prevent Disney from doing dumb shit.
Only One Kenobi
Only One Kenobi 23 години тому
Red Letter Media! A trusted source and worthy of clicking on! 😉 O.O.K 💙👌
TheMaxer03 23 години тому
They are going to do flow walking.
MetalHeadBaller 23 години тому
What these guys dont know is that disney introduced time travel in Star Wars Rebels. They totally set up time travel already
TheMaxer03 День тому
George will save it!!
therevahchist2790 День тому
Abrahams is a child in an adults body.
Sereny Chhor
Sereny Chhor День тому
the new robot looks like a hair dryer on weels 11.05
Rogue Five
Rogue Five День тому
This wouldn't be the first time for timetravel in canon Star Wars. Ahsoka was brought back to life in this way in Rebels.
mister tea
mister tea День тому
Star Wars movie 9 trailer - Opening dialogue about how amazing and powerful is Rey with thousands of jedi generations inside her as she does a back flip and chops a Krylo fighter ship going directly at her in half---- {PAUSE} WERE DOING AN OBI WAN MOVIE Hold my beer!!
mister Knister
mister Knister День тому
EXACTLY that's going to happen. Hahahahaha 31:00
mister Knister
mister Knister День тому
Did you lose weight both?????
Sadface День тому
I have a theory, *the franchise is fucked*
Ian Ray
Ian Ray День тому
This is going to be one of the biggest clusterfucks in cinema history.
Ian Ray
Ian Ray День тому
So basically... 𝗶𝘁'𝘀 𝗿𝗲𝘄𝗶𝗻𝗱 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲
enggguy День тому
Chris Terrio has an Oscar for “Argo”
John Galt
John Galt День тому
I predict rewrites and reshoots after test audiences laugh themselves to death. Look for the release to be delayed.
Like Clockwork64
Like Clockwork64 День тому
They need the kids from the ewoks movie in this
Luke Shelswell
Luke Shelswell День тому
"wolves and a door" am i right?
Luke Shelswell
Luke Shelswell День тому
well rebels already did it
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson День тому
if they actually go with a time-travel plot i might cry forever
shuntguy День тому
They stole the Palpatine plot line from "The Blood on Satan's Claw" .
Bran the Broker
Bran the Broker День тому
I think the Falcon dish is just gonna be Lsndo, having got ownership again, putting it back to how it was.
Lance Longaker
Lance Longaker День тому
I hate that I’m nearly positive that the time travel theory is righyb
Simo Portti
Simo Portti День тому
06:25 "We get the last jedi" and the prequels. Didn't we learn from Empire that the best work is done by a collaboration?
BledaRassmar День тому
After making the mistake of watching "The Last Jedi", I too thought that Kylo Ren and Rey leading the First Order together as lovers, with Ren slowly manpulating Kylo and the first order towards good, mitigating their damage as much as possible would have been AWESOME, especially considering how he was obviously easy to manipulate, mentally unstable, and she could have literally saved the entire Rebellion: "Absolutely we will run the First Order together! oop, wait, no, don't kill Admiral Ackbar et al, if we brainwash them they will be excellent for P.R.! But you have to let them live to do that!", stuff like that. Slowly convince or sabotage this obviously mentally imbalanced fellow, use his feelings for you to build trust and slowly work him either into a corner or into conversion over a long period of time (over multiple movies, where he cycles through progressing and regresing, contrasting Darth Vader's conversion, which was very spontaneous and final at the end)...but no. Everyone was stupid, especially Rey who completely missed a perfect opportunity. These predictions are so interesting and sound totally plausible! Why don't they hire Red Letter Media instead of boring unoriginal lame-os who aren't even fans?
David Smith
David Smith День тому
This is the best channel in the history of the internet
RoboTurkeyNinja День тому
Disney's streaming service is going to be how they generate money from Star Wars fans in 2020. Star Wars isn't even their flagship franchise anymore that they have Pixar and Marvel. This next movie doesn't need to be good, and Disney realise that, and are keeping quiet about it. They're not stupid. It just has to get as many lemmings in the door as possible, using Palpatine and diversity quotas as bait. Bad reviews won't hurt them. BOYCOTTING THEM WILL. JJ will get people excited about Star Wars again because he'll do his usual "what's in the magic box?" stuff with some albeit exciting, shallow visual spectacle. It won't lead anywhere though. Fool me twice (Lost, and the Force Awakens).
Dark Side
Dark Side День тому
Episode 6: Return of the Jedi Episode 8: The Last Jedi Wait. What ?
WeezaY5000 День тому
The Rise of Skywalker is actually just a substitute title for The First Jedi when they go back in time.......
Defencearts День тому
Bring me that fridge...
jason bowman
jason bowman День тому
I would create a huge Russian Doll Death Star so that every time you blow that one up, another ones is underneath and each new one is fun silly emote faces more crazy then the last.
jason bowman
jason bowman День тому
I want to punch my penis through this franchise!-Roughly Rose Tico.
Link0304 День тому
Still gunna boycot, but THIS actually got me hyped to see what a hot mess it'll be.
Kukipett Kelbozob
Kukipett Kelbozob День тому
Oh i got an idea, so Rey is going back to find what's remaining of the Emperor, so she meet the dark ewoks and their cult of the burned Emperor. And we learn at that moment that the Emperor is planning to reincanate in a new born child, the Dark Messiah. When it's about to happen Rey interrupts the process and evade with the child. To hide him from the Emperor she goes back in time and gives the child to Shmi and you guess all the rest!! That's why the Emperor fealed and feared that Vador could be stronger than him, it's his son! The emperor : "Anakin, i am your father!"
Maarek Steele
Maarek Steele День тому
Who in their right mind would hire a writer that was involved in those god awful DC movies?!
Mark Crouch
Mark Crouch День тому
The saga is absolute toilet since Disney got their nasty money pinching paws on it. Doesn't really matter how good this movie is, they cannot undo the shit show that was the last jedi. Star Wars is just boring now. Oh and anyone who went to watch the new lion king having seen the original is a fool.
SavageX378 День тому
17:00 My thoughts on JJ Abrams
Donald Trump
Donald Trump День тому
The only thing I'm exciting about this movie is the inevitable hate video essays!
Dark Highwayman
Dark Highwayman День тому
Im gonna pass on the next star wars. The leaked stuff I heard was awful sounding.
Andy Manns
Andy Manns 2 дні тому
they've kind of done time travel in Rebels.... (well seeing through time and interacting with the past)
that Guy
that Guy 2 дні тому
In my honest opinion about this franchise....all the good stories have been told outside of the movies
Spethman Jones
Spethman Jones 2 дні тому
My expectations were that I’d enjoy TLJ. Good thing Rian Johnson and his beachball head were there to subvert my expectations!
El Mostrito
El Mostrito 2 дні тому
These normie reviewers are almost in touch with reality. They sort of notice some flaws in the franchise, but take it seriously enough to consider what's left of it superior to dogshit. Had they been on board the sinking Titanic, they would had been sitting at the deck as people scrambled for their lives, discussing how much they like the chairs but how the White Star line might make them better next time.
TwinkieMayhem 2 дні тому
Yeah Palpatine will possess Kylo and they'll probably copy Darth Nilhus's power. In Kotor II he basically "ate" the force of entire planets. Basically Kylo will become a mini deathstar.
weavergrad 2 дні тому
Dr Manhattan Luke
Cristian Rusu
Cristian Rusu 2 дні тому
jar jar abrams cant be THAT dumb...dont think they will time travel, maybe backflash, but timetravel is fucking crazy...
Robert Elsmore
Robert Elsmore 2 дні тому
Isn't Matt Smith going to be Palpatine? Did I dream that?
deathsyth8888 День тому
It wouldn't be the first time he's participated in time travel.
Paul Floyd
Paul Floyd 2 дні тому
Glad to see you hit a million....love your shit!! dont sell out. But you know that.
Nizam Sabereen
Nizam Sabereen 2 дні тому
R2D2 is actually Yoda's hiding place...
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 2 дні тому
jar jar Abrams insulting the fan's again with his useless bore box
Eric Gulseth
Eric Gulseth 2 дні тому
"Ewok Death Cult" with glowing eyes like Morlocks. That made me laugh.
VonSchpam 2 дні тому
Obiwan and Luke "disappeared" themselves into the force, seemingly on command. Why couldn't the Emperor have done the same thing as he fell down a bottomless shaft?
puuxexil 2 дні тому
Time Travel... so that's how the Kessel Run is done in 12 parsecs.
v8matey 2 дні тому
They should of made the new trilogy about the meaning behind the construction of the Death Stars. You wouldn't use an atom bomb to take out a street gang etc. Same applies in Star Wars. Its a whole empire against a handful of people who formed a resistance group. They could of made up a story about the Death Stars purpose was to destroy an Alien hostile planet. That emerges from a black hole or rift in space. That destroys all. Like parasite species. Maybe alien borg or something whatever. Lets say somewhere during the Knights of the Old Republic. They stopped it last time an that's how the Jedi council started. Now its thousands of years later. And the universe is under Empire rule and the Jedi are almost all wiped out. And one blood line remains. Skywalker. But now the hostile planet emerges and the star wars galaxy is as it is now. An easy target an no more world destroying weapons / death stars to attack the foriegn alien planet an its threat the the whole galaxy.
Jennifer Cunningham
Jennifer Cunningham 2 дні тому
Is the guy on the left, the one that does the Mr. Plinket video reviews? I know plinket's voice is completely different, but someone told me it was this guy...
Toby Hine
Toby Hine 2 дні тому
Palpatine fed the Ewoks after midnight.
AirSoft123 2 дні тому
Mike: Also written by Chris Terrio Rich: Who’s Chris Terrio? Mike: Writer of Batman V Superman and Justice League Rich: *dies inside*
Mr. Peevy Show
Mr. Peevy Show 2 дні тому
You're right on the nose Mike.
The Dollar Guy
The Dollar Guy 2 дні тому
Rise of the Walkout.
rogerio9a 2 дні тому
ray goes back in time tell luke I am your grandmother. kneel to me and obey your master
Obsidian Monolith
Obsidian Monolith 2 дні тому
Boycott episode 9!!!!
TheSalawag 2 дні тому
Why can't Rich Evans be a Sith Lord? He has the best laugh. Palpatine would be put in his place.
MoonwalkerWorshiper 2 дні тому
Wonderful video, this.
tropicAces 2 дні тому
to be fair to Chris Terrio, he won the Oscar for ARGO, his BvS script was polishing a pre-existing one by David Goyer, and his JL script was hacked apart by WB studio execs
TemazroS 2 дні тому
Demoted emperor Sheev Palpatine has been worshipped by the blacked‑out Ewoks since the second Death Star got blown up above Endor. Didn't you know that already?
rob flewell
rob flewell 2 дні тому
Are these theories above PURPOSEFULLY idiotic? Time travel? Oh jeeezuz. Come on guys. You guys are So cynical.
Jack Gude
Jack Gude 2 дні тому
So I disagree on the Palpatine is a good character thing... Just hear me out. I'm very young. HEAR ME OUT. My exposure growing up was the prequel trilogy. Idk maybe he's more/less likable in the original trilogy. I have watched them, just not religiously (because the star wars I grew up with was trash.) I feel like this resurrection of Palpatine is maybe something for old people because I don't personally know anyone who gives a shit EDIT: Good googly moogly I hope Rich Evans is right about the Ewok thing
Mitalis 3 дні тому
Palpatine's pimp cane with be a "miniaturized death star tech" cane gun.
Kern 2 дні тому
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