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Just in time for the return of David Brent in "Life on the Road" (February 10 on Netflix), Ricky Gervais steps into the hot seat for the (vegan) wings of death and some scorching questions from First We Feast's Sean Evans. Accurately dubbing Hot Ones "a cross between Charlie Rose and f*%king Jackass," the comedian gets pummeled by the likes of Zombie Apocalypse and Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. Will he become "entertainment for some idiot on the Internet"? Will he "vomit and sh*t" himself? You gotta watch to find out!
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#hotones #spicywings
#hotones #spicywings





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stichting yimak
stichting yimak 9 годин тому
7:06 Only the real real heard this one
Winsly Gelig
Winsly Gelig 19 годин тому
If this was me, my pores would be like waterfalls. I can handle really spicy food but I just would not stop sweating after a bite of just about any. some dishes I dont taste how spicy it is but I would know theres something hot in there cause I would start sweating.
Maliceah 19 годин тому
When Ricky says "That's really HOT!" he reminds me of the old viral video "Ouch, that Hurts Charlie!".
Maliceah 19 годин тому
Sean, you do such a great job of hosting this show. You keep things en pointe and you always have interesting ways to distract your guests from the pain and suffering they're enduring. Love you too, Ricky!
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 20 годин тому
Who is here after doing a big old shot of cocaine? Fking bell ringer.
Tommymaggot1 День тому
Get Karl on hot ones
Roman Metelli
Roman Metelli День тому
Jeff Clement
Jeff Clement День тому
Been bingewatching these and this is my favorite by far "Fuck me!!!" And his take on stinky cheese "There's been a fucking crime commited in this cheese"
Joey Santana
Joey Santana День тому
Wicho_ How can there be satan if there is no God? How can there be wrong with no right? I'm saying this because he called the host satan.
Douglas Bossler
Douglas Bossler День тому
He didn’t finish but he doesn’t deserve to be in the same category as dj khalid
April Thompson
April Thompson День тому
The fool has said in his heart there is no God, psalms 14: 1. Sorry Ricky, love your non politically correct but God is real!
50hellkat2 День тому
It feels like i had a tongue transplant and they gave me the wrong tongue. Hilarious
Affan Özbay
Affan Özbay 2 дні тому
he is always quoting “humanity” stand up show
RikFTK 2 дні тому
"I think I got some in my eye..." "You quit, I'm done feeling sorry for you" Is it me or did Sean seem genuinly annoyed? He has a bit salty about, also in the end.
Douglas Schramm
Douglas Schramm 3 дні тому
I quit drinking 20 years ago but I would love to sit and have a few with Ricky. Finally an actor that I can totally relate to when it comes to outlook on religion, PC culture, and personal happiness.
Ronan Barthon
Ronan Barthon 3 дні тому
Go back to stinking England and talk about your own leaders you cubed headed bastard.
winter 3 дні тому
seans personality came out a lot more in this one love that
lisa mansfield
lisa mansfield 3 дні тому
Looks like you are dressing for Trainspotting! Lol
ilaphroaig 3 дні тому
Weak Ricky....
Javier Meza Jr.
Javier Meza Jr. 4 дні тому
He should’ve ask a question about Mel Gibson
bassplayer bassplayer
bassplayer bassplayer 4 дні тому
the bible has been destroyed and banned sense the beginning, just cant do it!
bassplayer bassplayer
bassplayer bassplayer 4 дні тому
there's plenty of book against evolution, ya'll just want read them,
Pale Emperor
Pale Emperor День тому
Books, like?
r a l f
r a l f 4 дні тому
12:08 - 12:38 = facts.
A Russell
A Russell 4 дні тому
Get Karl Pilkington
twankyjoe 5 днів тому
We Indians have tried to help these...brits... with their palate for centuries. I don't think they have it in their genetics.
Davis Prather
Davis Prather 5 днів тому
I love that they used the _There Will Be Blood_ soundtrack for this.
KristianGerard 5 днів тому
The parables of the holy books would be back in 1,000 years*
drewbieware 5 днів тому
What the fuck are vegan wings?
Super Pizza Man!!!
Super Pizza Man!!! 5 днів тому
Get markiplier
Dark_Matter 5 днів тому
Title is a nice way of saying: bitch eats spicy wings
Daman Hagene
Daman Hagene 6 днів тому
Read two books? But then where do I find time for my insta?..
Water Flow
Water Flow 6 днів тому
You're dressed like you're ready for drive-by 😂
Nyran Stanton
Nyran Stanton 7 днів тому
you have a British person on your show. They don't eat this sht. They eat boiled potatoes and boiled veges.
Lavinia Bau
Lavinia Bau 7 днів тому
14:33 can someone please give me a list of the names. My phone sucks, can't see clearly
Draynim Minyard
Draynim Minyard 7 днів тому
Please get karl pilkington on hot ones hed be hilarious
LeonPhaseBMX 7 днів тому
Do the chats
muff patrol
muff patrol 7 днів тому
“I can feel the sweetness before the heat” that’s definitely a Morrissey song 🤣
Jack Henderson
Jack Henderson 7 днів тому
Why does he wear the same clothes everywhere
gamerscockpit 8 днів тому
WTF is a vegan wing? Come on and hardn up........Ricky would.
Luke Langston
Luke Langston 3 дні тому
You are a fucking idiot shut up
patrick gorski
patrick gorski 8 днів тому
*who cares about the globes... shut it, no one cares. They're for 90+ elders....*
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams 8 днів тому
Do you think vegan wings are nice? Gonna try em and find out.
James Gowan
James Gowan 8 днів тому
He’s very “Charlie bit my finger!”
Phillip Hayden
Phillip Hayden 8 днів тому
I may have said this before, but wtf is a vegan chicken wing?
mvicksdog 8 днів тому
To be fair the only food with seasoning in England is Indian food.
Harry Aldridge
Harry Aldridge 8 днів тому
20:33 since when was Ricky from Bristol 😂
Sarah Kinsey
Sarah Kinsey 9 днів тому
Ricky saying the FACTS
Nathaniel Smith
Nathaniel Smith 9 днів тому
How is he vegan if he loves and eats cheese?
Mannard Mann
Mannard Mann 9 днів тому
If you think a bunch of NOTHING exploded and created EVERYTHING I'd say THAT is being "mad as shit"
Sheila Sarathy
Sheila Sarathy 9 днів тому
16:54 "I think you look beautiful " - "Thanks" lmao thats so cute
Stephen Averbuck
Stephen Averbuck 9 днів тому
Nice to know that Ricky may not believe in God but he believes in Satan. Stalin said he didn't believe in God but he was afraid of Him. Personally, I believe in God like Issac Newton, "Gravity and momentum can explain the motion of the stars but not whose hand put them in motion."
Slim Schludy
Slim Schludy 10 днів тому
5340 no so funny people....and with funny I mean smart
sirius4k 10 днів тому
Hall of Shame.. huehuehue
UnderScore _
UnderScore _ 11 днів тому
Ricky explaining how testicles float was so uncomfortable
Oldpangolin 11 днів тому
Vegan wings?
Todd Franz
Todd Franz 11 днів тому
What is a Vegan Chix wing?
Nik Zutshi
Nik Zutshi 11 днів тому
Ricky actually handled the spices very well. After eating that huge chunk of da bomb wing and he's still managing to articulate normally is pretty telling, especially compared to loads of others.
Nik Zutshi
Nik Zutshi 11 днів тому
*whispers* "That's my boy" hahaha
6yza 11 днів тому
i have to admit! that bald dude is my dream man
TD Riehm
TD Riehm 12 днів тому
" a baby bird." too funny
Ironzides 12 днів тому
big sook
Laken Tegrmeier
Laken Tegrmeier 12 днів тому
Literally life around us the beautiful animals that we see is proof that God is real if that isn't proof enough I don't know what is
andre vita
andre vita 12 днів тому
"I think you look beautiful" "Thanks"
j phillips
j phillips 12 днів тому
all the sauces are different colors, but all the wings are the same color....
Jovana Plotnikova
Jovana Plotnikova 12 днів тому
Yep. Funniest hot ones episode e v e r
Valdagast 12 днів тому
The women are far better sports than the men.
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson 13 днів тому
Reality if far more fascinating than a lot of bs going around. Nature is the ultimate movie.
Barnaclebeard 13 днів тому
You let me down, cheesebreath.
GVAjax 13 днів тому
Vegan, Christ. Obviously the stupid fat prick had no idea the millions of little tardigrade's, fantastic little ANIMILS, it is ramming into its stinking mouth.
kevin 13 днів тому
He doesn't give a shit if your feelings are hurt over something he says. I love that soooo much.
chalky White
chalky White 13 днів тому
You earnt a subscription after that 🤣
Dylan Watson
Dylan Watson 14 днів тому
Karl Pilkington next!!!
Blue Collar Golfer
Blue Collar Golfer 14 днів тому
Rickie from Sunnyvale.
Tamas Lakatos
Tamas Lakatos 14 днів тому
After watching now several of the videos I realized this method is very much a type of interrogation. A funny and positive kind - if there is any as such. But the method of pain on a scale and the voluntary submission to the scale to the very end (but sort of under pressure) the person will break and tell more than usual. Normally an interview is boring and the person is tend to turn to his/her regular answers in return BUT if you turn the heat on(!) then suddenly boredom is much more acceptable if pain is present. Clever and very funny indeed to watch.
Desi J Richert
Desi J Richert 14 днів тому
How could I possibly like this Crap! It's just STUPID!!! The only UPSIDE to this is seeing people I HATE in PAIN!!!! But when I hear It's ALL BULLSHIT ANYWAYS, What Really IS the Point?!?!
Quiett Bear
Quiett Bear 14 днів тому
I disagree with him on a LOT, but he is such a good guy. "When I wake up I look like a baby bird" 😂 guy is a legend in comedy
avnub 15 днів тому
Please get Karl on
Santiago Munez
Santiago Munez 15 днів тому
Who's here after UKvid algorithms did it again?
TheSparkyWriter 15 днів тому
Having Ricky Gervais whisper affectionately and emotionally, “That’s my boy” would be like a high point for anybody though.
Ross Erickson
Ross Erickson 15 днів тому
"There is no God...." .... .... ... "You're like Satan."
Tracy Campbell
Tracy Campbell 15 днів тому
"Come swim with me in the deep end" is a line I have to remember!
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