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ens7ob 3 дні тому
Skip's a Jackoff
David Zacharie
David Zacharie 8 днів тому
Rob Parker was right 😂😂😂😂 How bout them cowgirls🐮
Travis Olson
Travis Olson 8 днів тому
Bye Bums!!!..Ahhhh Haaaaa..Go back to The Land of Make Believe...Jerrah and Garrett!!!
Darksoul 8 днів тому
Halftime Rams 20-7
eggsandwich8885 8 днів тому
NFC Least? More like NFC Beast! There's 2 teams in the division round of the playoffs! Rob Parker is a delusional hater
Durell Scott
Durell Scott 9 днів тому
Hate fuels my team...skip...they been getting hate since their last sb win...how long does it take to fill your team's tank....seems like the hate has gotten to your team...
Christopher Van Brackle
Christopher Van Brackle 9 днів тому
It was a 3pt win but it was't a narrow win. Dallas was in control it seemed.
Marion Cade
Marion Cade 9 днів тому
Dak been done won the super bowl they'd still hate.
dallennjones 9 днів тому
This mush mouth ass nigga Rob Parker the true definition of a hater
Paco 3785
Paco 3785 10 днів тому
Jaylon Smith. LVE. Demarcus Lawrence. I’ll take them.
Jacob Vasquez
Jacob Vasquez 10 днів тому
That dude is an absolute idiot.
Skeezix 10 днів тому
Texas native Walt Anderson’s ref crew isn’t assigned to this game, John Parry’s crew is. No way in hell Dallas wins this one.
Jim Berkau
Jim Berkau 8 днів тому
That is the jonesee refs🤣
Jim Berkau
Jim Berkau 8 днів тому
Only in Dallas do you have the nonessential refs! That's why they lost🤣
cjnicelife@yahoo.com 10 днів тому
Did Rob Parker forget, the Dallas Cowboys are America's team? Just curious.
cjnicelife@yahoo.com 10 днів тому
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said,said ,said,said,said,and said. Did you hear him? Just curious.
Felisiano Kalamafoni
Felisiano Kalamafoni 10 днів тому
What kind a food this mutherfuck eat Rob Park look like horse is ass
BrotherBones X
BrotherBones X 10 днів тому
Nik Wright on First Things First where he claimed all year his Chiefs were better than the Rams and when the Rams beat his team his shut his mouth for the rest of the year and never mentioned the Rams again.
Ray Flores
Ray Flores 10 днів тому
Rob owes skip 3 dinners already. I wouldn’t even go out to eat with that nigga! 😂 Skip should get Rob to uber eat him some lobster!
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 10 днів тому
Smh Jesus you delusional, bias cowboys fans make us all look bad. LEARN TO BE REALISTIC. You can rep your team and be realistic. Wtf games are you brats watching lmao. Do you understand football??? We have terrible play calling. OUR COUCH CLAPS BAD PLAY. IS A PUPPET. OUR TEAM CONSTANTLY MAKES MISTAKES. OUR VETS STILL MAKE STUPID PLAYS LIKE HOLDING! OUR LINE ON OFFENSE AND DEFENSE CONSTANTLY HOLD. YOU CAN WATCH DBACKS MAKE OBVIOUSLY STUPID MISTAKES THEY Should KNOW NOT TO DO. Our line has been trash for a while. CONSTANTLY LET DAK GET HIT. Zeke is so amazing yet hardly does what he needs too. Look at that fucking play off game. Jesus it was one of the most boring playoff games. It was embarrassing. Zeke HAS to SHOW out and that is not showing out. The cowboys play nervous so damn much it's shameful. Dak sucks at long bombs. He barely makes medium throws! Thankful for us dak is a fucking warrior and our defense is mostly amazing. Especially Smith and vanderesch. Besides bad play calling we have some of the most boring, predictable play calling. Again, blind sheep staring at the screen. No clue what's going on. News flash people: IF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY CONSTANTLY SAY OMG WTF ARE YALL DOING?! When your team plays they aren't that good! If your team barely wins almost every fucking game THEY ARENT THAT GOOD. Say winning is all that matters all you want but after game after game of BARELY winning that doesn't matter. Because it becomes that easy to LOSE. You fucks are so bias, close minded and ignorant you don't even realize or acknowledge the teams left for Dallas to play in the playoffs. Teams that don't play like scared rookies. I love my team. This is called tough, real love. That's why we have the saying "win, lose, or tie cowboys til I die". Tell me I'm hating on my team all ya want. No I'm a realist and I want them to get their shit together because they have crazy potential. I mean fuck most games they play they are fucking JOGGING!!!! HALF ASS PLAYING. I'd lose my shit if I paid a bunch of professionals millions of dollars for them to be lazy and jog around the field. Sometimes our DBACKS act like James harden just watching the man with the ball zoom past. Tf. We can't even mix shit up either because old man Jerry is obsessed with passing! Get real and take your meds lunatics.
BrotherBones X
BrotherBones X 10 днів тому
Skip likes to HATE the Rams. So far the Rams have kept winning and it angers him. I have said this all year, the Rams play with their plays as away whether at home or away with the same snap of the ball. The home team crowd only matters with penalties and if your team has to rely on snap count penalties, then your team sucks! Look at the Rams Penalties for pre-snap versus Dallas if you want to go that route Skip.
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
BrotherBones X more cowboys fan in LA than Rams fans so Dallas win
Ray Flores
Ray Flores 10 днів тому
How does Parker even analyze and commentate? The guy is a fool and a tool. “If they win a SB I’ll finally be impressed.” Ninja Please!!!
Ray Flores
Ray Flores 10 днів тому
Cowboys have 60% of LA as fans! Latinos love the Cowboys on top of what they talked about. Look for a Navy White and Silver crowd! Go Cowboys!!!
GOT BOOST i4 10 днів тому
Rams are winning end of discussion.
go for it. Guzman
go for it. Guzman 10 днів тому
Cowboys hit the Seahawks in the month and send them home packing. this week is going to be tough but I believe the cowboys will prevail, these guys are special you can see it in their eyes.
Kay tee Bell
Kay tee Bell 10 днів тому
I love when Rob P picks against us because he's never right so it's whatever My Boyz got this so haters can get them chipbowls & BBQ pits ready because love it or not u all will be watching My Boyz once again 😂😂😂😂😂
go for it. Guzman
go for it. Guzman 10 днів тому
this Rob parker is a true hater, there is nothing the cowboys can do that he will like. Who Cares! He sucks! and probably lost money betting against the Cowboy!
Susie Q
Susie Q 10 днів тому
Rob Porker is an idiot.
Gary Cox
Gary Cox 10 днів тому
Rob parker dips from the pickle jar
Reaper Blue Gaming
Reaper Blue Gaming 10 днів тому
Players who never played for Dallas always hate us....Its cause they didnt play for us. Go Cowboys!!!
Robert Hudson
Robert Hudson 10 днів тому
Cowboys will do what there good at getting kicked out of the playoffs
dragon slayer316
dragon slayer316 10 днів тому
We're now sold on you Rob you're just a superficial hater who's had his head up his ass for a while now and the sad thing is you still don't know it
Austin LaVelle
Austin LaVelle 10 днів тому
Rob Parker you’re absolutely trash...why do you keep getting invited to come on this show? You’re a Cowboy hater that’s all...
Victor Blanco
Victor Blanco 10 днів тому
The hate and doubt builds up week to week and I love it 🥰 keep doubting please please !!!
Victor Blanco
Victor Blanco 10 днів тому
Not every game is a blowout careful what you wish for !
lamond jack
lamond jack 10 днів тому
Rob Parker... the official lover of the word PooPoo!
lamond jack
lamond jack 10 днів тому
“Are you impressed with the Cowboys?” “No I’m still out on the Cowboys”. Dude she just asked you if you’re impressed. She didn’t ask you if you thought the Cowboy were going to the Super Bowl. Shannon actually answered the question as asked.
Khalil Iz
Khalil Iz 10 днів тому
Rob Parker has a face for radio. He's an ugly dude with an East Coast accent.
1afrosnow 10 днів тому
Can't stand this guy Parker. Just a hater. He can't stop himself. An excuse after another excuse.
David Garcia
David Garcia 10 днів тому
Can skip stop calling the m boy s his I can't stand skip
KSS Sales and Service
KSS Sales and Service 10 днів тому
Generations of cowboy bandwagon fans
Cookie Tee
Cookie Tee 10 днів тому
Really Rob!, I'm a Seahawks Fan and the Cowboys did their thing against my Hawks. You need to see the Cowboys win a SB first with Dak, that's stupid. You were wrong admit it. They have Richard, end of story. They get ET, it's over! Cowboys will be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ray Flores
Ray Flores 10 днів тому
Cookie Tee Earl is old and will want big paper. I think they pass on him. One thing the Boys got going for them is everybody wants to wear that star. Maybe the Boys change the direction of elite paper chasers in the League.
Burnell Johnson
Burnell Johnson 10 днів тому
Rob Paker is the worst!!!!
TU nguyen
TU nguyen 10 днів тому
Keven Rowe
Keven Rowe 10 днів тому
Why does Rob Parker have a job he is literally the stupidest sport analyst ever like they picked some dumb average joe of the streets and said hey talk about sports the man is just an idiot
Skii Hendoo
Skii Hendoo 10 днів тому
"Reverse Repeat" Steven S. Smith 1.5(Shannon Sharp)!
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight 10 днів тому
Please L.A. I need you to beat the Cowboys this weekend. It's becoming more and more unbearable by the day.
Skii Hendoo
Skii Hendoo 10 днів тому
Tammy King
Tammy King 10 днів тому
Skip there not your Dallas Cowboys from there 3and 5 recorded and the trash can. These young men been in the league what some months or 3years. They deserve to be in the playoffs Dallas worked hard like every team to get there.. No credit this season they say they where going be done this season haters.
Rob Xx
Rob Xx 10 днів тому
Rob Parker is a punk. Please stop doinf theae shows and go deliver pizzas. Its never good enough so your commentary is empty and nonsensical.
Briel Elverton
Briel Elverton 10 днів тому
Cant wait until he eat those word Rob and Shannon
Rated M
Rated M 7 днів тому
Lol How bout dem Cowgirls?
Ricky Zuniga
Ricky Zuniga 10 днів тому
All you people saying these two negros are haters please stfu! It's part of the show to get ratings! They do that to get us to watch.
Dameon Scott
Dameon Scott 10 днів тому
Rob Parker act like the playoffs people been putting up numbers so far they not. Hell saying he don’t give credit til they win the super bowl damn give them a chance 3-5 only lost 1 game after the start hell top 5 defense tf
Jøë ß
Jøë ß 10 днів тому
Eagles vs Cowboys for the NFC championship!!! Yes I said it. Eagles are scary with Nick foles.
Jøë ß
Jøë ß 10 днів тому
Rob Parker is full of shit and yes I hope them boy's take it all this season
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
Jøë ß Dallas cowboys remind me of the eagles of last year Dallas will win the whole thing
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
Jøë ß 48-7 saints killed the eagles so ain't no they win 27-16 saints ride is over Dallas is Philly this year
Jøë ß
Jøë ß 10 днів тому
The same thing was said last season about Philly that they didn't have enough weapons to beat the Patriots and then what happened? Cowboys were no match for the Seahawks and then what happened? I don't think it's gonna be a walk in the park for Brees this time
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
Jøë ß u are blind dude eagles don't have enough weapons to beat the saints. And saints d is no joke too so 27-16 saints winning
Timothy Miller
Timothy Miller 10 днів тому
Parkers a clown
Rated M
Rated M 7 днів тому
The Cowgirls are losing clowns
paul christman
paul christman 10 днів тому
skip is the biggest asshole in sports media followed by cowherd and Kellerman! ALL D-BAGS!
saleem Ahmad
saleem Ahmad 10 днів тому
Just listen to Parker's voice it's like listening to a 80 year old black woman you suck Rob Parker STFU Rob Parker
Alberto Ortiz
Alberto Ortiz 10 днів тому
Dallas will held rams running back to less rush yards
Seven Bomani
Seven Bomani 10 днів тому
The hating a** announcers should be replaced. Rob talking all this bs against the cowboys and what they haven’t done, as if THE RAMS have been dominating. Hire some ppl that aren’t straight Dallas haters. When has Rob EVER thought the Cowboys would win again? NEVER. Dude get yo face a** off TV and stand BEHIND the camera. #LetsGoCowboys
Snakefoot Coins Jeff W
Snakefoot Coins Jeff W 10 днів тому
So anyone that says bad about Cowboys should be fired? That is one of the reasons i don't like the cowboys, their ignorant ass fans.
Alvaro Valdez
Alvaro Valdez 10 днів тому
When a team wins in the playoffs it is still a win. One game. One win. Go on. The cowboys win. Seattle lost. Who moved on? That's why the game is played. Will the Cowboys win .. I hope... but the game has to be played.
internal thoughted1
internal thoughted1 10 днів тому
Damn this guy is a hater. Who cares if dallas didnt blow them out they basically out played them. You cant have two blatant cowboy haters on the same set
Earl Brown
Earl Brown 10 днів тому
Rob Parker is a Jack ass
Melvin Woody
Melvin Woody 10 днів тому
Dallas cowboys. Will. Shock the. World and. Will. The. Super bowl. Go. Cowboys. G0
izzy 23
izzy 23 10 днів тому
Best team wins it can go either way
izzy 23
izzy 23 10 днів тому
Let's hope so.....😁 by the way Let's Go Rams
Martin Munoz
Martin Munoz 10 днів тому
Ham 1982
Ham 1982 11 днів тому
The Rams are no easy team, Cowboys and Dak will need their a+++ game
marvinshenk 11 днів тому
If it rains in LA on Saturday night, the Cowboys will win this game. If not, it will be a close game, but I'd give the Rams the advantage.
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
marvinshenk Rams fans are cowboys fans in LA Dallas winning
zurkturk13 11 днів тому
god the hostess is a goddess
Joe Dirté
Joe Dirté 11 днів тому
The best is one Shannon responds to Skips talking points. Its the most organic . Gregory sleeping on Lockett😂.
BOYZ 4LIFE 11 днів тому
Rob shouldn't have shown up today either, he should say, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about and I hate the Cowboys!
David Ellis
David Ellis 11 днів тому
Just pressure Geoff
Lawrence Amurao
Lawrence Amurao 11 днів тому
rob parker is a bum. im glad he dont bet games with real money or he'll be homeless
koolbreez9865 11 днів тому
First of all, who is this Rob Parker clown anyway? Plus, how are haters picking the rams to beat the cowboys..when they couldn’t even beat the eagles or saints? & not to mention..the only good defense that they have faced is the bears, & lost that game too. 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
Jomar Anthony
Jomar Anthony 11 днів тому
Rob Parker is Just a Hater Ridiculous Jeez
Jr Meuth
Jr Meuth 11 днів тому
rob you dumber then a bag of rocks man the qb is only running the plays that the oc is calling dumb ass wake up rob this is his 3rd damn season and 3 seasons of winning dumb ass
cesar valenzuela
cesar valenzuela 11 днів тому
Rated M
Rated M 7 днів тому
Lmao cowgirls
cesar valenzuela
cesar valenzuela 11 днів тому
Rob you're one hating ass mother****** you know how stupid you look our defense shut the Seahawks down!! Admit it like a man the COWBOYS are something special this year
DC4L Nation
DC4L Nation 11 днів тому
Rob just stuck in his feelings and need to find a new job
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor 11 днів тому
I can't stand Rob Parker, he the biggest hater since Stephen A.Thats why his dumb ass got fired from the Detroit Free Press.He don't know jack shit about 🏈.Get this clown out of here.Go Boyz
Nelson Rodriguez
Nelson Rodriguez 11 днів тому
Skip “mmm mmm yup” Bayless 😂
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai 11 днів тому
Rams in a blowout.
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai 10 днів тому
+Ali Muhammad You're delusional if you think the Rams are going to lose... Rams win by 2 touchdowns easy.
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
Wildman Samurai they said saints in a blowout an Dallas whip dat ass. Same thing with the rams they bout to get a ass whipping. More cowboys fans in LA than Rams fans u no that right.
KaeDoogy_ _Dogg
KaeDoogy_ _Dogg 11 днів тому
Nothing but Cowboy fans in these comments
Angry HD
Angry HD 11 днів тому
I see Rob I click 👍🏾
Julio Delacruz
Julio Delacruz 11 днів тому
they keep saying "their day will come." Coming back from 3-5 to not only make the playoffs and win the division, which by the way, they said would never happen, but win a playoff game that no one thought Dallas could. "SB winning coach... SB winning QB... #1 running offense... Dak can't throw... worst division (2 teams from the NFC East in the divisional playoff round)" blah blah blah... This season is already a success in my eyes, but, hey.. Dak sucks and so do the cowboys
Robbie R
Robbie R 11 днів тому
All these cowboys fans salty Rob is speaking facts. Cowboys have proven to be inconsistent and Dak is unproven. Hes just telling it like it is. Stop crying.
Robbie R
Robbie R 10 днів тому
Just read through the comments section. Nothing but crying about the media hating on cowboys. Lol everybody is a hater according cowboy fans.
koolbreez9865 11 днів тому
Robbie R stop crying? How many NFC teams are still playing in January? 😂😂
Marcos Moreno
Marcos Moreno 11 днів тому
Rob parker just know I hate you ... biggest cowboys hater
Marcos Moreno
Marcos Moreno 10 днів тому
+Snakefoot Coins Jeff W lol wow ..why so angry 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Snakefoot Coins Jeff W
Snakefoot Coins Jeff W 10 днів тому
He doesn't read this you moron and even if he did he wouldn't care.
GimmeSome Truth
GimmeSome Truth 11 днів тому
Something no one talks about, Zeke fumbles a lot, Gurley doesn't. And the Rams may have a crap run defense but when they hit you they hit hard. Wouldn't be surprised if a Zeke fumble loses the game for them. Oh and don't forget the Defensive Player of the Year, just may have an impact.
peytonlee55 11 днів тому
GimmeSome Truth Zeke only has 2 fumbles
jeremy x
jeremy x 11 днів тому
Dak & the offense didn't give up that final Seattle 2 huge plays to make being dominated most of the game seem alot closer than it actually was Skip touched on it The offense did their part The defense lapsed late, making it a game Rob You'd still blame Dallas's blame on a teams bad play vs Dallas outplaying them Haters gonna hate
RockSswag 11 днів тому
Even if Dallas beats the rams they'll say they stand no chance against the saints.. if they beat the saints they have no chance against whoever is next.. cant win.
William Buenafe
William Buenafe 8 днів тому
+Ali Muhammad false. They will lose to rams
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
RockSswag facts
kjom paul
kjom paul 11 днів тому
This guy is a joke. he was so wrong all these time, he ia so dammmmmmmmmmm
Mr. Hall
Mr. Hall 11 днів тому
Don’t forget we lost Monday night
Jsh Jsh
Jsh Jsh 11 днів тому
34-16 Rams
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
Jsh Jsh 27-16 Dallas
MaeMaeVlogs 11 днів тому
I can’t wait to see skips reaction when the cowboys lose😂
William Buenafe
William Buenafe 8 днів тому
+Ali Muhammad good dream kid. Both these teams suck but the cowboys are just utter shit
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 10 днів тому
MaeMaeVlogs I can't wait to see your face when the cowboys win.
Ray Flores
Ray Flores 10 днів тому
He already has a trunk full of diet mountain dew bro. It’ll be about time if it happens. Still a great season made it further than 25 other teams.
Brian Daniel
Brian Daniel 11 днів тому
Keep waiting
Zachary Faias
Zachary Faias 11 днів тому
So only if they win the SB, this fool will then reluctantly give them credit??? Just confirms this guys opinion are complete shit and biased.
Edward Wells
Edward Wells 11 днів тому
Its funny....Seattle lost becuase Dallas shut down Russel Wilson, so are you telling me Rob and Shannon that Dallas doesnt have the potential to shut down Goff and Girly like they did the Saints?
Frank Ugochukwu
Frank Ugochukwu 11 днів тому
He keeps raising the bar on the Cowboys 🙄
Rated M
Rated M 7 днів тому
The bar came crashing on their backs on Saturday.
nathan walton
nathan walton 11 днів тому
This guy is scratching and clawing for anything he can get bad on dak and dem boys!!!
Thamon Wright
Thamon Wright 11 днів тому
Everyone is missing that Todd gurley isn’t healthy. His left knee just isn’t right. Jared Goff is not the same just like Dak isn’t without zeke. Goff is not a gamer & I don’t trust him in a big spot. Dallas is going to beat the brakes off Rams. They’ve already said 50% of ticket sales are going to cowboy fans
Jayster 11 днів тому
Rob Parker !!! Here is the Big mouth again !! What team if any did this man play for !!! Just another Hater !!
Quincee 33
Quincee 33 11 днів тому
I'm an Eagles fan but Dallas has a damn good defense. And it's young. Only going to get better.
Steve Wilds
Steve Wilds 11 днів тому
Hate rob barker
Thamon Wright
Thamon Wright 11 днів тому
They keep putting Dak down. I will take him any day over Goff. Am I missing something? Goff is a poor mans matt Ryan. He’s not tough
Derrick Bonner
Derrick Bonner 11 днів тому
Shannon u are dumb you played in the playoffs Parker didn't shannon u know wat it's like in the postseason
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