Rod Wave - Bottom Boy Survivor (Official Music Video)

Rod Wave
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25 лип 2019





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Tampa Goon
Tampa Goon День тому
I play dis jam all the time Tampa fucking with you hard you motivated me more.
Tampa Goon
Tampa Goon День тому
Keep doing your thing homie 👊💪💯 you got the hold Florida with you fuck the other side
Tampa Goon
Tampa Goon День тому
Real shit dis a hit 👍
Checkchasin Quis
Checkchasin Quis 3 дні тому
Bobby Oliver
Bobby Oliver 4 дні тому
This big $
Bleú Faće
Bleú Faće 8 днів тому
Dopest out.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 9 днів тому
Man that s#$% to soulful like he plate of soul food
Jeffrey Oconner
Jeffrey Oconner 9 днів тому
Jeffrey Oconner
Jeffrey Oconner 9 днів тому
that nigga name nookie
that nigga name nookie 11 днів тому
Rod wave over everything
Apreley Randle
Apreley Randle 11 днів тому
Who like rod wave 👇
Brian Ferguson
Brian Ferguson 13 днів тому
Like if he’s the goat
NCYungin 13 днів тому
Wtf this aint over a million views yet? 😒
Deandre Dillard
Deandre Dillard 14 днів тому
Rod Wave Got Now
buck from75
buck from75 16 днів тому
Shout out to Trillobeatz the one that made this instrumental
Russel Lawrence
Russel Lawrence 16 днів тому
Give him credit! It's overdue!
Leaky 14
Leaky 14 18 днів тому
Sub up
Faze Clon
Faze Clon 19 днів тому
You the best rapper ever
OTB SP 21 день тому
I haven’t heard not ☝🏽 bs song yet..keep mashing homies 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Daenayy Von
Daenayy Von 21 день тому
Who eva thumb down this is a tru hater yo. Point blank period yo
Daenayy Von
Daenayy Von 21 день тому
This shit nice asf! New GOAT.
James Jones
James Jones 23 дні тому
Bro this song got me thru a lot these past few weeks and I appreciate the content n great music 💯💯💯
Mike 24 дні тому
reminence on dark days make it hard to smile 💔
Zacharia Cunningham
Zacharia Cunningham 25 днів тому
YCB COMPTON 25 днів тому
Rod wave so underrated
Melanie B
Melanie B 26 днів тому
Knew That You Would Leave Cause They All Do 🥶
Sybear harris
Sybear harris 22 дні тому
I was there when you needed me but when I needed peace, I couldn't call you 🔥🔥🔥
MINDBodyANDFro 26 днів тому
everyone who disliked it is just mad because it's not longer
big facts
big facts 26 днів тому
I snapped when the beat dropped all freestyle so hard u thought I was a rapper
ArizonaTM 27 днів тому
What y’all talm bout saying rod Slept on?!!?🙌🏾☝️☝️🔥🔥🔥
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 28 днів тому
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This playing this all Summer. Love from Australia🔥
Jumping Jax
Jumping Jax 28 днів тому
Anyone else here from lilchucky's vid on twitter?
Lacie Collins
Lacie Collins Місяць тому
Resheika Ashley
Resheika Ashley Місяць тому
I felt this one 🚀💯💯
cjay smith
cjay smith Місяць тому
new face of florida fuck you niggaz mean!
Detarus Price
Detarus Price Місяць тому
Dandray Cameron
Dandray Cameron Місяць тому
Bra you so underrated I don’t see how they not hearing this?!! Turn my nigga up man one of the hottest out rn in my opinion I damn near feel every song , say you can’t feel this shit in yo soul.! Keep going you gone be one of the greatest ever my nigga! 🐐🗣🗣💯🙏🏾
robbie tyga
robbie tyga Місяць тому
Dashuna Young
Dashuna Young Місяць тому
he so fine!😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis Місяць тому
I been following this boy since he started this hands down best solo song💯 u can feel the pain in his voice
Pappy Bhris
Pappy Bhris Місяць тому
beatsbygetro Місяць тому
DEXIFY2K Місяць тому
i felt this one i feel the same way no lie
Samantha Sumrall
Samantha Sumrall Місяць тому
from the bottom to the top real nicca sh^t.
I gotta Survive
I gotta Survive Місяць тому
Yeahhhhh dawggggg
TNB Beezy
TNB Beezy Місяць тому
You know he used to sing in the church choir as a kid
Owuski 26 днів тому
TNB Beezy definitely 😂😂😂😂
JaDen May-Kelser
JaDen May-Kelser Місяць тому
Who else read the title of the song and Said "Imma bottom boy survivor I made it out my apartment"
Daveon McGregor
Daveon McGregor Місяць тому
yeah dawg
Robert Jaidinger
Robert Jaidinger Місяць тому
Goin up young king
troytv university
troytv university Місяць тому
Your music legit makes my life better💪👌🕰💰
Jahmar Ellis
Jahmar Ellis Місяць тому
This real pain right here ❤️💚✅
Jason ODonnell
Jason ODonnell Місяць тому
Me likey lots
Florida Girl
Florida Girl Місяць тому
I been listen to this but what make me mad is we both stay in st.pete I’ve never seen him
Shane Місяць тому
rod wave the new wave 🔥
Meerak Ali
Meerak Ali Місяць тому
LONG LIVE BLACK I LOVE YOU CUZ...your favorite song before you finished your journey now you at peace my dawg you’ll forever be loved...you got your wings now cuz
Random Child
Random Child Місяць тому
U underrated af. I love ur stuff, can’t wait to see you make it big, man
Chazzy Productions
Chazzy Productions Місяць тому
uncle luc the goat
CADRON TV. Місяць тому
Lila Houston
Lila Houston Місяць тому
Why y’all just now worried about Rod Wave, he been fye. Anyone else been here sense Heart 4 Sale
Tommeh c
Tommeh c Місяць тому
Oooooooo... he wavy as fuck! 🙃 so smooth my man.
Stevo DaPrince VEVO
Stevo DaPrince VEVO Місяць тому
Subscribe to my channel 1 of the most slept on Florida artist you won’t be disappointed
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