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Rod Wave
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Heart On Ice REMIX feat. Lil Durk (Official Music Video): ukvid.net/video/відео-cefVIm2I6BI.html
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23 тра 2019





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A.W.W FACTS 13 годин тому
A.W.W FACTS 13 годин тому
New fan here!! Keep doing ya thing💪🔥
Janyah Aldophe
Janyah Aldophe 15 годин тому
Peep young ma
Sham Brail
Sham Brail 20 годин тому
Love this shit!!!
Halo Speers
Halo Speers 21 годину тому
when he said 'i wanted to cry, but i was too afraid to open' I FELT THAT.😩💔
Precious_.poppin День тому
Dedrick Milburn
Dedrick Milburn День тому
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman День тому
d Mack
d Mack День тому
I dig it
IMVU ZAY 2 дні тому
Nobody: ATR members: 🤛🏾🤚🏾🖕🏾👇🏾👎🏾👆🏾✊🏾🤛🏾🤚🏾🖖🏾👉🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Jeshanti Barnes
Jeshanti Barnes 2 дні тому
See I sent back strapped heart broken :make this grey if he 🗑:make this blue! If he talented rod 🌊😘 ur in inspiration to me
Undra Jackson
Undra Jackson 2 дні тому
This song fire lit
Stacy Butler
Stacy Butler 2 дні тому
After I had slap I had told don't know how u get down with them clowns but I'm soldier
QVUEEN E2tymess
QVUEEN E2tymess 2 дні тому
Get me through shit daily, its really hard. This shit called life.
2 дні тому
He ain’t even cuss this whole song 🔥🔥
Dmorea Jones
Dmorea Jones 2 дні тому
He had probably went through so much and then he made the song
Tanjiro Riene
Tanjiro Riene 2 дні тому
This song got me in my feelings
Dennis Thompson Jr
Dennis Thompson Jr 3 дні тому
DeMarcus Dates
DeMarcus Dates 3 дні тому
Nigga speaking pain no rap cap
Shamill BelloRodriguez
Shamill BelloRodriguez 3 дні тому
Lil Henry
Lil Henry 3 дні тому
I love you rod wave you is my dog for live
Jennifer Rivers
Jennifer Rivers 3 дні тому
Piece of mind by the ocean 🌊💯
leeah Anderson
leeah Anderson 3 дні тому
its ok me too my hearts on ice
Guest Guests
Guest Guests 3 дні тому
This touching ......
Serious KILLMONGER 3 дні тому
Jazaria Johnson
Jazaria Johnson 3 дні тому
Hay what up
The Best Rapper You Never Heard Of
I'm a teacher and one of my students put me on to Rod. I might mess around and give him an A lol.
Its_ Joneya
Its_ Joneya 4 дні тому
this song just came through my brother just died
Jæy W
Jæy W День тому
Its_ Joneya my condolences. Praying for strength and guidance for you and everyone affected
Zae bae
Zae bae 4 дні тому
🗣Aye ain't this NBA beat. I am who you say I am? Y'all sleep thos shit raw😝😝
kiri vlogs Johnson
kiri vlogs Johnson 4 дні тому
Ik i am late but this song means every thing to me😍❤🔥
Stephon Gooden
Stephon Gooden 4 дні тому
Tanece,katira,and aali ,and pooch Smith
Ok young blue
Marcos Herrera
Marcos Herrera 4 дні тому
I literally lost this song when it only had 2.7k views and now I found it again with 10 mill 🤝💯🎶‼️
Ruby Stewart
Ruby Stewart 4 дні тому
Big boy you got it im your number 1 fan god bless you and you family
Gibgjb Allen
Gibgjb Allen 4 дні тому
Vanessa& Alyssa
Vanessa& Alyssa 5 днів тому
Ok but he kinda sound like Kevin Gates when he said “heart been broke so many times”
Quentin Oliver
Quentin Oliver 3 дні тому
Vanessa& Alyssa yeah he kinda do but his voice way softer and he got his own wave 🌊
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 4 дні тому
1st He Sound Like Rod Wave 🌊. Stop comparing Artist when you know they Big Different. What any all the those lil Uzi's
Tray Day 216
Tray Day 216 5 днів тому
Ydd Naz
Ydd Naz 5 днів тому
You should get Kevin gates on this🚫🧢
Gunna June
Gunna June 5 днів тому
I thought this was Kevin Gates when he did the hook😂
Hey Girls
Hey Girls 5 днів тому
Tcole/tcola *
Tcole/tcola * 6 днів тому
Zay1kfunny ?
Zay1kfunny ? 7 днів тому
Bro 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Muhlani Red
Muhlani Red 7 днів тому
I can understand where he’s coming from 💜
Ariel Johnson
Ariel Johnson 7 днів тому
This is the sexiest big guy ive ever seen. 😍😍
Joshua wood
Joshua wood 7 днів тому
This has got to be the only guy that voice actually matches his looks.
MAGiC SchlongSON
MAGiC SchlongSON 7 днів тому
I have to play this joint at least 10 times in a row every time literally!! 💜💜💔💯💯💯
Joshua wood
Joshua wood 7 днів тому
This has to be the most down to earth rapper out here for sure.
Joshua wood
Joshua wood 7 днів тому
Buddy got some innocent kid eyes, you can tell he's the type of person that ain't NEVER did anybody wrong and would never do anybody wrong, his energy make me feel like shit for the fucked up shit I've done when I was younger and I would never do that shit again but he just shows you what a real innocence is.
Jatalyn Ptomy
Jatalyn Ptomy 7 днів тому
I met is
Jatalyn Ptomy
Jatalyn Ptomy 7 днів тому
I’m going threw the same stuff that he io
Epiphany Arina
Epiphany Arina 7 днів тому
While at my nana house, I play the couch and stare up at the ceiling, trying not to get in my feelings.
Bearr Jackson
Bearr Jackson 7 днів тому
Trying not to get my feelings 😔
laii and naiah
laii and naiah 8 днів тому
I love this song
Kenyea El Amin
Kenyea El Amin 9 днів тому
Verrrrrrrrry talented
Shalina Allen
Shalina Allen 9 днів тому
My 13 year old daughter brought me here she has that producer ear¡
Azor's WRLD
Azor's WRLD 9 днів тому
Who here from Kennedy's Instagram story?💔😔
Jahmary Benoit
Jahmary Benoit 9 днів тому
I don't get it where is the music video it just different video put to together I don't see nigga move lip one time
Mr Daryl
Mr Daryl 9 днів тому
This my song
Kamron Mason
Kamron Mason 10 днів тому
do your thing rod wave
Grace O
Grace O 10 днів тому
Song recommendations?
Howard Whitfield
Howard Whitfield 10 днів тому
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