Roger Federer Runner-Up Press Conference Wimbledon 2019

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14 лип 2019





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Rodrigo Solis
Rodrigo Solis 4 дні тому
1 month later. Still hurts... 😩
Julian D'Rozario
Julian D'Rozario 6 днів тому
Will never forget this loss 🙁
Elite Elite
Elite Elite 7 днів тому
The huge ugly nose
Jake M
Jake M 13 днів тому
he is the prime example of how to deal with a loss like this. such a gracious sportsman. people need to appreciate federer for all of his greatness before he retires. such an inspiration. he was soooooo close to number 21. he played passive on those two points, almost as if he was hoping djokovic would feel the pressure and fail. he didn't. i only wish he had played those two serves less conservatively. if he had, i believe this press conference would've been the winner one.
Jake M
Jake M 9 днів тому
It was the way he approached. I rewatched it. I still believe he was passive. Perhaps it was nerves. He’s my all time favorite player. I watch all his matches. Love him. Just sad he couldn’t convert on one of those match points. Ugh.
Manuel Gasse
Manuel Gasse 11 днів тому
Jake M He played passive ?? He attacked the net...
johnny71424 15 днів тому
I'm still unable to over come this frustrating loss 😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤
Tom Scott
Tom Scott 16 днів тому
being an ex-athlete, i'm not sure people appreciate the level of play and dominance of the BIG 3. nowhere, in the history of sport, has a group dominated like they have. it's too bad there was only 1 winner.
mk kha
mk kha 17 днів тому
I am very dispointed of this heartbreaking lose of Federer..i am crying...
Az Akh
Az Akh 19 днів тому
2 weeks later still can't believe he lost lol
Indie Guy
Indie Guy 21 день тому
french people hows his french? is it as perfect as his english?
M V 22 дні тому
Rogers play is beautiful and elegant but that doesnt work when hes playing the best returner in history.... plus Novaks mental toughness cant be matched, hes the true GOAT!!
Dzoni Bravo
Dzoni Bravo 22 дні тому
2:41 it has been 8 years since Novak has been number 3 player but this "journalist" has hard time to let it go? It's discusting.
Jules Marie
Jules Marie 23 дні тому
Two weeks later and I’m still gutted. He’s so gracious in defeat.
Peppino Acrivulis
Peppino Acrivulis 23 дні тому
He has a traslator inside...a legend
Mark Shaw
Mark Shaw 24 дні тому
So fakking glad federer lost....the biased crowd and federer lost ...LMFAOOOOO
Jules Marie
Jules Marie 23 дні тому
Your bloke got lucky ahole
Walter Souza
Walter Souza 25 днів тому
Please, guys, don't distract me with language issues, as the main fact is the worst defeat of Roger's career after having two match points in his favor.
Igor Pantelic
Igor Pantelic 25 днів тому
I thought he was gonna say it was a lucky shot...
Ivan Bojkovic
Ivan Bojkovic 26 днів тому
Djokovic was lucky again, for the third time. Oh its crying time again how close i was, he was lucky, i should have won
Raj Hoi
Raj Hoi 23 дні тому
Ha ha ha gav
Red Manggo
Red Manggo 26 днів тому
Djokovic young & full energy & Federer getting old & bit slow so it’s Novak djokovic turn
0i0l0o 26 днів тому
what is happening here? 3rd time same situation against Novak?
==/A\== 25 днів тому
Because he was doing same mistakes all 3 times, believe or not. I'm writing analysis about it, posting at Reddit tomorrow maybe r/tennis
Joel Wright
Joel Wright 27 днів тому
He is the most graceful, wonderful when he loses. The Goat Loser He has a lot of practice at it thanks to joker
shellsbignumber2 27 днів тому
I doubt Novak will be at Rogers level when Novak is Rogers age. I think maybe Novak has 2 or 3 more years at the top, as his game is much more physical than Rogers.
Manuel Gasse
Manuel Gasse 11 днів тому
Novak is a health freak. Yoga, meditation, no meat, no gluten, stretching, etc. I can easily imagine him being on top 3-4 years from now.
Balto wolf
Balto wolf 27 днів тому
Federer for Wimbledon 2020, who's with me ?
Shrikant Kumar
Shrikant Kumar 27 днів тому
@pranaybeast its not true
Alex Vidakovic
Alex Vidakovic 28 днів тому
Is there a language this guy doesn't speak?
Amal Santhosh
Amal Santhosh 28 днів тому
A week down the line and it still hurts. COME ON ROGER Be21eve !!!!
Travel is Life
Travel is Life 28 днів тому
Respect for him, but shame on the wimbledon crowd! Arrogant british people who cannot comprehend the idea that someone from eastern europe could win over them capitalist world countries.. CHOKE
Mohak Gupta
Mohak Gupta 28 днів тому
Truly classic.
Vogue Girl
Vogue Girl 28 днів тому
Didn't realise there has only been one player to have beaten two out of the three top players on route to winning a grand slam. Please introduce Stan the man! He beat Nadal and Djokovic to win the French Open happy days. Murray has also beaten the joker in two grand slam finals. I hope he comes back to playing singles 😃
Ed Rosie
Ed Rosie 28 днів тому
He is top draw. Most professional, intellectual, truly kind and decent sportsman out there.
Ford Christensen
Ford Christensen 28 днів тому
Forever and always the GOAT
Maximus3075 17 днів тому
at choking
Nagy Andrew
Nagy Andrew 28 днів тому
Roger is the best tennis player of all time in the history of tennis.
Karen Wilber
Karen Wilber 28 днів тому
His loss just really broke my heart. I was up on my feet in my living room when he had those 2 championship points ready to celebrate with him. They both played a fabulous match but I really wanted Roger to get this win. I just keep thinking about those 2 championship points... ugh. :( Hopefully he will keep up this fabulous play for the US Open!
World Citizen
World Citizen 28 днів тому
He is Grace personified. If only he could hold it at 15-40, this would have been his 21st. But there is absolutely no doubt about this man's greatness. He is a living legend, whom I wish from the bottom of my heart to win atleast 4 more grand slams before hanging his boots.
rosi Stepanov
rosi Stepanov 28 днів тому
Djokovic kampioen
Silica Asuna
Silica Asuna 28 днів тому
It is not sad to watch him fall short at this stage. He has achieved too much, checked to many boxes and earned too many millions for anyone to feel pity. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Diamonaut MC
Diamonaut MC 28 днів тому
this time
this time 29 днів тому
just one of the goat now
Tony Alexi
Tony Alexi 29 днів тому
wow!!he spoke several langueges!beauty player ,politely!!respect!!!
Jyotishman Hazarika
Jyotishman Hazarika 29 днів тому
Arbaaz khan
franklynw1 29 днів тому
The joker will be the GOAT... yes I said it
devil lonesome
devil lonesome 29 днів тому
Enjoy time off Mr Roger! What a great performance.
MOSIMA PHADU 29 днів тому
He is such an inspiration ❤️.
Akiruu87 29 днів тому
Pure class
Az Akh
Az Akh 29 днів тому
This is the most gutted I felt after a sports match since Arsenal losing the champions league final in 2006. 2 championship points on serve smh. The only way he can redeem himself or comeback is by winning the Us open but that is unlikely.
Jean Belmondo
Jean Belmondo 29 днів тому
If tiebreakers were not allowed in the final match as in the 1960s, Federer would have beaten Djokovic in three straight sets after only 34 games played. Excluding the tiebreakers and Counting only the first 34 games as they occurred chronologically we have Federer winning 8-6 6-4 6-4. So actually in this match the first two tiebreakers have prolonged the match by 31 more games plus a third tiebreaker.
Instant Access0303
Instant Access0303 29 днів тому
Roger Federer is the best tennis player EVER, simple.
dragan zivkovic
dragan zivkovic 29 днів тому
Roger is a big tennis player, but it's over when Novak says it's over. And it's not the first time. And will not be the last because Novak is a genius in the head. That's it.
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 29 днів тому
A stupid Serbian dog commenting as usual.
Graubereich 29 днів тому
Er war in einigen Momenten nicht cool genug und ungeduldig Novak ist da besser.. Das hat das Match entschieden.. Hätte es ihn gegönnt und bin überzeugt das er noch min 1 Slam holt..
espressoman1000 29 днів тому
I'm not really a huge tennis fan but I watched the whole game, but I must say this guy is just incredible, what a phenomenal athlete.
Mash Eclokin
Mash Eclokin 29 днів тому
7 of Federer's grand slam wins were won before Nadal or Djokovic who came almost two years after Nadal, what's amazing is during the Nadal & Federer years so many people had strong emotional attachments to these 2 players & poor Novak had too deal with not only the 2 best players of tennis history but also there fans.... My hat comes of for Novak who had to take the hardest road to become the better player of all 3 & achieve what he has.
Khalid Jamal
Khalid Jamal Місяць тому
Because Djokovic won as the undeserving winner and Federer lost as the better player I do not think Djokovic will ever win another grand slam title.
Thomas Palm
Thomas Palm Місяць тому
What a blessed privilege to have witnessed this golden age of tennis and its top-notch contenders, who exemplify their love and respect for the sport by their display of competitive spirit and gracious sportsmanship. It just doesn't get any better than this.
jyoti sharma
jyoti sharma Місяць тому
He is the best player of all times and an even better person - amazing grace. Kyrgios needs to learn how to behave from Roger.
Boris Lemeshev
Boris Lemeshev 28 днів тому
Federer is incredible, agreed, but Djokovic deserves to be in that conversation too. Both men are true GOATS.
Vogue Girl
Vogue Girl 28 днів тому
It's called being mature and showing respect for the game.
specnaz1935 Місяць тому
😒What a boring fellow, a prince turning into a toad.
Ranko Jacimovic
Ranko Jacimovic Місяць тому
Hvala Rodzer. Da ti nisi toliko dobar ne bi ni nas Nole ni izbliza bio tako sjajan. Uz Novaka priustio si nam zaista mnoge divne trenutke. Pozdrav za ovu sportsku i ljudsku gromadu. Da si nam ziv i zdrav .
Mustafa Bohari
Mustafa Bohari Місяць тому
kudos to Roger man, truly...this is his attitude after such a tough loss..man must have spiritual side of it..its so difficult to be this positive and saneful after such kind of defeat i mean he has two match pts..i pray that he wins atleast couple more wimbledons or grand slams...this will make rafa and novak on their heels and make them play longer..and make this golden age last longer.
yakxattack Місяць тому
12-12 tiebreak 👎. RIP Wimbledon
Alberto Soto
Alberto Soto Місяць тому
Roger is great in victory, as in defeat, he is one of the few great athletes, as well as a great human being, congratulations to Roger and his beautiful family!
WJ Місяць тому
Always the winner in my mind. Federer forever. Classiest winner ever, and runner up!!
Adnan Omerovic
Adnan Omerovic Місяць тому
Mats eat yourself buahahahahaaaaa
MANUTD4LIFE171 Місяць тому
Federer just can’t beat Djokovic in Wimbledon finals, that’s 3-0 to Djokovic 🤣🤣🤣🤣 If only the likes of Phillipouses, Nalbandian and Roddick where still playing
Joanna Johns
Joanna Johns Місяць тому
Very-Very Well said!! " I dont want to be depressed about actually an amazing tennis match" - yes, very well said!
Andrea Wolek
Andrea Wolek Місяць тому
Danced 🤣🤣🤣
Mira Starcevic
Mira Starcevic Місяць тому
The king
Lucille P
Lucille P Місяць тому
Roger Federer is a classy gentleman! Great tennis player and family man. I wish he his a brother for me.
Justyna Szyszka-Pałacha
Justyna Szyszka-Pałacha Місяць тому
He’s so gutted. It’s hard to watch.
lun3axe Місяць тому
Was the first commentator trying to stir him up? That guy should be banned from asking questions.
Vogue Girl
Vogue Girl Місяць тому
I didn't realise he has lost to Djokovic 4 times in Grand slam finals 3 at Wimbledon 😥He needs to up his game and beat him.
Caroline Cameron
Caroline Cameron Місяць тому
3 days now & I’m still suffering PWD “Post Wimbledon Depression “. Nothing seems to be helping 😔
Rilèy Ràul
Rilèy Ràul 29 днів тому
Cheer up,the season is not over yet, there is still one more grand-slam to go and a handful of masters. Considering the way he has been playing all year, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins them all.
gogi Місяць тому
He is great player. Respect !
Carolyn Parkhurst
Carolyn Parkhurst Місяць тому
Roger handles himself so well,but deep down inside I think he wants to slap some of these reporters !
Benjamin Decsei
Benjamin Decsei Місяць тому
Imagine in a parallel reality Roger Federer hitting an underarm serve like Nick Kyrgios at the first match point and winning the point and the match , everybody starts booing him including Djokovic but Roger just smiles and wiggles his index finger in the air while approaching the net, like at Roland Garros 2011. What a moment...
Muhamed Omazic
Muhamed Omazic Місяць тому
The only reason why Roger lost the match is Novak*s faith in God.This is the reason why Novak could find his best tenis in tie-breaks.Djoković plays with surrender and he plays for the pleasure of God.Roger plays for his own pleasure and for the crowds.That is why in this rivalry Novak is beter.
Gabriel Micu
Gabriel Micu Місяць тому
Roger really choked, he is the only reason that he lose. Novak played important points better also, clear Roger played better and was overall better player. Really frustrating for me to see the better more talented player lose in tie-breaks.
Brbljiva Місяць тому
He had a bad day at work, that's it. But the consequences are... he still earned 10 millions or something?
Redbaron9495 Місяць тому
(Anglophile) English speaking journalists are terrible- they just can't abide the success of Eastern Europeans i.e Slavs & Serbs etc
mario glory
mario glory 28 днів тому
greetings from rhodes island greece
Goran Bulic
Goran Bulic Місяць тому
пуши га надмени гаде ,.. твоје не поштивање противника , посебно Ђоковића показује како си лош човек ,..
Ryan Marinelli
Ryan Marinelli Місяць тому
Some questions shouldn’t be answered, what stupid reporters
Anthony John
Anthony John Місяць тому
The GODS handed Novak Djokovic the Wimbledon Trophy....because on the day he was beaten by Federer The two Championship points that William Tell ...the King of Aces ..... was not allowed to convert Its like Jimmy White .... arguably the most exciting player ever....never to be crowned Snooker Champion of the world....Hope Federer comes back again
Gerrie Pieters
Gerrie Pieters Місяць тому
He has 2 match points. ..and still loose
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