Running Away From Home

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I had a weird fascination with running away from home as a kid and subsequently terrified my dad one day after school!
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19 вер 2021





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Dead Chips
Dead Chips 28 хвилин тому
I thought I was the only idiot that said Tom foolery
Alfie Watt
Alfie Watt 2 години тому
I’m having a computer phase
Steven Theakston
Steven Theakston 4 години тому
Rebecca you haven’t posted a video in 3 weeks
S6up 4 години тому
Haven’t watched this Channel in years and it’s still good af
DarcShadoww 5 годин тому
Hello dear wife
bakub00m 9 годин тому
For some reason, it sounds like the mic is clearer than usual.
Cookie Shem!
Cookie Shem! 10 годин тому
1:41 hmm BECCA i think that would be you 🤣🤣
Random turtle
Random turtle 10 годин тому
ive ran away from my haose befor
Sudhakar b
Sudhakar b 11 годин тому
I went though a cat 🐱 Phase when I was small.
tempG2 11 годин тому
İ hade a tank vase yes you heard me tanks bang bang wait don't sue me i now mobile legends bang bang don't sue me noooooooo okay seriously i hade a vase about tanks yes and still like tanks
Marshmellow3387 11 годин тому
When I was like 5 or something I tried running away cause I had timeout. I remember crying and packing my toys in a luggage, my mom just letting me do this knowing I wouldn’t go through with running away. I then had to put my shoes on but I didn’t know how to tie them so I went to my dad and said “I need my shoes tied so I can run away” he tied my shoes and my parents both looked at me and said “bye we’ll miss you”. Then I cried and couldn’t even make it out the door. Surprisingly I think I went back to timeout willing but still upset.
Ribbit 12 годин тому
106.5 x 4 is 426
Shouto Todoroki
Shouto Todoroki 15 годин тому
Your handwriting as a child looked just like mine when I was like 8-
Neo Core Saturn
Neo Core Saturn 15 годин тому
4:20 she had a despicable taste of an idea
Larissa Espaillat
Larissa Espaillat 15 годин тому
Greeting from Spain
Victoria 19 годин тому
That’s where u get your acting skills-
Cold Feather productions
Cold Feather productions День тому
Hey becca are you cured now? Or are you in-sick lol
Cauã lima de silva
Cauã lima de silva День тому
Muito bom kkkk
Alastor 99
Alastor 99 День тому
Hello Rebecca, long time "oodle lolly" first time commenter (on your videos) I wanted to know if I can draw you with some other animator UKvidrs and my persona, I'll send a image of the end result before I post it on tik tok, but if not I understand
Gacha _Grieve
Gacha _Grieve День тому
New video 😯
depressed in swag
depressed in swag День тому
IM making those into the back ground of mah phone its just to funny
depressed in swag
depressed in swag День тому
omg those screams
Scarlet Westenskow
Scarlet Westenskow День тому
I think that every family has that messing with each other love language, Becca
Lucas Birk
Lucas Birk День тому
Como coloca em português
Hello Becca I love your vids can you please draw yourself in a sailor moon outfit and a magic girl outfit please please please please please please please
Midnight Animation
Midnight Animation 2 дні тому
0:50 I had a psycho one
Michael Conticchio
Michael Conticchio 2 дні тому
Hey love your videos
CharlieU2B 2 дні тому
My uncle picks on me as a ack of love
♡︎ Aesthetically Nelli ♡︎
“Mom got a wonderful awful idea” *shoot the grinch smile without the smile*
Wolfia Caraway
Wolfia Caraway 2 дні тому
Let Me Explain Studios Let Me Explain Studios Let Me Explain Studios I got my parents into your videos, you are amazing
May the tank engine( Not active)
Since she does not animate mouth Reminds me of BOMBERMAN.
Shadful 2 дні тому
I tried running away once. My parents found out. They were not happy.
Sasa medina
Sasa medina 2 дні тому
I was your biggest fan with im just six But im seven now
Kawaii Shadow
Kawaii Shadow 2 дні тому
The fact she ordered 426 pumpkins is just…….. 🤨concErnInG😅
Amelia Lara
Amelia Lara 3 дні тому
That end tho
Alex🦊 3 дні тому
Que buen video
Icy Champ •_•
Icy Champ •_• 3 дні тому
I got the "glorious" FNAF PHASE. (and creepypasta phase)
♠ DemonMohawkboy ♠
♠ DemonMohawkboy ♠ 3 дні тому
Narrator: Mom got an idea. An awful idea. A wonderful awful idea. Mom: *smiles like the grinch but no mouth* Me: She just made a reference from the Grinch!? What wonderful art skills. :)
Ulster Secretary
Ulster Secretary 3 дні тому
10 year olds are not stupid
MissFortune 3 дні тому
Stopped going through phases ? My phases never ended… *science dinosaurs Star Wars avatar the last airbender ECT*
Sophia Won
Sophia Won 3 дні тому
My little brother is in a military pirate army phase
iansito 4 дні тому
Bear Hunter
Bear Hunter 4 дні тому
Loved the nod to the original grinch.
age lee
age lee 4 дні тому
lm the Dino and space not ponies
NevaeLove 4 дні тому
I want meet you so much
Kit Frost
Kit Frost 4 дні тому
"A time when we were particularly fixated on something" My neurodovergent self: Me? NeVeR.
Anna gacha uwu
Anna gacha uwu 4 дні тому
Hi Rebecca my name is Carol and I live in Brazil and I love your channel even though I can't understand still i love your channel
Robro 3000
Robro 3000 4 дні тому
“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is” - yoda
angel midnight
angel midnight 4 дні тому
7:39 Ay yo that siren head I heard!? Or cartoon cat!?
Kari Hathcock
Kari Hathcock 4 дні тому
im the oldest im the one that says yes to my 2 little brothers
Jogos do Tails
Jogos do Tails 5 днів тому
Hi Becca!
bkshinobi12 5 днів тому
Rebecca Parham is the best story teller
Poosh Pash
Poosh Pash 5 днів тому
Parem ARG anyone?
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 5 днів тому
MilesTeeVee 5 днів тому
Hey Rebecca. I am one of your biggest fans. I always say on my videos that your my favorite and to watch your videos after mine. I have always dreamed of having at least have 1k subs. I made a video saying if you comment on it I will upload every day, so please do that with cherries on top. Love your videos and bye!
Nathan Jacobs
Nathan Jacobs 5 днів тому
Robin 79
Robin 79 5 днів тому
cristel ro'meave
cristel ro'meave 5 днів тому
When i was a kid, I wasn't just a weird kid, i was a creepy kid.:b, still am just older.•^•, but the phase was max when I was little, these were the years before I knew what actually happens behind the scenes within aphmau, and lil kid + knowing yandere simulator, (also the years knowing what happened behind the scenes), means yandere kid, and it latched onto my brain, shortly after I got my vampire phase and simping phase.(still attached to my brain.•^•), but the most likely one was the moment like "i wanna kill travis.•^•" moments, luckily the dude was a character and the voice actors for him was no where near my town and hense myself, cuz I was legit serious those years.•^•, it started when i found what zanvis was, and like the lil zane yandere i was, it was like a volcano if someone upsetted zane or was thinking about getting together with him, and I happend to watch, and then boom that yandere is 18 years old with anxiety and most likely depression and still a simp for vampires and characters.•^•, its just unlimited now cuz I realized i simp for girls and non-binary ones too.•^•
The crocodile
The crocodile 5 днів тому
Still as good as ever
Via Vlogol
Via Vlogol 5 днів тому
You helped me to feel better and not cry myself to sleep
LordCringy123 5 днів тому
Actually I was thinking about ur upload schedule....sorry
Jessica Ruiz
Jessica Ruiz 5 днів тому
I was so scared something was going to pop out at the end
Maribel Miller
Maribel Miller 5 днів тому
oh no oh no oh no no no no no
R e y h a n
R e y h a n 5 днів тому
I thought I would have a jump scare at the end of the video lol
Katelin E
Katelin E 6 днів тому
Idfk how to explain this but… your face like matches your voice 💀
whats up kaiju fam
whats up kaiju fam 6 днів тому
=O good prank on your parents and i was so worried when you went to the shower that you can be seen im so so scared cus i may be hurt but nope
Jenna Endicott
Jenna Endicott 6 днів тому
i was pooping when i was watching this and i laughed so hard that the berries and cream water splashed up on my bootie cheeks
Jenna Endicott
Jenna Endicott 6 днів тому
@chebet yeah it was great
chebet 6 днів тому
did you at least give it a taste test
chebet 6 днів тому
oh ..
Alicia Motley
Alicia Motley 6 днів тому
ima kid and i wtach your kid videos to see whats right or wrong 😁😄😃
E 6 днів тому
I had a Lego phase.
꧁Jayden Nuñez 2021꧂
꧁Jayden Nuñez 2021꧂ 6 днів тому
Marcelo gamer oficial
Marcelo gamer oficial 6 днів тому
Melhor vídeo kkkkkkk
Magdalena Hernandez
Magdalena Hernandez 6 днів тому
You are werid thats why we like you
homeless man
homeless man 6 днів тому
My family has a seventh one called murderering each other
The glitched cinema
The glitched cinema 6 днів тому
My phase is fnaf AND I MEAN IT
steamy tree
steamy tree 6 днів тому
You are pretty cool and have nice hair
LylaLand 6 днів тому
Deadtome 6 днів тому
I ran away once, it was so dumb, i didn't even have shoes on, The reason i ran away? I broke the school computer. I was found 10 minutes later.
JackThePossesedJ50Studios 6 днів тому
I’m almost a teen and I’m still obsessed with trains
Joey gaming
Joey gaming 6 днів тому
Why don't you make more videos 😥😥😥😥😩😭😭😭
Sophia Barker
Sophia Barker 6 днів тому
I know why animators say they were weird as a kid because they need stories to tell 🧐🧐
KriszGamer00 7 днів тому
05:01 Like mom, like daughter! 😆
Joshua Girvan
Joshua Girvan 7 днів тому
That ending was very creepy! is the rustling in the bushes supposed to be the garden witch?
awesome movie clips
awesome movie clips 7 днів тому
When I was a kid I had a dinosour phase
Ivory Williams
Ivory Williams 7 днів тому
Do u redraw your backgrounds or copy it? Idk 🤷‍♀️
Foxys_world_yt 7 днів тому
I know you probably won’t see me but do you have any tips for someone that wants to be a animator like you
Rebecca:I was a weird kid Me:I think everyone was or is a weird kid because everyone is weird in there own way
txmxshi 7 днів тому
Okay why was I actually scared at 4:17 😐😂😂
Jassprit Singh Kalsi
Jassprit Singh Kalsi 7 днів тому
My brain is still a gaming brain
Sally Williams
Sally Williams 7 днів тому
Yes she’s back I missed her videos so much
Mr Nugget
Mr Nugget 7 днів тому
Mr Nugget ran away from school
strangename 7 днів тому
weird animation
weird animation 7 днів тому
I bet rebbeca turns into a vampire lol
Thaissa Gabriele
Thaissa Gabriele 7 днів тому
Tô entendendo nada vou esperar um canal aqui dublar kkkk
꧁ChērrÿCøveń꧂ 8 днів тому
The amount of talent it takes to do the Grinch Smile™️ without a mouth-
LionGalaxyClub 8 днів тому
Make some more vid plz
funtime bonnie playz YT
funtime bonnie playz YT 8 днів тому
Rebecca I was just watching jaiden animation when she did a nuzlocke and I thought Rebecca had a old video of butterfree fighting a trainer and it would be cool if you did a nuzlocke
Yew PC
Yew PC 8 днів тому
How do you fit all that food🍮🥧🍭🧁🍫
ben liang
ben liang 8 днів тому
I love how his dad just open the the shower door and start screaming
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku 8 днів тому
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