Russia in the late 1990s: Apartment bombings that accelerated Vladimir Putin's rise to power

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The country lived in fear in the late 1990s. Autumn, 1999, a number of Russian cities saw bombings of residential apartment buildings. A few hundred people died.

This theme is sensitive. People do not like to talk about it. While filming this video, we received a record number of refusals to give an interview. We were told this topic is dangerous to discuss. Why so? One of the versions says that FSB (Federal Security Service) might had been involved in the bombings. This version occurred after a failed bombing in Ryazan.

Our team never aims to provide ready-made decisions neither we are involved in politics. Our purpose is to provide you facts and evidence. We do not like to have dark and unclear parts in our history. Therefore, we decided this topic is absolutely necessary to discuss.

0:00 Intro
01:00 Terror attacks which people do not like to discuss
04:53 Bombing on Guryanova Street
07:39 Versions that came out first
11:04 Who warned people about the bombing?
15:00 RDX became a common thing to discuss
15:48 Who rented a warehouse where the explosive was stored?
17:18 Facial composites of the same terrorist were different.
19:47 Bombing on Kashirskoye Shosse, September 13th.
24:13 How did they manage to transport 10 tones of explosive?
29:27 The person who organised the attack is still on the wanted list.
34:00 Why did they talk about the terror attack before it actually took place?
36:44 Bombing in Volgodonsk
43:36 Version of investigators
44:55 Ibn al-Khattab
47:00 Were all the attacks organised by the same group of people?
50:22 Ryazan's sugar or explosive? Who found the bags in the basement of the building?
53:15 How citizens felt after the bombing?
56:00 Actions of FSB that followed after the bombing.
58:48 The head of MIA said it was a terror attack while the head of FSB said it was a training.
01:02:11 FSB department in Ryazan was not notified about the training.
01:04:22 People who lived in the bombed building raised questions to FSB stuff at a TV show.
01:06:05 Was this training planned?
01:08:21 Sugar or explosive?
01:11:39 Internal tensions after the incident in Ryazan.
01:15:10 Why did many people believe in this version with FSB?
01:15:55 What role Berezovsky played?
01:18:25 What actually happened in Ryazan on the 22nd of September?
01:21:00 What help were the victims offered?
01:23:30 New apartment buildings were built at the place of explosion on Guryanova street.
01:28:25 The trial over the terrorists.
01:31:10 According to the terrorists, who was the organiser of the bombings?
01:35:53 Max Lazovsky is said to be one of the organisers. Was he really involved?
01:38:43 Did the bombings serve as the reason to begin the Second Chechen War?
01:41:16 Could the FSS stuff had organised the bombings?
01:45:55 What's wrong with commemoration of victims in Russia?



19 лис 2020





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