Ryan Garcia Talks To Kevin Hart about becoming the best and his next fight | Cold As Balls S4

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They call him the future of the sport. He's lightning fast. He's an online influencer. And he punched Kevin while Bam Bam and Daryl did nothing. Jump in the ring with #RyanGarcia on this episode of Cold As Balls.


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25 лис 2020





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LOL Network
LOL Network 2 місяці тому
Who is your all time favorite boxer?
Samu Rai
Samu Rai 3 години тому
Mike Tyson
Miguel Germain
Miguel Germain День тому
Anthony Joshua
Koy Gale
Koy Gale День тому
Jacqueline Alvarez
Jacqueline Alvarez 3 дні тому
Mike Tyson
Pablo Mejia
Pablo Mejia 6 днів тому
Joe Louis
Rio Longmore
Rio Longmore 31 хвилина тому
kevin looks more wham than ryan
v shorelime
v shorelime 17 годин тому
This was cringe
Jose Alzuarte
Jose Alzuarte День тому
He's had a nof lol
Naz W
Naz W 3 дні тому
Modesto thegreat
Modesto thegreat 4 дні тому
2 Fake men
Zombiesavage YT
Zombiesavage YT 4 дні тому
Uppercut cause ur short 😭
Active85 5 днів тому
Kevin hart, has Action Bronson in here 😂😂
KeepMyName OutYaMouth
KeepMyName OutYaMouth 6 днів тому
2 guys who cheated on their baby mamas in 1 video. *NICE*
Lyptical !
Lyptical ! 7 днів тому
Luke dropped him tho but he still lost it was a good fight
Akande Toluwalase
Akande Toluwalase 7 днів тому
Tommy Sheridan
Tommy Sheridan 8 днів тому
We need the pebble in here ASAP!!
BB97 007
BB97 007 8 днів тому
Bam bam is funnier than Kevin
Mixfully 9 днів тому
That boy said I gotta go low he’ll nah
Hrandon Bamby
Hrandon Bamby 9 днів тому
0:31 😂
Maitland Hanley
Maitland Hanley 9 днів тому
Frost bite on the nut sack is a thing
Nathan Tran
Nathan Tran 9 днів тому
The married bookcase perioperaively clear because trout curiously kneel above a aromatic comb. understood, ethereal cooking
Bonju Kawakami
Bonju Kawakami 10 днів тому
Garcia needs to fight tank before trying to fight manny Pacquiao
Axel 10 днів тому
is it me or the cardboard cutout of the guy wearing the jersey number 34 looks like jake paul?
Retro Spirit
Retro Spirit 10 днів тому
Jarrod Salas
Jarrod Salas 11 днів тому
man we need a segment where bam is in the hot tub
Jonathan Ryan
Jonathan Ryan 11 днів тому
Please bring the rocky
Moshane Lewis
Moshane Lewis 11 днів тому
He look 13 lol
Master M03N
Master M03N 12 днів тому
We want the ROCK here
Joell.58 13 днів тому
favorite boxer gotta be Bambam
Pinoy Ako
Pinoy Ako 13 днів тому
Eating ears😂😂
Tswaezy 2.o
Tswaezy 2.o 14 днів тому
How did Kevin heart find a ashy white man 😭😭(bam)
Juron Young
Juron Young 14 днів тому
We need the rock
HAIRLINE1000 14 днів тому
Bring on the homie Gary Owen
SpiritandlifeTV - Dr Hugh Alexander Jackman
Mate that was the funniest thing I have seen all year...21 that is!!
El Cucuy
El Cucuy 15 днів тому
Hart vs AB make it happen. I got hart 🤣
Guillermo Dominguez
Guillermo Dominguez 16 днів тому
Really Ali 🙄
david patowary
david patowary 16 днів тому
I love this 'ben' guy
Noel Ortiz
Noel Ortiz 16 днів тому
Next gig with Tank Davis
Dyfan Davies
Dyfan Davies 16 днів тому
If ryan fights mayweather that is what you call fight!
JesusSandals69 16 днів тому
22 I thought 17 bruh
Mayada Alq
Mayada Alq 16 днів тому
Manny Paquio
TerrFowtyFoh 17 днів тому
so that’s why ryan garcia grew out his beard
Benjamin Cope
Benjamin Cope 17 днів тому
12:15 "you about to see my fastest knockout" LMFAO
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez 17 днів тому
😂😂😂😂 the next babe Ruth....yeah ok 😂😂😂
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 17 днів тому
The rock on here
The animation station
The animation station 17 днів тому
Worship music like ?
The animation station
The animation station 17 днів тому
Humble guy
Moises Gutierrez
Moises Gutierrez 17 днів тому
Yo Bam funny af
Andres Gallegos
Andres Gallegos 17 днів тому
Ryan garcia is so inspirational mexican roots. My favorite boxer right there.
MijoAdventures 16 днів тому
He don’t even speak Spanish tho lmao
Omar Bienn
Omar Bienn 17 днів тому
we want the rock
Dominik Dominguez
Dominik Dominguez 17 днів тому
Ah it’s 7 rounds
iHeso Melo
iHeso Melo 18 днів тому
Bro said pimp chronicles 😂 Katt Williams
Chilli-Goon-Fred MR Anderson
Chilli-Goon-Fred MR Anderson 18 днів тому
I show you a lawsuit... 😂😂😂😂
Newa Sujan
Newa Sujan 18 днів тому
Invite Conor Mcgregor please
4:10 That the best thing I have seen. Jajaja just kidding.
Kuda Terbang
Kuda Terbang 18 днів тому
the best
xCONSxXxWORLDx 18 днів тому
Timothy Ndayo
Timothy Ndayo 18 днів тому
Ryan is funny🤣🤣
Your Momma
Your Momma 19 днів тому
Here are 2 kids in middle school taking an ice bath
Yahir Vaca
Yahir Vaca 19 днів тому
He got knocked down in the 2nd 😂
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 19 днів тому
“He snitched on me” and then his face😂
Darrus Reger
Darrus Reger 19 днів тому
Ryan vs floyd both at 22 yr old 130 lbs who winning, I got ryan
Mr P
Mr P 19 днів тому
Man...this really wasn’t funny...Kev, what’s up bro????
Pearse Cullen
Pearse Cullen 19 днів тому
agreed bro why isn't anyone saying this
ThatManJosh 1
ThatManJosh 1 19 днів тому
Jumanji is a bad movie because it has magic which is unholy in the bible
Merle Balaz
Merle Balaz 19 днів тому
The poised earth anecdotally itch because thursday parallely colour apud a chief granddaughter. lamentable, tranquil house
Hale Yea
Hale Yea 20 днів тому
I gotta get lower 🥊😂
Edward Yamoah
Edward Yamoah 20 днів тому
After all these episodes how doesn’t Kevin Hart have pneumonia?
Benny Shaite
Benny Shaite 20 днів тому
Bam bam deserves a raise
ATOMICFUSsion 20 днів тому
My all time favorite is Iron Mike because he devastated opponents with his stupendous speed and impeccable power his defense was at times impregnable. I think many fans of Iron Mike underestimate how incredible his talent was. Think Michael Jordan of Boxing the GOAT he had all the tools. Watching Garcia I get that same excitement the Man is a Superstar Boxing was on the ropes fighters like Garcia draw peoples attention and are helping the whole sport. I know I am tired of Dana Whites UFC, The NFL is soo scripted it beyond sucks, NBA snooze fest, baseball forgot about it. Boxing with guys like Garcia Boxing is where its at!
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 20 днів тому
This is like a Eric Andre spin off😂
Tajh Marquel
Tajh Marquel 20 днів тому
Big Mama’s House!
MOHAMMED HAJJI 20 днів тому
I love kevin hart
Dwayne Madden
Dwayne Madden 20 днів тому
He's not in sports anymore
Sapiter2020 20 днів тому
Best CAB ever! The man walks in and the first thing he does is insult the host! 'Gotta uppercut lower cuz you short' 💀💀💀
Jeremy Jemison
Jeremy Jemison 20 днів тому
The end was too funny
hot video
hot video 21 день тому
We need tank on
Tab Phone Boy
Tab Phone Boy 21 день тому
Who's here after Ryan beat luke cambell
KESHAV KRISHNA 21 день тому
who here after ryan beat luke cambell
Drronezz 21 день тому
Well Ryan u were right about the ko but wrong on the round
C Doria
C Doria 21 день тому
Bam lookin like how Logan Paul be lookin when he shadow boxes. I aint even joking
Rodney Wesley
Rodney Wesley 21 день тому
3:43 🤣
Johnny Muniz
Johnny Muniz 21 день тому
idkYolo 21 день тому
Ryan:Well I know imma beat Luke Campbell and knock him out within 3 rounds and I’m very very very sure of that so.. Hearing that is like damn this man is true to his word.
Abel Alvarado
Abel Alvarado 21 день тому
This is the funniest episode yet 🤣 😂 💀
TwiSteD Fate
TwiSteD Fate 21 день тому
Anyone hear after his fight on 1-2-21
King Tay
King Tay 21 день тому
Damn that’s fucked up how gervontae Davis not on their
MrMister Duran
MrMister Duran 21 день тому
What about canelo?
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 21 день тому
Kevin: Ryan u gotta stop raising ur voice, that’s a lawsuit Ryan: I’ll show u a lawsuit 😭💀
Dallas Hill
Dallas Hill 21 день тому
It wasn’t three rounds but it was seven
ImHello Ty
ImHello Ty 21 день тому
Who is here after the fight....
Marcelino Silva
Marcelino Silva 21 день тому
Shout out Ryan!!!!! I freaking love this kid!
mikee guti
mikee guti 21 день тому
Hey Kevin. We love to see you with the PAC man.
Stones 21 день тому
Yooo this funny as hell
Wallace carter iii
Wallace carter iii 21 день тому
I don't want no trouble 😆 🤣 , well he's had enough 😆 😂 😅 🤣
Guadalupe Tamayo
Guadalupe Tamayo 22 дні тому
Run darell run darell
Chaz’s World
Chaz’s World 22 дні тому
“Are my boxing shoes out here” 😂
Chaz’s World
Chaz’s World 22 дні тому
Sergio Baltazar
Sergio Baltazar 22 дні тому
Curtez Carter
Curtez Carter 22 дні тому
We need Shannon Sharpe on here !!!!!
erik castillo
erik castillo 22 дні тому
Lmao this was funny
Jeff I.T.
Jeff I.T. 22 дні тому
You sure nothing going on in Victorville, Ryan? Lol VV is one of the most dangerous cities in California.
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews 22 дні тому
He looks like a boxser .
Carlitos Ruiz
Carlitos Ruiz 22 дні тому
Who’s here after he won
idkYolo 21 день тому
lil tarzan
lil tarzan 21 день тому
blue bear
blue bear 22 дні тому
the pimp chronicles lool the shade
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