Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, including camera test comparison, battery comparison, performance, specs, release date and price!
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Mrwhosetheboss Місяць тому
Quick heads up, in the US, the Note 20 Ultra starts at 128GB, vs 256GB in other regions! Note 20 Ultra Full Review: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-t_8M_2clsVw.html
Aaliya Reem
Aaliya Reem 2 дні тому
Moonknight-Gaming pp
Namath 802
Namath 802 9 днів тому
@Noah Watson i see the devil and think your kidding around, the trouble with our text over verbal communication. Funny note on that, a couple years ago, my middle school step daughter was "dating" a boy she'd NEVER once spoken to face to face?! Only text 🤣 so anyway, I'm sure you just messin, but incase you're not, there's only so many comparisons you can do out there. This is a relevant one and I was actually brought here by UKvid because I'd just watched another presenter, also not UT do the same. I just picked up a used note 10 a month ago and wonder if it's worth trading it for $400 MORE than I paid for it for the ultra. I don't need ANYMORE PHONE but I do fish a ton and often find myself wanting to take sunset, nature photos of creatures a ways off and as we all know, even if they're only a few yards away often times they appear very distant in a smartphone photo. Trying to decide if this ONE feature is worth forking out anther $400 for the Ultra with the higher storage, as I've already been to my local at&t store and they only had the smaller memory and it WASN'T worth paying more for less on board storage. ✌🤍
thymmai syiem
thymmai syiem 9 днів тому
Please reply I'm not a big gamer, only small time pass games & most of the time social media, UKvid, Netflix & camera. Will the s20 ultra Exynos suits me?
New Look
New Look 11 днів тому
This is the product that is it in the video from Amazon website:amzn.to/2FMNbb6
Yousef Elsharif
Yousef Elsharif 21 день тому
@Anisa - ##ة ة#
Tomas Cepkevicius
Tomas Cepkevicius 2 години тому
Only s20ultra 🙃
Pango 12 годин тому
2:21 What the heck? 😂
I_AmTheArteest 21 годину тому
looks like a glitch in a game after he drops the s20 ultra at 1:17
Md Razon Hossain
Md Razon Hossain День тому
I am using note 20 ultra (exynose), it gets heat up to 43-46 degree Celsius while charging or using camera. Sometime it gets upto 47-48 degree celsius while using camera. Is it normal?
Andres Segura
Andres Segura День тому
Are the haptic better on the note ? Vs s 20 ultra?
sneaker check
sneaker check День тому
what I dont like about the note 20s is the square sharp edges and camera shapes and colours, I still think the note 9 had the best design and colour blue and yellow s pen , I'm still using my note 9
Hussain Dudhwala
Hussain Dudhwala День тому
To be honest I wouldn’t care about what it looks like cuz either way I would put a case on both
Kevin Mungra
Kevin Mungra День тому
the s pen is quite handy actually. you don't use it everyday but when you do its awesome and that happens quite often when asking for info in everyday life etc
Dan art Albaniel
Dan art Albaniel День тому
Arjun M
Arjun M День тому
Can you do a comparison between the note and the oneplus 8 pro
Nakibuule Deo
Nakibuule Deo День тому
Who else is watching...but without Hope's of getting one
Chav JDS
Chav JDS 2 дні тому
MegaBama251 2 дні тому
Kohn Cena
Kohn Cena 2 дні тому
S20 ultra looks nothing in the comparison against note20 ultra
Saadat khurshid Kitab
Saadat khurshid Kitab 3 дні тому
Where is the music from? Ah, from EPIDEMIC sound, eh.
Saadat khurshid Kitab
Saadat khurshid Kitab 3 дні тому
Where is the music from? Ah, from EPIDEMIC sound, eh.
Charles Encarnacion
Charles Encarnacion 3 дні тому
The Note 20 Ultra it is a great phone, but you're not even trying to make a fair comparison. A pretty lame review
qin Jacob
qin Jacob 7 годин тому
@Percy Jackson then why in his description does it say full comparison
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson 12 годин тому
This is not even his full review duh
Pango 12 годин тому
Charles Encarnacion He’a just doing his job, you don’t need to be so harsh. For some people this is useful if they have a budget of $1500 Remember that the Note 20 Ultra is cheaper than the S20 Ultra
chilli milli roxo
chilli milli roxo 3 дні тому
Samsung Galaxy no1
Ali Ahsan
Ali Ahsan 3 дні тому
Just got my s20 ultra... its awesome
anglosaxonbreed 3 дні тому
I always find this guy is in the suttle advertising business for Apple iPhone. He certainly always mentions the iPhone whenever is doing comparison with Samsung . I always knocks Samsung phones and yet Samsung is thee best phone maker in the market. Apple IPhone stopped been the leader of the pack years ago. Apple a great at advertising but only very average at making phones. Dont forget on android phones you apps and music are free you have to pay for that on apple iphone. Every song that can build up I got 600 plus songs on my phone free on samsung would have cost 100s pounds dollars on Apple phones. Plus you pay for the apps. With Google android its free.
Rainmaker Amadeus
Rainmaker Amadeus 4 дні тому
Jesus christ... I didn't know I needed to take notes
TechGeeky Rohit
TechGeeky Rohit 4 дні тому
People are curious about iPhone 12 hit like 👍
Eden 4 дні тому
I have the galaxy s20 ultra 5G and it's the biggest pos phone I've ever had.
Mark Nolan
Mark Nolan 4 дні тому
Excellent review, thanks!
Santosh Kumar Bandari
Santosh Kumar Bandari 4 дні тому
Your thumbnail pic looks like telugu hero Vijay devarakonda😀
Isaias Peñaloza
Isaias Peñaloza 4 дні тому
He talking fast and straight to the point.
Richard 1908
Richard 1908 4 дні тому
Before the video got an ad for a note 20 ultra damnn
Nebojsa Tanaskovic
Nebojsa Tanaskovic 4 дні тому
Ng Daniel
Ng Daniel 4 дні тому
My Note 9 is having the green screen problem.. and when I search the web.. it seems like people are guessing its a recently update that cause it.. wonder if any new Samsung device using the same update will be destroy by it.. this green screen has affected many samsung users.. worried to try new Samsung phone..
Isnayna Nuva
Isnayna Nuva 4 дні тому
What is the best phone in the world, what do you think Sir
BowserPlayz 5 днів тому
I have a J3 prime 2016
Kevin M
Kevin M 5 днів тому
The Note 20 Ultra is complete TRASH. Go for the S20 ultra.
cain grey
cain grey 2 дні тому
Please explain ?
Jaspreet kaur
Jaspreet kaur 2 дні тому
@Amfibios ikr
Amfibios 2 дні тому
telling ppl that it's trash without saying why is pointless
Kevin M
Kevin M 2 дні тому
I've used both and have both
Jaspreet kaur
Jaspreet kaur 2 дні тому
How do you know lol even if you haven't used that😂
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 5 днів тому
Don't need a pen but do need a headphone jack.
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake 5 днів тому
If yall want a really budget friendly phone...Alcatel 1C. Costs 50 bucks and it's absolutely BANG ON for the money.
Rbmvhai Rbm
Rbmvhai Rbm 5 днів тому
Just Tell me Which one is Better between this phones?!
CHRISTO JOSE 5 днів тому
Good comparising Mrwhosetheboss
Tj silver
Tj silver 5 днів тому
NGABO Yvan 5 днів тому
Hey Arun, would you compare for us iPhone 11 ProMax and this New Samsung Note 20 Ultra......
Chauncey Hale
Chauncey Hale 5 днів тому
I still have the Note 9😒
RYAKAM HARSHA 5 днів тому
Note 20 ultra faster than s20 ultra
martin francis
martin francis 6 днів тому
I am done with the note phones owned 3 note 9 screens broke on all of them on the front sides where they raise the stupid panel,I had screen protector on all ,drop 18inches on soft wood.no more samsungs for me.
Black panda
Black panda 6 днів тому
Goat note 20 ultra wins Cow s20 ultra loose but it's a legend
Heller Yaeko
Heller Yaeko 6 днів тому
wow, very cool !
Saad Aayla
Saad Aayla 6 днів тому
Always people buy iphone for the name but samsung gives you more than what you need in their devices love samsung
ASIM Mohammed
ASIM Mohammed 6 днів тому
@MrWhosetheboss I would be very thankful to you if you can actually send me a huawei p40 pro plus as I've been a huge fan of huawei but could never afford it. Again a big thanks, whenever you consider - Asim
Vitor Salles
Vitor Salles 6 днів тому
Have you moved back to android yet? haha
Steven Márquez
Steven Márquez 6 днів тому
Soo I guess note won?
Dilan Hunt
Dilan Hunt 6 днів тому
i just got the s20 ultra 5g for 700 euros(on promotion) while the note 20 ultra is 1250 euros. RIP note
Armandeep Singh
Armandeep Singh 7 днів тому
Samsung should merge its S series and note series
ZENITH 8291 7 днів тому
Ide rather sit and draw dragons that make phone videos🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
JMEZA 7 днів тому
just switched to ultra note 20 after being with apple since iphone 4
Friends Chanal
Friends Chanal 7 днів тому
speak correctly oc oc oc....... sai se bol buth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Tinokura Simiona
Tinokura Simiona 7 днів тому
Corners on the note are alot better than the curve corners on the s20 ultra counterparts, especially when taking photos and watching videos
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 8 днів тому
Watching this on my S20 ultra 5G ❤️
Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory 7 днів тому
Definitely Note 20 because it's more convenient since it has a stylus. Although I am happy with S20 ultra because of its huge 12GB of ROM I am a hardcore gamer. I can say if I were to contrast the difference between my S10+ and S20 ultra, S10+ is not yet bad to change for an upgrade. On the other hand, If Note 20 ultra has been the first one to reach the market than S20 Ultra, I would definitely go for Note. I just wasn't expecting that Note will release a new model this year xD
Danish Deen
Danish Deen 7 днів тому
which one is better? help me mate 🥰😍🤩
5G Guy
5G Guy 8 днів тому
exynos 1000 won snapdragon 875 in table. 😉
nayaab siddiqui
nayaab siddiqui 8 днів тому
You are the most honest in comparison..you have given cons with valid reasons...👍🏻
sreevani suneel
sreevani suneel 8 днів тому
Why can't u do a battery test between flagships of 1+, samsung ,
sreevani suneel
sreevani suneel 8 днів тому
And the best smart phones u think
BreezyDaKinq 8 днів тому
I really wanted the s20 ultra when it first came out but I'm so glad I waited for the note 20 ultra. Its slightly cheaper and I was able to get it for $1099 at best buy so I saved even more money.
Tim Turnsek
Tim Turnsek 8 днів тому
Hi u shud give away the note 20 ultra and s20 ultrapick two subscribers
Johnny Orlando
Johnny Orlando 9 днів тому
I don't know anything..... I was here just to look at the picture 😂
Sara Estela Martinez Montes
Sara Estela Martinez Montes 9 днів тому
Sara Estela Martinez Montes
Sara Estela Martinez Montes 9 днів тому
Ernant Zapili
Ernant Zapili 9 днів тому
@3:11 Front selfie camera is only 10mp not 40mp i guess
daksh 10 днів тому
Random people who like my comment will become millionaire is future😂
Patricia Cioaba
Patricia Cioaba 10 днів тому
what about the 5 G
keep thinking
keep thinking 10 днів тому
Am on s8 and it's dieing and I can't figure out should I get note or s20 ultras or wait for s21
Michael Richards
Michael Richards 10 днів тому
I got the note 20 ultra and one day later traded it for the s20 ultra. The note overheated if I even looked at it
King Vibez
King Vibez 10 днів тому
"108 mp main camera" Me:faints
hey its me
hey its me 10 днів тому
Let's not forget the note does not come with a pain or earphones so you have to pay extra for them. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Unpopular Opinion
Unpopular Opinion 10 днів тому
damn samsung, stop with this curved screen bullshit! glare on the sides of the screen is unnecessary and annoying.
Json Hu
Json Hu 10 днів тому
I am disappointed with Samsung this year and I am a big fan of the Note series. Paying over $1k to $1500k U.S. for a flagship phone with 3 versions (I say 3 because of the under-spec'ed Note 20 "Lite") and other take and give decisions made by Samsung (Snapdragon with 128 GB Base and Exynos with 256 GB Base among other things) especially with what is going on this year just leaves a bad aftertaste. The image of Samsung reminds me of Merovingian in Matrix, "It's like wiping your arse with silk. I love it." or his quote, "Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without."
T Rex Cal
T Rex Cal 10 днів тому
Good info Boss, thx. But Exynos chip is not only GARBAGE compared to Qualcomm, it's also put in & sold in Samsung's Products & SOLD to the public in a FRAUDULENT SCAM METHOD ! To sell 2 identically named phones with different parts that give different results & statistics is FRAUD ! Example: Laptops that are same size & shape but different internal parts when compared to each other all have different model number or name. DO NOT BUY or Support Samsung Products. Samsung is now choosing to sell it's so called best products to very limited countries and cheap GARBAGE products in other countries while using the EXACT SAME MODEL identification numbers. Invest your $ in a different Company.
The Amin Tube
The Amin Tube 10 днів тому
You are so faster like the note 20 ultra 🥰
Diptangshu Nandan
Diptangshu Nandan 10 днів тому
Like your unboxing bro..... :)
Heritier kankonde
Heritier kankonde 11 днів тому
The note got color... dude, we don't all fancy pink phones...
Shivnesh Prasad
Shivnesh Prasad 11 днів тому
One of his video was played in our country tech show!!
New Look
New Look 11 днів тому
This is the product that is it in the video from Amazon website:amzn.to/2FMNbb6
Fortune YT
Fortune YT 11 днів тому
Samsung best
Stats Art
Stats Art 11 днів тому
Samsung ❤️❤️
Ono Reas
Ono Reas 11 днів тому
Excellent review - thanks
Habiba Mohamed
Habiba Mohamed 12 днів тому
It is so expensive
Hossain Robayet
Hossain Robayet 12 днів тому
Please make a video about Samsung galaxy s30 ultra
Tai Theguy
Tai Theguy 12 днів тому
*WTF??* Note has ALWAYS been the flagship- hands down. Note 8 is more like S9. Note7 is more like S8. U pay extra to get the better phone 6 months early. Now, you gotta wait 6 months for an identical phone with a stylus & a few minor tweaks😒 If the S had an S pen, the note would be obsolete I just switched from note8 to 20 ultra. The next S is gonna *dunk* on my phone 6 months from now. No WAY I'd pay retail
Heteshvari Aaditya
Heteshvari Aaditya 12 днів тому
Hi, everyone is doing reviews of the S20 Ultra vs the Note20 Ultra, but no one has done an actual review of the S20 vs the Note20. Can you please do a review and comparison of those two phones.?
Chris H
Chris H 12 днів тому
Note 20 is a great phone i sent back the S20 for the Note 20 and pretty shocked to find the S20 had the 120hz refresh but the note 20 doesn't and is locked at 60hz think that's a bit naughty considering the note 20 is more expensive than the s20
RayRae 559
RayRae 559 12 днів тому
I find myself watching comparison videos from other YT's and I just can't get thru them. I always end up looking for your comparison vids. That says a lot. You're the best at what you do bro!
L M 12 днів тому
I would buy the note if they didn't kill the camera on it sighhhh
learn today
learn today 12 днів тому
i dont have any phone :)
Youssuf Torkie
Youssuf Torkie 12 днів тому
Our technology expert boss
Youssuf Torkie
Youssuf Torkie 12 днів тому
I would like to get S20 ultra instead because the Note 20 ultra like it looks trash to me with the cameras so I decided to get S20 instead.
Paul Mukherjee
Paul Mukherjee 13 днів тому
Paul Mukherjee
Paul Mukherjee 13 днів тому
S10 / S10 Plus is still the best till date with the 3.5 mm jack. I have the Black Ceramic version 512 GB version and I Love that grip and extra weight and its still the King. The Dual Punch hole front camera on S10 plus still looks super sexy and premium. Shame they gave it up just when other brands started including the dual hole punch front camera, such a self goal by Samsung. Samsung is fooling, cheating and looting innocent customers.... Cheap Plastic body, no high refresh rate, no expandable memory SD card on Note 20 at USD 999.00 ??? Low saturation and inferior quality display on Note 20 ULTRA which lacks the crispy bright colors normally found on Amoled displays, no 3.5mm headphone jack, no 45 watt fast charger coming at USD 1300 is absurd. Lower Mah battery with the slower & inferior Exinos chips in most parts of the world. This is a joke from Samsung targeting gullible customers who will fall prey and spend hard earned money on this junk.
Psych86 13 днів тому
What mic does he use. Sound quality is perfect 👌
Aaron Ahern
Aaron Ahern 13 днів тому
Ultra kills the note!
Guilt Azaour
Guilt Azaour 13 днів тому
The Quinn's Family Vlog
The Quinn's Family Vlog 13 днів тому
Thank you this is very interesting Was planning to start my own yt Channel and buy Samsung note20 ultra or Samsung s20+?
Louis F.
Louis F. 13 днів тому
Hey guys, would you recommend the s20 or the s10 lite (if u factor price into your descision)? I'm not sure yet which one to buy and I live in europe so the s20 would have the exynos processor and not the snapdragon, which is hindering my descision, since I've heard that it really affects the battery life of the phone, especially if you use it with 120 hertz refresh rate. Would you guys still go for the s20 and pay the extra 200 euros or would you say that the s10 lite is a great phone and the s20 isn't really necessary? Thanks for your help guys
shinx2k6 13 днів тому
still using my s7 edge
Steph Sancia
Steph Sancia 13 днів тому
@MrWhoseTheBoss QUESTION ~ I've got an immaculate pristine 100% perfect S9+ 256gb SM G965F and a brand new A71. Samsung in New Zealand are offering trade-in for the S9+ at NZ $560 PLUS NZ $200 EXTRA = NZ $760 AND I could also sell my A71 for about NZ $750 SO I'm wondering if the S20 Ultra would be WORTH trading in and selling for the S20 Ultra. I've also got the S5e 10.5 inch tablet but although I LOVE my A71 the Mono speaker Sukks but it came with FREE 10000 BATTERY PACK. I understand it's my decision but I'm a Samsung Junkie and wonder if the S20 Ultra is FAB enough to part with 2 phones that are pretty neat. I also LOVE the A71 64Mp Photos. Your Views Arun ? With Gratitude and warm greetings to the Homelands 🙃
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