Samsung Galaxy S10 (2019) - FINAL Leaks & Rumors!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 - FINAL Leaks & Rumors!
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8 лют 2019

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ZONEofTECH 13 днів тому
Everything You Need to Know about the Samsung Galaxy S10! Also - make sure you're following on *Instagram* @ZONEofTECH instagram.com/ZONEofTECH to enter the *GIVEAWAY* of a pair of Anker Spirit X Wireless Headphones!!! :D
Vivian Downing
Vivian Downing 4 дні тому
What's so exciting an fascinating about the 10? I'm not a Tech person.
flexiblematthew 11 днів тому
Billy_MilliGan 11 днів тому
please give me samsung note 9
Meechie Smith
Meechie Smith 11 днів тому
Why are you saying finally with Samsung when it comes to the finger print in screen reader? Like Apple has one. How about saying WHEN Apple are you going to get a in screen finger print scanner? Samsung has the best phone's on the market. Stop trying to find little crap to complain about
John Smith
John Smith 12 днів тому
What is ur outro techno trance song of ur videos, called?
Habib Islam
Habib Islam День тому
Thanks for the nice information about the upcoming phone's.
1XxENGxX1 День тому
FurTHer not furder, I’m assuming English is your Second language so I’m just joking around lol
Narinderpal Singh
Narinderpal Singh День тому
has it got the annoying curved edges of the s9?
preston gervais
preston gervais День тому
this guy keeps looking to his left to read off another screen or something and its driving me nuts. unsubscribed.
MotoZest День тому
Mate, slow down a bit...
D w i l l K x x x x x n g
D w i l l K x x x x x n g День тому
Samsung s9 lags?
HeavensSoildier 2 дні тому
No offense, talk too much. I quite the video at 3:11, you still had not started talking about the S10.
TBAWPlayer 2 дні тому
Thomas Gardner
Thomas Gardner 2 дні тому
The Note 8 is 5G capable as well. That's the phone I'm using on T-Mobile ....
James BOND
James BOND 2 дні тому
The only thing I don't like is that pill shaped cut out on the S10 Plus I can probably deal with it though it's better than a notch
James BOND
James BOND 2 дні тому
You can get the 12 gigs of RAM 1 terabyte of storage on Amazon
James BOND
James BOND 2 дні тому
I'm also going to buy the international version of the S10 dual SIM I don't know if you can get that in one terabyte and 12 gigs of RAM and the 5G as well I'm going for the best of the best because someone else is paying for it so why not why not go first class all the way
James BOND
James BOND 2 дні тому
Maybe I'll get all three just to check them all out Works paying for it these phones are totally awesome can't wait to get my hands on one
Robertmart 102
Robertmart 102 2 дні тому
0:15 voice crack
kim lee
kim lee 2 дні тому
I love Samsung more than iphone❤
Teomino 3 дні тому
Plastic was most durable material and design yet ... nowadays fragile fingerprint magnet , cold glass and aluminum
InsaneClown Posse
InsaneClown Posse 3 дні тому
I wouldn't waste money on the Samsung Galaxy S10
Richard Myers
Richard Myers 3 дні тому
sir you are in a race can you please slow down
iconik 2333
iconik 2333 3 дні тому
great job ty for what you do daniel
nabin123100 4 дні тому
I wuld luv the air ph caz i dont have any of those fancy air oh which really sound good
Dylan 4 дні тому
I've got my S7 with all the latest Android updates there is for S7 and I got no lagg at all. I don't know which Samsung phones you've got that get laggy, but from the S6 or S7 series don't get laggy at all.
duron nurse
duron nurse 4 дні тому
SMH just tell us about the new one don't want to hear the history of samsung
Nicholas Czech
Nicholas Czech 4 дні тому
Love my s9+ wasn't planning on getting a new phone this year but.... now.... me want s10+
Luis Colon
Luis Colon 5 днів тому
I like the phone without curves on the display. But, it seems that in order to get that I will need to get the SG10E and not the SG10 or SG10+. Hopefully they will not be bigger than the SGS7 Active which is what I have now.
Bright Nwabueze
Bright Nwabueze 5 днів тому
I can’t wait to pick Samsung galaxy S10, Samsung I am seriously waiting for S10.
GuitarFan7 6 днів тому
Anyone else here excited to see if samsung has added anything to do with crypto in their new s10
daksa2 6 днів тому
Frankly, as a Note 9 user, my Note 9 is not laggy at all .... even after upgraded to One UI .... but very good video... try to speak slower, rather than in a rush... imho
David Chang장성진
David Chang장성진 6 днів тому
Something about the way this guy talks (facial expression) makes me lose focus
George R
George R 6 днів тому
I mean I know the S10+ is much faster & WAY more specs than my s9+ but is it even necessary?? I barely use UKvid calls n texts and a little bit of general other stuff I hardly use the camera lol & don't even have social media... What say u? I need advice. Thank u
Scott Changrp
Scott Changrp 6 днів тому
Just release it already My old phone is dying, it can't even watch a 10 sec video without lagging
steve 075
steve 075 7 днів тому
This phone look awesome but the price is too high I will keep my s8 and if wanna upgrade I'll just wait
brandon freeman
brandon freeman 8 днів тому
Get that bs outta here. Where the bezels at?
Howard Hankins
Howard Hankins 8 днів тому
I can't wait I already have my money for it
Greg Henderson
Greg Henderson 8 днів тому
I like my note 9 I have At&t my data is pretty fast no drop calls either
Judosheep 8 днів тому
what about the yellow color and the backwards charging i must say this video dident cover that much
Taufiq Mirza
Taufiq Mirza 8 днів тому
why main camera 12mp only but price a bit high compare with another brand 48mp main camera and cheap.
Judosheep 8 днів тому
5g is trash we cant even use 4g 100% we have to learn how to improve sth not just develop sth new
ScYtH casualgamerz
ScYtH casualgamerz 8 днів тому
I think s10+ is uglier than s10.. that double camera cut out. :/
Tyler 8 днів тому
I was looking forward to the new phones. But with this new pi update, im just going to keep my note 9. It made my phone feel new and refreshed. The slight lag issues when opening up apps is a little annoying but its only the opening animation that ive noticed it bugging out on. The app still opens up as fast as before and it still runs as smooth as before. At least thats what ive been noticing with mine.
Maddie Schumann
Maddie Schumann 8 днів тому
The s6 was litterally the best. I miss the camra so much! I have the s8 and the camra is absolute trash:(
Steven Mills
Steven Mills 8 днів тому
Great job. I want that s10 plus so bad. Dont think I can afford it though.
Doug Zembiec
Doug Zembiec 8 днів тому
The S10 unfortunately doesnt come without 5 adverts .
shazwan manjung
shazwan manjung 8 днів тому
Meanwhile in Apple hq they struggle to design a new free-notch screen and send it to samsung to produce for them lol
Farhia Mahamud
Farhia Mahamud 8 днів тому
Farhia Mahamud
Farhia Mahamud 8 днів тому
Farhia Mahamud
Farhia Mahamud 8 днів тому
Jay Boston
Jay Boston 8 днів тому
Dude. Slow down. I can’t listen to you.
K. SharkyBot
K. SharkyBot 8 днів тому
My body is ready, but my wallet ain’t 😭
BryanWithAi 8 днів тому
0:16 puberty all over again LMAO
Azat Mand
Azat Mand 9 днів тому
S seris batry problem
Jose Lemus
Jose Lemus 9 днів тому
340 iphone users are mad at these specs on the samsung galaxy s10
F H 9 днів тому
That screen is going to cost a kidney to replace
arkim albertine
arkim albertine 9 днів тому
REGULAR say it with me REGULAR!!!
Weeaboo 9 днів тому
Pretty device but I just finished paying off my s8+ and my bill is so sexy right now.
anglosaxonbreed 9 днів тому
He trys to promote the iphone when telling you what the new samsung going to be like. So what he saying dont waste your money just buy the Iphone. I say just get the Samsung or Huawei for get the iphone its the nokia of yesterday
anglosaxonbreed 9 днів тому
I still use my sg4 one of the best phone ever . This guy Iphone lover. For him nothing can never beat the iphone. That why i take what ever he say i take with a pinch of salt.
LeBronJay cruz
LeBronJay cruz 9 днів тому
ur making to much talking and explanation, Just get to the point!!!......
Jerry Tan
Jerry Tan 9 днів тому
If S10 has Cryptocurrency wallet!
P 4 Pakistan
P 4 Pakistan 9 днів тому
It will launch on 20 Feb in America?
Tharsis Oliveira
Tharsis Oliveira 9 днів тому
No, it will be announced on Feb 20th. You will be able to pre-order it then. If you pre-order it then, you will most likely get it some time in March.
Rabeh Hassan
Rabeh Hassan 9 днів тому
is s9 lags in all version
Rabeh Hassan
Rabeh Hassan 9 днів тому
informative video thanks bro
potatocubes 30875
potatocubes 30875 9 днів тому
0:43 RIP to that non-animated "Price"
jean lenor
jean lenor 9 днів тому
Now, their phones are long but no width.
Dennis Finch
Dennis Finch 9 днів тому
Nice delivered of information 👍👍👍👍👍
A. Martinez
A. Martinez 9 днів тому
Not gonna lie I was sleepy asf. So can anyone just tell me the price and ram this has ? thank you to whoever tells me
Nery Diaz
Nery Diaz 9 днів тому
Subscribe to holasoygreman
Mohammad Ullah
Mohammad Ullah 10 днів тому
S10 looks cool.. but will wait for s11.. I like my s9 plus ..
Tomas Idris
Tomas Idris 10 днів тому
ive had my s9 for nearly a year now and downloaded the one ui beta program, and still havent had any problems with lag or glitches.
القرعة 10 днів тому
plastic was better than glass. my note 3 is still alive since 2013. and my note 8 is already shattered just a year after purchasing it and costs half price to repair glass panel. knowing that the screen is still intact but still have to change all stuff
Meir kivelevitz
Meir kivelevitz 10 днів тому
It's funny how the reverse wireless on the S10 is 9 Watts but Apple includes a 5 watt wall charger.
Meir kivelevitz
Meir kivelevitz 10 днів тому
The bezels probably won't be so thin.
Saithen xix
Saithen xix 10 днів тому
So majority of the S10 phones won't have 5G? Guess there's no real reason to upgrade from my Note 8
juan Martinez
juan Martinez 10 днів тому
Does anybody know if it will lag my s7 Edge lags and I don't want to have to change brands because of this 😧😧😧
Krishan Dahiya
Krishan Dahiya 10 днів тому
What the heck are you talking about ? Samsung mobiles don't have lag since Galaxy S7.
Gianluca Casali
Gianluca Casali 10 днів тому
Whatch my s8 plus😢😢😢😢
Hazael Magino
Hazael Magino 10 днів тому
So should I consider single over mult-core?
Cedric Van haudt
Cedric Van haudt 10 днів тому
Dude learn to pause after a sentence. fock getting a headache from listening to this
Cristian Popa
Cristian Popa 10 днів тому
3:30 It will not lool like that, it will have some bezzels bur smaller than s9
DieDenis 10 днів тому
Awesome phone, but one thing bothers me... it runs android🙄
DJay 10 днів тому
Dang I just got my S9+ last year in august Guess I'll have to wait for the S14
dantes peek
dantes peek 10 днів тому
hmmm.. you give me a good reason to upgrade from S8. probably 10-20% upgrade in processor in the real world. slightly slimmer bezels, hole thingy camera, 5% more battery, vivo and huawei beat you to in display scanner months before, one ui not that much greater than experience, 50% more needless ram, heart rate sensor really? But here's the thing, you'd probably have to pay nothing less than another $800 to get these. you really.. gotta wonder sometimes..
JeiiEmm Imnida
JeiiEmm Imnida 10 днів тому
Slightly edge display, unlike the curve edge display of S7 Edge?
abdullah athar
abdullah athar 10 днів тому
Voice crack at @ 00:16
veipunii lana
veipunii lana 10 днів тому
Iam just watching because Iam interested in technology I can't effort this kind of phone 😎
jaydasupreme1 2 дні тому
Matowix Unplugged
Matowix Unplugged 10 днів тому
All a cosmetic load of marketing crap I'm sticking to my Galaxy s5
Azizi Abdullah
Azizi Abdullah 10 днів тому
Resalat Ibne Siddique
Resalat Ibne Siddique 10 днів тому
Ivan Rakitic
Dead Man Drifting
Dead Man Drifting 10 днів тому
Are you using an Apple Watch??
Saira Souliman
Saira Souliman 10 днів тому
U talk to fast
Mariel Manatad
Mariel Manatad 10 днів тому
Surely waited for this. Thank you! 💕
BISHAL'S CREATION 10 днів тому
I need the head phones pls 😋
Anthony Wang
Anthony Wang 10 днів тому
the new phones are clean, but a bit too clean, almost like it's missing something. who agrees?
angelagraces 10 днів тому
Do you think the galaxy s10+ has good battery optimization?
onelove addo-adofo
onelove addo-adofo 10 днів тому
good video. will like to win the give aways
Monkey _420
Monkey _420 10 днів тому
Note 9 or s10+?
a white
a white 11 днів тому
5:08 how can u live in such temperatures???
Saad Malik
Saad Malik 11 днів тому
Coming from a apple fan Huawei is way better then overrated Samsung
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 11 днів тому
Mr Mr Jims
Mr Mr Jims 11 днів тому
Samsung is better than iPhone
Daniel P
Daniel P 10 днів тому
Mr Mr Jims I wish
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