Samsung Galaxy S10 - THIS IS IT!

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Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E Official Leaks & Rumors covering the design, build, punch-hole, in-display fingerprint sensor, release date, performance, cameras, battery and price.
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6 лют 2019

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SuperSaf 15 днів тому
JUST 2 WEEKS TO GO! Who's excited? 😆
JUNEBOI BEATZ 2 дні тому
2 days now
Samira Sinsuat
Samira Sinsuat 3 дні тому
It's tomorrow. 😎
Nahum Pulmones
Nahum Pulmones 3 дні тому
That's 2 days.
cod vids and more
cod vids and more 4 дні тому
+shazwan manjung give it to me
cod vids and more
cod vids and more 4 дні тому
+Sleepy panda I have s8 also I wish I could afford the s10 or even the s10 plus
Muhammad Numan
Muhammad Numan Годину тому
The only discrepancies with the actual s10 series are: 1. 2nd camera on the s10 plus is for depth sensing, not wide angle 2. Resolution on the s10 and s10 plus is 3040x1440, not 2960x1440 3. No 6GB ram variant on the s10/s10 plus All of these are pretty minor, this vid was very accurate!
AYOUB slimani
AYOUB slimani 8 годин тому
تبادل الإشتراك 100% ليبغا يخلي ليا في تعليق ok. . .
Ninjas Hyper
Ninjas Hyper 15 годин тому
2 weeks later it's literally fuckin awesome This is™Ninja Approved S10E S10+ S10
EPICGAMER EMAN 17 годин тому
e is for extra small
oldnew gaming
oldnew gaming День тому
Way to expensive
Lone Killer
Lone Killer День тому
They should make it so when you switch to front the corner of the screen turns off and the camera looks through
Iyke Styler
Iyke Styler День тому
Please are we gonna get a live video from you at the Samsung unpacked event?🤔
Kunal Kashyap
Kunal Kashyap День тому
Sean John
Sean John 2 дні тому
Where do you get the wallaper from 2:24?
gamgon serpoveta
gamgon serpoveta 2 дні тому
When does it come out
memetheif_5 2 дні тому
Don’t make an event about a thing people already know.
Marco Teixeira
Marco Teixeira 2 дні тому
Too large bezels, it's not bezless yet .. Still having laag for sure Has always, so for the price I would never buy a samsung!! One+ ftw
llkk777 1
llkk777 1 2 дні тому
Dante senior
Dante senior 2 дні тому
1 day to go
Muddassar Gill
Muddassar Gill 2 дні тому
E = end of XR
cumulus humilis
cumulus humilis 2 дні тому
somehow i like the dual punch out
CP 2 дні тому
Fuck your clickbait
Ur mum big gei
Ur mum big gei 2 дні тому
Tomorrow is THE day
Aria Seraj
Aria Seraj 2 дні тому
i wish the bezzels were thin like the pictures..
chris ponce
chris ponce 2 дні тому
Seen a website for case said they have the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 Lite. Don’t know if it’s true but that’s what they had
jay 3 дні тому
F stands for Friendship
Sathish Kumar V
Sathish Kumar V 3 дні тому
It should be economy because the price is going to affordable by everyone
Hassam Baig
Hassam Baig 3 дні тому
E stands for economy
Jeff Miracle
Jeff Miracle 3 дні тому
Why no one didn't talk much about the foldable phone
Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant 3 дні тому
S10 plus looks better but I have small hands :(
Ryanistics 3 дні тому
The E stand for economy and they have actually had curved screens since s6
Dreaming stars
Dreaming stars 3 дні тому
E for Economic 😂😂 so poor 😕
Fel Dwa
Fel Dwa 3 дні тому
Not impressed with the curved screens.
Xavier Deepak
Xavier Deepak 3 дні тому
E for economy
Gilliat_España 3 дні тому
If its 2 weeks away, what the fuck is this video for? Dumb ass mf. Get a job dude
Andhika levin
Andhika levin 3 дні тому
E: economic
casmo vapen lord
casmo vapen lord 3 дні тому
Elite that’s what I think e stands for
Some One
Some One 3 дні тому
'E' stands for Ehh?
Some One
Some One 3 дні тому
'E' stands for Eager?
dioneces alimoren
dioneces alimoren 3 дні тому
Samasung galaxy s10 and s10 plus hands-on Dont forget to subscribe like and share for more videos ukvid.net/video/відео-rhncf4xTw68.html
king amon
king amon 3 дні тому
E standars for..ECONOMIC meaning affordable
Pavan Jambur
Pavan Jambur 4 дні тому
e for EXTRA
kabir abdul
kabir abdul 4 дні тому
I hate curved display cas they r more prone to damages.
Ermal Tahiri
Ermal Tahiri 4 дні тому
The "E" stands for Essential
Craig Ippolito
Craig Ippolito 4 дні тому
That pearl white is gorgeous!! I hope it comes in 8/512 size bc that's the one I'd like to get. Notmally I'd upgrade with TMO but I think I'm going unlocked from Sammy this time. Hopefully software updates will be quicker. Being a OnePlus and pixel owner I'm used to consistent monthly updates.
Oscar Flores
Oscar Flores 4 дні тому
Honestly the punch in is just as unpractical as the notch
Jimin's Foot Mole
Jimin's Foot Mole 4 дні тому
Bouie342 4 дні тому
Man Tlthey really make u pay the price when u buy that phone... but you are getting your pennies worth.
GANESH SHINDE 4 дні тому
Economy version
Ben McMahon
Ben McMahon 4 дні тому
I guarantee you prison black is gunna cause outrage in this sensitive time we live in
-EM- 4 дні тому
e -> expensive . What I think about the S10? FU samsung
Hui Lin
Hui Lin 4 дні тому
prefer a notch than not 1 but 2 A-holes
PHANTOM 808 4 дні тому
Julio Mac
Julio Mac 3 дні тому
Still upgrading
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 4 дні тому
Yo bro what is your name?
Al-Fakhrudin Luna
Al-Fakhrudin Luna 4 дні тому
John Paolo Tampos
John Paolo Tampos 4 дні тому
E for Essentials
Black Daddy
Black Daddy 5 днів тому
I'm guessing the e would stand for elite but what do i know
CC_ Jade
CC_ Jade 5 днів тому
I'm buying the 10e I'm switching from a s9+ to the 10e Its gonna be wierd having a flat screen that's 4 centimeters smaller
siraj apple
siraj apple 5 днів тому
Super saf tv no 1 channel 😎
Blake Miles
Blake Miles 5 днів тому
Who is watching on s9
aleksa dragic
aleksa dragic 5 днів тому
E - Economy I guess
Szabo Csaba
Szabo Csaba 5 днів тому
My PC doesn't have 12 GBs of RAM and it runs smoothly, why should my phone have?
Kai Bauer
Kai Bauer 5 днів тому
E is for „Earth“ .. they built the E version flat because Samsung claims secretly that the earth is flat !!
alex 11
alex 11 5 днів тому
S10- peace of shit
NaturReal of LgE
NaturReal of LgE 5 днів тому
How is that on screen fingerprint scanner working with a screen protector?
TheMattiasninja 5 днів тому
E for economy
Michael Razz
Michael Razz 5 днів тому
"we know everything"?!? well, then what about 5g? everyone still talking about a 4th phone that will come out for 5g only
Evan Williams
Evan Williams 5 днів тому
@supersaf what smartwatch are yoy wearing?
Hashim Makki
Hashim Makki 5 днів тому
Expensive af!!!!
SKONZW 6 днів тому
1.2k dislikes from apple
Some Day
Some Day 6 днів тому
It looks really ugly tbh
StudMuff1n559 6 днів тому
e for economic as in affordable
Joeidson Condé
Joeidson Condé 6 днів тому
Amadou TIDJANI 6 днів тому
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Gondrez 6 днів тому
I expected more from Samsung, they should have made the chin smaller.
dtwizzy 6 днів тому
Camera punch is ugly...I'd prefer a bigger bezel like the current galaxy phones
Abdulrahman Iyad
Abdulrahman Iyad 7 днів тому
what about note 10?
marquise Washington
marquise Washington 7 днів тому
I wonder what Huawei is gonna put out.
marquise Washington
marquise Washington 7 днів тому
There's a guy sitting next to me with a fake Samsung phone. I'm scared.😬🙃
Imran Chaudhary
Imran Chaudhary 7 днів тому
ridiculous prices comparing to their predecessor, mainly just colour and name changes
Shaon Paul
Shaon Paul 7 днів тому
Matthias Gram
Matthias Gram 7 днів тому
The punchout looks like bullshit.
Which one is better for pubg iphonexs or samsung galaxy s10
aliwalyd3 lol
aliwalyd3 lol 2 дні тому
+Random Person marketing.
Random Person
Random Person 2 дні тому
+aliwalyd3 lol then why ate they famous in the first place if what your saying is right lol
aliwalyd3 lol
aliwalyd3 lol 2 дні тому
+Random Person they're both bad phone producers.
aliwalyd3 lol
aliwalyd3 lol 2 дні тому
+Random Person that's why I said "neither".
Random Person
Random Person 3 дні тому
+aliwalyd3 lol they only ask about apple and samsung tho
YaBoyMorpheous 7 днів тому
Is everyone forgetting about the 5g model?
ryder man
ryder man 7 днів тому
Watching this video on my s10+ I didn't like the s10e
Imtiaz Ahmed
Imtiaz Ahmed 7 днів тому
Rest in peace Iphones
Damilare Joshua
Damilare Joshua 7 днів тому
pocofone is far better than all of this, is just like apple pricy scam
Vyas Gore
Vyas Gore 7 днів тому
S10e should be priced at one plus 6t range
Gandalf the gray
Gandalf the gray 7 днів тому
Samsung Galaxy s10 evolution
Daniel P
Daniel P 8 днів тому
Galaxy S10 aka galaxy Shit 10
Jordan Burton
Jordan Burton 8 днів тому
If the "E" stand for everyone im gonna be pissed because not everyone will be able to afford a galaxy
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 8 днів тому
New video
hum yum
hum yum 8 днів тому
i am excited although i cant afford any
Jake The Føx
Jake The Føx 8 днів тому
e stands for elegant!
Gol D. Roger
Gol D. Roger 8 днів тому
1400 € for Android phahhahahaha you must be hardcore samsung fanboy or just dumb to pay this kind of money !
REDD 404_Redd_G
REDD 404_Redd_G 8 днів тому
E may stand for economy
Reuben Asante
Reuben Asante 8 днів тому
Are SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series Water Proof And Also, Water Resistance And Also Do The SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 Series Come In GOLD?😁
fdsfdsfds 2 дні тому
they are gonna be ip68 ofc
michael majewski
michael majewski 8 днів тому
shittin on crapple
FaZe Legend
FaZe Legend 8 днів тому
Economy... economic
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez 8 днів тому
Who would really need a 1TB Galaxy S10 device? I still own my Galaxy S6 32GB and will eventually upgrade to the S8 with the same 32GB storage space. So there's NO need for a next generation Galaxy Android device to have a massive 1TB inside of a phone. That's JUST absolutely ridiculous lol WHY 1TB??
vczeuz 8 днів тому
Not even close
Gogito 8 днів тому
If the E is the more affordable version then it should stand for Economical
RaceME 8 днів тому
Curved display since the s8? My s7 edge is crying right now
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