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"Hyperlight" by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen
Two elite astronauts wake up in the abyss of space; they return to their stranded ship and discover the surprising reason behind their mission's catastrophic failure.
For more about the film/filmmaker:
Production Company: www.secondtomorrowstudios.com/m
Director's Reel: nguyen-anh-nguyen.com/
Hyperlight: hyperlight.io/
Full Credits:
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23 чер 2018





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DUST 8 місяців тому
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Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 18 днів тому
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Dalibor Rodic
Dalibor Rodic Місяць тому
I loved the movie! Well done 👏🏼
Horst Walter
Horst Walter Місяць тому
Great Cinema...
James Bonde
James Bonde 2 місяці тому
The link doesn't work. Goggle being EVIL again?
James Bonde
James Bonde 2 місяці тому
@Adam Malec They learned how gravity actually works and made it happen on spacecraft. A lot like understanding how to survive deep dives into the ocean.
Stephen Pegg
Stephen Pegg 2 години тому
I am sorry but her mole what the hell man its very distracting
mullet mann
mullet mann 8 годин тому
i always wondered how FTL travel would really work....I mean you would get there before you even really left....you'd be running into yourself and your own signals all the time.
Kim Land
Kim Land 21 годину тому
In the future. What are you going to do kill me? Ha. I've done it once and can do it again. Say what?!!
Boyan Tringov
Boyan Tringov День тому
Great acting and stuning VFX ...:) :) !!
정엄지 2 дні тому
콩깔라고 별짖다한다
zoi viktor
zoi viktor 2 дні тому
complete shit
Stevey Irwin
Stevey Irwin 2 дні тому
Николай Шевцов
Николай Шевцов 3 дні тому
Вы там поаккуратнее с тяжелыми наркотиками.
David Sánchez
David Sánchez 4 дні тому
Biednymaniek 4 дні тому
After a cut you will be White
dreeeraaa a
dreeeraaa a 4 дні тому
I want work with u for freer free,👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙏
The Furry Gamer
The Furry Gamer 4 дні тому
Here's my theory. They traveled via hyperlight and they unknowingly traveled to a parallel universe. As such, you cannot be conscious or alive as long as your parallel copy is alive and walking.
lucas ferkys
lucas ferkys 4 дні тому
2:37 Essa manobra não faz sentido, seria necessário uma quantidade absurda de combustível para inverter o sentido da órbita, primeiro teria que desacelerar por completo a órbita, ai a cápsula começaria a cair verticalmente então teria que acelerar de novo no sentido inverso para entrar em órbita novamente.
Gorukonti Vinod
Gorukonti Vinod 5 днів тому
What is her name
Julian Puentes
Julian Puentes 5 днів тому
Lunar de puhta
CaptCrewSock 6 днів тому
My shallow mind wouldn’t allow me to stop staring at the turd emoji stuck to the side of her face.
레팔렘 6 днів тому
멀티버스(Multiverse): '멀티(Multi)'와 '우주(Universe)'의 합성어 다중우주론은 우리의 우주 A 외에도 다른 우주 B, C, D가 존재한다는 이론이다. 다중우주론에는 여러가지 종류가 있고 서로 다른 이론적 배경을 가지고 있다. 인류 원리 논의의 전제가 되는 이론으로도 여겨지고 있다 누벼이은(quilted) 다중우주는 우리가 있는 우주의 크기가 공간적으로 무한하다면(또는 무한에 가까울 정도로 충분히 크다면) '우리가 관측 가능한 우주'의 모습과 비슷하거나 같은 모습을 가진 또 다른 우주가 그 너머에 존재할 것이라는 이론이다. 우주가 무한하더라도 우리가 인식할 수 있는 우주는 빅뱅 이후 빛이 진행한 거리만큼만 가능하다(관측 가능한 우주). 구골플렉스 문서에도 나와있듯, 관측 가능한 우주를 이루는 양자적 상태의 갯수는 매우 크지만 유한한 값이다. 그렇기 때문에 관측 가능한 우주 너머의 거대한 공간상 어딘가에는 우리의 관측 가능한 우주와 동일한 양자 상태를 가진 복제우주가 존재할 가능성이 있다. 이러한 다중우주들 모두 같은 공간상에 있기 때문에 동일한 물리법칙이 적용된다.
Albister 6 днів тому
Twist! He activates a distress beacon, she ends up outside, and their ship is destroyed by the next ship showing up and the cycle starts over.
UntouchableEman День тому
That's the theory i came up with also. What brought me to that conclusion was when he said "Don't do this, He's gonna find out." Chills bro...
Marcus Crothers
Marcus Crothers 6 днів тому
Sky Wu
Sky Wu 7 днів тому
These short films are too good to be just short films...
Ватный Ватник
Ватный Ватник 8 днів тому
Очередная охинея! Четыре сюжета плохие инопланетяне, хорошие инопланетяне, перемещение во времени и вирусы! Вся современная западная фантастика!
Tech News for Tech Noobs
Tech News for Tech Noobs 8 днів тому
Siri got some SERIOUS upgrades...
Masson Efflam
Masson Efflam 8 днів тому
Anyone knows where I can find the music ?
Samar_theoriginal 8 днів тому
Really enjoyed this and subbed to the channel! Not sure the physics of it is completely on point, but still intriguing twist at the end!
John Canfield
John Canfield 8 днів тому
This is meant as a sincere compliment. Many of the scenes had the look and feel of a well-done, well-paced graphic novel. This needs a follow-up episode badly. Any plans?
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan 8 днів тому
more more more please...
Larkinchance 8 днів тому
science is about the idea...... characters are secondary
Thomas Griffi
Thomas Griffi 9 днів тому
Why has it become the main feature of nearly all newer movies that the background noise becomes so much the foreground, while the actors are mumbling like hell, so that anyone whos mother language isn't english won't understand a word? For me this means, I turn these movies off after less than a minute.
초월자 9 днів тому
하... 욕나올라 하는 에피소드네
Kazy Kamakaze
Kazy Kamakaze 9 днів тому
"how many heat sources on the ship?" computer: 3 = her, the guy and that huge fucking mole on her face!
ben mazor
ben mazor 9 днів тому
what if he never came back form killing the other?
Jamy Chong
Jamy Chong 6 днів тому
She'd probably go insane
Wanicki 357
Wanicki 357 8 днів тому
I was thinking that myself 😂
Coyote 10 днів тому
So how exactly did they get inside the ship?
Rafael Fernandes
Rafael Fernandes 10 днів тому
Oblivion who?
MrMikado282 10 днів тому
I really like the idea that even though the bodies and wreckage of the ship still exist the computer can't understand what is going on. Something about having the measurable data present, but not being able to process it.
선아의 인생수업
선아의 인생수업 10 днів тому
한국어 안내는 없나요? 국내개봉작인가요?
Klaus Lay
Klaus Lay 11 днів тому
Je älter ich werde , desto stärker ist das Gefühl , so etwas schon mal gesehen zu haben. Die Geschichten wiederholen sich . Wie langweilig !
Gizziiusa 11 днів тому
ill build it. in Austin, Tx ? Siem Reap ? does it matter where ? just build it and they will come. let me know in due time. thx.
iJutsu 11 днів тому
CC: Cringy Crap.
Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor 11 днів тому
...the future scares me
John Alfred Asis
John Alfred Asis 11 днів тому
she looks like trisha paytas lol
DAB00GIEMONSTA 12 днів тому
they have caprisuns in space?! i gotta go.
Martin Schiller
Martin Schiller 12 днів тому
Субтитры трэш. Не очень умно.
Scorpio Rose
Scorpio Rose 12 днів тому
All of us here knows meaning of "Ok just last one", "ok one last more" is equal to infinity. 🤔
Ogbonna 12 днів тому
Wow. Just wow.
Vivek Tiwari
Vivek Tiwari 12 днів тому
Moral of the story," even if u r stuck in space, sex is important."
Manaj Sarkar
Manaj Sarkar 7 днів тому
@Vivek Tiwari o yes I can see that
Vivek Tiwari
Vivek Tiwari 7 днів тому
@Manaj Sarkar 'we' bolke sabko apne level pe mat la bhai, 135 crore hain, 1% me hi 1crore se jyada aa jaate hain. Sabka system tere jesa nhi hai.
Manaj Sarkar
Manaj Sarkar 9 днів тому
why we always roam around bob & Vagene
spectremuffin 12 днів тому
DREW 12 днів тому
Not all alien are dengerous and love eating human they only eat rocks and so on
Сергей Васильев
Сергей Васильев 13 днів тому
Ребят, кто понял, что тут произошло? Типа две реальности соединились?
Andrew 11 днів тому
Да. Поэтому тот который лежит на кушетке по сути живой, но прибор показывает что он мёртв.
avnergalil 14 днів тому
Mole. Bloody mole. We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face. I want to c-u-u-t it off, ch-o-o-p it off, and make guacamole.
Kingstad 14 днів тому
jesus she figured out quickly what the heck was going on
i knew from the start it was never gonna be me
Am i the only one who tilt my phone because i thought the video was upsidedown at the starting?
Standing Frog
Standing Frog 14 днів тому
That was trippy
Moist-Mike 14 днів тому
That's all well and good. But what in the HELL does it all mean?
wepipe 15 днів тому
Why could they not find an actress who can speak clear coherent English, especially as the director seemed to think fast whispering was needed to convey urgency and drama, even while subjecting the listener to load intrusive disturbing unmelodic synthetic noises. Entertaining, temporary narrative suspending type, drama ? Clearly NOT. Typically CRASS.
Manish Gurav
Manish Gurav 15 днів тому
there is video repeat and frame Slipage from TC 10.14 to 10.16
D Black
D Black 15 днів тому
they really missed the opportunity by not showing this afterwards: the guy and girl begin working on the ship to fix it and the girl goes outside and gets killed by an explosion outside the ship which forces the guy to put out the distress call again and then they show up to rescue them and the whole cycle happens again as the guy doesnt know what happened before he woke up
Michael Aramis
Michael Aramis 6 днів тому
D Black i know, i like to share mine with a fellow sci fi follower :)
D Black
D Black 6 днів тому
@Michael Aramis thats cool too. its all personal opinion man :)
Michael Aramis
Michael Aramis 13 днів тому
for some reason i don't like that kind of loops in sci fi. i remember watching a chapter of Love Death Robots with that theme
George MiLo
George MiLo 15 днів тому
Always look at the comments before you hit play on any Dust video. They are like a yelp review.
RememberNovember 15 днів тому
Imagine if the first thing he said after waking up was "You killed me."
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan 8 днів тому
omg... that would have been sooooo fracking good!
Rodrigo Gomes
Rodrigo Gomes 9 днів тому
Same here.
Scorpio Rose
Scorpio Rose 12 днів тому
dam son tht escalated quickly!
Samo Waagh
Samo Waagh 16 днів тому
Then she goes space walk to repair any dmg. He activates distress beacon after learning what she has done from Ada or flight recorder.. Luna responds to distress call and its arrival causes her death. Back to square one.
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