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"Hyperlight" by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen
Two elite astronauts wake up in the abyss of space; they return to their stranded ship and discover the surprising reason behind their mission's catastrophic failure.
For more about the film/filmmaker:
Production Company: www.secondtomorrowstudios.com/m
Director's Reel: nguyen-anh-nguyen.com/
Hyperlight: hyperlight.io/
Full Credits:
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23 чер 2018

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Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite 9 днів тому
ashes to ashes & *DUST* to *DUST*
Geoff Infield
Geoff Infield 23 дні тому
@renaud techer Yeah I am so sick of that too, I keep trying to PAY for content here in NZ but can't, usually because our utterly rubbish 'Sky TV' is a monopoly. I have Netflix and Prime - the latter picking up The Expanse for another season after it was cancelled due to "Distribution challenges" which I think means Sky or an equivalent monopoly ruined it for us - but I can't see more than a fraction of the shows Netflix and Prime air in the US, and I can't buy most movies off Amazon because "you need a US address", I am so f**king over companies attacking the "pirates" they CREATE. Downloaded GOT to try it, bought S1-2, when I liked it, then the S1-4 box set and downloaded the rest, but will BUY the full set when it comes out and put it on a shelf. Why? Because being made to subscribe to Sky for an entire year to watch ONE season of ONE show is MY definition of piracy! Sorry man, kinda lost my shit for a second lol. It's just so annoying eh. I'm called a pirate but I even bought frames from 'The Tunnel' - WE WANT TO PAY FOR CONTENT DAMMIT.
Kevin Pittman
Kevin Pittman Місяць тому
@Adam Malec its science fiction
Janus Kobain
Janus Kobain Місяць тому
@Yaakov Bar Nahman I believe it's about there: play.google.com/store/search?q=Prospect&c=movies - yeah?
Yaakov Bar Nahman
Yaakov Bar Nahman Місяць тому
tried th elink to "prospect" got this -We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.
No Haters
No Haters 7 годин тому
some explains me why he got shocked to know the date ? and explain me the story. nothing i could understand.
joeconsumer 7 годин тому
Kill a Phillip to save a Phillip.
Army Tanker new york
Army Tanker new york День тому
I ❤️ Thea's shorts
Yummy yummy at 4:40...
Cheyenne1Rain День тому
Awesome sauce sci fi.
Methadras 2 дні тому
Amazing. This is masterful, state-of-the-art work. Love it.
Robert B
Robert B 2 дні тому
Great production values, i have watched movies and tv shows that have not been this good! !!! For good sake make a movie please! !
Create -Space
Create -Space 2 дні тому
blog.naver.com/7heppy7 That looks pretty. (WOW)
Tabrez 2 дні тому
Fuck Emelia
Mason 3 дні тому
while this short film was better than others i have seen, the voice audio is a bit too low for my liking, i found myself rewinding a lot and turning up the volume to hear the words and then turning it back down because the rest of the audio is loud enough.
Furiously Eclectic Video
Furiously Eclectic Video 4 дні тому
Everything is well done. I hate the character's decision but the execution of the short film is excellent.
Hsitimuh 4 дні тому
7:00 *intense SciFi music intensifies*
Robert pendergast
Robert pendergast 4 дні тому
One thing: I missed a lot of the conversation. Yes my hearing is reduced, but a little more speech clarity would be good. I liked the video.
AR9fy 5 днів тому
Nice ✨
Jeff Jorge ocampo
Jeff Jorge ocampo 6 днів тому
Quiero segunda parte T.T
Lori Wilson
Lori Wilson 6 днів тому
All these short films are light years better than any of the crap put out by Hollywood these days!
suchapill ! !
suchapill ! ! 6 днів тому
This was great. Classic OG sci fi with a modern treatment. Excellent actors, writing, directing, soundtack, everything.
Alabama Woodsman
Alabama Woodsman 7 днів тому
Damn.... another youtube addiction....
Tamera Chance
Tamera Chance 7 днів тому
I hereby nominate this for all sorts of awards ! 👩‍🚀👩‍🚀👩‍🚀👩‍🚀👩‍🚀
jason leistman
jason leistman 7 днів тому
Why was there two of them?
User 3-12
User 3-12 8 днів тому
Philip Holman
Philip Holman 8 днів тому
Yo that was stupid.
Adrenalin Pump
Adrenalin Pump 8 днів тому
Solid actress.
Нехочухин Аватар
Английского, не знаю, но, что, она поздно поняла, что, ни того, в космос вышвырнула?
jigga2jones 10 днів тому
good shit
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite 9 днів тому
ashes to ashes & *DUST* to *DUST*
jchoneandonly 11 днів тому
... She did not need to use that much fuel. Constant burns aren't needed in space like ever
jchoneandonly 9 днів тому
@Darion D'Anjou that's possible I suppose
Darion D'Anjou
Darion D'Anjou 9 днів тому
while a quick burst is all that’s needed to change trajectory, it’s arguable since his pod was moving away from the Solis that she needed to continue accelerating in order to get to him quicker, and reduce the level of effort needed to get back to the Solis which was also moving. On top of that they are in orbit, so gravity is having some affect on them, which would also need to be countered
Kuang Chien Peng
Kuang Chien Peng 11 днів тому
This isn't finished. Later Girl goes out to fix stuff. and an explosion. Girl dies. Next Sets of boy and girl drift in space in pods. And repeats all above. Since we are talking about time travel movie, right?
DownSouth Ninja
DownSouth Ninja 11 днів тому
I wish there was full song to the tv intro to dust where the little guy is floating through space
Will Pagan
Will Pagan 11 днів тому
Way late comment... But why did he say "you'll find out" before getting sucked into space?
Will Pagan
Will Pagan 10 днів тому
Ahhh that makes sense... Thanks
Shubhra Baidya
Shubhra Baidya 10 днів тому
He'll* find out
Michael Jakobs
Michael Jakobs 12 днів тому
DUST is the future of sci-fi . it reminds me of the 70`s sci-fi spirit . with better graphics of course :) . I love it .
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite
Hebrew Yisraelite Yahawadahite 9 днів тому
ashes to ashes & *DUST* to *DUST*
Sliverbane 12 днів тому
Kinda felt like my play through of Mass Effect Andromeda...
Steven Levin
Steven Levin 12 днів тому
Incredible quality videos. Wonderful. Thank you!
Susan Nagy
Susan Nagy 12 днів тому
Not to nitpick, but the computer pronounces Philip's name wrong. "Maeda" is a Japanese name. It's pronounced "My-da". Not "may-day".
Joel 12 днів тому
This was an odd video, but I really like the production quality.
Truth hurts J.J. Abrams
Truth hurts J.J. Abrams 12 днів тому
Time for dust to make a real movie & put it on Netflix. Just watch out for Disney or they’ll buy your company out lol 😝
DUST 12 днів тому
Our first feature film "Prospect" is available on Netflix in Australia/Canada and Hulu in the US
Gusstavv's Stuff
Gusstavv's Stuff 13 днів тому
MUCH better love story than Twilight.
Norm Storm
Norm Storm 13 днів тому
We could do a GoFundMe to get enough money to have that mole removed...Kept thinking TICK!! ...and like Austin Powers said...Moley Moley Moley!!!
Fernando Gantier
Fernando Gantier 13 днів тому
My hat off to you guys. Loved it, now am addicted to your channel!! Keep up the great work!!!!!
Nobody expected the spanish inquisition
That damn mole.
Md Talha Ansari
Md Talha Ansari 13 днів тому
She should have retained the undamaged specimen. Humans are irrational. Noted.
Nobody expected the spanish inquisition
Women* lol
Dan Jolley
Dan Jolley 13 днів тому
My comment on FTL applies to this one too, you guys are ready to make full length movies that will beat all the others at the box office!
Alien 13 днів тому
DUST should have its own series on NETFLIX in UHD and make sure you have a lot more Jeananne Goossen in the releases.
Joseph 11 днів тому
Netflix would suck the soul right out of everything. Every episode would be required to to feature a transgender gay black muslim.
Ed B
Ed B 14 днів тому
Doesn't this stupid woman know basic CPR?
rob w
rob w 14 днів тому
Flyte Industries
Flyte Industries 14 днів тому
What's with the huge mole on her face... Must be a european thing
American Orthodox Vineyard
American Orthodox Vineyard 14 днів тому
joe 01225
joe 01225 14 днів тому
Wow. The opening scene with the escape pods floating out in space over the planet was very cool. If you have ever been in an MRI machine, you know how it feels to be in something like that. I did not know i was claustrophobic till i had to go into one. Like a coffin! I lasted about 20 seconds and had to abort. No can do. Thank God they make open side ones now that are not nearly as bad. You have not experienced unreasoning fear till you see a wall 2" from your face for an extended period. The nurse told me 1 out of 5 refuse to go in them by this unreasoning fear. Stranger still, mostly men more than women are affected. I had a job as a foreman taking asbestos off steam generators at a nuclear power plant and had a man freak out because he had on a full paper suit and respirator. I had to hold him down to keep him from ripping his mask off in a confined space full of dust. He completely lost it. We rushed him up the ladder just in time. I can tell you i could not go into one of those rescue buoys that confining. I would rather perish where i can have full body movement first. No kidding. They need to make the pods like in Star Wars when the droids ejected. Nice and big and round and airy! Those coffin shaped ones? No way no how!
Carlos Mandril
Carlos Mandril 14 днів тому
Love mind-bending anything!
Gibrán A. Habib
Gibrán A. Habib 14 днів тому
Qué demonios con el sujeto que subtituló (en español), incluso los efectos de sonido... ._.
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