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Nobody quite does bloopers like Dunder Mifflin, here's some of the best from Season 7.
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10 лют 2020





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Sus 2 години тому
why is it slightly sped up?
Fornax Quark
Fornax Quark 6 годин тому
My second bloopers video... The logo at the end scared me again.. LOL
Autumn Palmer
Autumn Palmer 11 годин тому
rainn seems like such a nice guy
Nicolas Robles
Nicolas Robles День тому
Can I guys pls go sub to my boi BigT420 g
tacohouse День тому
Wow I can’t be an actor
Stephen Skvarla
Stephen Skvarla День тому
When they all applauded when Oscar finally broke 🤣
beingniceiscool День тому
the one with the uk version of the office made me feel warm inside🥺
kambear 2 дні тому
5:34 *i think this is the cutest noise Jim has made EVER*
Kolani T
Kolani T 2 дні тому
2:23 they made mic boomer Brian from the office a real thing
Matty Daddy
Matty Daddy 2 дні тому
There all so good at there job.
Mark Nicdao
Mark Nicdao 2 дні тому
i think the office is not a real documentary and they're just paid actors
Dalil _fit
Dalil _fit 2 дні тому
Ricky gervais has a unique yet hilarious laaaugh omg 😂😂😂😂
Adam Othman
Adam Othman 2 дні тому
When Creed said glory hole 😂😂🤣😂
Devon Leybold
Devon Leybold 2 дні тому
It took me five and a half minutes to realise the sound was pitched up a little I thought they were just talking weird....
Jack Evans - Dobson
Jack Evans - Dobson 2 дні тому
God don't bloopers just make you feel better!
Chloe Holloway
Chloe Holloway 3 дні тому
my favorite one was "louder" I just burst out laughing
Ricky Torres
Ricky Torres 3 дні тому
"The 5th room will have the glory hole"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Priyanka 3 дні тому
These aren't even bloopers they're as good to be in the show.
picklechew 4 дні тому
Their voices sound higher than what I remember
Nnaemeka Omeruo
Nnaemeka Omeruo 4 дні тому
"we don't why i have been separating trash int whites and colors" honestly one of the most underated jokes in Television
Tyvek Homewrap
Tyvek Homewrap 4 дні тому
Ellie's laugh is just the cutest thing ever.
Angela Chen
Angela Chen 4 дні тому
Jim's Boston accent, so good.
Joey Clemenza
Joey Clemenza 4 дні тому
ricky gervais laugh is magical
Dana Hess
Dana Hess 4 дні тому
Just curious: was there a helium leak this season?
Real Texting Stories
Real Texting Stories 4 дні тому
Subscriber for subscriber take up my offer
Adrienne E.
Adrienne E. 4 дні тому
I love that Dwight has a Chinese accent as he's trying to explain
Kamran Kiarimov
Kamran Kiarimov 5 днів тому
4:37 That fist bump tho 😭
Anthony Ditizio
Anthony Ditizio 5 днів тому
0:17 , 0:43 , 1:27 , 2:16 , 2:36 , 2:56 , 4:03 , 5:16 , 6:07 , 6:38 , 7:45 , 8:56 , 9:26
veronica vibes
veronica vibes 5 днів тому
English Micheal Scott is something I would pay to listen to
Miah Loves U
Miah Loves U 5 днів тому
my boyfriend reminds me of Jim
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson 5 днів тому
if only the volume was higher
firebirdude2 5 днів тому
Comedy Bites, you see how your outro effects are like 30db louder than the clip? Think you could do something about that?
Ruairi O'Hagan
Ruairi O'Hagan 6 днів тому
the boom guy's name was actually Brian
Snake Lord
Snake Lord 6 днів тому
the fact that these bloopers could fit perfectly into the show is amazing
Matt Hudson
Matt Hudson 6 днів тому
8:25 cracks me up so freaking much!
Tobias Merriman
Tobias Merriman 6 днів тому
Krazinski even does jim-4th-wall-breaks in outttakes. What a pro.
Flavio Bisenti
Flavio Bisenti 6 днів тому
Fun fact, Michael asked the crew of The documentary to insert the Threat Level Midnight bloopers in this video
2020 Aaron Bronstone
2020 Aaron Bronstone 7 днів тому
3:05 when I smack a fireball back at a ghast
Michelle Tran
Michelle Tran 7 днів тому
This comment section shows how awesomely knowledgeable and observant office fans are 🥺💗
MICHAEL MOSER 7 днів тому
The office had the best acting ensemble in any comedy ever
rooster87 7 днів тому
Rainn Wilson is CallMeCarson confirmed
RayD Official
RayD Official 8 днів тому
4:37 that fist bump still waiting to hit :(
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone 8 днів тому
“See just the noise you made when you stood up I can tell” that should have stayed in. That’s a great line. I love it
T 8 днів тому
should have added 8:09 in the movie, its funny as
Skinny Penis Robinson
Skinny Penis Robinson 8 днів тому
This isn’t only season 7 it’s also 9
Someone 9 днів тому
I wish I could fake laugh like they do sometimes. Erin’s real laugh vs her character’s laugh is the exact same
Someone 9 днів тому
Why was jim’s voice so high when he was getting pre-fired
brokenspiderwebb 9 днів тому
7:19 well I guess that joke got pretty...dark
FuzzyChain 9 днів тому
I found it hard warming when they were laughing with Toby for once
Charlotte McCollum
Charlotte McCollum 9 днів тому
I feel like Steve Carell probably wouldn't break unless the other actors did
Jimmy Tom
Jimmy Tom 9 днів тому
I find it rlly weird when they break character
Pompom 9 днів тому
That part on the ending of the video with the Comedy Bites logo scared the shit outta me
PulpyOrangeJuice 10 днів тому
They should do another season where they just act as the characters they’ve developed and improvise a story acting as the people they’ve learned about
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 10 днів тому
Poor Kev 4:36
Atvansy 10 днів тому
dalu ogbuefi
dalu ogbuefi 10 днів тому
So Jim use to put his hand on his face to stop himself from laughing😂
Da Goat
Da Goat 11 днів тому
Jennas laugh is the greatest😂
itzmececily 11 днів тому
5:27 awwwww johns laugh oml
Melvin Falcon
Melvin Falcon 12 днів тому
7:58 creed is so slept on
Buckshot Henry
Buckshot Henry 12 днів тому
I laughed...then the video was over. A St. Jude ad played and I fell all to pieces. Poor kids man, ripped my heart out sheesh.
Rachel Donovan
Rachel Donovan 12 днів тому
"I'm not even an actor let me OUT" 4:04
Clara Bairral
Clara Bairral 12 днів тому
박육갑 12 днів тому
3:24 / 5:44 / 8:58
Sarah C
Sarah C 13 днів тому
AndromedaMoon 13 днів тому
oh my gosh i definitely own that duck at 6:58 I have his quack burned into my memory and I'd recognize it anywhere
Radin Sadeghi
Radin Sadeghi 13 днів тому
The day Oscar broke was a day for the ages
Morgen Kurland
Morgen Kurland 13 днів тому
the way rainn laughed in the first one is so fake
its static
its static 14 днів тому
1:11 it looks like Michael laughing
Kyler P.
Kyler P. 14 днів тому
Leslie and Stanley are so different
Hi I'm Val :3
Hi I'm Val :3 14 днів тому
this entire video was so chaotic
The_Rogue12 14 днів тому
The real blooper is the audio being way higher than it should be...
Mathieu Habib
Mathieu Habib 14 днів тому
siege players: 3:11
Quincy S
Quincy S 14 днів тому
yes sir
yes sir 15 днів тому
ok if oscar had his own closet would he have come out????????
Amily Cabelaris
Amily Cabelaris 15 днів тому
Steve Carrell has the kindest smile I've ever seen at 7:35
Nuzhat Sabrina
Nuzhat Sabrina 15 днів тому
2:57 the most adorable character break lol
Nuzhat Sabrina
Nuzhat Sabrina 15 днів тому
2:31 the cameraman has such great skin!
Jt parker
Jt parker 15 днів тому
That first blooper 😂. They all broke in unison 😂
Itz Bryan11
Itz Bryan11 15 днів тому
2:24 Notice how he says “Thank you, Brian.” And later in the show we are introduced to a Mic Guy Called Brian.
The Language Learning Journey Boswell
He said Brian to the sound guy? Wonder if that’s the same guy who acts as Brian? It’s obvious they based Brian off of him but I wonder if he’s literally the same character
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