SEC Shorts - Auburn and Texas A&M show up early to claim their wins

SEC Shorts
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Auburn and Texas A&M get a head start on post game traffic and head to the Wins Claim Department in order to claim their W's for this week. Just one tiny problem, the clock hasn't struck zero yet. No way this comes back to haunt them right? Right?



28 лис 2021





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She's kills it every week
Benjamin Voegele
"Tell Vanderbilt I said hi."
John M
The Regina / Vanderbilt love story is the best subplot in sec shorts history
Y'all nailed it with "I hope I dont have to work........ overtime!"
Connor Hawkins
This girl has been a gem since she joined the cast.
Kit Carandang
This "SEC Claims Department" should be a recurring skit every season!!!
The Liberty Bowl line was completely uncalled for, and I love it.
Not The Expert
These videos help me laugh away my CFB suffering
Safe Space Bear
I can't wait to see the final showdown between Hope vs Georgia. If Alabama wrecks it in the SEC Championship game that skit could be very brutal. Especially considering the number of times Georgia pepper sprayed Hope
† Ranger for Jesus †
Whatever you guys are paying Hannah, DOUBLE IT! She's kills it every week! 🙂
As a LSU fan I was chomping at the bit for this week's short and you guys didn't disappoint!
Pondo Sinatra
I love you guys. Please NEVER stop these videos.
Bryan Hawn
"Tell Vanderbilt I said Hi." hahahaha
Timothy Lamb
As an Aggie fan that was also rooting for Auburn, I felt all of this
Make sure you turn on subtitles. The subtle burns for the crowd cheers are amazing! Great work SEC Shorts!
Chris Simonton
OUCH! .....As much as it stings, yall still make me laugh. Keep up the great work, even if it has to come at our expense. Gig 'Em
Johnson Jefferson
Regina is a National Treasure
English Teacher
As an Aggie, the "you remember your way to the loss claims office" line hurt but well deserved! lol A+++++
Ivy Wilson
Cam Newton jersey was a brilliant touch.
They could do win/loss claims videos every week and I’d be happy. Hilarious!