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See You Tomorrow · John Powell
How To Train Your Dragon
℗ 2010 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C.
Released on: 2010-01-01
Associated Performer, Violin: Perry Montague-Mason
Associated Performer, Vocalist: Dee Lewis-Clay
Associated Performer, Guitar: Vivian Milanova
Conductor: Gavin Greenaway
Associated Performer, Chorus: Metro Voices
Composer Lyricist: John Powell
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16 вер 2018





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Ruby: Amateur Tactician
Ruby: Amateur Tactician 4 дні тому
Dragon notes: Dislikes: - eels Likes: - scritches - tiny points of light - this one particular plant (will be called "dragon nip" for further reference)
Zahra Gaidi
Zahra Gaidi 14 днів тому
I expected more views to be honest. Are there any up to date httyd fans here?
tada we r dead
Kennedy Walker
Kennedy Walker 5 днів тому
“Da ta da, we’re dead.” 😑
Roz Bertels
Roz Bertels Місяць тому
I love this song + HTTYD :)
Tomasz Winiarczyk
Tomasz Winiarczyk Місяць тому
I’m atheist but there is no way this was made by a mortal.
leopointo37 Місяць тому
me gusta la parte de 0:17 de la parte en la q hipo escapa de astrid
Nicolas Fuentes
Nicolas Fuentes Місяць тому
WOAH 1:13
Yolanda Millan Salcedo
Yolanda Millan Salcedo Місяць тому
i love the music from How Train Your Dragon.
marco paz
marco paz 2 місяці тому
I barely press play and I already like it
雀海 2 місяці тому
These songs are so good. Almost enough reason for another movie by themselves.
HAMBURSIAK. PL 2 місяці тому
3:15 xD
HAMBURSIAK. PL 2 місяці тому
i love this
Lucrecia Lencina
Lucrecia Lencina 3 місяці тому
Tenes q poner la cancion cuando chimuelo se conoce con furia luminosa
Áine Hassett
Áine Hassett 3 місяці тому
“Hey, Astrid...” *gets pulled back through the doors* Astrid: wtf just happened
Kennedy Walker
Kennedy Walker 5 днів тому
“Astrid! Hey Astrid, hey Astrid, hi Astrid, hi.. Astrid.”
Scorpio &Poopy
Scorpio &Poopy 4 місяці тому
One of the best soundtracks in the film
Unai Echamendi Goicoechea
Unai Echamendi Goicoechea 4 місяці тому
how to fix mondays
Fernanda Andrade
Fernanda Andrade 4 місяці тому
Wou wering
Mac Mooney
Mac Mooney 5 місяців тому
2:02-2:03-2:04-2:05-2:06-2:07-2:08-2:09-2:10- 2:11-2:12-2:13-2:14-2:15-2:16-2:17-2:18-2:19- 2:20-2:21-2:22-2:23-2:24-2:25-2:26-2:27-2:28 my favorite sound parts from see you tomorrow
C Waller
C Waller 5 місяців тому
That violin line at 1:30 is something special, as is the imitation at 0:45. Really fantastic music.
Valéria Kucová
Valéria Kucová 5 місяців тому
John Powell is legend😯🖤🖤
El Señor de las Hostias
El Señor de las Hostias 7 місяців тому
Goosebumps every time
NorthernStal The famously unknown penguin
"this is berk" made me like the film. "forbidden friendship" made me love the film. "see you tommorow" made me so attached to the film i cannot give it up even after nearly 10 years "test flight" made httyd my spirit film
Kennedy Walker
Kennedy Walker 5 днів тому
Couldn’t be said it better myself
Gabrielle Jensen
Gabrielle Jensen 9 місяців тому
2:04 I love how the melody builds up from different parts coming in and overlapping each other
Gabrielle Jensen
Gabrielle Jensen 9 місяців тому
Opening part in strings section is amazing... very tightly together, great ensemble, super energetic
Gabrielle Jensen
Gabrielle Jensen Місяць тому
@Treneice Walker Agreed!
Treneice Walker
Treneice Walker Місяць тому
I totally caught that too. The instrumental was on point. Those flutes in the back were beatiuful
Galaxy the NightWing
Galaxy the NightWing 11 місяців тому
I love all of the movies equally, but I have to say the soundtrack for the first one is my favorite with Forbidden Friendship taking the lead.
Galaxy the NightWing
Galaxy the NightWing 3 місяці тому
Yesh :3
Lilian Saraguro
Lilian Saraguro 3 місяці тому
Ashley Studley
Ashley Studley 3 місяці тому
I like the first movie the most, and rtte. the first movie i can literally re wacth like 400 times, and it doesnt get old
Alinusaz 10 місяців тому
The hidden world man ... amazing
Slender Puppy
Slender Puppy 11 місяців тому
Natalie Burton test drive is my favorite but I love them all
Makayla Waldroup
Makayla Waldroup Рік тому
The beginning kind of sound like the village scene in tinker no hate it does suit this movie very well
The Bearded Weirdo coaster freak.
Just here checking out thg his epic song today. Let's do this again yo.... See ya tomorrow!
Bruce Ostrander
Bruce Ostrander 3 місяці тому
See ya tomorrow!
Ximena Lucia
Ximena Lucia Рік тому
Angel Kaos
Angel Kaos Рік тому
Love all movie 3 epic the best movie 2019 httyd yay !!!!!!
H4ppy_H4ck3r Рік тому
3:12 Run meme complilation in httyd
cailem02 Рік тому
the sad part is they wont be back :(::::::::::::::::
amgere2195 2 місяці тому
@Lars Nardieux Three movies are enough. Third movie was made to build quite a deserved conclusion and it's better if they keep it that way...
Miles Ash
Miles Ash 9 місяців тому
Now they will be back! A new Christmas special will be coming out and the title of it is "homecoming"
Makayla Waldroup
Makayla Waldroup Рік тому
IKR I was literally crying those movies were a good chunk of me 4-13 years d childhood
Lars Nardieux
Lars Nardieux Рік тому
well they also said that there would only be 3 shrek . . .
DragonNium Рік тому
juste 1 question will there be How to train your dragon 4
Lily Vaughan
Lily Vaughan Місяць тому
DragonNium I hope so but I sadly don’t think so because toothless has a family in the hidden world where they are safe and hiccup and Astrid has a family, but that griml guy might some how still be alive so there could be
Makayla Waldroup
Makayla Waldroup Рік тому
Misty The Death Angel I was crying so hard at the end of that movie it still makes me cry
Geni4aR Рік тому
Maybe no... But Hiccup and Toothless must start their own TV show. Sorry for ny english 🙄
Misty The Death Angel
Misty The Death Angel Рік тому
No. It’s the lag film unfortunately:(
Septic Markiplite
Septic Markiplite Рік тому
Unfortunately, no. * Tear hitting the floor *
【Eclypse】 Рік тому
It was like *Astrid has left the chat*
Zahra Gaidi
Zahra Gaidi 15 днів тому
Don’t get it
Corona Killer
Corona Killer 4 місяці тому
Astrid has deleted the chat name
Lady Lewis
Lady Lewis 5 місяців тому
These comments keep getting more and more savage™. the internet is the best roasters omg
Jack the creep
Jack the creep 7 місяців тому
Astrid has been kicked out of the chat*
Biance Von Riegan
Biance Von Riegan 7 місяців тому
More like *the Chat has left Astrid* ^^'
Sheridan Taylor
Sheridan Taylor Рік тому
Back from The Hidden World... now I have to decide which soundtrack I prefer the most. Who am I kidding? They're all amazing.
Lily Vaughan
Lily Vaughan Місяць тому
Just put all sound tracks on one and boom your fav one is created lol
Collin Gray
Collin Gray 3 місяці тому
theyre all equally perfect in my book
Dom The Piebald Pony
Dom The Piebald Pony 4 місяці тому
I love them all equally but the first movie was the original so I have to go with the first movie’s soundtrack
Mika Salazar
Mika Salazar Рік тому
I love the three of them but I still prefer the first one
Madita Lux
Madita Lux Рік тому
i love the httyd soundtrack so much! i love the soundtrack of all 3 movies! it is amazing! 😍
Ashley Studley
Ashley Studley 3 місяці тому
The first movie is the best though :)
MareDia Рік тому
2:20 !!!!!!
HAMBURSIAK. PL 2 місяці тому
Yes this melody is great
Jashak 5 місяців тому
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