Sequels That Aren't Sequels (The Sequel)

Drew Gooden
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Today we finish what we started last week, with the help of a surprise special guest, and another guest that is neither special nor a surprise, and is also made of cardboard.
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A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.




11 лют 2019

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Matt Miller
Matt Miller 4 місяці тому
omg he actually made tootfart.com
Howie F
Howie F 5 днів тому
ya i checked it lol
Kit Warrior4life
Kit Warrior4life 9 днів тому
Gacha lover for life
Gacha lover for life 12 днів тому
Life of Talise
Life of Talise 13 днів тому
Matt Miller 😂 that’s a shrexy website
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Годину тому
it feels like a sh*tty ROM COM but there's no dude to run after Mila at a airport last minute. So she kills people.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Годину тому
wait.. this is a sequel of a sequel from a video of sequels.
Derek Glasscock
Derek Glasscock 7 годин тому
This better show Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy 2
Clem Fandango
Clem Fandango 20 годин тому
Hi greg
Love Shack
Love Shack 2 дні тому
imagine eating poo, with the corn crunching against your teeth...
Taylor Theangel
Taylor Theangel 3 дні тому
I thought this was Danny Gonzalez TBH 😂😂 I clicked so fast
Abby Ford
Abby Ford 3 дні тому
Dude I looked it up too! Wtf! It’s real!
Chicken Nuggets Gacha YT
Chicken Nuggets Gacha YT 3 дні тому
Meow meow I’m a dog
Ranger Puppr
Ranger Puppr 3 дні тому
tootfart.com is a actual website lol!
Crystal Tilford
Crystal Tilford 5 днів тому
Only 8 ppl?
Maurice Flowers
Maurice Flowers 6 днів тому
When it switched to Danny I didn’t even realize it😭😭 I thought it was still Drew
Dave G
Dave G 6 днів тому
The Piss sequel The Dump
funangel 6 днів тому
This isn't like the original. Smh.
Lion To Yourself
Lion To Yourself 7 днів тому
Not sure if anyone else feels this way, but your breakdown of American Psycho was great. Pls do more videos talking about movies
carpeted kitchen
carpeted kitchen 7 днів тому
I genuinely watched jingle all the way 2 around Christmas time back in 2015 lol At the end it turns out that the what the daughter wanted for Christmas was for her mom, dad, and stepdad to all spend Christmas with her
TheOnlyAliesha 8 днів тому
I wish I didn’t see that add
modernsilentfilms 9 днів тому
why Satino in jingle all the way 2
Lovely Human
Lovely Human 9 днів тому
Rachel Newman: I'm not like other girls 😘
A Taylor
A Taylor 11 днів тому
She’s nOt LiKe OtHeR giRrLzz
Kranksy 2k
Kranksy 2k 11 днів тому
In jingle all the way two it is said that if he buys it online it won’t ship on time for Christmas
No u Lol
No u Lol 12 днів тому
Once again.... *cough* final destination
I Couldn’t Think Of A Username
Mean Girls 2😂😂😂
Where is the threquel?
HeyItsReagan 14 днів тому
tootfart.com made it into an amazingphil video so congrats drew u made it
Eggomydoggo 14 днів тому
Home alone 3?
Welcome to Chillia
Welcome to Chillia 14 днів тому
mila looked good in it. at least it wasn’t her fault.
Anett Trummel
Anett Trummel 15 днів тому
Before this video started I watched Arnold Schwarzenegger ad
Ciara Frost
Ciara Frost 15 днів тому
Your brand deal skits are funnier than most comedy sketches. Amazing. 10/10. Please continue this high-quality content. And the rest of the video was good too
ScoobySkreep 16 днів тому
4:06 when you try to steal memes but get caught
Emily Santia
Emily Santia 16 днів тому
he should talk about grease 2 and how it has NOTHING to do with the first one
partisan 16 днів тому
Makes total sense now because iv always said American psycho 2 would be a great movie if it was its own movie instead of american psycho 2
partisan 16 днів тому
I love this channel and website i don't know why hes the only one who makes videos on here ?
Emma Graves
Emma Graves 17 днів тому
I love American Psycho too.
Michael #5679
Michael #5679 17 днів тому
HopingButton 18 днів тому
S h o u t o u t
lilli4nn 18 днів тому
thAT's whAt uR mamA saiD >:((((((
Witchy Alpaca
Witchy Alpaca 18 днів тому
Let’s just face it. 90s movies are better than 2010s movies.
ScoobySkreep 16 днів тому
Witchy Alpaca respectfully disagree ☝️
Nar od
Nar od 19 днів тому
Julian Fantasia
Julian Fantasia 20 днів тому
Not only is him doing everything perfectly to not get caught not *the point,* it’s also not true. May I point you to a scene where he openly kills a hooker in the stairwell of his own apartment building? Also... the *_end of the fucking movie?_*
erica lynn
erica lynn 20 днів тому
you should def check out the movie "troll 2" it's a fantastic film cause it's not about trolls and there's also not a first movie
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 20 днів тому
Dont say bad words
HENRYFAM OFICE 21 день тому
I swear to god the movie studios are retarded when they make these stupid straight to dvd movies sequels that has nothing to do with the original first films. Hollywood and the government should ban these to stop
Abbie 22 дні тому
I just searched up tootfart.com to see if he actually made it and... he did 😂
Ada Scarlett
Ada Scarlett 22 дні тому
Please make one of these about mean girls 2
Lauralyn Smith
Lauralyn Smith 22 дні тому
Why didn’t he buy the toy when he went hundreds of miles up north
NatDaNarwhal 22 дні тому
clara may
clara may 22 дні тому
meg killed brian????
zhannell kimura
zhannell kimura 23 дні тому
8:33 so basically that photo of that girl in front of a fire
Yeetboi 420
Yeetboi 420 24 дні тому
Okay why at the end of American physco 2 does it play the super smash bros sound
Wes McCall
Wes McCall 24 дні тому
This game was not good 😊 said she did a great 👍 but I didn't want the woman who I got was because they didn't get to play it as the only thing they did to do it with a game was a little too bad she is not that much fun game because it was fun. I speak English
Katie 25 днів тому
That's what your momma said 🤪🤪
Ly Sandwiches
Ly Sandwiches 26 днів тому
...okay so don’t get mad, but i didn’t actually realize the change between danny and drew at the beginning...
S A H I L 26 днів тому
Do Tooth fairy 2
Veronica Rouby
Veronica Rouby 26 днів тому
I got an ad for a gel peel-off mask right after the scene from American Psycho played 😳
Hannah Lindsey
Hannah Lindsey 26 днів тому
Larry The Cable Guy is my soulmate
Aastranova 26 днів тому
you better leave my nigga Larry alone.
Mrs animals
Mrs animals 25 днів тому
Girly Graves
Girly Graves 27 днів тому
the girl who wouldnt die , is a book.. it’s very good you should check it out
Thalia Petrillo
Thalia Petrillo 27 днів тому
When I saw Danny Gonzalez I honestly thought I was still staring drew I didn't notice that they were two different people until I re watch this video
Emily Carrell
Emily Carrell 27 днів тому
🌑 🌑 👃 👅
Meimei Laughs
Meimei Laughs 27 днів тому
This title confused me 😂
YaBoyBumbus 28 днів тому
7:36 Meg was in the car
Potato Bun
Potato Bun 28 днів тому
8:13 - Owen Wilson
HamQM 28 днів тому
6:34 behind the back frisbee has me 100% dead.
rinbrig 28 днів тому
Is it bad that I didn’t notice when you and Danny switched out
binaqq 29 днів тому
KT Glitter Time
KT Glitter Time 29 днів тому
Just saw the trailer for the new Men in Black movie....... ........I cried
Bleac h
Bleac h 29 днів тому
Omg I totally forgot that I ever watched Jingle All The Way 2 until I saw that scene of one of the guys throwing all the toys in the truck xD that movie was actually pretty funny
bi quirk
bi quirk 29 днів тому
the “sequel” would have been WAY better if it were a stand alone movie about a complex female serial killer
Jessica Wenhold
Jessica Wenhold 29 днів тому
Leo Garcia-Cuesta
Leo Garcia-Cuesta 29 днів тому
Oh my God, it has a watermark.
barbarino Місяць тому
If the credits to American Psycho 2 don't use that final orchestra sting to transition into Crank That Soulja Boy I'm going to be upset
TheSefirosu200x Місяць тому
Maybe Larry doesn't have internet or doesn't like shopping online?
TheSefirosu200x Місяць тому
I mean, it's totally possible Bateman never successfully killed anyone, wtf, how can he for sure be this epic, famous serial killer?
Dean_With_Glasses Місяць тому
You should do Tooth Fairy 2. It sucked and didn't go with the first one. It's Larry the Cable guy so...
Matt C
Matt C Місяць тому
Why cant Larry drive to another town?
Jeff Wogoman
Jeff Wogoman Місяць тому
American Psycho 2: Shut up Meg!
Painroses Місяць тому
drew is the only one that can make me watch sponsorship ads on videos from start to finish, no wonder this guy invented youtube
Emma's Music
Emma's Music Місяць тому
When i clicked on this video i thought i clicked on one of Dannys Gonzalez video XD
Twenty.one.oofs. Місяць тому
*i wonder if its gonna melt*
meryem kaleli
meryem kaleli Місяць тому
jackie turned out to be some wacky serial killer? that seems kinda fitting.
Nintendo Gaming
Nintendo Gaming Місяць тому
i can’t tell you the ending *because i didn’t finish it*
thereal eht543
thereal eht543 Місяць тому
When a 12 year old kills the greatest serial killer
Danimations Місяць тому
Anyone else think that in AP2 most of the movie sounds like those Troom Troom narrations ?
Jawa Industries
Jawa Industries Місяць тому
THE TOOTH FAIRY 2!!! The first had the Rock. The second doesn’t... immediately makes it bad.
Arm Pump
Arm Pump Місяць тому
So basically like the Star Wars sequels?
gumbyrush Місяць тому
oh you play osrs nice
Lego kid
Lego kid Місяць тому
You forgot about the sandlot 2 3 4 and I think 5
Disho Місяць тому
You forgot tooth fairy and tooth fairy 2
MendedBTW Місяць тому
Goosebumps 2 btw
Kevin Baobob
Kevin Baobob Місяць тому
I like movies that aren't trying to 'target' me and make me feel like an asshole. Exaggerated crazy characters of rich businessmen isn't making fun of rich people *or* 'business men' it's just having fun with building off this exaggerated non-realistic image of them. That's probably why I like it more. It's not saying that if you have money you're a weird sheeple, or that if you work a suit and tie type of job that you're some bland boring person. It's also not romanticizing mental illness. The 2nd is just romanticizing some girls murder spree who clearly has something wrong with her as she never seems to feel any emotion that isn't sarcasm or numb killing.
sam craig
sam craig Місяць тому
Honestly the worst case of a studio naming a movie a sequel and making it worse as a result isn't american psycho 2, it's bad lieutenant 2. There's also Troll 2 but that movie would be terrible even if it was released as a standalone, and even troll 3 which continues the troll 2 tradition of having nothing to do with the previous movies
gali Місяць тому
the music at the ending scene of american psycho 2 sounds like something from a court show
Ariana Місяць тому
am i the only one who thought this said squel
TeaTime Місяць тому
Ok I like American Psycho 2 because Mika Kunis is in it…
TeaTime Місяць тому
Legally blonde 2 might be the most horrendous movie… ever
Alan Oswald
Alan Oswald Місяць тому
I fucking love this guy , totally speaks my mind . I think this guy is a brother from a mother mother
Thais Romero
Thais Romero Місяць тому
Jenna marbles reacted to ur website lol
SpaghettiWombat Місяць тому
"I silently vowed to devote my life to stopping other psycho killers" *proceeds to kill 8 innocent people*
Fidel RMZ
Fidel RMZ Місяць тому
4:04 lol he's having an orgasm over a card 😂
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