Shaq doesn't think new-look Cavaliers could beat Warriors | First Take | ESPN

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Shaq joins First Take saying he doesn't think the new-look Cavaliers could beat the Warriors.
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15 лют 2018





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UpsetTronGuy Рік тому
Funny looking back at this now as the team basically was right back to square one a few weeks after making the trade and got carried to the finals by LeBron. Now look at how ass the team is with him gone. Tanking or not, the team as it's currently constructed would be an 8th seed at best (and that's being generous) if they were actually trying to win basketball games. Team was good for like a week and a half after the trades lmao.
Farty McGee
Farty McGee Рік тому
To correct the Hill Ogre Shaq, the Warriors, when healthy, had FIVE potential Hall of Fame players. Now, once healthy, they will have six HoF players! Lmao
Anne HBurn
Anne HBurn Рік тому
Shaq was right
The Random Raving
The Random Raving Рік тому
Mystic Shaq predicting the future.. my man..
Adrian Tippit
Adrian Tippit Рік тому
Shaw tried to tell yall
Daniel Lucas JR
Daniel Lucas JR Рік тому
Facts by Shaq
Plasti Adicto
Plasti Adicto Рік тому
So Shaq could be actually right uh?
nabil chowdhury
nabil chowdhury Рік тому
MJ is a freak athlete. He was the first freak among freaks.
Rahul Maini
Rahul Maini Рік тому
Shaq knows what he’s talking about
Donald Creech
Donald Creech Рік тому
Korver is one of the greatest shooters of all time! How could you say that LeBron doesn't have a knock down shooter??
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl Рік тому
Shaq just put the hard cold FACTS on the table...but Cavs fans and Rockets fans just don't wanna accept it. It's ok. U will see come playoff time. Just keep watching. LET'S GO WARRIORS !!!
Cody Hicks
Cody Hicks Рік тому
Lol Stephen A telling Max to go at 2:40 😂😂😂
Mathew Youngblood
Mathew Youngblood Рік тому
Stephen A Smiths hair line is receding like the polar ice caps.
Jonathan Caulk
Jonathan Caulk Рік тому
The Warriors aren't healthy at this point. If they go into the playoffs with a big 3, instead of a big four, then it's wide open.
Jason Bonner
Jason Bonner Рік тому
I been saying this shit since he came back to Cleveland his game is NOT like Michael Jordan it's similar to Magic Johnson 💯
Leander Loftman
Leander Loftman Рік тому
East standing.who leading... raptors can they keep up there hot play all the way into the play I hope sure...im I confident in raptors no no no Until they can beat James cav...
Boogie Loo
Boogie Loo Рік тому
Caves might not get out of the first round depending on the matchup.
cptswagger513 Рік тому
Stephen A kill me with this he need all that shit Golden State has 4 GOT Damn all stars and 3 of the starters is damn near top 2 at they position and Draymond probably top 5 and they still try to build even more it’s what teams do
Maurice Holmess jr
Maurice Holmess jr Рік тому
Shaq spittin facts... Teams can't have a bad shooting night against GS....
Mariah Lin
Mariah Lin Рік тому
Warriors need to just stay healthy. But their problem isn't the Cavaliers, it's the Rockets. Houston is the best team in the league right now, close to unstoppable.
Lyric X
Lyric X Рік тому
I honestly don't know, I stopped looking at the regular season I just wait for the playoffs and if the playoffs are predictable I'll just wait for the conference finals.
Eduard-Ivan Karaivanoff
Eduard-Ivan Karaivanoff Рік тому
Wow. I didn't know Shaq is that good of an analyst. Championship mentality
Twitch JehWahd
Twitch JehWahd Рік тому
Everyone counting the celts out after 1 game...I have mad respect for the Cavs and I think it will be an awesome battle in the ECF but we're only halfway through the season lets be real. The celts in the first half of the season looked like championship contenders and this slump they're in will turn around.
gilllie666 Рік тому
Lebron needs jimmy butler, aka, Scottie Pippen the 2nd
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins Рік тому
WHY is Shaq wearing that beetle juice onesie?
William Rios
William Rios Рік тому
Shaq ill tell my mom to not buy you that shirt again after pancakes.
Oscar Arredondo
Oscar Arredondo Рік тому
If Houston gets by Golden State, no way are they getting beat by Cleveland. They picked up some nice pieces but they can't top the rockets and what they've done this year.
Certified Fresh
Certified Fresh Рік тому
Shaq's getting old as fuck
Alf Alf
Alf Alf Рік тому
So i guess san antonio fell out of the top 8 😭😭😭
Daniel Hutson
Daniel Hutson Рік тому
They not beating warriors period
i have no idea
i have no idea Рік тому
Kawai Leonard
SuperJohn12354 Рік тому
I can only really see OKC beating Golden State, so if I'm the Cav's looking at the tape and I'm trying to work out how OKC can beat GSW and sending them the plan on how to do it, because the Fav's could beat OKC.
NL SIRE Reigns
NL SIRE Reigns Рік тому
even shaqs smart enough to realize lebron could nevr compare to mj and thats correct ! but him and magic or maybe kobe or bird makes sense !
drlee2 Рік тому
The Cavs won’t have to worry about the Warriors, nor vice versa, because the Finals will be Rockets-Raptors.
Simon Yohannes
Simon Yohannes Рік тому
How about the Celtics
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply Рік тому
Lebron can never be a great leader with all his petty passive-aggressive bullshit
Harlem World
Harlem World Рік тому
Shaq is talking a lie. Making out it was all 'planned' with him and Kobe. He showed terrible leadership when he was with Kobe. They both did. 2 Alphas not able to play in the same space. If either had been more like D Wade was when he got Bron with him, Lakers would have had a run of at least 6 rings, maybe more. Selfish and unprofessional. This, from someone who likes big Shaq. Facts are facts. If he stayed in shape and worked on his FT's and showed more maturity in his leadership, he could have gone down as the best big of all time. Could have put shade on MJ's legacy too. Oh well.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams Рік тому
MauseKing Рік тому
Y’all forgetting about fourth Korver
SC Challenger
SC Challenger Рік тому
Now Kellerman is ready to make excuses if the cavs face and lose to the Rockets in the finals. He's trying to put Houston as a superteam, when Harden is just a super player. The only NBA star that not crying about needing more help.
eric brown
eric brown Рік тому
Warriors in six
alabanzarobert Рік тому
Big guy is telling the truth
Ryan Grimes
Ryan Grimes Рік тому
Shocking!!!!!!! 😮 no matter what a team does these people will always say that. They'd take the Warriors over an All-Star team. Truth is they aren't unbeatable so stfu!
Virgil R
Virgil R Рік тому
There is no guarantee the Warriors are going to be in the championship series! They still have to get past OKC, and Houston!
Marry Christmas
Marry Christmas Рік тому
That's because not even SEAL team 6 can't beat Golden Shower, Draymond will kick them special forces guys in the crotch.
6th Man
6th Man Рік тому
Yeah they wont..at this point lebron simply cant stop that snake KD.
Bills Fan
Bills Fan Рік тому
Anybody else understood what shaq said with his mumbling ass
Big Mohammed
Big Mohammed Рік тому
Warriors are champions point blank period. Kd and Steph is unbeatable together.
peter fischetto
peter fischetto Рік тому
The Cavs are gonna lose to the Celtics
Mackie SoLoud
Mackie SoLoud Рік тому
Three hall of famers and green lol SHADE
J3M1LL P___{}
J3M1LL P___{} Рік тому
finals will Rockets vs raptors
jay candelaria
jay candelaria Рік тому
hahaha. bilog ang bola
MysticMech Рік тому
Le Helpmeee. Needs more help!
Cashh Washington
Cashh Washington Рік тому
Nobody is beating Golden State in 7 🐐
Yung Hollywood
Yung Hollywood Рік тому
this new cavs just gave them another game in the finals..instead of losing in 5..they'll lose in 6 now
Cedric Bryant
Cedric Bryant Рік тому
😂😂😂😂😂😂 a fuckin yo he said you can discount draymond green at least Shaq knows he's a bum
MiLK SOP Рік тому
Shaq is dumb. Not every team is his Lakers from 15-18 years ago. The Cavs are better than every team in the east right now. If they get to the Finals against the Warriors it could go 6-7 games and either team could win it. It all depends on integrating Love back into the lineup. Hood & Hill have seen the playoffs. The only what if is Love's return. I think those young guns will do well. I can obviously be wrong, but until then everyone's guessing.
VonLive Onetime
VonLive Onetime Рік тому
shaq speaks and you shut up
Sylvester Stewart II
Sylvester Stewart II Рік тому
they're godly...... in the east but can't handle gsw and houston. they haven't even been tested yet
E Styles
E Styles Рік тому
Cleveland Cavs Guy - Ride Or Die - Go Cavs #ClevelandAgainstTheWorld