Shaq predicts LeBron will be on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore if he 3-peats with AD | First Take

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Shaquille O'Neal says LeBron James potentially winning one championship in Los Angeles wouldn't be enough to carve himself into the Lakers Mt. Rushmore. Shaq ups the ante by saying LeBron would need to three-peat with Anthony Davis to eclipse some of the greatest Lakers of all-time.
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18 чер 2019





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Terab Ali
Terab Ali День тому
Mt rushmore for lakers: magic, kobe, kareem and shaq!
Jonathan Shin
Jonathan Shin 2 дні тому
can someone get Hollins off...this guy is an idiot....wait who is he again....
Hector Zambrano
Hector Zambrano 2 дні тому
This dude's a millennial. Clueless
stripe64 3 дні тому
LOL, Leflop is washed up. He will win 0 rings in LA.
Shawn Harrison
Shawn Harrison 3 дні тому
The reason LeBron isn’t considered the GOAT in my eyes is because he’s 3-6 in the Finals. Winning the Finals is considered to be the ultimate goal that every player dreams of accomplishing. LeBron has been there a total of 9 times and only won 3 of them. He has lost DOUBLE the amount of Finals he has won. Statistically speaking, he is the best to touch the floor. Although, I don’t put much value on stats because the goal in the NBA is win championships, not individual awards. (Although you do have to look at them for historical accuracy.) Personally, i don’t think you can definitively label a single player the best player ever. The second you do, you insult the body of work so many other great players worked their entire life and career to build. Labeling players the best of certain eras is more plausible. In my eyes, Magic or Bird owned the 80s, Jordan owned the 90s, you could argue that Shaq owned the early 2000s and Kobe the late 2000s. It’s easy to label LeBron as “owning” the 2010s because he went to the finals 8 straight times, but remember, he only won 3 out of the 6 he was in. (Let’s not forget the Cavs also lost in the Finals to the Spurs in 08’). The 2010s are really murky waters for me. Do I really want to give the most dominate player of the 2010s to a guy who won 3 out of the 5 he was in? He lost to Dallas, Spurs again, and the Warriors 3 times. I’m not deny LeBron is a great player, because it blatant that he’s one of the best to ever do it, but I value Chips as the highest possible value to a players resume, since that is what EVERY team and player plays for EVERY year.
Noah Sawyer
Noah Sawyer 3 дні тому
I stopped listening after he said LeBron James was the best player ever
GS Nguyen
GS Nguyen 6 днів тому
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 6 днів тому
Shaq is the reason kobe has 5 tho
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan 7 днів тому
Any other time SHAQ you always deciding. Bron is not faster you clown
Anthony Rollison
Anthony Rollison 7 днів тому
Yea kobe will definitely say he’s better then mj 🤣
Michael George
Michael George 7 днів тому
I predict LeQuit wins 0 titles in LA!
Stephen Palayukan
Stephen Palayukan 8 днів тому
Lakers mt. rushmore also consider the players that have been loyal there. Lebron? Nah he is far from there. Below 3 years
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 8 днів тому
Lebron will never be on the LA Mount Rushmore unbelievable this is even in question! Smh Lebron like usual being overhyped! Pathetic thank you Shaq for sticking up for the Old Legends! And thank you max for sticking with Shaq on this one!
Black Mullet
Black Mullet 8 днів тому
I swear I won't watch any more videos with this Ryan Hollins guy so ESPN please remove him
Babykrillin 8 днів тому
If I hear Ryan Hollins say “when I’m looking at” one more time.
Paul Albert Antonio
Paul Albert Antonio 9 днів тому
In the 90's era, they say Michael Jordan. In this era now, we have Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Kawhi Leonard. This era, there are now choices for people to choose who is the best in this generation.
BadUploadScheduleツ 9 днів тому
Hollins is a clown get him off
TheNexCoolGuy 10 днів тому
Magic, Kobe, Kareem, Shaq...whether Jerry West is the logo or not, many people agree they want that changed (some to Kobe nevertheless) and him being great at his time doesn’t compare to the other Lakers listed above. Also, being a great executive isn’t him as a player. When I think of Lakers, I think of Kobe and Shaq automatically, as well as Magic and the greatness in Kareem. Wilt was great too, but as a Sixers fan, I remember him more in his prime/most of his career on the Philadelphia Warriors. 🤷‍♂️ Any thoughts?
TheNexCoolGuy 10 днів тому
Everyone used to clown Max Kellerman, but compared to other NBA analysts these days, he’s in my top 3 favorites 🤷‍♂️ Just because he is entertaining, uses emotion in his takes/arguments, and has actual good reasonings and takes these days.
Jordan Boteler
Jordan Boteler 10 днів тому
Kareem had 6 championships not 5 people always forget he won with Milwaukee He won in 1971 Won in 1980 Won in 1982 Won in 1985 Won in 1987 Won in 1988
Dat Madapuka
Dat Madapuka 11 днів тому
Every Ryan's Hollins heartbeat is a call for a beatdown.
Jason Kayode
Jason Kayode 12 днів тому
Shaq set a very high bar for Bron to scale in that loaded west and with the big bad wolves everywhere wanting to drink Lebron's milkshake. He won't be three peating though we can argue that Covid may have robbed him of this year's championship.
Mike Schuurbiers
Mike Schuurbiers 9 днів тому
Finally a reasonable comment.
Jian Li
Jian Li 14 днів тому
carmelo did win you 3 gold medlas right
Jian Li
Jian Li 14 днів тому
at least with carmelo knicks go to the playoff but just one small forward doesn't mean you are champions right. exactly it is still a team sport. with melo and lin gone the team is at the bottom of the league
Jian Li
Jian Li 14 днів тому
understand happen for a reason. Your dream team lost to argentina. and 4 hall of famers still lost to pistoms. Best team money can buy mets even baseball is like it is ridiculous.
DIO Brando
DIO Brando 14 днів тому
shaq is 100% on the Lakers rushmore honestly
ashton capolot
ashton capolot 15 днів тому
the thing is that isn’t going to happen
Bliss_syft _
Bliss_syft _ 18 днів тому
Shaq, Wilt, Kobe, Kareem Mount Rushmore sry jerry west
Zhiheng Zheng
Zhiheng Zheng 19 днів тому
to be on Lakers' Mt. Rushmore you need to show what you bring to the organization, the loyalty for the organization. you can't just be on Mt. Rushmore for the first season and no rings.
muzzy 19 днів тому
Bro west only brought one championship you can’t put him on there. Magic, Kareem, Kobe, Shaq unless Bron 3 Petes then him and Shaq are debatable
Beaver McGuffee
Beaver McGuffee 22 дні тому
Ryan hollins is retarted
Drumpro31 23 дні тому
Kobe never won a championship in his prime if you thought he was at his best in 2002 you never saw 2005 to 2007 Kobe. And by the time 2009 rolled around he lost a little bit of athleticism
Keem Steam
Keem Steam 24 дні тому
If he 3peats skip is gonna consider him being top 7
Bobbi Floss
Bobbi Floss 24 дні тому
Demolisher 25 днів тому
Wilt needs to be on that mountain, dafuq? THE MOST DOMINANT player...
Sheeve Daily
Sheeve Daily 27 днів тому
I’m a LeBron fan but he’s not on the Lakers Mt. Rushmore, he hasn’t played a playoff game with them yet. But LeBron is the GOAT!
William DROSE
William DROSE 27 днів тому
Well done SHAQ
P. Quinton
P. Quinton 29 днів тому
Craig Evans
Craig Evans 29 днів тому
Ryan Hollins is a donkey
Alexander Theruviparambil Joseph
Alexander Theruviparambil Joseph Місяць тому
Let’s be honest here wilt would’ve killed shaq man used to bench press 500 lbs in his prime
MattTooClutch Місяць тому
That’s like saying Jerry west is better than Kyrie Irving... go by eras y’all
Homie G
Homie G Місяць тому
Molly face melts
Jack Clarke
Jack Clarke Місяць тому
Jerry West only won one championship.....
aidan Meyer
aidan Meyer Місяць тому
And lebron got cockblocked by coronavirus and injuries😣
Fev Ola
Fev Ola Місяць тому
Hollins your a joker 🤫
Yonix Yoni
Yonix Yoni Місяць тому
Jerry west before Wilt stfu max
KB24.8 Місяць тому
My Mount Rushmore is Kobe, Magic, Kareem, & Shaq
John Hinojosa
John Hinojosa Місяць тому
Hollins is mentally retarded
Louis roldan jr
Louis roldan jr Місяць тому
Bill Russell is 11x championship More than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryan and Robert horry and LeBron James people's
Frank Goozie
Frank Goozie Місяць тому
How about if he 1 peats lol let’s work on that first.
DanielHavoc Місяць тому
Bruh, Ryan Hollins is delusional.
SKN_ 03
SKN_ 03 Місяць тому
Wilt is overrated I said what I said
SKN_ 03
SKN_ 03 6 днів тому
Peter Joe think about who he was playing wit and he was 7 foot w.e I’m pretty sure he can drop 50 something a game
Peter Joe
Peter Joe 6 днів тому
Why lol
The Key To Life
The Key To Life Місяць тому
Max: “he never saw Michael Jordan play” That embodies every bronsexual known to man
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak Місяць тому
I do think LeBron James is the single BEST player to ever do it, however, it would be almost impossible for him to make LAKERS Rushmore imo
Michael Baby
Michael Baby Місяць тому
Max really said you not even on the Lakers mount rushmore🤣
EVOLVE Місяць тому
Shaq, Kobe , magic , Lebron my Rushmore
Manilyn/LeoAndrew Dela Cruz
Manilyn/LeoAndrew Dela Cruz Місяць тому
Ryan hollins!!! What?!
DrPommels Місяць тому
this is hilarious...... how about he wins ONE championship in LA before we start talking about him being a top 4 Laker of all time....
Nohdi Karpouzas
Nohdi Karpouzas Місяць тому
If he goes 3 peat in year 17 then he is definitely the goat
Brady Wang
Brady Wang Місяць тому
LeBron will not be on the Lakers Mount Rushmore
Shemere Ali
Shemere Ali Місяць тому
Forget the rushmore the king will be in the presence of his ancestors of king tut and the sphinx kings among kings that will be Lebron legacy
Nefta Torres
Nefta Torres Місяць тому
Kobe Magic Shaq Kareem
David Tili
David Tili Місяць тому
Kobe has the same move as mj so mj and kb are the same
Nicho T
Nicho T 28 днів тому
Logical Fallacy: Penguins are black and white, TV's in the 50's showed black and white, so penguins originated from 50's television.
wxxcable Місяць тому
... 3-p?? Then LeBron will be the disputable GOAT
Evan L
Evan L Місяць тому
this guy is so dumb it hurts my head to listen to him speak. all these young guys on TV who never watched Jordan ride LeBron so hard lol
Anonymous Місяць тому
This would be easy if Kawhi actually went to sign with Lakers. Forming a big 3 with AD and LeBron
Zachary Ravel
Zachary Ravel Місяць тому
1) Kobe Bryant 2) Jerry West 3) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 4) Magic Johnson 5) George Mikan 6) Elgin Baylor 7) Shaquille O'Neal 8) Vern Mikkelsen 9) James Worthy 10) Byron Scott 11) A.C. Green 12) Wilt Chamberlain
Marshall Anderson
Marshall Anderson Місяць тому
You definitely cant win one final to be on the mt Rushmore for all time laker I mean seriously.
Billy Conforto
Billy Conforto Місяць тому
Hollins is fkn retarded.
Billy Conforto
Billy Conforto Місяць тому
Hollins, your posture is irritating AF breh. SIT UP STRAIGHT.
LOGICALCV Місяць тому
Bro lebron is 35 I'm sorry but I dont see him playing at this level for max 2 more years
Bruh hh
Bruh hh Місяць тому
Rushmore honestly is Kareem, Magic, Kobe, and Jerry West. I wish Shaq could be on it but he can’t. Lebron will never be on it
Sebastian Cardona
Sebastian Cardona Місяць тому
I’m a lebron fan and Ryan is just something else 🤦🏻‍♂️lebron cannot be in mt Rushmore with only one championship it’s more understandable if he had Atleast three not even I feel like Shaq deserves it more. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Harry CHEUNG Місяць тому
KAJ, Bean, Shaq and Magic
Jorden Risley
Jorden Risley Місяць тому
Ryan gollum’s is the most annoying person ever .
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 2 місяці тому
I think its impossible to make a Mt Rushmore for the Lakers. Too many iconic pieces throughout history
Mark Macaranas
Mark Macaranas 2 місяці тому
Laker Mt Rushmore: Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Kobe and Shaq
The UnderDogg
The UnderDogg 2 місяці тому
Does anyone else wanna slap Ryan Hollins?
Floyd Billows
Floyd Billows 2 місяці тому
Ryan Hollins and Molly should have their own shows.
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 2 місяці тому
He’s gotta three peat to be there I agree with Shaq .
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