Shaq predicts LeBron will be on the Lakers' Mt. Rushmore if he 3-peats with AD | First Take

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Shaquille O'Neal says LeBron James potentially winning one championship in Los Angeles wouldn't be enough to carve himself into the Lakers Mt. Rushmore. Shaq ups the ante by saying LeBron would need to three-peat with Anthony Davis to eclipse some of the greatest Lakers of all-time.
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18 чер 2019





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Kobe Cummings
Kobe Cummings 6 годин тому
True Lakers know the real Mt Rushmore 1st Star Laker OG "Laker" : Elgin Baylor Magic : The Avenger of Elgin Shaq Diesel Kobe "Bean" Bryant \ GOAT Laker Jerry never won "Neither did Elgin' Yeah but he's the Original Laker. Kareem is more of a Buck then a Laker , sure he was great with us but he had his greatest years with the bucks , Shouldn't be an all time Laker if your greatest years weren't Laker years right .? Wilt same as Kareem more of a Warrior than a Laker (simple)
BijinXOXO 23 години тому
Let’s be real, forget Lebron being on the Laker Mt. Rushmore. At the end of his career, will he even be known for being a Laker first and foremost. You can’t even THINK of the Lakers without thinking of Kobe, Shaq, Magic and KAJ. I think to be on the Laker Mt. Rushmore you have to have that level of recognition for that team’s legacy.
Hunter Garcia
Hunter Garcia 2 дні тому
Why would Lebron be on lakers Mount Rushmore if he cant even get the lakers a spot in the playoffs 😂😂😂
Rocky 2 дні тому
Derek Fischer is a bigger laker than LeBron even if LeBron Wins next year
P 21
P 21 2 дні тому
I can’t believe Shaq dapped him up
Ohms Law
Ohms Law 2 дні тому
Ryan Hollins is garbage
JustParisTV 2 дні тому
Lakers mt Rushmore Kobe Magic Shaq & Kareem. It's not West. West is 1-9 in the finals, Wilt is the reason for his lonesome title. C'mon man yes Shaq is a top 4 Laker.
Flash- Point203
Flash- Point203 3 дні тому
Lebron is the Best and strongest player ever I like that
Yayz 5 днів тому
Go back to Nba On TNT
Nathan_ 7 днів тому
Who fucking cares
Jeffrey Vences
Jeffrey Vences 7 днів тому
Max "he never saw Michael play" Kellerman.
USCG BMCM retired
USCG BMCM retired 7 днів тому
I've always thought Shaq would dominate wilt, russell, & kareem, but I also remember Hakeem dominating him! Mid '90's shaq had more press but Hakeem had his #!
Daniel S
Daniel S 8 днів тому
Considering he couldn't even pull that off in his prime with his superteam...
muffinfairy97 8 днів тому
Lakers will never make a finals appearance
Broadcastmydamnself 8 днів тому
Shaq definitely on there over Kobe
ocbfdog 8 днів тому
Rj the great
Rj the great 9 днів тому
Shaq lowkey wanna eat Ryan
Abdul Basit Khalid Shaikh
Abdul Basit Khalid Shaikh 10 днів тому
i love how Max kept praising Shaq lmaooo
Ram Gonzales
Ram Gonzales 11 днів тому
An If that stands very little chance.
Gab bab
Gab bab 11 днів тому
I disagree to shaq daddy, again its too early to say that they will be in the playoffs... I dont believe that lakers have good role players to back up lebron and ad... And again, how they are hungry for a championships... There are plenty factors...just let us wait for season to begin then lets analyze whats their A game pros and cons in their roster
Epic Reign Productions
Epic Reign Productions 12 днів тому
Hollins is by far the biggest idiot on sports tv. And imo, Shaq is definitely on the list. Shaq over Kareem. Shaq, as arrogant as he is, is actually too humble when it comes to talking the greats. He's up there on the all time list.
Kadeem Manning
Kadeem Manning 12 днів тому
Bout time we make bron the logo
Kadeem Manning
Kadeem Manning 12 днів тому
Jerry and Magic gotta go.
Joeffrey Estoque
Joeffrey Estoque 12 днів тому
shut up Hollins, you don't know about basketball..
Art Kay
Art Kay 15 днів тому
1990 till 2000 jordan 2000's till 2010 kobe 2010 till 2020 lebron
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson 17 днів тому
Yeah but magics team won five
Alvin Tung
Alvin Tung 19 днів тому
Hollins still not fired?
liquidpersuasion 21 день тому
*Ryan Hollins appears on screen* Aw shit here we go again
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan 23 дні тому
You dont know what mike will say...Ryan g.t.h.o.h. bron is not faster fck outta here. Bron is not the greatest of alltime period
Wayne Beauford
Wayne Beauford 24 дні тому
As long as lebron has a allstar team
LYRIC RAIN 24 дні тому
KAREEM IS THE GOAT... period. Bitch please... D12, AD, Lebron, Kuzma, Javale McGee is UNSTOPPABLE! Guaranteed Multiple Championships! 🏆🏆🏆 What team is going to be able to defeat that BIG FIVE?? Who's going to stop the SHOWTIME LAKERS in a 7 Game Series?? I'll wait.... Do I have to School y'all on our current Roster full of deadly shooters?? LAKERS will be the best Defensive Team in the NBA now... Book it 👽👽👽
J 25 днів тому
Anyone else thought that was people clapping their hands at 1:24 😭
LOUCO JOJAR 26 днів тому
No he will Not Lebroom is the best example of epic Fail:)
Joed21 26 днів тому
I can't watch this because of Ryan Hollins
Ninjamzki 26 днів тому
This hollins is stupid..why are u forcing ur opinion about laker greats into someone who is one of the laker greats himself?
-Adam- 27 днів тому
Lebron don’t care about Lakers mt.rushmore lmaooooo
j.jordan.s 28 днів тому
Ryan is so dumb.
time traveller
time traveller 29 днів тому
in this era right now kobe bryant is james harden and i think jordan is kevin durant by the way they play basketball and they never beat lebron james in any aspects in the game of basketball ! and i think this era is the high level basketball ever !
time traveller
time traveller 29 днів тому
when its all said and done Lebron James is " THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME " you all missed him play after he retires in the game of basketball !! believe me !!
Joseph Sheldon
Joseph Sheldon 29 днів тому
Man, I love Shaq diesel. He's on my top 5 all-time best Lakers.
Jeffrey Chan
Jeffrey Chan Місяць тому
In an alternate universe: Mount Rushmore lavar ball, Lonzo ball, slide show bob ball, kid bu ball. Forgot last 2, but I gave great descriptions
Ivan Ochoa
Ivan Ochoa Місяць тому
No one speaks for AD. He has the potential to be on the MT Rushmore, especially since he's much younger and will be the number 1 scoring option for the team
Donald Allen
Donald Allen Місяць тому
I personally don't know why anyone could compare LEBRON with JORDAN.....When Jordan left basketball, playing minor league baseball, then came back to the NBA and didn't miss a beat.
KingDave Durosier
KingDave Durosier Місяць тому
Kareem has 6 chips max. Not 5.
Ariel Rivera
Ariel Rivera Місяць тому
Wrong wrong . Kobe , magic , Kareem, shaq
Michael Skuba
Michael Skuba Місяць тому
Who is that fucking bug? sqwash her
Jason Spurlock
Jason Spurlock Місяць тому
Not even close to happening
Jhet Winston
Jhet Winston Місяць тому
Max was brown nosing Shaq the whole time fr 🤣
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari Місяць тому
If he needs AD to win a title, wouldn’t that put AD on the mountain?
Dillion Rodriguez
Dillion Rodriguez Місяць тому
I don’t like Ryan raising his voice at Shaq that’s disrespectful
Luke Canale
Luke Canale Місяць тому
Lmao Lebron is 3-6 but someone is suggesting he can win 3 in 3 years...... Gtfoh James is over rated
Rene Chang
Rene Chang Місяць тому
Love this. Shaq is old School.Has respect for elder legends.
Cleb the Pleb
Cleb the Pleb Місяць тому
If he 3 peats with the lakers he'll be on mt Rushmore? Uh yeah no shit. What a lukewarm take to put as the title of the video. If anyone leads a three peat on any team they would be on their mt rushmore it's like the hardest thing to achieve in the sport. GSW couldn't even get it done.
S8nchez Місяць тому
Can we plz start the era debate bc there’s so many greats you can’t say mj better this person they played each other you can’t say that about wilt Kareem magic Shaq or Kobe bc it’s not fair
kmatias333 Місяць тому
I'm so pumped up for the coming season...
son_son01 Місяць тому
Hellll naawwww!! Shaq is deffs on my Laker Mt Rushmore!!!! Period that dude was straight monster. Most Dominant Big ever played, Born you name it Shaq all time great
Armando Garcia
Armando Garcia Місяць тому
Ryan Hollins is dumber then a bag of bricks
ajit desigan
ajit desigan Місяць тому
Lakers mt. Rushmore Kareem Kobe Shaq Magic End of discussion
Goku The Type of Ningen
Goku The Type of Ningen Місяць тому
Hollins can’t distinguish between team legend and total career legend
ckneasel Місяць тому
Lebron ain’t even made a playoff in LA and they are talking about Mt Rushmore... 🤦🏻‍♂️
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