Shoot the Person in The GIANT Minecraft Fort!!

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12 лип 2019





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Yeo Janet
Yeo Janet 20 годин тому
They are ridiculous
Yeo Janet
Yeo Janet 20 годин тому
How ridiculous is the worst
Ana Medina
Ana Medina 7 днів тому
2.53 how it feels to chew 5 gum
Jesse Workman
Jesse Workman 9 днів тому
Brian ko’s someone and someone Ko’sis Brian
joe reynolds
joe reynolds 9 днів тому
10:00 is that a Boling ball
MariaCristina Green
MariaCristina Green 9 днів тому
The other team are cheaters did anyone see one of them come up to the team Edge fort and kick the ball to the fort
Jasper Pulkrabek
Jasper Pulkrabek 10 днів тому
Team Edge rocks!!!
Doinky 105
Doinky 105 11 днів тому
At 2:58 I literally yelled "OOOOOOHHHH" along with them; that move was so cool!!
Mr Mc Boop
Mr Mc Boop 14 днів тому
10:12 I died
Grace 14 днів тому
Soo Joey is the real life Hawkeye 😂😂😂😂
Ivan Habaj
Ivan Habaj 16 днів тому
When Bryan got hit at 10:35 it was like when Goku knocks someone out
justjake gaming
justjake gaming 16 днів тому
TE: hits flag. Derek: yeah we got a good fort here bois. Derek u can’t say u got a good fort if they dident even hit the fort. For example. Someone shoots u but they miss u say u have a good barrier and then one second later. Bam headshot
Utachrom Lassek
Utachrom Lassek 18 днів тому
3:48 when I get hit in front of my crush but u can't cry.
Utachrom Lassek
Utachrom Lassek 18 днів тому
2:45 when ur just that salty
Utachrom Lassek
Utachrom Lassek 18 днів тому
1:02 how much time u get to play Minecraft on a weekday
Utachrom Lassek
Utachrom Lassek 18 днів тому
00:24 me too, I LOVE JESUS, IM A CHRISTIAN :D like the video
Jess Daly
Jess Daly 20 днів тому
Jess Daly
Jess Daly 20 днів тому
Lesson: never compete with how ridiculous when it comes to destroying stuff 😂
David Cret
David Cret 21 день тому
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate attack sound effects.
Anthony Chang
Anthony Chang 22 дні тому
5:23 at this point it's angry birds
GOHOSTING 22 дні тому
Team edge says you cant move the moves everywhere and loses
FluFfy Yt
FluFfy Yt 22 дні тому
Is that Flex tape
Matthew Gimena
Matthew Gimena 23 дні тому
One like = one prayer for the baby powder at 1:25 One reply = 20 years of good luck
MrSportscollector 23 дні тому
Britain has some of the ugliest people on the planet. FACTS.
Blue_Kobolt 24 дні тому
I love how chaotic the editing is for this video.
Airsoft Chameleon
Airsoft Chameleon 25 днів тому
The Aussies more fun 😜
meme machine
meme machine 26 днів тому
How ridiculous is savage
jonathan porter
jonathan porter 26 днів тому
10:15 had us dying😂
Georgie Gratton
Georgie Gratton 28 днів тому
I love this video because I’m Australian
spear wolf
spear wolf 28 днів тому
loving this collaboration
Leilany Delgado-Carrillo
Leilany Delgado-Carrillo Місяць тому
1 like one hit to team edge not hit them like in the head to the other team team edge is so so so so so awesome the other team 👅
Morganite Gem
Morganite Gem Місяць тому
Lol, they lost to a people who couldn't even kill some emus in a war against the flightless bird
Jodi Hodgden
Jodi Hodgden Місяць тому
Valiant Seraph
Valiant Seraph Місяць тому
Did. You mean to let go HALPH WAY THROUGH?!
Lilly Lavender
Lilly Lavender Місяць тому
They make me wanna like Auzzies
gamers rule the world
gamers rule the world Місяць тому
BustaUrChops !
BustaUrChops ! Місяць тому
It’s angry birds all over again
AlexonKrecoun_ Місяць тому
3:28 HI HITLER!!!!
Fair Lady Osorio
Fair Lady Osorio Місяць тому
How Ridiculous could have destroyed them in the ‘Box flip challenge’.
Nick Ferguson
Nick Ferguson Місяць тому
10:16 made me laugh so hard
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