Sia - Together (from the motion picture Music)

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Come now set the past on fire 🔥 Together is out everywhere now! sia.lnk.to/togetherID
This is the first single from Sia’s upcoming album and from the motion picture Music. Sia wrote + directed the film, and wrote 10 original songs for it. The film stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Maddie Ziegler & more.
Put your 🎧 on and welcome to the world of Music 🌈
Director: Sia
Producers: Vincent Landay, Jason Baum, Will Weiske
Director of Photography: Wyatt Troll
Camera Operator (Steadicam): Ari Robbins
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Production Designer: Leigh Poindexter
Visual Effects Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw
Color Timer: Timothy Stipan, Company 3
Kate Hudson
Leslie Odom Jr.
Maddie Ziegler
Beto Calvillo
Mary Kay Place
and Hector Elizondo
Dance Ensemble:
Alyssa Gore
Angelina Capozzoli
Artyon Celestine
Cody Copley
Lily Rose Silver
Noah Citek
River Sadlon
Sophia Frilot
Valentina Acosta
Website: siamusic.net
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@sia
Twitter: twitter.com/sia Instagram: instagram.com/siamusic
Facebook: facebook.com/siamusic
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I can hear the thunder
Coming from your mouth
And I know my number's up
Give me some Stevie Wonder
Quick put it on before we go under
I can see the lightning
Coming from your ears yeah I see you're frightened
I can see the lion
Sleeps tonight in the tears you're crying
Can't love me unless you love you too
Treat yourself like nothing but a fool
Can't love me unless you love you too
Love you too
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
I can see the rainbow
Coming from your heart and it's all ok so
Come now see you're my angel
Say bye to the past, hello to tomorrow
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
We can take it higher
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20 тра 2020





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Sia Місяць тому
We can take it higher ❤️ Together out everywhere NOW 🌈🎧 sia.lnk.to/together - Team Sia
openupmen 20 днів тому
François Hego
François Hego 21 день тому
@Douglas Maldonato éeAzźźźazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzp
Rafaella Duarte
Rafaella Duarte 21 день тому
Time sia
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz 25 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-2xKoLA1ESSw.html Veanlo por favor , minuto 16:4 0 referencia a Sia
Chloe Wilcox
Chloe Wilcox 25 днів тому
😍😍😍 this song gave me more faith in humanity
•-暗い壁 10 годин тому
Candela Luna
Candela Luna 10 годин тому
Hello mi name is Candela ❤I love Maddie
Lily l.o.l
Lily l.o.l 11 годин тому
I dance to this song- at dance!!
Maria Rosa Martinez
Maria Rosa Martinez 11 годин тому
Cool music
Ariel Lund
Ariel Lund 12 годин тому
I honestly don’t get the dancing and the faces at all, but I literally love this video so much!
Ali Knightley
Ali Knightley 12 годин тому
This was great very inspritaional hopefully no drama!!! and I learned the signlauguage for together
Leeyah Nahum
Leeyah Nahum 12 годин тому
9zsimba10 12 годин тому
ok man
Dartyn Miller
Dartyn Miller 12 годин тому
Amei que lindoooo❤️❤️❤️🍃😍😍😍
Grace Conti
Grace Conti 12 годин тому
A merry catchy tune Maddie's multiple facial expressions every kind of size, age ethnicity dancers a bright and smiling Kate Hudson bright colors everywhere and a cameraman that must be a dancer too! This is SIA!!!
Gisete Soares
Gisete Soares 14 годин тому
I love Sia e Maddie Zigler
EternalKnightime756 14 годин тому
even with the pandemic, this song absolutely makes me smile :)
Ruchi Sarin
Ruchi Sarin 15 годин тому
You'll be the best again sweetie 😘 we all love you
Rebecca Cox
Rebecca Cox 15 годин тому
Can't stop wont stop watching this video
Alessandra Taina
Alessandra Taina 15 годин тому
si ves un arcoiris sia vive allí
Ирина Ирина
Ирина Ирина 16 годин тому
Привіт всім люблю Американський співаків 🇪🇺🇺🇦😜
Matthias Weinkopf
Matthias Weinkopf 16 годин тому
Greets from Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪
Yume kawaii gacha
Yume kawaii gacha 17 годин тому
I love you are special and beautiful and wonderful you are the best singer in the world ❤️❤️❤️
Merad Ahmed
Merad Ahmed 17 годин тому
on dirait que se clip a étais imaginée et créer dans son reve et oui je parle français je m'en fou de parler anglais ou français I don't care
Yeison Antonio Rodriguez Zuluaga
Yeison Antonio Rodriguez Zuluaga 17 годин тому
I love you sia
Ruaki 17 годин тому
Miłosz Mucha
Miłosz Mucha 17 годин тому
I love that
Davine Tirou
Davine Tirou 18 годин тому
Sia : We need a director for our video clip... No one : .... 6IX9INE : Hi Bitch !
Micy Santos
Micy Santos 19 годин тому
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 DEUSAAAA
Fernando Hill
Fernando Hill 20 годин тому
Thanks for Rebeca Godoy!
Nur Adriana Sofea Sharizal
Nur Adriana Sofea Sharizal 20 годин тому
This make me cheer up when I'm depressed
Leilah Guedes
Leilah Guedes 21 годину тому
Leilah Guedes
Leilah Guedes 21 годину тому
seriously best singer in the world
דניאל שלי
דניאל שלי 21 годину тому
She changed the channel pic 🙃 am I who noticed? 😂
Wanessa Emanuele
Wanessa Emanuele 23 години тому
A expressão fácil dessa garota é espetacular
Wanessa Emanuele
Wanessa Emanuele 23 години тому
Eu sou muito apaixonada nessa mulher 😍😍
António Pereira Alves
António Pereira Alves 23 години тому
Portugal ?
6sxi51 23 години тому
ғᴇʀᴅɪ 23 години тому
Don't forget to smile
Rebecca Stewart
Rebecca Stewart День тому
Maddie rocked this!
pandi День тому
This song makes me happy🌈🌈💥🔥🌺
Rio Jeno Taala
Rio Jeno Taala День тому
I can't stop seeing their smiles
Jayden Gonsalves
Jayden Gonsalves День тому
Props to whoever designed the costumes. It shows the story through both the looks and song.
Hafsa Khan
Hafsa Khan День тому
"Can't love me unless you love you too" Read that. And again.
Niki Kukov
Niki Kukov День тому
👏👏👏👏 Can't explain with words how heartwarming this song is
Adriana Navarro
Adriana Navarro День тому
I love
Z Linus
Z Linus День тому
Wow 😳 just wow
Loveplay Love
Loveplay Love День тому
The Maddie face at it’s prime
are good You
are good You День тому
This music is positive so the song gave me the cheer.
선주현 День тому
한국말로 된 댓글을 찾고 있던 당신 수고하셨습니다
Bruna Freitas
Bruna Freitas День тому
Maddie ❤❤❤❤
Nicholas Choong
Nicholas Choong День тому
wikidiki higher🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ankit Pant
Ankit Pant День тому
Well done Sia, as a fan I approve.....
India Seay
India Seay День тому
This reminds me of my dog glory
Andree xD LOL
Andree xD LOL День тому
A retarded mental song ...
itzwhisperz 7
itzwhisperz 7 День тому
I thought you quit! .😂😂😂
Maxweve Leone
Maxweve Leone День тому
I love you sia
This is the happiest song :)
lisa haythornthwaite
lisa haythornthwaite День тому
HisnbErG День тому
fuck you
Ph4ntom S1lx_Y
Ph4ntom S1lx_Y День тому
This songs gay
낙발TV.6523년전 День тому
Brian Kortmeyer
Brian Kortmeyer День тому
Music will be fantastic! Can't wait until fall! 🎈🌲🎈🌲🎈🌲🎈🌲❤️
Ximena Cruz
Ximena Cruz День тому
Omg i can't stop seeing this video
Josef Christl
Josef Christl День тому
Huda Mazharuddin
Huda Mazharuddin День тому
The amount of happiness this gives me is unexplainable😁
nothumanlol День тому
Why are the views so low? Lol
Luanekaha Kohi
Luanekaha Kohi День тому
U want be having my children....... 😂😂
Bleak and unhappy teenager
Bleak and unhappy teenager День тому
I liked the song more because it is against racism and positive
Carlos Cartagena
Carlos Cartagena День тому
Bianca Dela Vedova
Bianca Dela Vedova День тому
mesmo sendo brasileira, amo todas as músicas da Sia
Silvia Fattizzo
Silvia Fattizzo День тому
Spero che veramente accada presto che avremo tutti pari opportunità.
Caitlin Charest
Caitlin Charest День тому
Best song in 2020
Officially Emma
Officially Emma День тому
Do I spot Maddie Ziegler :O
Marcelo12 Motorbike
Marcelo12 Motorbike День тому
Maddie, i love You ❤️❤️❤️
Tres Ramos
Tres Ramos День тому
Another fresh song from sia. Love love. I hope sia would write a song for filipino lgbtq struggling from rejection and bullying. I mean to literally point it that its making the world rot to fill it with hate
Jennifer Josling
Jennifer Josling День тому
Love this so much.
Shubham Mishra
Shubham Mishra День тому
Sometimes I feel like she's Leonard Di Caprio of music world. Grammy continues to elude her.
Zakaria Staout
Zakaria Staout День тому
This world is going down for real wtf
Keyla Cota
Keyla Cota День тому
Julia Bassist
Julia Bassist День тому
Is Maddie Ziegler in that music video. The one that has a rainbow headband and is the main character I think. Sia, do more of those songs I like that, they inspire me to do great things, oh, and I also made a dance to it!
Mariela Monhi
Mariela Monhi День тому
I love your song Sia❤️❤️
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