Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity

Team USA
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Simone Biles is the first woman in history to land a triple double on her floor routine at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Mo. part of the Team USA Champions Series presented by Xfinity.




12 сер 2019





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Boo Ya
Boo Ya 47 хвилин тому
she can beat anybody in the world
hfb Годину тому
G O A T 🐐 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Melissa Lang
Melissa Lang Годину тому
That first pass gave me chills. How is that humanly possible?
fedor shefer
fedor shefer 2 години тому
Well I guess steroids paid off...
Martina Cola
Martina Cola 2 години тому
Now watch this again on x0.25 speed. You’re welcome
Gabriel Castejon
Gabriel Castejon 3 години тому
Is it bad if i just want to see the flips? If so why?
juicy kinks
juicy kinks 4 години тому
Absolutely Amazing
flamekick11 4 години тому
I can do a forward roll
Quick-Sword Ilena
Quick-Sword Ilena 4 години тому
Who picks her music cause the song does not do this routine justice
DragonAzul 5 годин тому
My cousin is a former gymnast, almost at the Olympic level, and she showed me this video. She was saying how effortless Simone makes it look in the video, but just how difficult it actually is to do. Simone, you are the GOAT, and I can't wait to see what else you can do!
joseph portaro
joseph portaro 5 годин тому
Rose Hernandez
Rose Hernandez 5 годин тому
But ?
Need you now
Need you now 4 години тому
Simone is amazing, the current best and uncontested and most importantly a powerful young black lady. Love her
Rose Hernandez
Rose Hernandez 5 годин тому
I like her very much
Josediego Lopez
Josediego Lopez 6 годин тому
She's so 🔥 tho.
Need you now
Need you now 4 години тому
prime years.
Keisha The Banana Princess
Keisha The Banana Princess 6 годин тому
It’s just incredible how high she can jump and the tricks! O-o I WOULD SAY SHE IS THE BEST GYMNAST EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR
michael bass
michael bass 8 годин тому
She stepped out on the very first run! No one said anything...
bat508 8 годин тому
That girl is amazing! Gorgeous, built, intelligent and talented. She's got a long while before she retires. Long live the Queen.
Patricia Ortiz
Patricia Ortiz 9 годин тому
Esa muchacha vuela
dushyant singh
dushyant singh 9 годин тому
From another planet😎
Isaac kent
Isaac kent 9 годин тому
Gymnasts used to be slim tall and elegant, now they're short stumpy and tubby.
SouFLoTV 10 годин тому
Holy fck, what the fuck did I just watch??? I just witnessed super human sh#t , WOW
Doris Lee
Doris Lee 10 годин тому
james craghead
james craghead 10 годин тому
Just amazing the human body can do that. Crazy
jackbertson 1
jackbertson 1 10 годин тому
Chael sonnen brought me here
Brodie 11 годин тому
Go girl Go!!!! #TEAMUSA
akaTheDevil 11 годин тому
I think it was OK
Siu Lau
Siu Lau 11 годин тому
I believe she can be the first female gymnast to land a triple back flip in competition. She can jump just as high as the top male gymnasts in relation to her height, and is in her prime years.
Adam Richardson
Adam Richardson 12 годин тому
Simone is amazing, the current best and uncontested and most importantly a powerful young black lady. Love her
Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick 12 годин тому
Colton Crawford
Colton Crawford 13 годин тому
I’d rather watch football or ufc.
No Empathy 211
No Empathy 211 13 годин тому
I don't know what I'm doing here but that was awesome
Jasmine 13 годин тому
what was her score?
Lorena Serrano
Lorena Serrano 14 годин тому
Simone Biles is the queen of gymnastics like if you agree
swebbmann 14 годин тому
I’d clap.
Mndali Mndali
Mndali Mndali 14 годин тому
Bulldog 14 годин тому
Give me a break whites are far better and superior in this discipline for ages. She is very good.
gina davis
gina davis 14 годин тому
DR in AZ
DR in AZ 14 годин тому
I'm happy for her that she can do this. But I'm also certain human bodies were not meant to do this. It's going to be a really bad day for her when those leg/ankle bones go snap, crackle, and pop. Triple ouch (with lots of swear words mixed in), in advance.
Dolly Hearton
Dolly Hearton 15 годин тому
Come. Df. Thru. 👏👏👏 lol I could never do none of that stuff
Girl Power
Girl Power 15 годин тому
Her muscular legs are suuper, she would need them for those flips! She flies in the air like a leaf 😆
Lisa Vleeschhouwer
Lisa Vleeschhouwer 16 годин тому
I think she’s the best gymnast of all time and it’s amazing how much power and control she has. But the only thing bothering me is this music... I think it’s pretty boring and Simone can’t really show her energy in this like her performance in Rio, which I loved. Also there are almost no dance skills in her perfomance, I really miss that. I still like to watch her perform though :)
Jayne Mcfadden
Jayne Mcfadden 16 годин тому
Wow. Incredible. From the UK I've not seen talent like that before
roddo 16 годин тому
Triple double. Cuh-ray-zeeee! And to think, she has a year to clean it up for Tokyo. I have seen a few triple doubles on men's floor. They do more tumbling runs but I wonder how Simone would measure up if they were limited to four tumbling runs. Then again, maybe not. I'm not ready for MAG to incorporate music and choreography in their floor. exercise
coachlady 68
coachlady 68 16 годин тому
The best! And top it off she’s so humble!💕
Njabuloseh 16 годин тому
charles wright
charles wright 17 годин тому
i am so happy for this young lady god bless her
John Adams
John Adams 17 годин тому
0:56 anyone get distracted by the girl on the bars
gustavo van breukelen
gustavo van breukelen 17 годин тому
Cuando ganan medallas de oro son estadounidenses , cuando caminan por la calle son Afroamericanos.
Mikeal T Jones
Mikeal T Jones 17 годин тому
Graham Clifton
Graham Clifton 17 годин тому
All that AD-HD coming right out !
Tao Jao Valle Cortés
Tao Jao Valle Cortés 18 годин тому
Perfect. So beautiful, she’s something else.
Alice Mcfire
Alice Mcfire 18 годин тому
what was her score?
ana NIKIS 18 годин тому
Getting Ohashi Style?
T R 19 годин тому
So much better than the ohashi girl who tries to distract with her shitty little dances.
T R 19 годин тому
She is so graceful, i think she is the only one on the team I can watch without laughing.
SSX God 96
SSX God 96 19 годин тому
Incredible athlete
Tanisha Perry
Tanisha Perry 19 годин тому
The persons who dislike this video can do better?!
hen ko
hen ko 18 годин тому
This Negro girl is OK. But she does not even compare to Nadia Comaneci
Shane Liberty
Shane Liberty 19 годин тому
F***ing amazing
Stephanie Guilmenot
Stephanie Guilmenot 19 годин тому
Amazing! So quick. Strong. Hurling herself into the air.
hen ko
hen ko 18 годин тому
greatest athlete ever after lebron james.- Anti-Chael Reporter
Harvey Grant
Harvey Grant 19 годин тому
That dude Tim is the ultimate Clit Rider, we all know that Simone is the best EVER, but give her some room to breath dude, it's almost embarrassing the way that he praises.
Ibrahim 19 годин тому
All that strain on her bones and muscles must kill her though, hope they can find a good female ( I’m saying female because of the recent scandals with their doctor that molested her so I felt like a woman would make her more comfortable ) physical therapist
Mía Morales
Mía Morales 19 годин тому
The signature, "oh!"
bby m
bby m 20 годин тому
I was obsessed with gymnastics as a kid but never took actual classes and I was always too scared to jump backwards to do a back handspring lol so I know on some level how difficult those flips are and she was literally flying and spinning several times in the air in perfect form, that’s incredible. It still amazes me it’s even possible to do those things with your body they are extremely fearless and disciplined
marcos antonio bezerra borges
marcos antonio bezerra borges 20 годин тому
She’s a diva! Wow
MrRodpec 21 годину тому
put some boobs on girl and yo perfect
Gail Remudaro
Gail Remudaro 22 години тому
I burned about 1000 calories just by watching her. 😱😰🥵
maoristereo 22 години тому
Not gonna lie, im here for that ass
India Washington
India Washington 22 години тому
She made history. May God continuously bless u Simone🙏🏾
kikie Ann
kikie Ann 23 години тому
Her landing is impeccable
Sharon Newman
Sharon Newman 23 години тому
dude in a leotard !
Patricia Whitehead
Patricia Whitehead 23 години тому
I'm just here to 👀 who hit the 'dislike' button.
Shashank Gairola
Shashank Gairola День тому
greatest athlete ever after lebron james.- Anti-Chael Reporter
KellyAnn McGregor
KellyAnn McGregor День тому
This Negro girl is OK. But she does not even compare to Nadia Comaneci
M День тому
Who are the 700 haters. Let’s see y’all try this at home!
queen kata
queen kata День тому
Simone Biles gives me racial pride.
Monique Mosley
Monique Mosley День тому
It's awful the presenters wouldn't shut up so we could enjoy this fine performance in peace.
shohag Ahmad
shohag Ahmad День тому
Is she Robot?...!! Oh god... Love from beautiful Bangladesh
Патрикей Маринович
Nothing like Ms. Ohashi...
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado День тому
She can ride it with no rubber on anyday...
FullyBouncnCuhz SwearMuffins
Holy gheesus the height she got on that first jump was insane. If they put her in Woman high jump and she could do that over it then she would beat the world record that's just crazy
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