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Skip and Shannon DEBATE NFC Divisional: Cowboys vs Rams - Who wins? | Undisputed

Cris Cater
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Skip and Shannon DEBATE NFC Divisional: Cowboys vs Rams - Who wins? | Undisputed
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10 січ 2019

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Jeffrey pressman
Jeffrey pressman 7 днів тому
What a complete waste of time. Todd Gurley played on a Terrible team 3 years ago! These stats are meaningless! Nice insight homer - your guys got manhandled!
Eduardo Pereyra
Eduardo Pereyra 8 днів тому
Hahahahahahah L
K Robinson
K Robinson 8 днів тому
If you have a lot more attempts than everybody else shouldn't you have more yards but does that make you better? I am just asking.
Chris Koch
Chris Koch 8 днів тому
Todd gurley would be leading the league in rushing if he didnt get injured.our o line aint dat good zeke has the best o line #go rams
Johnny Araujo
Johnny Araujo 8 днів тому
Why would u sit and listen to these people arguing , go cowboys
Joel Polk
Joel Polk 9 днів тому
D Rex
D Rex 9 днів тому
Dallas has a good chance winning this one. They're fucked when they play the Saints next week but they can take the Rams and Philly no problem.
Jay Tick
Jay Tick 9 днів тому
Skip over here "Dak is the best QB, Zek is the best RB in the league" - yet aint no superbowls
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 9 днів тому
I think Shannon should be the head coach of the Cowboys. Wonder if that will change the way he talks and grades players.
julie corley
julie corley 9 днів тому
Any given Sunday. In this case, Saturday. GO COWBOYS!!!
Cannabis 956
Cannabis 956 9 днів тому
2 rushing titles in his first 3 years in the NFL. End of discussion.
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan 9 днів тому
rams will win easy
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan 9 днів тому
tell him Shannon he is just a Jerry Jones rider Jerry Jones not on the field
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson 9 днів тому
Shannon is ugly bruhh look like a horse 🐎
ramos208 9 днів тому
So if cowboys win shanon is critic is wrong. Starting to really hate sharp.
bear24D 9 днів тому
Shannon is nothing but a hater....hating on Dak cause he dont like black QB's, hes a racist.
Whitfield Sealy
Whitfield Sealy 9 днів тому
All Shannon has left is wishing Zeke fumbles the ball lol fucking hater !!
Steven Copice
Steven Copice 9 днів тому
Shannon annoys the absolute shit out of me
Ogs Rollin
Ogs Rollin 9 днів тому
Flyshii_ Only
Flyshii_ Only 9 днів тому
Zeke over Gurley but he is not the best at catching out of the backfield, they must have forgot about the WHITE BEAST in Carolina
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 9 днів тому
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai 9 днів тому
Skip has opened mouth and inserted foot... Rams win easily.
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 9 днів тому
37 23
Rodney Mondaine
Rodney Mondaine 9 днів тому
skip love the cowgirls so much that he forgot who they facing skip crazy cowgirls are throwing nothing but picks , watch. and Zeke get stuffed don't cry skip blowout
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 9 днів тому
Skip your Cowgirls are done this weekend! No If's And's or But's!! Awful on the road and won't be able to keep up the Rams on Turf! Only way Cowgirls have a chance if Jerry Jones Bribes the Refs!!
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 9 днів тому
+mz40oz wake up bro, I have many video's, here is just one! ukvid.net/video/відео-bCTsmvUtzv8.html
mz40oz 9 днів тому
Wut u mean? Refs r against cowboys?
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson 9 днів тому
For the record Shannon they are 5-1 when Dak has thrown 300 yards in his career only loss being to GB... Just saying
ShadowReaper 9 днів тому
I won fantasy without either of them so your argument is invalid lol
HiFi5280 9 днів тому
Good vibes! Good luck Rams! Them Cowboys coming for you!! Go Cowboys!!!!!
Antone Fulmer
Antone Fulmer 9 днів тому
you can't argue with Skip, he's the worst cowboys fan
Amadeo Aranda
Amadeo Aranda 9 днів тому
Look how much of a monster zeke is if he didnt miss 6 games he would be way ahead of Gurley.
2 Faces Of Evil
2 Faces Of Evil 9 днів тому
Shannon I like you , but you're a POS!!
Eric Carl
Eric Carl 9 днів тому
All the stats that Zeke is better than Todd in the past 3 years, you need to remember that Zeke had a 6 game suspension he also served... KEEP FEEDING HIM, Zeke all day long!
skitzofranicfreak 9 днів тому
Y'all forget what happened to the Rams last time they played a great defense? Chicago held them to 6 points same thing is going to happen this Saturday ‼️💯💪🏽
Zachary Wheeler
Zachary Wheeler 9 днів тому
Skip is so annoying talking about the cowboys dude has never played a game of football in his life stop arguing with a former professional football player. How did this guy even get this job is the question because he's so annoying and you wanna straggle him.
Dennis Sawyer
Dennis Sawyer 10 днів тому
"...schematic scheme...."
Marcos Nunez
Marcos Nunez 10 днів тому
so we gonna forget gurley’s trash season BEFORE mcvay introduced himself to the rams ???? unc said it ain’t zeke’s fault that dak cant throw down field?? okay well it’s also ain’t fair that the cowboys have a trash oc that isn’t creative enough to design pass plays to zeke that aren’t little lobs outta the back field
Chris Nichols
Chris Nichols 10 днів тому
Jared Goff is a better QB than Dak and leads a better offense than the cowboys. If the cowboys defense doesn't bring their A game this game is over by halftime. Period. Prove me wrong Cowboys cuz I damn sure don't believe you guys will win. Best be ready to put up more than 30 points because if we manage to put up 30+ the game is over. Either that or keep it low scoring..... In which the Rams will still win.
Joshua Branson
Joshua Branson 8 днів тому
Did the Saints put up 30 on us? Not even close and there better than you dont worry Il be here 1130 pm today to laugh at you and laugh at you and laugh at you.
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson 10 днів тому
Skip and Shannon. Both up and down, just enjoy. If its a black and white thing for you,, not much hope for you to get to the next level.
dsauce223 10 днів тому
I hope Gurley is listening to everyone talking shit about him. He's the best RB in the game, and he's being disrespected in a major way. Teach em a lesson Gurley.
Snoop Brown
Snoop Brown 10 днів тому
Shannon is soooo irritating lol jus hateful when it comes to AmericasTeam
Gabriel Hutchinson
Gabriel Hutchinson 10 днів тому
Skip makes me hate the Cowboys even more.
Kyran Black
Kyran Black 10 днів тому
Cowboys are more balanced. Solid defense. They have an elite defensive line, elite linebacker corps, depth at cornerback with All Pro Byron Jones, Solid Safeties even though Earl Thomas would've been nice. Heath isn't a sure tackler but he can cover alot of space with his speed. Woods is a thumper!! Offensive line is above average even though they have some patchwork in the middle. Tyrone Smith and Zack Martin have been up and down with injuries, Frederick has been out for the season, Lael Collins has been good but dominant like he was at LG. Connor Williams needs some improvement and change his damn number. They got good speed on offense! Cooper, Gallup and Austin are all burners. Beasley is quick and dependable on most downs. The weakness is at TE. Jarwin needs to show Dak he can be trusted getting the ball in traffic in the middle of the field. Zeke is going to eat. Dak just needs to make some throws downfield and they win. Simple.
Jeffrey Laury
Jeffrey Laury 10 днів тому
California cowboys fans pack that stadium out and be loud as hell when rams play offense we ready for ya
Putins Vater
Putins Vater 10 днів тому
skip is a fucking goat
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 10 днів тому
Been watching gurley since he was a freshman at UGA he’s the better back, he has homerun speed, he’s big, he’s physical, and plays with a ton of willpower.
jason robbins
jason robbins 10 днів тому
It is really fucking stupid that Dallas doesn't call more run plays for Zeke in the red zone... Its absolutely one of the reason's Dallas has had a very mediocre red zone offense this season! The easiest way to score once in the red zone especially if its 1st & goal is to just run it 3 straight times if need be for the TD... Especially when u have one of the best RB's & Olines in the NFL... I really feel like Dallas calls plays to pad players stats instead of calling plays that will be easiest to score... Its why Dak gets sacked a lot in the red zone... They want to try to pad Dak's stats like they did with Romo by throwing a bunch of TD's to Dez to keep him happy when its easiest to hand it to Demarco Murrary for a 2-3 yard td run... like right now its easiest just to hand it to zeke than it is for Dak to scramble or for Dak to try & hit Cooper or Gallop... I literally scream every time Dallas gets a 1st & goal & they dont run it on 1st & 2nd down just to see if u can get an easy score... The harder way to score is pass protecting & having WR's actually get open in the least amount of space anywhere on the field! If u get stuffed on 1st & 2nd down by all means try passing on 3rd down... Yet to me there is no excuse to pass on 1st down & then u get sacked, now you are forced to pass the next two downs & the defense knows it... Really Dallas play calling they try to be too fancy some times instead of just doing whats simple & easy
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds 10 днів тому
23 - 16 rams
Aiden vi
Aiden vi 10 днів тому
Rams have a better roster and coach so I’ll go with Rams
Martin Salcedo
Martin Salcedo 10 днів тому
Shannon just hating😂😅
Excellent Creation
Excellent Creation 10 днів тому
I am a Cowboy, fan myself, but Ram's good also. 😍😄
Josh Allen
Josh Allen 10 днів тому
Im a cowboys fan but zeke won’t last long in the league, homie be taking big ass hits for that extra 1-5 yards which is good for the team but his body is getting beat down
Josh Allen
Josh Allen 9 днів тому
John Doe and that’s why I said MOST of the time meaning there’s times where he does run out of bounds
John Doe
John Doe 9 днів тому
+Josh Allen in his last game he did go out of bounds to avoid a hit or two, you just dont see it. He's probably getting the hang of it but is use to hitting head on. He knows what he's doing. He's not a professional making millions for nothing.
Josh Allen
Josh Allen 10 днів тому
John Doe most running backs run out the field/go down when they see someone getting close , zeke MOST of the time tries to run them over...he doesn’t juke or spin away from a hit like for example saquon Barkley , so yes it does make a difference
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
All running backs take on big hits for whatever number of yards. It makes no difference.
alan junior
alan junior 10 днів тому
As much as I fkn hate the cowgirls skips right I'd rather have Zeke pounding it tough every play than speedy todd gurly the only thing he has we g is he and all the sorry ass cowgirl fans saying the have a great quarterback ajajjajajajja dont make me laugh the guy hasn't achieved shiit please dont call him that
eddibetty10 10 днів тому
I have a feeling RAMS will blow the cowboys out of the water. 42-17
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
Feeling lie.
Crystal Chapman
Crystal Chapman 10 днів тому
dallas tampon boys lost this game lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Young SauceDripperz
Young SauceDripperz 10 днів тому
Mike G.
Mike G. 10 днів тому
I'll go with the black guy :-)
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
I'll go with the white one. Dallas has 4th best rushing defense in the league and the only team left playing in playoffs with those status besides number 2 rushing defense of the Saints.
craig chapman
craig chapman 10 днів тому
Skip fails to realize that in the 1st of those 3 years Gurley had Jeff Fisher who had Goff looking like a bust so others teams were putting 8 in the box to stop gurley
craig chapman
craig chapman 10 днів тому
+Tom Veith obviously if you account the first goff season gurleys numbers were way down and when you avg them gurleys will be lower but no reasoning with a cowgirls fan. Have a good night maam
Tom Veith
Tom Veith 10 днів тому
+craig chapman wow are you dense, you are the one who mentioned one season not me, I'm the one who talked about all three years, wake up
craig chapman
craig chapman 10 днів тому
+Tom Veith oh i see youre a cowboys fan ...this convo is over
craig chapman
craig chapman 10 днів тому
+Tom Veith the segment is talking about the PAST 3 YEARS!!! Are you watching?
Kato887 10 днів тому
Complaining about Gurley under Fisher doesn't really help your case tho because then we're led to believe that Gurley is simply a product of Mcvay's system. I think its a simple matter of Zeke just being a more transcendent talent. Take Gurley out of Mcvay's system and hes just an above average back. Juxtapose that with Zeke, who currently plays in an offense that ranks in the bottom half of the league, with a QB who doesnt scare anyone, and with an offensive line made up backups, a shell of his former self tackle and one banged up all pro, and yet he still got the rushing title. Yes, Gurley balled out with the TDs, but that stat is kind of moot. Zeke didn't have any TD's because the Cowboys offense was putrid, with there redzone offense being the worst in the league. Take Gurley's 4-12 season under Fisher when the Rams offense was just a little worse than this years Cowboys offense. Look at that, he only had 6 TDs. Its an easy argument to make. Zeke has allowed Dak to have the three best seasons of any QB in league history. Gurley on the other hand didnt do shit for any of his Qbs until McVay showed up.
Justin Scarborough
Justin Scarborough 10 днів тому
Scott C
Scott C 10 днів тому
what are these going to talk about if Dallas loses? Seems like half their conversations are either about Dallas or their players
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
Dallas won't lose.
robby pollard
robby pollard 10 днів тому
I take Zeke any day of the week. The offensive line argument is dismissible, because 4 of our offensive lineman are banged up and the other is playing out of position. Now, you look at the fact that a lot of Gurley’s touchdowns do come from the one or the two yard line. And, by no means am I hating on Gurley, but I do believe Zeke is the better back. No matter what the Cowboys do, we’ll be criticized and that’s a fact.
Isaac Guerrero
Isaac Guerrero 10 днів тому
What are the numbers ok i dont want to hear Ezekiel was out for 6 ggames thats his fault if he cant be a productive human being off the field
Ajay Wood
Ajay Wood 10 днів тому
Shannon is another Stephan A Smith, get him outta the show.. honestely.How many times is he gonna pick the opponent that's facing the cowboys? Bad analyzation, what a joke. You can hate the cowboys for their fans or whatever it is, but don't let it make you stupid. Zeke is better than Gurley, because he leads him in overall yards, yards per an attempt, a worst offense, and even the last three years, Zeke lead the league 2 times in rushing yards! Cowboys win 30-27 over the Rams. Zeke with 156 yards rushing, and Dak will have 322 yards passing. If these are both within 5 yards or 10 yards off, I deserve to get Shannon's job, lol
William Gray
William Gray 10 днів тому
Shannon is a hater just like Stephen Smith. Smh
BallDon'tLie4216 10 днів тому
Zeke and Gurley are better backs than kamara but kamara is better out of the backfield and out wide
oddRknot 10 днів тому
Skip is going to be proven wrong when The Rams put the ball in Gurley's hands and he runs over their D all day.
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
Dallas defense is 4th in league against the run and the only team still in playoffs besides the Saints 2nd rush defense.
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson 10 днів тому
Skip you ain't talkin nothing but the truth man I don't know where Shannon's talkin about. My son is talking about Dak is thinking and daken,all that means is that he just knows how to check the ball down, but as a fellow Cowboy fan we already know ain't nothing like those haters out there that make us feel good the day after 😁
Daniel Pressley
Daniel Pressley 10 днів тому
I like skip but lord he hate the facts Shannon putting on him. It’s like talking to a woman you show facts and boom they change the topic to something totally different
Esquire1995 10 днів тому
Shannon is a hater, argues whatever supports his view and ignores stats when convenient.
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
I notice that too.
Rob Host
Rob Host 10 днів тому
Zeke is the better running back. However they don’t really throw to him except check downs. When they have though he’s actually been a fantastic receiver, I think they should utilize him more if possible.
Robert Riojas
Robert Riojas 10 днів тому
I hate when they run out of shotgun
g metz
g metz 10 днів тому
Zeke probably gets the ball less in the redzone I bet too.
Jblaze600 10 днів тому
Rams don’t have home field advantage with the Dallas fans traveling to the site. Rams going to miss Cooper Kupp in this game Dallas defense matches up well against Mcvay’s offense.
Manguy mcDudebro
Manguy mcDudebro 10 днів тому
christian mccaffrey is obviously the best back at catching the ball out of the backfield
big Ace
big Ace 10 днів тому
Shannon that nigga 😂😂😂
increase Brown
increase Brown 10 днів тому
Zeke is leading now tho. I bet zeke will outplay rams defense. Its just that he's fast and good. But then on todd gurly's side, Our defense is awsome! And gurl'y Hasn't been doing well. He's 3rd in the nfl now bc barkley also is a good running back. But my point is the combo with Dak and zeke is much much better than jared and todd. And Dak has been doing much better last two games! With jared goff losing rankings and doing horible the last month! You gotta say cowboys would probally win! I Honestly really think cowboys can pull it off. 60% of cowboys fans will be in LA watching them play. IN LA. Go cowboys!!!!!!!!!
brent hicks
brent hicks 10 днів тому
It's all about stats
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
True that. Dallas has the 4th best rushing defense and Saints 2nd best rushing defense in the league and those are the only two teams left with those top defense still playing.
Brock Brown /The O.D.
Brock Brown /The O.D. 10 днів тому
Isaac Guerrero
Isaac Guerrero 10 днів тому
Your fuckin stupid if you pick cowboys over the rams ill fuckin slap you in the face anybody come to orange county california and ill fuckin smack you in the face Bitch!
Isaac Guerrero
Isaac Guerrero 10 днів тому
+Clorox Bleach ill sock you in the face you wack ass laundry detergent looking ass bitch
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 10 днів тому
Cowboys > Rams
Eduardo Pereyra
Eduardo Pereyra 10 днів тому
Cowboy fans really think they’re gonnna beat us 34-20?!? Bahahahahahhahaha
John Doe
John Doe 8 днів тому
+Eduardo Pereyra no, not salty, I just know the Rams only won because of the home field advantage, lol that's it.😂😂😂😂😂
Eduardo Pereyra
Eduardo Pereyra 8 днів тому
John Doe luck ?? really you sound salty 😂😂
Eduardo Pereyra
Eduardo Pereyra 8 днів тому
John Doe shut you idiot , 50 rush yds ?!? Get out of here 😂😂 273 on the so called great rush defense go home with that L
John Doe
John Doe 8 днів тому
+Eduardo Pereyra they almost did if it wasn't for that penalty. You all lucked out. You team is lucky they were playing in LA. Just take the win as a gift because that what it was. Your team didn't earn it, it was given to you all. Rams only 30 points to Dallas 22 and rams had home field advantage. Lol. Their lucky they didn't play in Texas.
Eduardo Pereyra
Eduardo Pereyra 8 днів тому
John Doe what happen ?!?!?😂😂😂 50 yds?
Jarqy 10 днів тому
people are saying the cowboys are 3-5 are on the road, but the more important thing is that with amari cooper they are 3-1
Sebastian Tabshi
Sebastian Tabshi 10 днів тому
Shannon is right most of the time..... then he says some dumb shit and ruins everything
Shaurya Sati
Shaurya Sati 10 днів тому
I would rather have todd Gurley because he is a better all around back
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 10 днів тому
William Webster
William Webster 10 днів тому
Shannon skip has been winning everything Mr Ed your are losing again today stop hating being real is what people love to hear from you man 🤔🤠
William Webster
William Webster 10 днів тому
Skip Bayless you have been sucking sole to that mule mouth Shannon 😂🤠🤗
Sneakerhead 24/7
Sneakerhead 24/7 10 днів тому
Its to the point that when it comes to the Cowboys I can not listen to critic from Shannon Sharp or Stephen A cause they have to much hate for them to believe anything they say.
Sneakerhead 24/7
Sneakerhead 24/7 10 днів тому
+Ryan Mchenry So Skip doesn't know football because? Oh let me guess he didn't play football and Shannon did.
Ryan Mchenry
Ryan Mchenry 10 днів тому
Do you really think Shannon wants to talk about the cowboys every day? Or do you think he is forced to talk about it because skip doesn’t know football
Xmortis _
Xmortis _ 10 днів тому
If the rams lose the fans would say “we’ll Todd Gurley was injured so you guys won”
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 10 днів тому
carlos marin
carlos marin 10 днів тому
Bajaine Lowkie
Bajaine Lowkie 10 днів тому
Brian Griggs
Brian Griggs 10 днів тому
Skip is Shannon's bully step brother!
Christian Leal
Christian Leal 10 днів тому
Someone needs to to tell Shannon gurly didn’t have that many catches he’s first two years my man never looks at stats. They really didn’t start throwing to the running back until like 2017 the year zeke got suspended
Blake Martin
Blake Martin 10 днів тому
Zeke is not a Adrian Peterson skip your dumb
S2K_ Blitz
S2K_ Blitz 10 днів тому
I’ll take Gurley better RB zeke better o-line
Jesus Cavazos
Jesus Cavazos 10 днів тому
Lol that's the opposite what you have said
Cruz Bob
Cruz Bob 10 днів тому
Zeke has hurdled multiple corners/safeties, and broken out for long TD runs
Bajaine Lowkie
Bajaine Lowkie 10 днів тому
And Gurley hasn't?
DC4L #AmericaTeam
DC4L #AmericaTeam 10 днів тому
Sharron do your homework...before you open your big fat!!loud hater mouth
Jeff Roblow
Jeff Roblow 10 днів тому
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
Nope, Dallas has the 4th best rushing defense in the league.
CurlyCamillee 10 днів тому
In defense of Shannon (and this is coming from a Cowboys fan), Dak is worse than Tim Tebow, so he kind of deserves the criticism.
Cody Smith
Cody Smith 10 днів тому
Kindly stop watching football if you actually believe Dak is worse than tebow 😂
Kingof Grim
Kingof Grim 10 днів тому
CurlyCamillee Dak isn’t a good QB. He’s a game manager for the most part. Difference is he has the clutch gene and will to win. When he is needed to make plays he does. 14 GW drives in his first 3 years in the league. He’s a winner, but it’s mainly because of his team around him. He’s similar to Aikman in a lot of ways. And he has the potential to become the next Aikman for us. I’m a primarily Dak hater btw, but this is my thoughts on him as of now
CurlyCamillee 10 днів тому
Corey Mack If you want me to be honest, the only reason I’m talking trash is because I’m a Dallas fan. I know this sounds crazy, but the more and more I talk bad about Dallas and Dak, the better they play. It has worked in the past. That’s why I am arguing about this right now. I know Dak isn’t a bad QB. He isn’t elite, but he’s not bad. I’m not that stupid to compare him to the terribleness of Tim Tebow 😂.
Corey Mack
Corey Mack 10 днів тому
You really need to stop because you really making yourself look dumb on here....
Kingof Grim
Kingof Grim 10 днів тому
CurlyCamillee Aikman didn’t throw well either. He pretty much is a glorified Dak. Slant to Irvin, dumpoff Emmitt, Top 5 defense, best o line ever. So similar except Dak hasn’t won anything yet
All dolled up in gabardine
All dolled up in gabardine 10 днів тому
I'll start watching this show again on Monday after Dallas gets throttled Saturday night.. it's way to nauseating right now to watch this show.. if they somehow win then it will be the following Monday, lol
Christian Bundy
Christian Bundy 10 днів тому
I have literally nothing against the Cowboys, but just listening to Skip, I want the Cowboys to lose badly.
John Doe
John Doe 10 днів тому
Dallas = 4th best rushing defense in the league and only defense still playing besides the Saints number 2 rushing defense.
Skii Hendoo
Skii Hendoo 10 днів тому
I thought the game starts at 7:30pm.
Sith_lord_steve 10 днів тому
Cowgirls winning the nfc, gotta love the underdog story
Buck Richards
Buck Richards 10 днів тому
One played 6 more games then the other. That's how he can have more?
Jesus Cavazos
Jesus Cavazos 10 днів тому
+Bajaine Lowkie Zeke is the fastest under 30 games to get 4000 yards remember and also Gurley has a way better oline and Zeke has to face box more
Bajaine Lowkie
Bajaine Lowkie 10 днів тому
Hey genius if that were true than why does Zeke have more carries? C'MON MANNNNNN more carries and less yds? That's hilarious. Your throat must be in pain. Keep some integrity and don't swallow
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