Snoop Dogg - One Blood, One Cuzz (feat. DJ Battlecat) (Official Video)

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From the album "I Wanna Thank Me". Out now!
Stream: SnoopDogg.lnk.to/IWannaThankMeYo
Directed by Dah Dah
#SnoopDogg #IWannaThankMe #OneBloodOneCuzz
Official Video by Snoop Dogg - One Blood, One Cuzz feat. DJ Battlecat © 2019 Doggystyle Records / EMPIRE



15 сер 2019





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Dma aljbore
Dma aljbore 2 дні тому
Bro you wasting weed bro
marques harris
marques harris 2 дні тому
Snoop, bro bro you did it again, keep staying socially minded. This song is a #CLASSIC. Peace!
What’s Up
What’s Up 6 днів тому
Why crip in the first place fool !!
OG NA$A 6 днів тому
Slim Griff
Slim Griff 7 днів тому
That beat though.Battlecat your a foul nigga. On mamas
Bashpiee 7 днів тому
This song One Blood has mix of both Pac and Snoop together. #Pac #Nipsey R.I.P
Sahle Monroe
Sahle Monroe 7 днів тому
All respect to the homie snoop dog
Chelsey Lately
Chelsey Lately 8 днів тому
This video was beautiful! #TMC you a real one Snoop. Nip would be real appreciative for this dedication.
King Croc
King Croc 8 днів тому
snoop is that OG gangstah bl00d
Kay Khan
Kay Khan 8 днів тому
Go on snoop still trying to clean the mess up. Keep up the good work big dog dont stop that barking dog louder
mario orozco
mario orozco 9 днів тому
Snoop just wanna tell you how real and true you are . we all gotta Be one .
SunShine State Bullies
SunShine State Bullies 9 днів тому
As a white man , I can strongly relate to this song . Dope and deep
O B Wan 3 nan kanobi
O B Wan 3 nan kanobi 10 днів тому
Unc holla at me da east coast and Midwest got love to show2
O B Wan 3 nan kanobi
O B Wan 3 nan kanobi 10 днів тому
Word up it’s not bout fame it’s bout bringing the community together again as one
Jose Salazar
Jose Salazar 10 днів тому
Damn blood/cuss!!🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧😊
Lupe 11 днів тому
Go Bloods👌👌👌
Nacho Niqqa :3
Nacho Niqqa :3 13 днів тому
As a mexican ik somewhere before we could write our history our black brothers were alongside us. Us Helping them, them helping us BUILDING on eachothers success...why did we fall so far from grace. Why cant we do it again. Like before the white man tricked us into destroying eachothers communities so they could have the moral highground. Blood, Crips, Surenos, nortenos hell even asians where yall at come join us. We gotta find a way to take back the world before they destory it an we destroy ourselves anymore than we already have.
Golo G KiNgKoNg crip .
Golo G KiNgKoNg crip . 13 днів тому
Fuke blood♿💙
J J 14 днів тому
Delete this ASAP!! There’s No Need 4 All of This. My Apologies for all of that. No B.S.
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 16 днів тому
Nigga ☠☠☠☠
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 16 днів тому
Sirizo Bdv
Sirizo Bdv 17 днів тому
JC Acqua
JC Acqua 17 днів тому
2pac hold ya head
Chad Bauch
Chad Bauch 19 днів тому
I wouldn't even join the wood pile in Texas Beto 1 unit. It wasn't easy to be solo and pressure came from many angles but we all human, your color, hometown or your appearance doesn't make you who you are. To have pride in something that didn't take work like the color of your skin, i never understood. We all one people.
Miles Stratman
Miles Stratman 21 день тому
Rolling 60's and the Swans are united and i'm glad.
Ashley Morillo
Ashley Morillo 22 дні тому
I just saw Snoop at the Louisville Palace last night for his concert with Warren G, and he performed this song along with having a tribute to PAC, Nate Dogg, Biggie, and Nip.
fdyh ghj
fdyh ghj 22 дні тому
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Dilson Gonçalves
Dilson Gonçalves 23 дні тому
I'm not facious... the lesson?
Jurmel Davis
Jurmel Davis 24 дні тому
O.G still cracking shit up. Real 1
Mick Mouse
Mick Mouse 24 дні тому
This should have a billion likes 💙❤️💙❤️
Tre Angle
Tre Angle 24 дні тому
THIS!!! Is Hip Hop!
Brian de Goede
Brian de Goede 24 дні тому
great message and much love and respekt to all people of colour everywhere for the music, the vibe and the inspiration to keep the faith while in this system of oppression
Coko W
Coko W 24 дні тому
Needs to be played out aloud across the world.
unotme 25 днів тому
Movie name please 2:28
pablo zadlo
pablo zadlo 25 днів тому
Badman track! Haha nice snoop
stevie stevens
stevie stevens 25 днів тому
Snoop you the truth one luv ✊🏿🔥
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 25 днів тому
Best Nip tribute
hagos tewolde
hagos tewolde 25 днів тому
The black man payed a heavy price for all minorities for equal rights in this country etc . Unity and love will bring us together but we must keep teaching the youth .. RIP NipdaGreat 🇪🇷🏁🙏🏽
Theresa Martin
Theresa Martin 25 днів тому
Nipsey is truly missed he had all the gangs respect he is a real one that was taken to soon
Terrol Solo
Terrol Solo 26 днів тому
We need to stick together let's be strong
THE RIDERS CLUB 26 днів тому
Real tunes from real life westside RIP NIP gone but never forgoten the marathon continues one love ❤💙💚💛💜
Yalowboi Music
Yalowboi Music 26 днів тому
This Needs Way More Views I Realy Dont Understand Whats Goin On In This World Some Dont Know What Good Music Is 🇩🇴✌🏽💯🙏🏽
DAT BOI O.T. -_-
DAT BOI O.T. -_- 26 днів тому
TheSKULLSandBONES 27 днів тому
R.I.P. Shady Loc - R.I.P. Baby Bandit - R.I.P. Duke 1ne - R.I.P. Fysty aka Slowpoke Daye - R.I.P. Termite aka T. Mite - R.I.P. Lefty 1ne - R.I.P. Lil Corky - R.I.P. Lil Sex - R.I.P. Baby Nutty - R.I.P. Buda - R.I.P. Bullet - R.I.P. D-Mac - R.I.P. J-Capone 1ne - R.I.P. Silk!!!
King Aboriginal
King Aboriginal 28 днів тому
One love 1 blood 1 cuzz 1 nation..
jay dizzle2
jay dizzle2 29 днів тому
This song should be all over the radio
Big Daddy Big Daddy
Big Daddy Big Daddy 29 днів тому
Black power MF💯
qwertyu rtyu
qwertyu rtyu Місяць тому
О чертовская парода.
Corey Milliner
Corey Milliner Місяць тому
Rip nip 🙏
Corey Milliner
Corey Milliner Місяць тому
On BLOODZ we need to come together damuz an keyways
andrew russell
andrew russell Місяць тому
Abraham Vidal
Abraham Vidal Місяць тому
Well done unk spit that official👊✊👊
محمد الزرعوني
محمد الزرعوني Місяць тому
our brothers stop this war and this shit ! daily people killed for stupid reasons ! we all humans lets live next to each other in peace for ever sorry to say that some shit people want you to stay in this for long time until all of you dead but you all from same background .. humans ... i dont give f about what colors we are >> all humans peace for all time .. enough we lost a lot of our beloved people because of this shit !
Slices of SIB
Slices of SIB Місяць тому
Renee Thomas
Renee Thomas Місяць тому
Crips and bloods must unit now
Renee Thomas
Renee Thomas Місяць тому
Respect it's the truth
Omar Abdul
Omar Abdul Місяць тому
Tupac still is Californias no 1. Nipsey good but Pac was on another level.
Omar Abdul
Omar Abdul 24 дні тому
@Cliff Booth lol u mus b the biggest idiot alive. Tupac 4 life. U fake ass
Cliff Booth
Cliff Booth 24 дні тому
@Omar Abdul Tupac was a fraud Wakedafucup he an his mom's were CIA again Wakedafucup
Omar Abdul
Omar Abdul Місяць тому
@Cliff Booth Tupac was Westcoast. Yes he got out of every town but because he was living in poverty and when he came to the Westcoast he said he found his home. That statement makes him a Westcoast rapper wether u agree or not. Pac was the greatest rapper on the Westcoast and overall and Hip hop greatest influence. Nipsey was a offspring of Tupacs movement before they killed him. Tupac at Nipsey age would of been running for president. Tupac was on another level. Nobody at Tupac age was speaking the things he was saying. People on the Westcoast wish Pac was still around. Tupac is 1 of the most relevant people and his not with us anymore. No other rappers came close. Nipsey himself said Tupac was a great. Naz called Tupac a god. U my friend need to do some more reading.
Cliff Booth
Cliff Booth Місяць тому
Nope wrong. Pac isn't a westcoast artist his a get out of every town disowned rapper
Classiz GHOST
Classiz GHOST Місяць тому
4.5k son of bitch dislike
Sneakeraddict987 Місяць тому
I’m CENTRAL AMERICAN and we stand with all colored people ONE TRIBE OF EARTH!!!
CannaHaze WeeD
CannaHaze WeeD Місяць тому
#KINGSNOOPDOGG 💯🤴 Gang of Crips and Bloods .STOP WAR. Get Friendship Lifetime ☝️👐 🔥🔥🙌🙏🙋‍♂️🚩👌☪️🚩🙋‍♂️🙏🔥🔥
Amir Mire
Amir Mire Місяць тому
this song is only for the stupid people killing eachother over colors like Bloods an Cribs the most dumb poeple ever...
Keith Lenoir
Keith Lenoir Місяць тому
SALUTE with Ruspects to Mr Snoop Doggy Dog
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