Coding Minecraft to work with Dance Moves...

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I made Minecraft ENTIRELY CONTROLLABLE by Dance Moves... this was insane, but I am so happy that I managed to do it. I wonder how far I can take this...

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Helped making the video, absolute legend of a dev: twitter.com/Kiryu144

I made minecraft fully controllable by using only my webcam/camera/dance moves. this was crazy fun to make, and I really enjoyed coding this custom minecraft mod/difficulty/plugin. It was a lot of fun to do, and I really hope you enjoy it!

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Dem Cool Dudez
Dem Cool Dudez 14 хвилин тому
Do you like MJ
a_randomfox 4 години тому
I AM a Fox
proxwarrior33 5 годин тому
50 Ideas for fundy's new difficulty (??? Difficulty) @Fundy enjoy these ideas General Furnaces explode after 10 smelts and a smoke cloud that gives blindness Hunger gives slowness and weakness (I if 25%, II if 50%, III if 75%, III if 100%) Ores has 50% chance of coming to life when mined (strength and hp depends on ore) Chests shoots out a Instant Damage potion when opened and has less loot Armour and tools slowly loses durability and enchantments over time Firing a bow has a chance of removing an extra arrow Bows are more inaccurate and deal less damage Nether portals need to be 10 x 10 to work All light sources turn into flames overtime Having more than 5 potion effects now can make you ill If you spawn a wither it has triple health Wither spawns three wither skeletons with axes when defeated All Mobspawners work faster and better radius Overworld Creepers explosion 2x the size and less fuse time Skeletons fire Instant damage II arrows Zombies can dodge or very resistant to arrows Enderman spawn smoke clouds when teleporting Witches heal zombies and throw lingering potions Water gives you poison and nausea and weakness (except on boat) Right clicking a cow rarely gives you a milk bucket Night gives you night vision and blindness (complete darkness) Day lasts 10 seconds Night lasts 40 seconds Lightning spawns faster during thunderstorms for every lightning strike (3 bolts will spawn in a 50 block radius) Sleeping causes you lose 1 stack of your shiny items (makes it look like your items have been stolen) Slimes 2X Larger and split into more slimes Dungeons spawners can cycle between (Skeletons, Zombies, Spiders) instead of 1 mob When standing on snow gives you slowness I but ice gives II and packed ice III Gravels 50% chance of spawning a stronger silverfish when mined Dust devils spawn in dry and warm biomes (get to close you get blindness) Villagers turn into witches when close All animals get wither II in a 10 block radius near player (a reference to the 10 plagues) Skeleton and Zombie Knights on horses spawn in plains at night Player gets slowness when its raining but even worse in thunderstorms Every 10 day/nights a tornado forms nearby in a 20 block radius Snow golems become hostile and deal damage Vindicators now hold shields Spiders now spawn with stronger effects (e.g spider spawns with strength III instead of strength I) Witches reverses negative effects inflicted upon it (if witch has poison effect it will give itself regen) Snowstorms give mining fatigue II Nether Blaze fireballs spawns small magma cubes Ghast Fireballs spawn Large magma cubes and has 2X Blast radius Magma Cubes 2X Larger and split into more magma cubes Blaze spawners now switch between blazes and wither skeletons Soulsand 50% chance of spawning a two sword vex when mined Zombie pigman are hostile and are arms with golden axe and shield The End End Crystals spawn bursts out tnt (About 8 TNT) references the 1.12.2 mod rough mobs mod End crystal also spawns a mega phantom Ender Dragon has regeneration III Ender dragons area cloud 2X Large
Undead Shooter
Undead Shooter 7 годин тому
Henry Mehri
Henry Mehri 12 годин тому
Make a frost mobe
sam bo
sam bo 20 годин тому
I love the Kirby in the background it's so Cute
👻Sp00ky_fam 👻
👻Sp00ky_fam 👻 22 години тому
Hi Fundy I bought your skin
Rushtokyo День тому
Yeager주 День тому
fundy are you cancelled
Wilbur academia
Wilbur academia День тому
This is me at prom.
Delta 90
Delta 90 День тому
Make a car
Cittykat01 День тому
Mc boi gets his exercise
the pak man
the pak man 2 дні тому
O waaw ik ben ook Belgies/Nederlands
kay schorn
kay schorn 2 дні тому
fundy are you dutch?
Raistar 2 дні тому
Add a explosion which made by punching in the air and add a new gamemode :called DREAM mode you add to make when ever you create world it auto spawns netherportal at the spawn and op loots at the spwan and it auto spwans end portal
DiegonejoIsCooler 2 дні тому
Suggestion: Nightmare++ Some people thinks that Nightmare is pretty easy 1: Golems are pretty weak when fighting with mobs. But when u damage them it damages 10 hearts with netherite armor. Soo. Talking about golems. They will be more hostile because they knock you if you punch every type of mob and defending from villagers too. Villagers will damage you when you open a chest. they act like Piglin. And the "Green useless villager" will be like a piglin BRUTE 2: If you massacre a baby zombie. It will spawn 4 vex and a chance of ghast being partnered with tiny sniper fast ghasts 3: Baby zombies will ALWAYS be a chicken jockey 4: Skeletons are like gatling guns and will always be a Spider Jockey 5: Creepers have a bigger explosion 6: If not sleep. You will get slow. with blindness for 5 minutes 7: Phantoms. more like Endertoms. Because they can now teleport 8: Foxes will now be fundy and can shoot wither heads and dragon breath 9: Withers will kaboom your world
Ege Emir
Ege Emir 2 дні тому
Send The Mod Or Die :D Its Very Cool
Milen Milenkov
Milen Milenkov 2 дні тому
I miss fundy :c
Jonathan Tampubolon
Jonathan Tampubolon 2 дні тому
sethzz5888 2 дні тому
Hey Fundy someone beat every single one of your difficultty all in one and it's Seensven. Watch the video :))
Henry Mehri
Henry Mehri 2 дні тому
Minecraft but you spawn in nether and there are bosses and you need to kill all of them to go back to overworld
Debt 2 дні тому
"hello am a superhero" "okay hello, what is your Power, ability" "i can control time" "wow that's-" "But only when am t-posing"
Tate Carson
Tate Carson 2 дні тому
Chang the code of creepers nex video pls
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam 2 дні тому
Fundy being an overachiever for around 16 minutes
Mazin Muhammed A.T
Mazin Muhammed A.T 2 дні тому
omg ffundy is insane as hell
Timothy Luis CAMACHO
Timothy Luis CAMACHO 2 дні тому
fundy has not uploaded for a while... wonder what happend to him.
Kenster Bros.
Kenster Bros. 2 дні тому
I have a merch suggestion Fundy's minecraft fox fungi Or a fox picture R.i.p. fungi I dont like snapchat (Sapnap)
Olivia Mobley
Olivia Mobley 2 дні тому
I enjoy this chanal VERY much
Dominick Argumedo
Dominick Argumedo 2 дні тому
i knew it one day dabing would kill
SweetToothCax 2 дні тому
Welp my little brother officially ruined Fundy for me
toothless PTDX crazzzynesssssss
i subscribed
emeen pro gamer
emeen pro gamer 3 дні тому
You live in netherlands
Schwammstern WaCa
Schwammstern WaCa 3 дні тому
That's so cool! Can you make like a tutorial by explaining the programm and how you've done this with the camera?
NikPumpkin 3 дні тому
You can play minecraft better with dance moves than I can normally:/
James Cameron
James Cameron 3 дні тому
Make a video where you beat minecraft with dance moves
Nighterly 3 дні тому
Imagine doing a minecraft speed run like this
nido Yan
nido Yan 3 дні тому
Your character is so cute 🥰🥰 because is a fox
denmaseko purnomo
denmaseko purnomo 3 дні тому
Lets go back to the fucking video
Game Creature
Game Creature 3 дні тому
Nee nederland is gewoon fantastisch. Dit zie je denk ik niet🤣
Diégo van der Schelden
Diégo van der Schelden 3 дні тому
Fundy skin look like a mix off jotaro from jojo byzarre adventure and a fox
takilovechainsaw 3 дні тому
That map looks cool but hmmm hahaha your dancing is funny
ryecursed29 3 дні тому
What pose I'm doing i-is it like a Gangnam Style Got me-
Jim gamer 09
Jim gamer 09 3 дні тому
Imagine a parkour map with this mod
Vince And Rein Valiente
Vince And Rein Valiente 3 дні тому
I watched you made the Nazi Germany Symbol how Cursed...
Guy 3 дні тому
mystique cummins
mystique cummins 3 дні тому
Fundy, you must get to work, somebody beat all of your difficulties at once, I don't care about the fact they also included baby mode, basically the only things it helped them do was get the original 2 ingredients for the eye of ender and kill the dragon, other then that, it was impossible, I'm messaging here despite it not being related to your difficulties because this is your (at the time) most recent video, so its more likely you will see this warning, now go, and make the changes i am about to list as an actual mod, now this is just a suggestion, i'm not saying you have to do this, i know its probably hard to make these difficulties, working so hard to add things and make it impossible, only for someone to beat it, so, you don't have to any of this, but if you do even a single thing from it, you might as well add everything from this Step 1: Remake everything from your previous difficulty Step 2: Make it so that instead of replacing all mobs with axolotl, make them spawn naturally, but keep the creepers who ride the axolotls Step 3: Add the changes from hell mode(a command block difficulty, if you want to find a video about it, find IJAMinecraft's channel, i recommend you watch that video before you continue because it says to change things about the changes hell mode makes, and if you don't know what the changes are, how can you alter them?) Step 4: Make the hell mode changes not activatable, and just always be the case if you have the mod installed Step 5: Make the hell mode changes not deactivatable Step 6: Make zombie's no longer slower in this mode Step 7: Make it so that the "risen" don't die after touching bone meal, but instead, only die if they touch a skeleton Step 8: Make it so that instead of the skeleton arrows only splitting after missing a shot, but after hitting it will still split, meaning, if your in multiplayer, it can hit one player without having to miss another Step 9: Turn creepers from "just slightly stronger and faster explosions" to literal nukes Step 10: Make the custom "sin" mob replace all wither skeletons Step 11: Make "sin's" create magma blocks under them instead of netherack Step 12: Give "sin's" stronger gear Step 13: Remove the "creeeeper's", they are just slightly harder creepers, you can easily kill them with a bow, and the sword they drop is just to much of an upside for the players Step 14: I don't know what else to add and the "hell difficulty" thing has ended, so the rest is up to you, other then one thing, one singular thing, but its not tiny or little, its, about the new final boss, after surviving the dragon's final attack, its death animation reverses, before it then stops in place, a sword flies through its skull, revealing, you, the mastermind for the entire operation of "custom difficulties", i don't know what abilities he'd have, so once again, its back to you, but, give him at least 2 phases(if you are actually doing the operation of making this difficulty)
Landonworld 3 дні тому
How about u make a video about belle delphine since you follow here in twitter
TommyInnit 3 дні тому
Vrython King
Vrython King 3 дні тому
do more vid
Snus 3 дні тому
Truly a monumental moment in history
playing a game
playing a game 3 дні тому
Add Godzilla vs Kong vs Gidorah but with the rock face plzzzzz
Aatrox Meyor
Aatrox Meyor 3 дні тому
he daft punk "get lucky" takes me back to my childhood
꧁𝙼𝚒𝚔𝚞꧂ 3 дні тому
Wait what language was his dad and him speaking at the moment…
ItzMrAlpha 3 дні тому
talk about dedication he's earned my sub
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 3 дні тому
Gabes here
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 3 дні тому
XOR_The_Protogen 3 дні тому
My favorite part is how he made the cheat codes. That's so clever!
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis 3 дні тому
Someone speedrun this in hardcore
Polar Express
Polar Express 4 дні тому
ill play minecraft with you if you do
Polar Express
Polar Express 4 дні тому
FUNDY listen to me remember when you put the entire treasure planet movie in minecraft well for christmas i was thinking you should code the entire polar express movie into minecraft and make it a honey moon for you and dream.
JustAguyWithaFedora 4 дні тому
Alternative title: just dance 2022
Crazymage213 4 дні тому
Imagin somebody beating u in duels in hypixel by danding
Trollface 4 дні тому
sorry fact fundy is dutch
Willydodo games
Willydodo games 4 дні тому
Hoi Fundy, ik hoorden dat je Nederlands bent. Dus ik zeg: ABONEER OP FUNDY!!!!!!!!(・∀・)(・∀・)(・∀・)
Copycat 4 дні тому
This is smart now gaming turned in to exercise now my mom can stop saying all you do is sit around all the time
Locan31 4 дні тому
now do a manhunt with this >:D
Harley 4 дні тому
Ishaan 4 дні тому
Make among us in minecraft
Camil Mp
Camil Mp 4 дні тому
can you increase the height building limit as well?
S1mp 4 дні тому
I have a dumb idea; every time you fall from 5 blocks or more, then you see TommyInnits clip from “jump in the Cadillac”
Chef_Axolotl 4 дні тому
nice Kirby plush you got there fundy
DIGITAL DEMXN 4 дні тому
Fire video broski‼️
Cas de Jong
Cas de Jong 4 дні тому
Wait you dad is dutch fundy Thats very cool i am dutch too and i enjoy you videos Je bent de beste youtber
Cultured Butter
Cultured Butter 4 дні тому
8:11 don’t tell me that isn’t Jim halpert from the hit show the office
anbell 4 дні тому
Fundy Please Beat the game with this
Remong Rene Emmanuel
Remong Rene Emmanuel 4 дні тому
Married dream again
303 Entity
303 Entity 4 дні тому
7:19 Fundy: T-Pose My brain: uLtImAtE kArS
Double AAA
Double AAA 4 дні тому
this just looks like a wii fit minigame but minecraft
Déjà 4 дні тому
Me: trying to play Minecraft and giving up Funny: let’s play Minecraft by dancing Me: :O
Galeboy 4 дні тому
Where is spooky difficulty fundy its been a year
just an editor :)
just an editor :) 4 дні тому
j'adore cette vidéo loldanse garçon danse
Bobby Is Roblox Gamer
Bobby Is Roblox Gamer 4 дні тому
I was in a fight with teenagers and I T posed and they RAN AWAY The dab is to powerful
abaas alshamare
abaas alshamare 4 дні тому
hey Fundy Who's Nazi and Who Adolf Hitler
EPIK 5 днів тому
Toowl10 5 днів тому
when will you contino with Drem
Hyplayz 5 днів тому
500k likes for code release :O
since1876 5 днів тому
When it rains, it rains arrows....
kiwi monarch
kiwi monarch 5 днів тому
Can I join the dream smp I have 51 ideas for the story/plot so consider it
ZoMbMaN GaMiNg
ZoMbMaN GaMiNg 5 днів тому
kun je roblox spelen? :)
серебряный серега
Fuck yeah you cool bro it's amazing fukc yeah
Jerikah Cajilla
Jerikah Cajilla 5 днів тому
Where do you edit the minecraft stuff and please do a tutorial on when you put a movie in minecraft since thats all big brain stuff
Isabelle Spooner
Isabelle Spooner 5 днів тому
ok now speedrun hardcore camera controled
ThatTrue Eda
ThatTrue Eda 5 днів тому
7:16 the moon is scared of t-poses
Abuchy309 5 днів тому
Minecraft x Just Dance
Braxton Peters
Braxton Peters 5 днів тому
Now someone beat the game with this
LEG&DARY 6 днів тому
Now thats epic.
Taylor Hooson
Taylor Hooson 6 днів тому
im going to the neter oh hey funndy🤣
Shia Sung
Shia Sung 6 днів тому
First of all, this guy's amazing. I could never- Second of all, you need to share this with us. This is epic. Third of all, this is a great way to work out lol
Legendary Power
Legendary Power 6 днів тому
I dont use honey cause i used edge 😏
MrFixa 6 днів тому
Now imagine this but with impossible difficulty
x 6 днів тому
If Me or Slimecicle Laugh, The Stream Ends...
Hacking on the Dream SMP...
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I got banned on roblox...
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I made your dumb ideas in Minecraft...
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