SpaceX Starship Heat Shield and Testing Soon, NASA Spacesuit Delay, Project Jarvis

Marcus House
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The scale of Starship and its record sized heat shield is staggering. We should have SpaceX Starship Testing Soon. We also explore solutions to the NASA Spacesuit Delay, and Blue Origins Project Jarvis. Obviously, a load of new updates at Starbase in Boca Chica building out a new highbay and advancing the ground support systems at the launch site to get ready for the first orbital flight. We have recently of course heard that delays with NASAs space suit technology may well cause delays to the Artemis moon missions, but what other potential options could be out there to resolve that problem? Then some interesting new information about Project Jarvis!

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27 сер 2021





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The transparent rocket animation is a freakin' brilliant idea, and perfectly executed.
I love that so many of the creators in this space work together and support each other. Nobody does weekly summaries like you though! Thanks again Marcus
Jeremy Glass
I would also like to point out that I tested out the new forward flap design in KSP and it turns out that it is actually better! Way more controllable compared to the old design, it’s amazing that we the general public have the capability to test out new designs in this manner!
Dr. Chris Raynor
Another great, informative video Marcus!
This channel is one of the most professional channels on YT. Kudos for properly citing and giving credit to all the various news sources.
William Swenson
Marcus, you are the equivalent of catnip for space nerds. Love your buoyantly delivered information on all things space. Cheers!
The extreme pace of all of this is mind blowing, almost surreal comparative to every other competitor.
Neo Baggins
It’s hilarious to me that BO both tried constantly to hinder SpaceX while at the same time copying them and relying on SpaceX to make up for their own lack of innovation.
Don't forget that Amazon's satellite-broadband subsidiary has recently complained to FCC over SpaceX's Starlink project
Jo Flo
There is a big use in recovery starship+superheavy: You can analyze them. I'm guessing SpaceX engineers are f.e. going to be really interested in how the heatshield held up.
Blue Origin is a law firm that happens to employ a few engineers.
Brandon McHugh
These videos are my favorite part of Saturday mornings!! Thanks for making them, Marcus!!
Notice how hard it was for Her to even climb those easy stairs , no way anyone can go up and down that ladder on Blue Origin Lander , a bad design and again not safe . NASA was right to reject their bid .
Ian Dorge
Great show as always. I really appreciate the positivity of your commentary.
Bruce Dog
Great video this week! Its amazing to me, to see how so many different types of creators that have rallied around the new space race, to record in such detail what is happening, truly an assume time to be alive! (Question - where do you get all the models in the background of your videos?)
That animation of the transparent ships in flight side by side was sick.
swegwards JD Khaled
Thank you for the quality content Marcus and Team!!!!!!
Kevin Street
Thank you for another wonderful video! I hope this week hasn't been too wild of a ride. Both your videos this week have been awesome.
Donna Radu
I thought the fuel consumption demonstration with the transparent outer shells was fascinating. I was wondering though if you could amplify the idea that because methane is a heavier molecule it could deliver more power packed in the same amount of space. I guess my question is, how does the volume of each fuel molecule translate into power?
Mccauley Mccranie
1. Ok = inspected, no problems found