SpaceX Starship Sneezes & Super Heavy might burn a pad!

What about it!?
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Will Super Heavy land? Will the suborbital Starship pads burn? What’s SpaceX’s plan for Super Heavy landings? What’s the result of the latest Starship cryo tests, when can we expect the static fire, and what happens when a Starship sneezes? Let’s find out!

Editing: Brian Klug
Starman animations by Tashanimation
Photography: Luis Rodriguez

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What about it!?
What do you think? Is this part of the Super Heavy header tank, and if so, would it be built around the central fuel downcomer inside the lox tank?
Heat shield tiles need a little Flex Seal for a permanent repair. Even works underwater.
I like how SpaceX is not above sticking things on the outside of the fuselage like in Kerbal.
Anthony R
I feel bad for people who never got into sci-fi and space. This has to be the coolest thing of our time. Arguably similar to early nasa days.
Hi Felix and the WAI family, thanx for another episode. Your channel has become such a central part of my week. It makes me look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays.
jeric_ synergy
I really appreciate WAI's dedication to correctly crediting all the sources. You rock!
Dan Smith
One thing to understand about the layout at Starbase is just how limited they are in terms of usable land area. Especially, since they want Two Towers. Risk is part of the game. And being comfortable with risk is why Elon is where he is today. If he wasn't, he would just be another nameless tech millionaire..
Julian Crooks
Problems like this are to expected when you are building a prototype of new technology. NASA blew up a lot of rockets before they got it right. Just hope they can get FAA off their back long enough to develop the rocket.
Rick Lynch
Nice job Felix! Keep it up! I've been excited by launches since Apollo, but enjoy watching you keep us up-to-date almost as much as I enjoy seeing rockets fly!! A SpaceX launch wouldn't be the same without you. And I've been following them since they were on that atoll:)
Piotr Mastalerz
great episode. you are getting more and more pro. I like the summary of test campaign at the end. keep up the good work
Tondar Alizadeh
Hi Felix,
Chuck Ritola
I have a bad feeling about the TPS tiles. Looks like Starship got an order of magnitude more brittle and probably much heavier. It loses tiles when it is moved, it loses tiles when it static fires, it loses tiles when the RCS triggers. These are very Space Shuttle problems, whose tile losses were dismissed as negligible until 2003 when it was clear they are not. I think SpaceX will need to do some serious out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to TPS design.
Charles Przechocki
Would a “ expandable Shield covered in heat plates ( for a reference a large parabola discs to push heat away) ’ of some fashion attached to the nose of a starship that would be capable of expanding upon re-entry entering with its nose first along its long axis. Would a shield act like a plow pushing the heat around a starship. Just an idea
Kent Deusinger
Really enjoy your videos and appreciate all the hard work y’all put in to make such great content.
Royce May
The air coming from the exhaust vent is coming from the backside of the tile where the attachments are. The force from reentry is coming from the front pushing against the attachment points. The only way the tiles will fail is if the plasma stats to get between the tiles and start to seperate them and burn the thermal blanket, and then blow up the ship.
Steven Banks
A fully fueled “explosion” might well be less violent than an explosion of a nearly empty Starship. Less partially fueled energy release would be a less total energy released over a shorter time, like a fuel/air bomb. Fully loaded with methane and LOX would release MUCH more energy, burning in a mountain of fire but milder shockwave.
Ken Helmers
Enjoyable, informative and just plain fun :) Thanks WAI
Mikko Liukko
Could spacex make larger curved heat tiles or is there a specific reason that they are "small"