SpaceX Starship & Super Heavy engine mystery solved!

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How does the SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch mount work? How does a Super Heavy booster rest on it? How does it connect to it? Will there be a sound suppression system on it for Starship launches? And why is SpaceX building it for their Starships the way they are? Let’s find out!

Editing: Brian Klug
Starman animations by Tashanimation
Photography: Luis Rodriguez

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28 жов 2021





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What about it!?
Is there anything we missed about the orbital launch mount?
I enjoyed the deep dive. I'd love to see this type regularly, alongside your usual overview of all activities.
Bob brink
Once again you have explained everything so well I'm not sure there was anything left out. You and the team always bring us the very best info available. Thank you all so much.
Spacex 3D Creation Eccentric
Thank you very much Felix. I am happy to be able to contribute a small part to this great community.
Justin's Journey
When this whole thing is stacked and takes a flight to space it's going to be absolutely friggin nuts!
I would think a deluge system is incorporated into the launch mount. There is a water tank at the tank farm after all. It may help dampen the sound but it is more than likely needed to protect the launch mount and concrete base of the tower from all those raptors.
Man, I really cant wait for the orbital launch. What a legendary moment will that be! I get excited just thinking about it
Oh how I do love these “how to” videos. After this viewing I feel more than ready to attempt my own launch from the upper lawn of my garden this very afternoon. Simply fantastic!
Norman Mattson
Great job Felix as usual covering the intricacies of this whole mind blowing endeavor. Let's hope this rocket makes it off the pad and reaches at least max Q. That in itself would be a huge accomplishment. Anything more would be amazing.
Abram Neumann
The ignition system being moved off the booster is s great idea! Do single use rockets already use this technique?
David Boyle
Thanks for answering a number of questions I've had about that launch mount. Considering how complex it is, and no doubt costly, I'm astounded that SpaceX has not incorporated a flame duct. The first launch of the Starship stack is going to teach everyone a lot about super heavy boosters. Hopefully fixing the mount won't take as long as it did to build the thing.
Mark Huebner
Wow! Thanks Felix! The mysterious launch pad clamps finally explained, and what an ingenious solution to so many different hurdles, outer engine ring startup, reusability, weight savings. I am surprised at the absence of any apparent hold-down clamps. Generally the engines are started and brought up to full power before the rocket is released. Some systems overfill the tanks so lift-off doesn't happen until enough propellant has been burned off.
Jeff Smith
Loved the deep dive. Love to see more of them focusing on individual systems. All extra of course. We have to have our regular updates! 😃
Jessica Arverne
When we understand all the connections b/w the launch pad and the booster we feel that a lot can go wrong. One item fails and the launch is a disaster.
jane doe
Great video, thanks for updating me on all I missed since July. A great design actually, I see SpaceX are working hard on making Super Heavy possible.
David Lang
I'd go with "they don't care about the sound".
Mike from Last night
Love this channel! My favorite place to watch what’s happening in the space industry! Let’s go Felix, let’s go Team space X!!
Mark Austin
Nobody has covered this like you, Felix. Thank you. I can’t believe - but yes I can - that they are going to spin up the 20 outside engines with external gas. So freaking amazing!
Mick Borneo
Thanks for the informative video! One bit I still don’t understand is how the hold down clamps work to keep it from tipping, or to keep it from lifting when static fire occurs. Owe has small animations showing it but it’s still not clear how much pressure is needed to “hold” it tightly.
Karl West
Very clever to move the raptor ignition to the launch mount for the booster outer engines, if those engines only need to be started once per flight, why have the starter on the rocket? Spacex aren't just thinking outside the box, they're thinking outside the box factory 😂