SpaceX Starship & Super Heavy Orbital Timeline Update!

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Today we’ll talk Starship and Super Heavy timeline! How long until SpaceX lights the candle again? Heatshield, tank farm, prototype testing. What’s left to do, and can we make an educated guess as to how many more weeks? Yes, we can! Let’s find out!

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16 сер 2021





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What about it!?
What about it!? 5 місяців тому
Is the fuel farm too close to the orbital launch facility?
Greg Bailey
Greg Bailey 4 місяці тому
@Rawkus919 😥
cornerhorse 4 місяці тому
@zesty pocky they are “building the berm after the rest of construction. That way they have flat ground to work on now.
Bruce Hanna
Bruce Hanna 4 місяці тому
No. If there is a catastrophic failure, the property wouldn't be big enough to prevent some loss of GSE anyway. I am sure the was a risk assessment done on that very issue. The GSE is probably as close as they deemed it to be an acceptable risk to cut down on the need for more plumbing...
Bing Si
Bing Si 4 місяці тому
MUSK = New God! Mars = New Earth!! TESLA and Tesla Holders will be Kings. The Rest and Their Family will be our Batteries who will Work till Old to Supply All Energy for Bitcoin!! Silly VIRGINs Hate Bitcoin just because it use more Energy like Argentina. BUT Space X, King Elon, Tesla All Have Bitcoin. I just never do Estrogen things like environment. Bitcoin and Tesla all the way!! LOSER Haters Forever Sad and CashLess. They are even Too Poor to own Tesla or Bitcoin. Those PA THETIC Whiny Sad Bit ches. Tesla=King, Non-Tesla =Peasant. EL on's AI and ROBOTS will crush Haters and Infi del
Mike Upton
Mike Upton 4 місяці тому
You realize we're gonna need some Starship cookies now.
Samurai Nuts
Samurai Nuts 5 місяців тому
You guys remember wondering when they would finally make a pressure vessel that wouldnt fail? Now look at us, gawking over the idea of an orbital flight! Man, starships grow up so fast, dont they?
Summer Lake Photog
Summer Lake Photog 5 місяців тому
The catch system is ingenious. It eliminates so much mass while speeding up redeployment. I hope it works.
SoupeGut 5 місяців тому
@Carl Johan and why hasnt bo reached orbit yet? Because they dont need to. One is a satellite launcher the other a tourism Company.This doesnt explain why an engineer as an CEO makes a huge diffrence
Carl Johan
Carl Johan 5 місяців тому
@SoupeGut First of all, fucking spellcheck yourself because reading your grammar is headache inducing. Second, having a CEO that is an engineer makes all the difference in the world. SpaceX: Has an engineer CEO and has reached orbit well over 100 times. Blue Origin: Does not have an engineer CEO and hasn't reached orbit in over 20 years.
SoupeGut 5 місяців тому
@Carl Johan he prolly doesnt. This rocken is hige and Lands very special so he has to gather the know how. Makes very little diffrence if the ceo is an engineer or if you habe an extra normal one
Carl Johan
Carl Johan 5 місяців тому
@full stop Yea, just like they "failed" to land a rocket, and "failed" to make a human rated space craft. Doubting SpaceX hasn't really worked out so well for their competition.
full stop
full stop 5 місяців тому
It will fail. Elon's childish dream will become a nightmare of waste and error. The hard limits of achievement.👹
That Lego Space Fan
That Lego Space Fan 5 місяців тому
The next legendary quote will be “Starship is go for launch” launch hype!
Axel Meierhoefer
Axel Meierhoefer 5 місяців тому
I think the next legendary quote will be: "FAA denies launch application until environmental concerns will be resolved, requiring a complete redesign of the site - which will probably be closed rather than changed".
Prince 5 місяців тому
Yupp.... That will be the Second Iconic Line....
karmapolice247 5 місяців тому
Can't wait for SpaceX to say "these aliens are too powerful, I need 100 more starships."
Tianshee Nexerade
Tianshee Nexerade 5 місяців тому
@micha gabo bioware, men if piss, Elon is Antichrist, okay, got it. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you for warning.
Luke Lopez
Luke Lopez 5 місяців тому
Im just sick of hearing him say "starship updates" every fucking video.
Laurence Haccour
Laurence Haccour 5 місяців тому
Another beautiful video - Felix, you guys are really an example in terms of content and editing!
Atle Wee Førre
Atle Wee Førre 5 місяців тому
They could use hexagon heat tiles to protect stuff from the engines :)
realulli 5 місяців тому
The issue is not heat, it's sound. Imagine the ambient pressure going from 0 to 3000+ PSI and back several times per second (probably dozens of times), plus a supersonic gas flow going past. On top of that, the heat... The heat shield tiles they're putting on Starship would probably last all of .1s...
HVM 5 місяців тому
Lol, silica tiles will fracture if you eye them too sternly.
Ozzie Carolissen
Ozzie Carolissen 5 місяців тому
Will be very interested to see how they will insulate the flap hinges of Starship 🇿🇦
Dave D
Dave D 5 місяців тому
Great, as always. 👍 Any how, if Elon wants to test those heat tiles, the Orbital launch pad base could do with all the help it can get with the thought of 29 Raptors 'coughing'! 🤔😎
Odysseus Rex
Odysseus Rex 5 місяців тому
@realulli They can't be all that fragile if they are expected to withstand reentry forces.
realulli 5 місяців тому
@CrucialBeatle They're really fragile. On the other hand, I wonder if quality inspection before installation could have caught some of them.
CrucialBeatle 5 місяців тому
How r some of them cracked, they have nearly touched it!!!
Steve Bueche
Steve Bueche 5 місяців тому
I wonder if they’ve ever considered more of a heat Shield as opposed to all those time consuming tiles? This method will always be the factor that slow turn around.
Axel J-
Axel J- 5 місяців тому
It is supposedly to be almost no maintenance when it's ready but... Time will tell. The Shuttle had some problems with it
Karl West
Karl West 5 місяців тому
Extra concrete underneath the launch mount, would that be why they added those extensions to the six legs? They realised they needed thicker concrete, so the mount needed to be higher
Fer Seve
Fer Seve 5 місяців тому
Yes, the tower is too close to the fuel farm, I am still expecting SpaceX to build some protection or some exhaust diverter or both
Sylvain Bédard
Sylvain Bédard 5 місяців тому
When something comes out with Space X, I'm always wondering how you will bring it to us. Nevers deceived. Keep up the good work. Chers from Canada.
Sam Shire
Sam Shire 5 місяців тому
If you ever setup a second channel, you should call it “Lets Light this Candle” Thanks for keeping us up to date Felix 👍
Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed 5 місяців тому
Another great video. It is insane how fast things progressing as always wishing you the best and thanks for the update. Live long and prosper.
Micah Chase
Micah Chase 5 місяців тому
They could, and should, sell those heating tiles. First run tiles and tiles that were used on specific missions would be more valuable.
XAZABI 5 місяців тому
Competitors would buy it and copy it
Robert Martens
Robert Martens 5 місяців тому
they could sell 20-30 for sure
Darkelement 5 місяців тому
Would make a sweet prize for a charity fundraiser, especially if they'd just be junked afterwards
6ixpool 5 місяців тому
Maybe the should save it for museums for the first few ones at least?
Ing. Horacio VC
Ing. Horacio VC 5 місяців тому
I love how the investigations, experiments, real test of space X are visible. Not like the Amazon space company that only criticizes others
Ing. Horacio VC
Ing. Horacio VC 5 місяців тому
@The Student Official now Origin sue NASA 🤦🏻‍♂️
The Student Official
The Student Official 5 місяців тому
Sue Origin lol
KenHitchcock 5 місяців тому
Awesome stuff Felix, cannot wait to watch your stream when the launch takes place.
Mike Schlosser
Mike Schlosser 5 місяців тому
You've been calling it the fuel arm for a while now. I've been openly wondering before, why a simple fuel arm would need to be so massive. Then in Tim Dodd's interview Elon called it the QD (as in quick disconnect) arm. And upon another 3D rendering by another party he said, the QD arm would stabilize the booster while stacking the ship on top. I wonder, why you don't even care to mention it. This way the massive QD arm starts to make sense. Unlike Apollo/Saturn V the arm is designed to actually support the booster during the stacking of the ship. And as he also mentioned during that interview, they moved the fuel lines of the ship from the back end to the side, which means there will be a secondary arm on the QD arm swinging in after stacking to take care of the fuelling and powering of the ship. Am I making any sense here ?
Top Secret
Top Secret 5 місяців тому
As to the new foundations; I believe that was where the stormwater reservoir was supposed to go in the site plan. If there is piping from it to the orbital GSE station, that would make perfect sense since they can essentially get free freshwater via this reservoir and, with much filtering, connect it to the water tank. That would be clever, sustainable means of using the environment without relying on a desalination system, at least initially, for supplying the deluge.
Top Secret
Top Secret 5 місяців тому
@What about it!? The idea was shown in the plan, alongside an air separator: twitter.com/rgvaerialphotos/status/1428118055087976448?s=21
What about it!?
What about it!? 5 місяців тому
Thank you, for writing down your nice idea!
Galactic-Jack1978 5 місяців тому
Thanx for another excellent episode. I'm so busy these days with a UAV prototype that I can't follow all the usual channels but yours is a non negotiable.
Eugene Minton
Eugene Minton 5 місяців тому
they can always try to add a blast shield between the tanks and the action.
Christopher Beddoe
Christopher Beddoe 5 місяців тому
Great update as always!
Purnell F. Landfair
Purnell F. Landfair 5 місяців тому
Would love to see a small hop, to the launch site, just to test the capture arms, but until the ground support is complete there will be no launches! Maybe they will complete it all by the middle of October!
PCGamer Radio
PCGamer Radio 5 місяців тому
A simple answer for the launch mount is just to layer the bottom with heat tiles to soak up the heat. Should be fun to see the red glow of them after! Wonder how long they take to cool down?
trongod2000 5 місяців тому
The animation of landing process leaves me wondering how does the two parts get aligned when the arms bring them together? Right now they are suspended by a cable that allows turning the space ship. I don't see that on the tower arms.
Walter Lyzohub
Walter Lyzohub 5 місяців тому
Wait and see. For all I know they have sloping sides leading down to notched low points.
Michael 5 місяців тому
Maybe the booster can be rotated by the structure that holds it
Greg Cavanaugh
Greg Cavanaugh 5 місяців тому
I'm sure they've thought about it. But could the TPS be made out of much larger sections that can mounted (and replaced) quickly? For the section of Starship that is uniform (ie not the nosecone or flap areas), could one large sheet of steel have the insulation material and tiles on it, and it just gets added to a Starship? (Obviously that'd add a great deal more weight)
Tushar Sale
Tushar Sale 5 місяців тому
Thanks Felix, waiting eagerly every Wednesday for starship updates.
Hafeezali meam
Hafeezali meam 5 місяців тому
Nice informative content Felix waiting for orbital launch ❤️❤️❤️ love from india
DLWoregon 5 місяців тому
Great information! If those red markings on the tiles are failed tiles that seems like a big problem. The tiles would have failed from just lifting, stacking, and lowering the ship back to the ground at this point. Maybe too much deformation of the ship between the tension of lifting and compression of stacking. Possibly not enough clearance between tiles and/or their mounting system is too rigid.
DLWoregon 5 місяців тому
@Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff i would think they'd keep the ship and booster pressurized in order to add a lot of rigidity to them, especially when they're being moved around. They probably use gaseous nitrogen for this purpose. Yes, the pressure would expand the ship like a balloon and tiles might be damaged from that deformation. Lifting the ship from near its top will put its skin in tension stretching it, especially up near the Lifting points. I see several damage tiles up on the cone too. Those brittle tiles seem like a weak link in this thing to me. Similar to the problems they caused on the shuttle.
Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff
Jay Zed's Guide to Things n Stuff 5 місяців тому
Could internal pressure have any bearing on this? I'm not an expert on such things by any stretch but if the steel can flex slightly and the tiles are brittle, it could account for damages? Perhaps the lifting tackle came into contact with it on this occasion but in future stacks it won't?
Fredric Bethune
Fredric Bethune 5 місяців тому
What an amazing accomplishment of Elon. Developing a new star base launch facility, new engines, new rocket, new contractors relationships, logistical coordination and delivery schedules and on and on for any construction project. It shows only Elon Musk has the talent and intelligence to carry it out. Imagine our government trying to do this? It would take 10-20 years. (anyone for the James Webb Space Telescope) .
Yenrab Retep
Yenrab Retep 5 місяців тому
For weeks I've wondered if the launch site is too close to the tank farm - but I can't do anything about it - I'd have put it further away, but its up to the experts - I hope that it ALL works well !
david arbuckle
david arbuckle 5 місяців тому
Excellent Space X info. It is inspiring. Thank you so much.
Bruce Hanna
Bruce Hanna 4 місяці тому
Felix, great episode. It answered many questions I had lately. I hope all is well with you!
What about it!?
What about it!? 4 місяці тому
Thank you very much!
Kirby 5 місяців тому
I've been thinking the tanks were too close to the lauch/catch tower since the day the first started building the tower. I thought I was missing something or just didn't understand the layout that well...glad to know I'm not the only one thinking rhis. Seems like it would be smart to separate them before the big OOOPS happens...but I fear now it's too late...well at least it's too late for this facility. I'm sure that it will not be long till this site will be for testing only and Starbase will be relocated and designed to look like a futuristic space port and be the size of 20 city blocks. But until then....
Mac Gyver
Mac Gyver 5 місяців тому
heat shield inspection is a PERFECT job for AI. Fly a drone on a pre programmed route, shoot a video feed back to a server, and alert when it sees something wrong. This kind of image recognition is fairly well developed too, just need to teach it what a good and bad tile look like.
What about it!?
What about it!? 5 місяців тому
That would be a good solution!
Михаил Долгополов
Михаил Долгополов 5 місяців тому
I know many people say this, but watching stuff like this really feels like watching science fiction.
Life's Laboratory
Life's Laboratory 5 місяців тому
Heat tiles have always been problematic. The failure of a single tile could cause disaster and tile application is a slow process. I wonder if SpaceX might shift to some sort of "heat shell" once the craft design is finalized, maybe applied in large sections. I also wonder if layered coatings could be applied directly to the ship and "baked" in situ. No doubt there might be some issues with flexibility and cracking... just a thought.
Axel J-
Axel J- 5 місяців тому
Excellent content as always Felix
Chris Desselles
Chris Desselles 5 місяців тому
ll of the work on the launch tower makes sense to me for catching the booster on the massive grid fins installed upon it. What about catching Starship? I haven't seen anything that tells me that the forward flaps could handle the load of a starship (which will outweigh a booster that is nearly empty of fuel) being similarly captured by the launch tower. I'm assuming that there will be something we haven't seen yet going on SN21 or later. Any ideas?
Eugene Minton
Eugene Minton 5 місяців тому
29 engines would be one heck of a blow torch to test heat tiles :D
Paul Muriithi
Paul Muriithi 5 місяців тому
Wow So much progress at the launch site. As always another exemplary video. Lotsa love from Kenya
Philip Kudrna
Philip Kudrna 5 місяців тому
The heat shield tiles already were the weak spot of the shuttles. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a show-stopper for Starship…
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer 5 місяців тому
First launch will be ocean ditched. Fuel farm is safe as SpaceX has time to test catch system. I think the first test is mainly mounting Starship to SHB and successful separation after launch
V. Arrington
V. Arrington 5 місяців тому
This is awesome. Let’s go SpaceX!
Plur Plursen
Plur Plursen 5 місяців тому
I thought that it was only the super heavy, the lifter, that would be caught by the tower and not the second stage also.
Sam Saraguy
Sam Saraguy 5 місяців тому
Nope, Elon said starships would be caught too. He didn't say which ones.
Ricky Bojangles
Ricky Bojangles 5 місяців тому
Welcome back mate! Hope you're all good and as always, great video! Love from the UK 🇬🇧❤️
Mike Schlosser
Mike Schlosser 5 місяців тому
Hey Felix. I'm a long time fan of your show. I can't help but telling you though, that after 213.000+ subscribers we are aware, that you are the (only) host of any episode of "What about it" and that there's been a lot going on in the space industry lately. That's why we keep tuning in. So how about a more stream lined Block II version of your intro ? Like your name, a rather unique catch phrase other than "Hullo" or "Hey hey" coz they are taken already, maybe something German like Guenther Wendt's style (U walk on ze moon). I been told that might come across rather sexy in North America as an opener. "You rock" and the "42 hype" are received quite well to this day, so you get the general idea. ;-=) Other than that I'm really happy about the progress you've made since you've started this channel.
Mike Schlosser
Mike Schlosser 5 місяців тому
@What about it!? Fair enough ! However I didn't complain about the "let's dive right in" part. That one's as cool as "you rock".
What about it!?
What about it!? 5 місяців тому
Thank you for your Feedback! I had a poll once and changed the "let's dive right in", the community was like a war zone 😱😱😱 please, I will never do that again! 😅
Abi Nubli
Abi Nubli 5 місяців тому
About 78% of the fuel is LOX so getting closer to the tank farm minimized loss of cryo temp
Davis Reid
Davis Reid 5 місяців тому
I don’t think the tank farm being that close would be an issue since all the propellant that would have been in the tanks will be loaded onto starship before lunch so essentially they will be empty for every lunch
Johnny Wednesday
Johnny Wednesday 5 місяців тому
You always make me feel happy when I'm sad, Felix :)
Johnny Wednesday
Johnny Wednesday 5 місяців тому
@Odysseus Rex - Are you saying he isn't?
Odysseus Rex
Odysseus Rex 5 місяців тому
So . . . you're saying Felix is really Mary Poppins in disguise?
Юрий Лопато
Юрий Лопато 5 місяців тому
Many defective tiles appeared in the bow of the Starship after lifting and docking. Obviously, the deformation of the ship's structure during lifting leads to damage to the tiles.
Tom Morningstar
Tom Morningstar 5 місяців тому
Nive to get the weekly dose of WAI and Felix. The appearance of the space guy in an access hatch right around the segment on scrapping BN3 was a great sight gag.
Anton Zanki
Anton Zanki 5 місяців тому
They should totally build a bunker around at least the front of the tank farm. It could be climate controlled and help insulate it further as it protects!
Ben C
Ben C 5 місяців тому
Love to see those Texas Flags! Texas to Mars. Would be amazing to see the first flag planted on Mars as the Texan Flag!
Sam Saraguy
Sam Saraguy 5 місяців тому
USA: plants flag on moon Texas: hold my hat
Matt Green
Matt Green 5 місяців тому
This comment is soo Texas its funny....LOL!
terry Sullivan
terry Sullivan 5 місяців тому
Amazing progress as usual these days at SpaceX. You mention catching the Starship several times and I don't see how that is possible. It doesn't have grid fins and I'm thinking those upper fin/wings aren't strong enough.
G.F. Martian Shipyards
G.F. Martian Shipyards 5 місяців тому
Both the booster and the ship have "little" hooks on the sides as load-bearing points, superheavy isn't actually caught by the gridfins
Ron 5 місяців тому
Can you imagine Starbase to one day look as clean and tidy as the launch sites in Florida? 🤔😉
Dan Ribar
Dan Ribar 5 місяців тому
Always a pleasure Felix. Nice job.
Teemo 5 місяців тому
Great work again. Thanks for the video!
Pixel Bender
Pixel Bender 5 місяців тому
Tiles seem inefficient there's warping involved and tiles popping off from transporting to and from the high bay, wouldn't it be more efficient if its just one whole heat shield like sheet like a wrapper of some sort that encases the underbelly.
Metek 5 місяців тому
honestly, i'm not sure how they want to catch the ship without damaging the heatshield (flaps have heat tiles too)... catching booster seems to be good idea, but ship... i'm not sure. We will see.
K C 5 місяців тому
Yeah it'll be interesting to see. Maybe they could have the flaps fold and have pylons extend?
Amanda Sonefeld
Amanda Sonefeld 5 місяців тому
Having the fuel farm that close probably helps for cryogenics.
blengi 5 місяців тому
do the tiles interlock along common edges or are they separately pinned to starship? I would've thought that a slightly overlapping or simple loosish(to minize transverse compression) tongue in groove type arrangement interlocking the neighboring tiles would aid integrity under vibration - If starship doesn't do this what would be the reasoning?
Joel Kemp
Joel Kemp 5 місяців тому
Could tiles be checked using thermal cameras during cryo testing between launches and thermal imaging? In the short term at least I would imagine they will want to check integrity of the vehicle after each launch meaning they will pressure test as the SS is thermally conductive but the tiles resist the thermal change any cracks would surely show on thermal imaging cameras.
Kimball Marlow
Kimball Marlow 5 місяців тому
Fuel farm is fine. After testing they may add a shield wall before launch. I wonder if the booster will land on his oil platform launch site. That would be awesome cool if he plans to give that a try. Maybe a splash down along side it as a first trip.
Glen Little
Glen Little 5 місяців тому
How deep does the foundation of the tower go? How stable is it? I don't recall much work being done on that. Can someone link a video showing the work done to build a good foundation?
2ndhandjoke 5 місяців тому
I notice that having missed the expected orbital launch on august 5th the hurried up mandate by Elon to get it done seems to have slowed a bit. I think getting it completely stacked (even though it was only an hour) was enough to win the support of Congress & NASA and the whole Luna landing project. Bezos & Blue Origin are self destructing due to Bezos ego, which amuses me greatly.
Martian Soon
Martian Soon 5 місяців тому
Here's one suggestion for flame diverter: Just reduce water flow from wanted sides... Less dense wall of water means flame will be directed to that direction...
Ritvik Sapra
Ritvik Sapra 5 місяців тому
I have come to like this channel lately. The sincerity and consistency makes this channel feel more personal!
Ritvik Sapra
Ritvik Sapra 4 місяці тому
@What about it!? ofc! In fact I really can't imagine how sincere and hard working the whole YT comunity is regarding starship. The everyday astronaut, the drone cam, nasa spaceflight, lab padre, etc...I mean hats off for being so so hard working and crazy for science. There is zero news coverage, but the community on YT is far better than news. And this channel is unique in itself. The simplicity, yet quality, is what I dig in your channel man!
What about it!?
What about it!? 4 місяці тому
Thank you very much. That is very up lifting!
Dan Terres
Dan Terres 5 місяців тому
They should use heat shield tiles under the launch mount to protect the concrete and test tiles for extreme heat.
Brian Hayes
Brian Hayes 5 місяців тому
It seems to me anything close enough that if the rocket falls over it will land on it, is to close. The booster alone might be tall enough to clip the fuel farm if it falls.
⚔ Dungeon Master Dhoom
⚔ Dungeon Master Dhoom 5 місяців тому
With the announcement of Tesla Bot and with Elon already have Boston Dynamics Spots on Starbase do you think that these automatons will be on the first few mission to mars to aid in building and setting up infrastructure? Woukd love to hear your opinions in a future video, keep up the good work
Swapshots 5 місяців тому
I have been questioning fuel farm proximity repeatedly from day 1. Baffling. Hubris? 🤔
Paul DuBose
Paul DuBose 5 місяців тому
A bit surprised that there isn't more concern about the number of tiles that were damaged - how did so many tiles get damaged? The large number of damaged tiles makes me concerned that there's a serious problem with the heat shield design and that many tiles will crack during the stresses encountered during the launch resulting in complete failure during reentry.
KEB129 5 місяців тому
A few weeks is everything between 4 and 50 weeks. I hope it will last a long time; the rocket is still far from mature for a launch. Too early and it may destroy everything they have made on the launchpad. Don't rusch, please!
NeoFrontier Technologies
NeoFrontier Technologies 5 місяців тому
I am looking forward to watch this BIG ones test.
Wild Tangent
Wild Tangent 5 місяців тому
Guaranteed they're going to use computer-vision to assist with the heatshield inspections.
Roy Neder
Roy Neder 5 місяців тому
For some reason, I can't stop imagining this starbase built hidden in the cone of a dormant volcano.
Timothy Watson
Timothy Watson 5 місяців тому
That's if he does not get FAA approval
Andy H
Andy H 5 місяців тому
@Odysseus Rex He’s not Jeff bozo now…
Odysseus Rex
Odysseus Rex 5 місяців тому
As long as Elon never shaves his head and buys a white cat . . .
Craig Riddell
Craig Riddell 5 місяців тому
I think that it is too close , I was surprised they didn't built a blast deflector between it and the tower
richbl1 5 місяців тому
Thank you for your brilliant work. By the way give Elon a brake. You could be on Boeing time.
Ciubix8513 5 місяців тому
I think orbital flight test wi be on the 6th of september, so they'll be launching b4 and s20 on 6.9.21
terry Sullivan
terry Sullivan 5 місяців тому
But we don't write dates like that in the US. It's month/day/year here.
Uncle Bingo Has Cancer
Uncle Bingo Has Cancer 5 місяців тому
As far as redundancy goes for crewed missions, if Starship wont have landing legs and lets say there is a malfunction with the catch arms, aka loss of hydrolic pressure or a infrastructure malfunction or glitch what would be the backup plan for landing
NurmYokai 5 місяців тому
Too close? In 1969 a (ex-)Soviet Union N1 exploded on the pad. Estimates of the size of the explosion range from 1KT TNT to 7KT TNT. Will the Super Heavy have the same track record as the Saturn V; no detonations? Or will it be 'un-explodable' as the Titanic was 'un-sinkable?' Stay tuned to What about it!? "Elon Musk Says His SpaceX Rocket Will Avoid Disaster of Soviet Super Heavy Rocket" 2018
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 5 місяців тому
The Falcon Heavy has 27 engines, so going to 29-33 on Starship is not that big a jump.
Scott 5 місяців тому
Is ceramic powder coating tech too far behind to make a seamless ceramic heat shield possible?
John Doe
John Doe 5 місяців тому
The more concrete underneath the launch mount, the closer they are to space. 🤓👍
Andres Pineda
Andres Pineda 5 місяців тому
Maybe they should line the bottom of the launch pad with tiles as well. If the tiles can handle the heat from re-entry, they can handle the heat from the raptors on takeoff.
xTavanJumala 5 місяців тому
Been waiting for your coverage for a long time, although the last one didn't come out that long ago. I just can't get enough of you or what SpaceX is doing rn!
TheTokuin 5 місяців тому
elon explains away the rear flaps by saying the starship will have a low centre of mass on re-entry, but wont that change significantly once a crewed version of starship is made? I would assume that will add quite a bit of mass in the nosecone section so that would shift the centre of mass up, especially on re-entry when there isn't much fuel left in the tanks.
Kevin Fidler
Kevin Fidler 5 місяців тому
It's too bad that the heat shield couldn't be baked directly onto the starship underbelly like a one piece coating. Doing something like that is probably less than optimal though or they would probably have done it already :/
Loop 5 місяців тому
I think our worry about the fuel farm comes from our lack of understanding of the actual "explosive" capability of a RUD... specifically Elon recently said during his interview with everyday astronaut, that a RUD would be more of a "fire ball" than an "explosion". perhaps it's similar to gasoline, the fuel itself is not "explosive" but "highly flammable"?
realulli 5 місяців тому
Well, I think you're pretty much on the mark. As long as the oxygen and the methane don't mix before igniting, it's just going to burn really fast, making a giant fireball. Also, they're going to run oxygen rich, with more oxygen than methane in the mix, which would result in a smaller fireball. Methane rich would mean the oxygen from the air would help burning the methane, while the oxygen reacts with nothing in the air. At least, not violently. ;-)
BookmansBlues 5 місяців тому
It will be a show either way the test flight ends up, if Starship makes it to altitude, it seems like SpaceX does not expect it to survive reentry, so it likely will not make it to the soft water landing phase. Personally I will consider it a huge win, if it actually makes to Stage 2.
BookmansBlues 5 місяців тому
@Ed or Harriet If it clears the tower, I consider that a win, if it gets to the second stage, for me, that is where it starts to become akin to magic (so to speak), and heralds the dream that is Starship.
Ed or Harriet
Ed or Harriet 5 місяців тому
If it launches and clears the tower this year then I will consider it a huge win and a huge step forward. Anything extra is gravy!
David Pelletier
David Pelletier 5 місяців тому
A slight correction: on Everyday Astronaut Musk stated that he wouldn't wait for the launch tower to be finished before orbital launch. Another question comes to mind though: since the tank farm/ infrastructure isn't ready yet, could SpaceX amend their FAA permitting documents to request permission to bring both Starship and Booster back to Starbase if the capacity is (then) ready to do such a dry-run?
Erik Hawkes
Erik Hawkes 5 місяців тому
Cryogenic fuel can't stay cold long traveling through long pipes. The tank farm needs to be close to work.
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 5 місяців тому
@Top Secret I had a feeling space was at a premium there from the RGV flyovers.
Top Secret
Top Secret 5 місяців тому
@Steve Austin I just looked at launch site dimensions; mind you, the proposed entire launch site includes four launch pads, 2 orbital GSE stations, 2 landing pads, 2 stormwater reservoirs and a network of roads; all amounting to an astonishing 16 hectares. To give a bit of perspective: Launch sites LC-39A and B are 62 Hectares, _each_ .
Odysseus Rex
Odysseus Rex 5 місяців тому
Pipes can by insulated and refrigerated, when that rocket blast starts cooking the tanks, to say nothing of the possibility of catastrophic failure on launch or landing, they may seriously have to rethink their Feng Shui.
Steve Austin
Steve Austin 5 місяців тому
@K C Well, there is also that there is limited space at Boca Chica. I'm sure SpaceX has done all the calculations and put the tank farm as far as they could within the constraints that they have.
K C 5 місяців тому
@Steve Austin the lines at KSC are a lot longer so its not a problem. You just need enough static head pressure to keep it from forming vapour in the line and for the pumps to not cavitate. The fact its well below boiling also helps. I would bet they pre purge the lines with liquid N2 also to remove the possibility of any oxygen remaining for the fuel lines.
Paul Anthony Donahue
Paul Anthony Donahue 5 місяців тому
RRR = Rapidly Reusable Rockets... Mind boggling what has been built and tested the past few years... Congratulations to the SpaceX Team and Elon! Humanity at it's best, Rocket Masters! 🚀🚀🚀
David Sims
David Sims 4 місяці тому
I just now happened upon some trivia that you might be interested in knowing. The names of SpaceX's two Falcon 9 booster-stage recovery ships, _Of Course I Still Love You_ and _Just Read the Instructions,_ comes from a book entitled _The Player of Games._ It is the 2nd book in the *Culture* series by Ian M. Banks.
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 5 місяців тому
During Musks's tour with the Everyday Astronaut, he made the blunder of saying that methane only burns, and does not explode. That is a fundamental misunderstanding of the pyrotechnic qualities of methane. It *does* explode. It's *not* "just a big fireball", as he tried to dismiss it. He did hint there would be practically no one at the site, and so this tends to suggest he is aware that methane explodes, and he's openly lying to try to diminish fears of a stack exploding. And, as we have already established, a fully fuelled Starship and Booster stack will explode with roughly the yield of 14-kilotons of TNT - or practically the same as the Hiroshima atomic blast. Now - that was an air-burst attack, so it would be the same as if the rocket exploded once it reached 1,500 feet or something like that. If it blows up on the pad, the effects will not be so great. BUT - a 14-kiloton yield in close proximity to a fuel farm has the potential to unleash the entire stock of methane - and it seems likely that up to three or so flights of fuel and oxidiser could be triggered by the initial explosion. If that happens, a total yield of up to ~60 kilotons could be triggered. Looking at this, it seems almost criminal to have your oxidiser stored in tanks alongside your fuel - doesn't it? If the oxygen extraction and storage facility was half a kilometre from the fuel storiage, then that would go a long way towards reducing the impact of the explosion. Perhaps after the first explosion destroys the place entirely, they'll be forced to design it with large explosions in mind. Or they'll be forced to give up work on StarShip by the number of lawsuits filled. Oh, and has anyone checked on how Musk plans to launch from Boca Chica? It's not a clear path, and obtaining permission for orbital flights will not be easy. That is why Rocket Lab is going to do well: nothing downrange except ocean.
Darrie 5 місяців тому
it would be interesting to know the weak points of the heat tiles such as joints of the wings and also the point of where the crane lifts the rocket as that at the points at the top so more heat going to get at ? what would happen if any these tiles fall off ?
Albert van der Heiden
Albert van der Heiden 5 місяців тому
Well the hole weak point is try to attach kitchen tiles to an inflating skippy ball. This is the same and pretty crazy
No enemies
No enemies 5 місяців тому
Paul from Ocean Cam is by far one of the best streamer at boca at the moment.
Robert Martens
Robert Martens 5 місяців тому
@No enemies I’m good. You already said you didn’t care like three comments ago.
No enemies
No enemies 5 місяців тому
@Robert Martens are you done?
Robert Martens
Robert Martens 5 місяців тому
@No enemies right, so it doesn't have to make sense. got it
No enemies
No enemies 5 місяців тому
@Robert Martens it's a UKvid comment......*comment*
No enemies
No enemies 5 місяців тому
@Robert Martens do I care? Nope.
Linda Madlala
Linda Madlala 5 місяців тому
I get a headache each time this catch mechanism is talked about...it's insane but then this is normal for SpaceX.
Cruiserfrank 5 місяців тому
Felix, you said September a couple of months ago. You called it well! That's why I watch WAI.
John Saville
John Saville 5 місяців тому
I have to admit I don't quite get why the launch site doesn't have a significant blast diverter? The super heavy booster engines are going to completely destroy anything within a couple hundred meters. Oh well I'm sure Elon has something in mind, hopefully it will become obvious within the next few weeks.
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