Special Interview of Ezra Miller in TOKYO 2012!

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映画『少年は残酷な弓を射る』では、ティルダ・スウィントン演じる母親に反抗し心を固く閉ざした美少年を見事に演じたエズラ・ミラー。名だたる監督&プロデューサーからラブコールが殺到している実力派俳優の素顔をお届け!今年のカンヌ国際映画祭で「ショパール新人賞」に輝くなど、人気沸騰中のエズラ・ミラー。俳優デビュー以前にはオペラのトレーニングを受け、今もバンド活 動や身長184cmで小顔というルックスを生かして有名雑誌でモデルに起用されたことも。硬派なイメージが強い彼だけど、プライベートではおしゃべり大好きな愛されキャラという意外な一面が明らかに!
『少年は残酷な弓を射る』(We Need to Talk About Kevin)
※ 2012年6月30日(土)~TOHOシネマズ シャンテ他ロードショー
©UK Film Council / BBC / Independent Film Productions 2010



22 чер 2012

少年は残酷な弓を射るWe Need to Talk About Kevinエズラ・ミラーkevinEzra MillerELLEinterviewspecialexclusivcannesカンヌ国際映画祭ショパール新人賞2012Chopard





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ris kam
ris kam Місяць тому
i'm japanese, but i cannot understand why japanese intervewers tend to ask what kind of girls do actors like...i feel it's so rude...
whereareünow Місяць тому
he looks asian wow
琥珀 Місяць тому
queen __nicki
queen __nicki Місяць тому
yes no
yes no Місяць тому
Such a beautiful face. I cant
Danka 2 місяці тому
I'm wanna die for you, Ezra, i'm wanna die for love
Sk8terSa5mH20 2 місяці тому
Are his nails done? They look so good! 😍
Lauren Cudjoe
Lauren Cudjoe 3 місяці тому
I thought he said he was from Jersey
arisa phomkhot
arisa phomkhot 4 місяці тому
Lock Thedoor
Lock Thedoor 7 місяців тому
He has some Japanese heritage, doesn't he?
Elizabeth Serrano
Elizabeth Serrano 7 місяців тому
I Love you Ezra Miller ! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Daisy 7 місяців тому
its odd that somehow he reminds me of Michael Jackson in a weird way!!
Wwe Oss
Wwe Oss 8 місяців тому
It's Flash nice)))
Diego Pisfil
Diego Pisfil 9 місяців тому
He looks like Barry Keoghan
CowJacket StudiosTM
CowJacket StudiosTM 9 місяців тому
now he looks old :(
Claudia Finelle
Claudia Finelle 11 місяців тому
we need to clone him
Valeria Guinevere Ornelas
Valeria Guinevere Ornelas 11 місяців тому
I want a boyfriend like him
Ash H.
Ash H. Місяць тому
I want my boyfriend to BE him
寝不足 11 місяців тому
わざとゆっくり話してくれてる?😳 日本好きって言ってくれるの嬉しいなぁ。たしか無理やり滞在時間伸ばして楽しんだんだよね(笑)これからも沢山日本来て欲しい〜!!大好き!!
たつおり Рік тому
Daniel Alejandro Padrón Hernández
I would like to befriend this guy, I think days would not be boring with him around
Linnox Рік тому
what's the movie name
Mela Alejandra
Mela Alejandra Рік тому
*Men tú me encantas pero yo a ti no T-T*
P R I N C E S S Рік тому
He sits like L from death note
Ana de la Peña
Ana de la Peña Рік тому
Bring back Ezra Miller with long hair.
daisy daisy
daisy daisy Рік тому
omg he's soooo beautiful 😍
hoe 4 bts
hoe 4 bts Рік тому
I’ll date you bby
Kylo Ren owns my butthole
Fuck im the opposite of his type
Kylo Ren owns my butthole
me08g Рік тому
Bob Rock
Bob Rock Рік тому
clearly a FTM (female to male) transgender.... it even sit like a woman.... hence the title of the movie, Elle Girl.... i rest my case.....
Emma Рік тому
Like only guy i would go straight for maybe bc he gives off this slightly androgynous vibe?
Ouroboros W
Ouroboros W Рік тому
from 03:11 to the end of this video, you teached me much.
るあ Рік тому
最初の笑顔がすごい優しい 笑 表情筋 😀 あと目がきれい しかしどういう脚のポーズ 笑 いつも早口なきがするけど意識して遅く話してるのかな 笑
Lysets vokter
Lysets vokter Рік тому
Omg..fuck no..matsumoto Jun is so ugly wtf...yes ezra looks Asian..bit not close at all.. Holy shit
C M Рік тому
He's so beautiful
first name last name
first name last name Рік тому
I'm sad he never got to work with Philip Seymour Hoffman :(
first name last name
first name last name Рік тому
Relatable non straight person problem when someone asks you about dating the other gender and you debate in your head if you should out yourself or not lmao
rotten.strawberry Рік тому
I fucking love Ezra Miller...
桐生れお Рік тому
전진우 Рік тому
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 에즈라 인터뷰 따준건 고마운데 뒤에 포스터 진짜 촌스럽다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 모성애에 대해 생각하게 만드는 영화인데 포스터만보면 고등학생 순정소년이 자기학교 선생님 짝사랑하는 연애물느낌이야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ava C
Ava C Рік тому
Ahh Ezra I'm in love
gizzycat cat
gizzycat cat Рік тому
His hair is awful.
Raik0Ame Рік тому
So Ezra is Japanese now... Hahaha I'm so thrilled!
にゃま。にゃま Рік тому
Beach Divorce
Beach Divorce Рік тому
sirius. orion. black
Anjoo Yumnam
Anjoo Yumnam Рік тому
He looks like kentaro sakaguchi
Max Рік тому
joji Millers
Ch!i!i! i!
Ch!i!i! i! Рік тому
このインタビュー受けてるエズラってわざとわかりやすいようにゆっくり喋ってくれてるのかな〜 にしてもたとえエズラがクウィアだとしても好きな女性のタイプを聞くのは失礼だと思った😂
Me Ohira
Me Ohira 2 роки тому
He looks awsome
Tapiokapuddin 2 роки тому
Omg the questions about girls he answers the question then brushes it off by elaborating by using the word "people". Lmaoo
say y
say y 2 роки тому
일본클라슼ㅋㅋㅋ 영화포스터를 저걸로 뽑았네 ㅋㅋ
T. M
T. M 2 роки тому
love ezra💕💕
BTS's Jams
BTS's Jams 2 роки тому
I thought he was Japanese at first , idk he just gave me a japanese vibe
WB Sims
WB Sims Рік тому
BTS's Jams he looks like an anime character come to life
BTS's Jams
BTS's Jams 2 роки тому
Omg I'm an artist!!
카르마Karma 2 роки тому
0:51 when the interviewer laughs, look at Ezra's quick little eye-smile 💜💜 He's officially the cutest person I've ever laid my eyes upon and I'm pretty much in love with him.
Pawina Watanapa
Pawina Watanapa 2 роки тому
(I just can't appreciate more the movie poster next to him)
ちゃんぴよこ 2 роки тому
Nick Tack
Nick Tack 2 роки тому
He's so nice
Morgan Webb
Morgan Webb 2 роки тому
He looks like Matsumoto Jun
Morgan Webb
Morgan Webb 2 роки тому
MatsuJun? Of course I am a big fan of Arashi ^^
Me Ohira
Me Ohira 2 роки тому
Morgan Webb Do you know him??I think he's coolest in Japan.
BTS's Jams
BTS's Jams 2 роки тому
Ellie Lannister same when i first saw him i actually thought he was japanese
Ellie Lannister
Ellie Lannister 2 роки тому
I literally thought he was half Japanese since he looked like Jun so much. Infact I was so confident that I never looked up his ethnicity until recently, and I've been following this guy for 3 years. He looks *SO* much like a young Matsumoto Jun.
saramariaana 2 роки тому
Finally someone whos geniually fucking weird!!! I LOVE IT and hes so positive and happy and fun and his handsome as fuck. Hes literally my DREAM GUY.
thereisnospoon 2 роки тому
I'm American...I say "awesome" a lot XD
Grisel Baez
Grisel Baez 2 роки тому
you wont scare me Ezra! ;)
Stephanie Jadey Daniel
Stephanie Jadey Daniel 2 роки тому
he's so cute 😁😀
Stephanie Jadey Daniel
Stephanie Jadey Daniel 2 роки тому
...........l love him ❤
みおちゃん 2 роки тому
Ezra だいすき😍😍1番かっこいい。すてき💞💞
Olivia Ploeger
Olivia Ploeger Рік тому
みおちゃんezra が ほんときれい だ
bryce nemehia
bryce nemehia 2 роки тому
Yea, he's an odd one... There's more than meets the eye going on upstairs with him - Interesting to listen to & when you look at him, you feel drawn to him. Seems like a thinker; real cerebral.... & I think he's extremely attractive! So happy I just "discovered" him, having randomly crossed paths w/ a preview for one of his movies.
Dakota Blue
Dakota Blue 2 роки тому
he's fine ... ;)
MM Missy
MM Missy 2 роки тому
I really thought he was half japanese!!! He is so beautiful and I love his voice!
天空月亮 2 роки тому
He's freaking adorable
Dennis B
Dennis B 2 роки тому
This guys the flash?
Ash H.
Ash H. Місяць тому
+Dove actually he identifies as queer, he likes people and gender is a spectrum to him. But I agree, not being a homophobe doesn't mean you are gay.
Dove 10 місяців тому
Fernando Hernandez no. I'm pretty sure he's straight. Actually what are you talking about? Because if you talk about acting then it's just acting. He literally said in this video that he prefers girls. Just because you aren't a homophobe it doesn't mean your gay....jeez.
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez 11 місяців тому
Dennis B yeah, and he likes boys too
Fitaly 2 роки тому
He's bulked up.
Tripti Thakur
Tripti Thakur 2 роки тому
He's a strange love child of an eccentric Brit like Russell Crow & a good-looking Japanese man. Very different yet intensely pleasing voice. Am so confused about him, fuck.
itza aulina
itza aulina Місяць тому
+rikke jensenomg, yes. Sen Mitsuji looks like Ezra too.
moonlily1 3 місяці тому
Russell Crow is Australian.
Stiles Kuchiki
Stiles Kuchiki 3 місяці тому
Dove where did you get that information from?
Dove 10 місяців тому
Donut no one said that. Read again the comment. Btw he has asian ancestors.
Donut Рік тому
He’s not Japanese he’s Jewish
Marta Manzo
Marta Manzo 2 роки тому
oh ezra,trust me you don't scare girls,YOU'RE JUST SO PERFECT DAAAAMN
Cris 2 роки тому
yo amo a este hombre T^T
Jessica Baldemor
Jessica Baldemor 2 роки тому
You look like Ikuta Toma damn.....
Tiffani Moenssen
Tiffani Moenssen 2 роки тому
at first i thought he was matsumoto jun when i saw the cover for perks of being a wallflower XD
Tangela M
Tangela M 2 роки тому
Why is he giving me Micheal Jackson vibes ???
Dove 10 місяців тому
Tangela Means just because he's white with wavy hair it doesn't mean he looks like him. That was ignorant af.
Lo Cas
Lo Cas 3 роки тому
Ezra Miller looks strangely Asian, he can definitely pass for a Japanese.
itza aulina
itza aulina Місяць тому
He looks like Sen Mitsuji (japanese-australian model)
Lilla Visnyei
Lilla Visnyei Місяць тому
Lo Cas I thought he was Japanese when i first saw him😂😂
L T 7 місяців тому
The people in charge of casting for We Need to Talk About Kevin must’ve thought he was Asian too cause they casted Asian kids to play him
leech Рік тому
Hippie Laney they are related
Caroline Mata
Caroline Mata Рік тому
Lo Cas he's Jewish, Dutch, and German. Which surprised me bc I thought the same
DP1996 3 роки тому
he is so fucking strange... i think i'm in love
simona vidolovska
simona vidolovska 6 місяців тому
DP1996 me tooo
smilla marie
smilla marie 2 роки тому
thought the same
Asnate Alma Feldmane
Asnate Alma Feldmane 3 роки тому
What did he say in his last answer? It was like "I wanna work with ..." and I don't understand the ending. Can somebody please tell me?
vlon 3 роки тому
+Asnate Feldmane ;)
Asnate Alma Feldmane
Asnate Alma Feldmane 3 роки тому
+vyandy Oh, thank you! :)
vlon 3 роки тому
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions 3 роки тому
Ladies I'm pretty sure he is gay.
Tripti Thakur
Tripti Thakur 2 роки тому
Exactly what I thought too but I feel he's pan sexual. And super sexy!
Amy Bown
Amy Bown 3 роки тому
+Blue Collar Men Productions Queer, which has been misinterpreted as gay, but is this generation's term for people who are open to loving anyone, regardless of gender. He said he had some experiences with boys when young, but trust me--he likes women. And all his serious relationships have been with women.
Marilyn Shiro
Marilyn Shiro 3 роки тому
+Blue Collar Men Productions he's queer
Inu Neko
Inu Neko 3 роки тому
i wanna watch his interview moreeeeeee! i wonder he likes japanse normal girl... i mean japanese girls who are not HARAJUKU girls... just normal....( but artistic kkk
rOZUS pERELKO 3 роки тому
3:00 it's 100% his new girlfriend Erin
Yehia Abdelrahman
Yehia Abdelrahman 3 роки тому
may he rest in peace :(
Ger Unkwon
Ger Unkwon 2 роки тому
he's not dead. he is stuck in the speedforce!
Josie Cake
Josie Cake 2 роки тому
+~Ito~ (糸) he is actually dead... Can't tell if you're trolling or not ahah
~Ito~ (糸)
~Ito~ (糸) 3 роки тому
+Yehia Abdelrahman You're welcome :)
Yehia Abdelrahman
Yehia Abdelrahman 3 роки тому
+~Ito~ oh snap !! Thanx man .. I was wondering what will they do with his part in the next hunger games xD
~Ito~ (糸)
~Ito~ (糸) 3 роки тому
+Yehia Abdelrahman He's not dead. It was a hoax. It was fake. Not real.
malejajim10111 4 роки тому
I don't care you're weird, Ezra, you're so cool, and hot!
Dove 10 місяців тому
You said that in the worst way.
Patty V
Patty V 4 роки тому
F*** Erza drives me so crazy...really
Kim Ayala
Kim Ayala 4 роки тому
I will date him some day
bad vibes forever
bad vibes forever 6 місяців тому
has it happened yet
candy x
candy x Рік тому
Kim Amelie how was that?
Nirvana 4 роки тому
i know who should play another stark member of game of thrones.....
oasis 9 місяців тому
this comment gave me a heart attack. Him being a stark would make my life complete
Tiffani Moenssen
Tiffani Moenssen 2 роки тому
don't know if that's good or bad XD
haruno sakura
haruno sakura 4 роки тому
is he injured in his forehead ?
20centuryfox100 4 роки тому
RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman...shucks
alyxskyler 5 років тому
They didn't ask him any questions about boys? :c
ChoiPipo 3 роки тому
+alyxskyler if he is does not care about gender butnis otfen attracted to women that means in the sex that he prefers which is women, they may or .ay not have a feminine gender. like a tomboy i.e.
alyxskyler 3 роки тому
But that's exactly it-if he said he does not care which gender his partner is then it is assumed he's open to both-so it seems only right to question his interest in both instead of just secluding the questions to only one gender.
Frida Trolle
Frida Trolle 4 роки тому
Well, i guess since it's ELLE GIRL ?
Aurora Fratton
Aurora Fratton 5 років тому
Erza is fantastic! ;)
Nelly 5 років тому
Omg!!! i love Ezra even more!!! ^^ soooo cute )))
ErinRuthie 5 років тому
Ezra Miller is fantastic
angela vania
angela vania 5 років тому
he looks like japanese!
L T 7 місяців тому
Well I kinda get why people see him as Asian,, he kinda has hooded eyes so that’s why people mistake him as Asian
Dove 10 місяців тому
angela vania no he doesn't. Educate yourself.
WafflNChewyNannas 11 місяців тому
angela vania He does not
Anthea calhoun-bey
Anthea calhoun-bey 5 років тому
oooooh i do visual arts lol!!
JamieMiss1 5 років тому
He makes me giggle like a little girl =)
Lorddess 5 років тому
You're not popular with the girls... YEAH okay.
rachel fleming
rachel fleming 5 років тому
Oh, OK.
WorldofNene 5 років тому
i know I meant he is not japanese
rachel fleming
rachel fleming 5 років тому
He is actually quite a religious Jew.
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