SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Teaser Trailer

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Watch the #SpiderManFarFromHome teaser trailer now. 7.5.19
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Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next chapter of the Spider-Man: Homecoming series! Our friendly neighborhood Super Hero decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, creating havoc across the continent!
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15 січ 2019

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Kai Ealden
Kai Ealden Годину тому
world record egg be like:
Beatriz Sanchez
Beatriz Sanchez Годину тому
Ah caray eso no me lo esperaba
Patrick Jordan
Patrick Jordan Годину тому
sony why did you have to release this??? the dude is dead in the mcu and even though we knew this movie was coming its a little jarring to see a trailer right before we have the suspense of watching endgame. marvel even begged you not to be dickheads but you cant help yourselves with marketing greed
Bradley Daniels
Bradley Daniels Годину тому
Who else thought 'how is he alive after Thanos killed him' 🤔🤔 Spoiler, everyone Thanos killed is still alive 😁😁
Kiwis Kawii
Kiwis Kawii Годину тому
Press Start
Press Start Годину тому
oh boy, can't for thousands of more brand new cancerous tumblr posts
Mewat Today
Mewat Today Годину тому
Spiedar man love you great movie
Alifidy Годину тому
But he died
Bros Squad
Bros Squad Годину тому
Oh my god I can’t believe this is happening I am so excited that they make the new one
Maru Годину тому
he looks like logan paul in the thumbnail wtf
Mogosak Годину тому
K D Годину тому
Harrison W. Smith
Harrison W. Smith Годину тому
Yo so is like myseterio a good guy or what
fivecrib Годину тому
I dont get this
Drum Method
Drum Method Годину тому
Nice !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joey da bird
Joey da bird Годину тому
Hell yeah he isn’t dead !
SY4 Kripticeye
SY4 Kripticeye Годину тому
when is it comeing out
Nice Boy
Nice Boy Годину тому
I think hulk has down syndrome
rahmat firdaus
rahmat firdaus Годину тому
Wow... it took another 6 months to me to Say "WOW" again.
Insert Good Content Here
Insert Good Content Here Годину тому
Wasn't spider man dusted??
Aybike Parlak
Aybike Parlak Годину тому
Allahım 😻😻😻
WYP LORD 6457 Годину тому
Spider-Man with the messy hair
Lisek Годину тому
But spiderman died...
Jasminder Singh
Jasminder Singh Годину тому
One thing is for sure they messed up the spidey tune as well. I can't just see anyone better than cobbie for the role. Genuine request to mcu please bring back the original.
englishturd Годину тому
No sign of Tony 😢
CataclysmZA Годину тому
Remember, you're always seeing what Mysterio wants you to see.
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez Годину тому
But Peter Parker died
Don’t Read My Profile Picture
Don’t Read My Profile Picture Годину тому
I don’t want much for my B-day, I just want the person reading this to be healthy, happy and loved! Wishing you a Beautiful amazing Day!
883hhgf Годину тому
Thi is video game?
Ethan Campbell
Ethan Campbell Годину тому
I feel like there's a scene flaw already in the trailer. Spiderman has like that sixth sense so he knows when someone is in the area. How come he couldn't sense Nick Fury in the room??? Something they probably forgot to realize.
tatomok 9
tatomok 9 Годину тому
Before infinity war or after
Anna Crawford
Anna Crawford Годину тому
Is that garrett watts in the thumbnail??
Roan Upson
Roan Upson Годину тому
Anyone else think Ned getting shot by the tranquilizer was Kraven the Hunter??
ThatOneGuy63 Годину тому
I got chills
Euber G
Euber G Годину тому
Renee Jordan
Renee Jordan Годину тому
All this spiderman I love it!!!!
Mama- -Rua
Mama- -Rua Годину тому
So had the antidote for being dust.... Jake gyllenhal? 😕 ran out of Chris's
Ken Ryan Mata
Ken Ryan Mata Годину тому
"and I really respect him. supp dickwad?" Hahahahaha
SadieDraws Годину тому
Belen Ulloa
Belen Ulloa Годину тому
aaaaaaa me muero yo lo vi ayer pero me encanta ya espero verla en 5 de julio voy a estar al pendiente😃😍
Magentalolmaster 54
Magentalolmaster 54 Годину тому
2:22 can’t think of a caption just watch
gycy gvufti
gycy gvufti Годину тому
Y so many dislikes?
Ash T
Ash T Годину тому
Spider verse was amazing so I have high expectations
Jallen Годину тому
I thought he didn't feel to good ?
SuperBlaze Годину тому
Sly386 Годину тому
I swear Nike Furry is just channeling his inner Pulp Fiction Jules here. I am waiting for him to get a "Royal with Cheese"
Gilyy Годину тому
Man I thought this would have to do with another universe since thanos sna.....
Reginald Munyai
Reginald Munyai Годину тому
Didnt this guy not feel so good?
SKYLIN INC. Годину тому
Always lit
james wulz
james wulz Годину тому
Iron man is not in the trailer wonder why? avengers endgame may be the culprit
Ryo GeneraL
Ryo GeneraL Годину тому
Is that misteryo????
Zemzm Lale
Zemzm Lale Годину тому
He suppose to be dead at infinity war Poor movie
Noah Choudhury
Noah Choudhury Годину тому
Is hitting on Aunt May gonna be the running joke in these Spiderman movies? First Tony and now Happy? What’s next Cap asking her about fondue?
Calida Годину тому
Sicarius Годину тому
Kayleigh Fabulous
Kayleigh Fabulous Годину тому
Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Far from Home Spider-Man: Home Alone Spider-Man: Homeless Spider-Man: Mah Homie We get it Marvel you love the word home
Some Dead Meme
Some Dead Meme Годину тому
"Peter Parker here to pick up a passport please." The alliteration
Ari Andani
Ari Andani Годину тому
Ignacio Dorao Paris
Ignacio Dorao Paris Годину тому
cuando estrena ?
Marcus Edwards
Marcus Edwards Годину тому
Wooooo yes
NotJustAGirl Годину тому
Expert Годину тому
Well, looks like we done it, feels nice. Now it doesn't feel so good..
Sprite CranBerry
Sprite CranBerry Годину тому
It says next summer but will be realesed next november
Spartan003 Годину тому
No its this July
Lam khs
Lam khs Годину тому
Fun fact!!! My sis work in Synchrony financial 😂😂😂😂
TeasingYou 4Fun
TeasingYou 4Fun Годину тому
Yooo super hyped
Chris Ackerman
Chris Ackerman Годину тому
Nick and Ned are alive. Yay
Nicktapus Годину тому
Just cause 4 is gonna copystrike this
Adam Stoor
Adam Stoor Годину тому
Will it be as good as they original without Stan ?
Ragnurhelgon Годину тому
Anyone else hate the MJ they casted?
jesus lopez
jesus lopez Годину тому
Finaly mystrio in a movie
gyu jk1
gyu jk1 Годину тому
la mary jane donde esta!!!!
Spartan003 Годину тому
Its not Mary Jane. It Michelle Jones
Dank Годину тому
2:12 when did megamind got into marvel ???
Sicarius Годину тому
Mysterio is mysteriously helping spiderman
Spartan003 Годину тому
He made the elemntals so he could take them down himself to look like the hero. Just like Syndrome in The Incredibles.
addledhead Годину тому
A superhero movie that's not in NYC? I am HERE FOR THIS
EmptyScythe Годину тому
Mysterio is the best
Itz NBrobz
Itz NBrobz Годину тому
This movie is far from today😂
Wooozy Годину тому
Tobey Maguire still da best spiderman❗️❤️
Finbar Wrong
Finbar Wrong Годину тому
didn't he like die or something
Nicholas Oh
Nicholas Oh Годину тому
Oh... I thought Happy said "You dressed?" instead of "New dress?" lol
The swagger
The swagger Годину тому
Y soooooooooooooooooooo many Spiderman all over Hollywood???? Because they are from different dimensions 😂😂😂
Waleed Mahmood
Waleed Mahmood Годину тому
Pfft, I'm more excited for the 3rd MCU Spiderman movie. Spiderman: Homeless
bloxche Годину тому
lmao Rialto was such a good map that marvel made it into a real thing
XCoolKiD Годину тому
Isaac De Anda
Isaac De Anda Годину тому
Am I the only who think they should have waited till after avengers 4. At least keep the impression that he's still dead
I'mANerd DealWithIt
I'mANerd DealWithIt Годину тому
Joleen Louise
Joleen Louise Годину тому
This movie is due out the day before my baby is due... smh
Rashad Reaz
Rashad Reaz Годину тому
Generic Alias
Generic Alias Годину тому
Spider man in action: POCKET SAND
sebastian _Blade
sebastian _Blade Годину тому
That guy in The Green suit is going to fix infinity war i know that
Justin White
Justin White Годину тому
I love the pulp fiction reference when Peter meets Fury
I don't even remember my name.
I don't even remember my name. Годину тому
_"you look, really pretty too"_
Tonny Sanchez
Tonny Sanchez Годину тому
Spider-Man: Far From Home Aunt May: Home Alone
Shahaneh Limonadi
Shahaneh Limonadi Годину тому
This is only 1 of over 40 3D movies of 2019. Even Januaru has a couple of 3D movies, like Dragon Ball Super Broly & Wonders of the Sea. And both August & September are sporting more 3D movies this year then last year. Good thing I got AMC A-List so I only pay $19.95 a month to see 13 to 14 3D movies a month, but I won't do IMAX 3D again, the 3D effect is weak in IMAX 3D, but its great in any non-official IMAX screening.
xxjt 2x
xxjt 2x Годину тому
Thanos: "snaps fingers" Spider man: dies soon after Marvel: makes new spiderman movie Thanos:am I a joke to you
L.Q Годину тому
I think that the elemental creatures or things are an act put by Mysterio to make him look good but we already know he is a villain and I'm sure Sony would want some sorta twist to it.
Daisy Saldana
Daisy Saldana Годину тому
Jimmy Kash
Jimmy Kash Годину тому
Sup dickwadddd If I was Peter I would tell flash
Eman Omg
Eman Omg Годину тому
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Годину тому
Doesnt this basically confirm time travel in infinity war given that hes wearing the old spider suit?
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander Годину тому
The audio tho