Star Wars Secrets: This Is How Palpatine Is Alive In Episode IX

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We know that Palpatine is back in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but how is that possible? Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant
The trailer for Star Wars Episode IX dropped at Celebration Chicago and gave us a whole bunch of things to theorize over. The biggest of course, aside from it being title The Rise of Skywalker, is that the trailer ended with the haunting cackle of Emperor Palpatine. If you weren’t sure about it being Palpatine, Celebration made sure you knew by having actor Ian McDiarmid show up on stage after the trailer rolled, cementing the fact that yes, the Dark Lord of the Sith and puppet master of the first six saga films is somehow back. But how, if he seemingly died at the end of Return of the Jedi? Well, there are a few possibilities for this. The most likely is that the franchise is pulling from the prequel trilogy, specifically the scene where Palpatine tells Anakin about the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the Wise. That’s the tale that told of a Sith Master who was able to cheat death. Perhaps Palpatine really did learn this secret. Another one comes courtesy of the Darth Vader comic, which tells us that some dark side users can haunt certain artifacts and effectively cheat death this way. Seeing as how the Second Death Star showed up in the teaser, this could be the site of Palpatine’s spirit. Another possibility concerns time travelling, and this stems from the World Between Worlds shown in Star Wars Rebels. No matter how it’s done, one thing is for certain: Emperor Palpatine is back and that will certainly be bad news for our heroes.
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17 кві 2019





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Intel Kore
Intel Kore 26 днів тому
What a disaster of a movie.
Vince Deblasio
Vince Deblasio 27 днів тому
Dude thus vid should be 1 min long cause in rise of skywalker they tell you that he cloned himself lol
John O Reilly
John O Reilly Місяць тому
Who else has seen the rise of Skywalker
Sam the Mit Man
Sam the Mit Man Місяць тому
Personally... i think the opera scene..or whatever that water bubble show was...is the best scene in the prequel trilogy.
Max Kelley
Max Kelley Місяць тому
Hey change it to This is How the Emperor is alive in Episode IX
King Mystery
King Mystery Місяць тому
Peter M
Peter M 2 місяці тому
1.321 billion USD at the box office why he is suddendly alive!
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas 2 місяці тому
doesent supreme leader snoke look like palpatines master?
UGD - The UltimateGamingDevil- Gaming and more!
Rose is dead are you confused? She died the previous 2 Star Wars movies, ONLY APPEARED IN 1 FILM
Chad Stelk
Chad Stelk 2 місяці тому
Old man smithers did it in the kitchen with a soul stone and that's why Laura Croft has cancer. Luke doesn't use the force any more so hes a ghost and bruce Willis hung that blonde dude in the nakatomi tower who was really palpatine the whole time. Now we just need to find the fratelli's but we will get to that in the next trilogy where itll all make better sense. Beautiful.
Lightning Games
Lightning Games 2 місяці тому
No I am Darth Vader
benjaminlewis75 2 місяці тому
Making a woman an ultimate Jesus figure isn't right, not even in star wars. Ahsoka Tano was a better female Jesus figure, & she made lots of mistakes, TONES, she was better. Rey is nothing more than a 5 foot midichlorian.
grand master Oliver Thompson
grand master Oliver Thompson 2 місяці тому
Darth sidous lagths like a carrot
grand master Oliver Thompson
grand master Oliver Thompson 2 місяці тому
The wise boy s face is masive
grand master Oliver Thompson
grand master Oliver Thompson 2 місяці тому
You sound really exited about the movie you exiteder than me
Stebby 2 місяці тому
If he can latch on to an object doesn’t that mean he can latch onto himself and technically still live?
Graham Duensing
Graham Duensing 3 місяці тому
palatine created snoke.
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda 3 місяці тому
And all this happen because George Lucas let the new trilogy to others directors. He sold the rights. It's a shame. Star wars is George Lucas' s creation. And for me the story is told in only six movies. No more, no less. The others are just like fans film. Thats all.
Turbo7334 3 місяці тому
Name on the bakground music?
Mitch Lorenz
Mitch Lorenz 3 місяці тому
He cloned himself
Aaron Eckley
Aaron Eckley 3 місяці тому
Gamingkidnl 3 місяці тому
You did a good Job anakin skywalker if you dont was here we dont have a cool movie
Gaming is life
Gaming is life 3 місяці тому
The thing they needed a thing that lead them to the unknown regions
Aiden Moe
Aiden Moe 3 місяці тому
He's back because he told the story of darth plagues the wise
grand master Oliver Thompson
grand master Oliver Thompson 2 місяці тому
Yeah right
Christopher Mondy
Christopher Mondy 3 місяці тому
Answer he is alive because Disney needed a villian
CloudON70PING 3 місяці тому
I think snoke is lando because he worked with the empire and loves fancy stuff
Jacob 69
Jacob 69 3 місяці тому
The Morning Coffee
The Morning Coffee 3 місяці тому
wait so darth sideus is rays GREAT grandfather???????
StuuDudeッ 3 місяці тому
The Emperor is back? Well it’s over Jedi’s we lost
AliffKal Tilted
AliffKal Tilted 3 місяці тому
The senate will return... and sheev will dew it
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 4 місяці тому
Palpatine: I want revenge. Also Palpatine: I wanna kill the people that did nothing to me.
Yousif Da Boii
Yousif Da Boii 4 місяці тому
There is no IX. X Was The Last Movie
Marcus Marcus
Marcus Marcus 4 місяці тому
Alexei Jeffreys
Alexei Jeffreys 4 місяці тому
So after Rey kills Darth Sidious, Is he gone for good now??
Andon1009 4 місяці тому
I thought Snoke was Palpatine
Julian Birk
Julian Birk 4 місяці тому
palpatine cloned himself thats why he is alive
Carlo Miele
Carlo Miele 4 місяці тому
Koert Nierstrasz
Koert Nierstrasz 4 місяці тому
Snoke is palpetine
Sherry Moore
Sherry Moore 4 місяці тому
He is cloning him self
Maddox Morley
Maddox Morley 4 місяці тому
Hello Im 123
Hello Im 123 4 місяці тому
Maddox Morley yes
Legion Grey
Legion Grey 4 місяці тому
He's a zombie now
Henjaxx 4 місяці тому
How the hell did he get this right omfg
Lucas Pacewicz
Lucas Pacewicz 4 місяці тому
Rey is palpatine granddaughter
Johannes Aaltonen
Johannes Aaltonen 4 місяці тому
He is alive because hi is living mentaly in another person!!! Like so hi can see this:)
Bakir Jasarevic
Bakir Jasarevic 4 місяці тому
No no Rose.
Arvi Animates
Arvi Animates 4 місяці тому
because palpatine has "UNLIMITED POWER!!!"
XxTakeItEasyxX 4 місяці тому
Is Palpatine dead? George Lucas: Yes Me: Yes Disney: Well, yes but actually no
Derrick Kinney
Derrick Kinney 25 днів тому
So much for the prophecy
grand master Oliver Thompson
grand master Oliver Thompson 2 місяці тому
Spoilers it's someone else who made it I gues
Yang Yang
Yang Yang 4 місяці тому
What about cloning
Content Gamer
Content Gamer 4 місяці тому
Oof oof oof oof Rrrrrtrtrtrtrtrt
Miss Fig
Miss Fig 4 місяці тому
If he could save asoka couldn't he just stop anykin Anakin from turning to the dark side
Joe Pod
Joe Pod 4 місяці тому
Rey died then Ben brought Rey back to life
Benjamin Marston
Benjamin Marston 4 місяці тому
Everyone shut up Rey isn't a Skywalker or a Kenobi, she is clearly a Binks
Cam Brown
Cam Brown 5 місяців тому
I seen the new Star Wars movie and this video was right
Styro WRLD
Styro WRLD 5 місяців тому
I still don’t understand how he lived. Even after watching the movie.
katins patins
katins patins 5 місяців тому
Palpatine is alive cuz he is THE SENATE!
SweetTooth 5 місяців тому
He's alive because the trilogy was a reck
Théo Visconti Leibovitch
Théo Visconti Leibovitch 5 місяців тому
Map to palpatine
Ghostlyplayz09520 5 місяців тому
Poor cp3o
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 5 місяців тому
Watch SW9 first. Spoilers of sorts here
Zavala 5 місяців тому
Bro wtf
Joe_1984 5 місяців тому
Real name for the movie is Star Wars: The Rise of Disney (movie catch phrase: "The Force is strong in Disney, cha ching!" )
Leo Thansen
Leo Thansen 5 місяців тому
WHY DID KYLO REN HAVE TO DIE:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Jordan McCue
Jordan McCue 5 місяців тому
Just rinse wash and repeat,
Cosmic Klutz
Cosmic Klutz 5 місяців тому
Darth Vader alive somewhere haunting his helmet
Sanky Wankar
Sanky Wankar 5 місяців тому
bla bla bla.... so much talk all wasted... what your tittle mention please give information on that first.. then tell your story.. zero 🌟 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
TBS JR 5 місяців тому
Palpitine was laughing while falling so maybe he knew Vader would throw him and he was ready
Patrick The Cheeto
Patrick The Cheeto 5 місяців тому
Jesus it’s true!!
RiptideThe Guy
RiptideThe Guy 5 місяців тому
He is alive indeed.
TheKongus 5 місяців тому
Baby Yoda: Beer, my Hold!
hidazip 5 місяців тому
I'm glad I didn't watch the teaser before the movie.
TosinMemes 5 місяців тому
PG#5 5 місяців тому
Bruh ur a god u lowkey guessed Rey was related to Palpatine 8 months before the movie
Timothée’s Jawline Sharp
Timothée’s Jawline Sharp 5 місяців тому
AD.V_gotbread same i was like “this person is this persons child and this person is that persons paren- PALPATINE DOESNT HAVE A KIDDDD- REYYYY” 😂😂
Nade Banana
Nade Banana 5 місяців тому
Joe_1984 5 місяців тому
OP indeed. Disney gave her those grand powerzzz
TosinMemes 5 місяців тому
Karan 5 місяців тому
I haven’t watched it yet fu.k off
Colin Kennedy
Colin Kennedy 5 місяців тому
Lol u were right and rise of skywalker was a disaster
gold333 5 місяців тому
Plagueis IS Palpatine
Lennart Rosenau
Lennart Rosenau 5 місяців тому
lol just realised palpatine is like hitler
Parker 5 місяців тому
Lennart Rosenau In the sense that he didn’t die when we all thought he did? •COUGH•Argentina•COUGH•
EthanBlew_Up 5 місяців тому
Just like anakin, rey is born by the force
Alejandra Alvarez
Alejandra Alvarez 5 місяців тому
I mean this is very interesting but bad writing, because if you are basing your story on side material that most people that will see the movie are not aware of... bad writing
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox 5 місяців тому
God forbid we wait for the movie
Curtis Burgess
Curtis Burgess 5 місяців тому
He has a laboratory full of clones. Everyone knew he wasn't dead....
ŘỖÃĎ_2_6969_ŜǗβŻ 5 місяців тому
Lol not until they saw the episode.
Rebekah Dahl
Rebekah Dahl 5 місяців тому
I really wanted to like it, but it's a convoluted clusterfuck. Also, Anakin died for nothing. FU Disney.
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