Starbase Tour with Elon Musk [PART 2]

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Join me as I take a tour of SpaceX's Starbase facility with Elon Musk as our tour guide! This is part 2 of 3, so stay tuned, there's another one coming!

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00:00 - Intro
00:45 - Tent 1 // Raptors
05:00 - Failure and the Space Shuttle
08:35 - Launch Escape Systems
10:50 - Tent 2
13:00 - Heat Shield Talk
16:20 - 1st Orbital Test
26:26 - Tent 3 // Nose Cones
37:40 - S20 Nose Cone // Reentry
51:00 - 69.420
54:00 - Grid Fin talk / Control Authority
59:55 - Outro


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6 сер 2021





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Wham Baam Teslacam
I'm deeply impressed by your knowledge and interviewing skills Tim! Even Elon seems impressed 👍feels so natural, like you are best buds 👌
This was such great insight into Elon Musk, you can tell he really loves what he is doing. Great work!
Gabe Jacobs
Tim, the fact that you can hold a 3 hour conversation with one of the most brilliant minds currently behind space exploration is insanely impressive.
I feel like Elon is truly motivated by dragging humanity into the far future and not money, or at least not entirely by money. This kind of stuff makes life so much more interesting.
G Coyne
As if this isnt incredible enough, this man is actively running a number of other companies too. Amazing stuff.
arnaud viguie
When looking at videos over last years, Elon looks still very sharp minded, but his body looks worryingly tired. Losing him early would be such a waste for all of us, I wish he would take more time to take care of himself
Well done Tim! Great interview.
The one thing that threw me off with this interview was how humble this guy is. Despite the amount of groundbreaking success he’s had, he’s the first guy to admit he’s usually wrong a lot. Considering what he’s doing, I was expecting a megalomaniac in these interviews.
I think it is amazing how he pushes through with a three hour long interview like this and is so friendly and approachable during the whole thing (and also taking care of business at the same time) - while he is having horrible back pain and is clearly not feeling good. He was visibly in pain during this interview. He's an amazing person, and the number of fools that heap hate upon him for his net worth (which is more a measure of his ability than the kind of person he is) is just awful. I hope he is able to have better health in the future, and much less pain. This solar system needs Elon for at least 40 more years.
Vincent Joly
This is an extreme example of the benefits and advantages, for the viewers, of content from UKvid. It is produced in complete freedom, with minimal constraints, and is almost entirely driven by the passion of the subject and the content creator. This is almost unlimited access not only to the SpaceX facilities, but also to the mind and the thought process of one of the most influential minds of the 21st century. This requires multiple views to catch every subtlety of the main principles driving the processes behind the most important company during this unique revolution happening in the space industry.
VanSet Productions
This is the coolest thing ever, Elon is insanely smart and seems to know every aspect of rocket engineering like the back of his hand. Props to Tim Dodd too for being able to ask such brilliant questions.
Kieran Beswick
I love how some questions either stump Elon for an answer or opens his mind to new approaches from outside eyes that may of either been missed or not asked, such as the thermal protective tiles. This man is NOT like others. Hes open to mistakes and new approaches. The fact he gave so much time for this video tour/interview alone...
Brian Jolie
I just love how Elon ignores the prestige of mainstream outlets and instead gives this kind of access to a youtuber, because he recognizes the enthusiasm and interest in the subject matter as well as the audience following it
William Hudson
“Take everything I say with a grain of salt because often I’m wrong” He’s incredibly grounded for the amount of pressure he incurs daily
Adrian Skilling
Very inspiring to hear direct from such a talented engineer. I love the way he thinks so deeply, is prepared to think on the spot, happy to be wrong and change. I see so much rigid thinking. This inspires me to be at my best
robert tudosa
"no meaningful limit" as in "as many as you want" - this is where Elon gets me. This ability to make complex statements, ideas, processes and make it simple in easily understandable words for everyone is really exceptional
Ken Otwell
What amazes me is how unfiltered Elon is. There's no hype, he takes every question on its merits and actually thinks about it, often coming up with new insights, and never falling back on marketing-speak.
Scott P. Scheper
“It’s hot out here.”
Random Hobbies
Elon loves talking to people who understand what he's talking about and because of that he'll give you way more than what you asked for. This is freaking awesome
How can you not love Elon! Its so nice listening to him, you learn so much, plus he's a all around cool guy!