Steve Harvey on Firing White People Vs. Firing Black People

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If you're gonna fire a black guy, you best be ready for the repercussions. Watch this #ThrowbackThursday clip from my Comedy Special "One Man" and let me know if you didn't take a firing laying down. #TBT #StandupComedy
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6 вер 2018





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Ashante' S
Ashante' S 8 годин тому
Jimmy mack
Jimmy mack 9 годин тому
Black people will always hate white people, for what I don't know, but if they want to burn in hell for eternity over hating us Great!!!
Stihl Magnum
Stihl Magnum 9 годин тому
Such bullshit
opensourceplz 15 годин тому
A banana on stage
Reiki Master
Reiki Master 16 годин тому
What Valuation? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Syndusias День тому
God damn, Steve. People give you shit now. This is spot on though. Man spoke some truth.
Paolo Martini
Paolo Martini День тому
He was never funny and never will be. Also a bigot.
Queen Alice Kingsley
Queen Alice Kingsley День тому
🤔🤔🤔🤔 too bad.
Ima bitch and
Ima bitch and День тому
I never liked this guys stand up and never will
bostonskiy1 2 дні тому
Hwite people
Hellen Gichohi
Hellen Gichohi 2 дні тому
The suit though😀
sparklebutt111 2 дні тому
Give me my money now!
sparklebutt111 2 дні тому
No, the fuck you didn't!
sparklebutt111 2 дні тому
Say it, Tom, say it. I kill your kids, Tom.
cheeseonyomama 2 дні тому
Damn that suit lmao
Shadow Apox
Shadow Apox 2 дні тому
Wow hez funnie
Kobina Hagan
Kobina Hagan 2 дні тому
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 nice joke
randomjewish dude
randomjewish dude 2 дні тому
So he's saying black people get violent?!?!?
Black & Wright Studios
Black & Wright Studios 2 дні тому
Lamborghini576 3 дні тому
Comes down to ignorance
grip down
grip down 3 дні тому
So it’s ok for a black person to make fun of a white person, but a white person cant make fun of a black! Bull shit! Double standards...
Shnook 3 дні тому
The official Steve Harvey channel couldn't get this in at least 720p?
Zero702 3 дні тому
Talk about racist
Hora Decubitus
Hora Decubitus 4 дні тому
Steve Harvey's Dick Tracy is the only one I recognize.
Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart 4 дні тому
This is so funny! I could not stop laughing. WILLY!!!
Bill Blount
Bill Blount 4 дні тому
I was fired once and the guy called me in his office on my first night and said rough night huh. I said yep I'm fired anit I he looked at me and said you know you was going to be fired. I said you can pay me cash I went to work new years even and fired new yrs day the shortest yr l ever worked
Jason Coughenour
Jason Coughenour 4 дні тому
I'm white. I have the same feelings on being fired. My father who is white has 8 x wives and 10 children ,none of which he actually raised....so I'm half black in a way
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 4 дні тому
Richard Prior inthe movie "which way is up ". is sort of a demo of this mans theme .. and doesn't the negroes always get it inthe movies first ...ever time ..you know may be once in a while it be whitey ..but nope ... Rucka rucka Ali " but I'm white"
Mike Jr
Mike Jr 5 днів тому
Jason York
Jason York 5 днів тому
This is why they had to make laws forcing companies to hire black people.
TrollinCrazyRussian 5 днів тому
Wow I don't get fired ever I guess I'm just too damn valuable and those who get fired...
TrollinCrazyRussian 5 днів тому
Even worse those who expected it... It really say what kind of worker you are...
Sister Please
Sister Please 5 днів тому
He says white like Stewie says cool whip😂
Macyn Johnson
Macyn Johnson 5 днів тому
This sadly is my mentality-I fully expect to be fired any day, and it makes it real hard to actually give a shit about anything at work. Particularly since the most of the supers at work don't give a damn, and treat people like trash-we've lost a bunch of people within the last three weeks. I just work it to pay the bills.
Matt Ripper
Matt Ripper 5 днів тому
I'll kill your kids!
prism 254
prism 254 6 днів тому
I like the facial expressions of this legend😂😂
Antifa Hood Ornament's Mom
Antifa Hood Ornament's Mom 6 днів тому
You can't fire negros. They are protected crybabies. The only reason people hire them is because they will lose their business if they don't have enough tokens.
Juan Frazier
Juan Frazier 6 днів тому
This not funny
Sandra Colon
Sandra Colon 6 днів тому
Firing hwhite people
Darcy GIROUX 6 днів тому
Edson Gerald Alezy
Edson Gerald Alezy 7 днів тому
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i'm dead... I laugh till I can't breath.... This man, c'mon man.
Donald Schmenk
Donald Schmenk 7 днів тому
Is that hair?
Christov 7 днів тому
That was great!
Brandon Haddock
Brandon Haddock 7 днів тому
My name is WILLIE 😜
Justin M
Justin M 7 днів тому
this is true!
karen Stewart
karen Stewart 7 днів тому
Dam rite have my check ready keep yo pink slip....run my money
Leeav Ederi
Leeav Ederi 7 днів тому
Steve Harvey; Has been a legend. Stayed a damn legend😎
Peaches Cream
Peaches Cream 7 днів тому
s mc
s mc 7 днів тому
Sorry, Steve, I'm white as snow & I've been fired a lot. Even now, I REALLY AM THINKING.... "Any day now...." I just don't give a sh*t anymore! When I get the word, I'm... "SEE YA!" I don't waste time talking to them, I grab my stuff, & head for the door! ...after I get my check! Me & Willie are just like that!!!
YourGirlSudanny 7 днів тому
Hilariously true!!!
CSJ Chicago
CSJ Chicago 7 днів тому
These are the days I used to like Steve Harvey!
mark raven
mark raven 8 днів тому
So funny cause it's sooo true. Good stuff.
Chuck Biscuits
Chuck Biscuits 8 днів тому
Lot of cloth in that suit
Izaiah Filitonga TM
Izaiah Filitonga TM 8 днів тому
the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Stacy Southers
Stacy Southers 8 днів тому
I love this guy! I just realized he looks like Richard Pryor with a few of those facial expressions.
Andrew Guerra
Andrew Guerra 8 днів тому
Steve Harvey looks like a black Jim Carrey from the Mask.
Belinda Rodriguez
Belinda Rodriguez День тому
Andrew Guerra lmao
Rock Star
Rock Star 5 днів тому
Orochi Yagami
Orochi Yagami 8 днів тому
White people have names like “Bob,” and black people have names like “Willy.”
Chip Bruce
Chip Bruce 8 днів тому
If this isn’t the truth! Steve is right on the money with this one !
Castaway Stepping into conciousness.
King of comedy 🤣🤣🤣😂
Mike Wilhelmson
Mike Wilhelmson 8 днів тому
Thats a helluva loud suit
STAN.P channel
STAN.P channel 8 днів тому
I already watched it 10 times bro this is wayy too accutate as a black man
Range Ryder
Range Ryder 8 днів тому
because of how the job market is now, this doesnt really apply. Basically everyone assumes that not only will they eventually be fired, but they won't be hired for a job they want either.
A Viewer
A Viewer 8 днів тому
Those some ugly church clothes
Lee Still
Lee Still 8 днів тому
Lee Still
Lee Still 8 днів тому
Lee Still
Lee Still 8 днів тому
He the best
Lee Still
Lee Still 8 днів тому
I love this man
Fatt Guy
Fatt Guy 9 днів тому
Just got fired 2 days ago. This speaks to me.
The Nicy Gene
The Nicy Gene 8 днів тому
AA12 Fordays
AA12 Fordays 9 днів тому
I'll kill yo kids i swear to god
Zach Dillabough
Zach Dillabough 9 днів тому
If. This is true then I'm black not white
Robert Linton
Robert Linton 9 днів тому
I think he lost his hair along with that suit.
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas 9 днів тому
EL Taco
EL Taco 9 днів тому
His normal voice sounds white
Stella M
Stella M 9 днів тому
What is that suit? He looks like a grapefruit wit a head. Usually he dresses to the nines.
Andrew Couch
Andrew Couch 9 днів тому
lol he’s so full of shit right off the bat. I think I’m getting fired every day. Anytime I do something not up to my own standard. Well, I’m gone. Matter of time.
BC da Kid
BC da Kid 9 днів тому
Bro this shit so funny cause my dad name willie and i kno he would act like that 😭😂
Charles Sophus
Charles Sophus 9 днів тому
That's how it be too
Kenney Young
Kenney Young 9 днів тому
This dude anit funny at all
Magnus Johanson
Magnus Johanson 9 днів тому
Perfect example of why blacks get shot, they always have to throw an irrational fit. Lol
D- KREATE 9 днів тому
Yooo this crazy... I got a bad evaluation and I told my senior manager I ain’t signing shit! 🤷🏾‍♂️
Nathan Byrum
Nathan Byrum 10 днів тому
I'm sorry Harvey, we warned you to stop wearing that yellow suit... gonna have to let you go!
Ashley Rios Rizo
Ashley Rios Rizo 10 днів тому
For Pete's sake lmao
Lamont Roberts
Lamont Roberts 10 днів тому
Elvis Chuks
Elvis Chuks 10 днів тому
Any time I see steve with hair I feel my hair line quiver
America 2.0
America 2.0 10 днів тому
Why I have no jamals on my jobsite...
Heath Micah
Heath Micah 10 днів тому
Willie turner is an idiot it seems.
Crypthulu 10 днів тому
I wonder how funny it’d be if white people could make jokes about black people.
Lane Henkle
Lane Henkle 10 днів тому
Oh Steve Harvey 😂😂😂
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson 11 днів тому
And blacks wonder why they can’t get a job. Negros go crazy.
Seth Silverstein
Seth Silverstein 9 днів тому
Rooo Rooo
Rooo Rooo 11 днів тому
Difference between white person getting fired and black person. White: Damn. Gotta find another job. Black: Must be discrimination. Collect unemployment.
Catherine White
Catherine White 11 днів тому
Willy kicks the furniture over 😂😛
Carl  Waite
Carl Waite 11 днів тому
Razor Sharp
Razor Sharp 11 днів тому
He does the best white people accent 😂
Ayman Mahmoud
Ayman Mahmoud 11 днів тому
what year was this???? plz answer
Stardoo Galaxie
Stardoo Galaxie 11 днів тому
Last Hired First Fired 😔😔
Joe T
Joe T 11 днів тому
People making excuses for comedians not getting over because their content isn’t relatable to everyone needs to watch this. I’ve never experienced any of this but I find every bit of it hilarious.
Jaystacks916 12 днів тому
"WHUAWHITE" ppl lol
tamarin 12 днів тому
im pretty sure "the mask" was green. :D
Jagstar 12 днів тому
yes this is supposed to be funny. That is why black people because they so dramatic where they must show a scene with everything they come in contact with they get hauled off and put in the bad situations and bad places. I am always familiar with people of the United States that do act like this not as other places around the world. It's just a cultural difference.
Eddie Parker AKA NapTown Eddie
Eddie Parker AKA NapTown Eddie 12 днів тому
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I played this 100x
AK SM 12 днів тому
I’m sorry but those pants are distracting
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