Steve Harvey on Firing White People Vs. Firing Black People

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If you're gonna fire a black guy, you best be ready for the repercussions. Watch this #ThrowbackThursday clip from my Comedy Special "One Man" and let me know if you didn't take a firing laying down. #TBT #StandupComedy
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6 вер 2018

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Neil Thomsen
Neil Thomsen 5 годин тому
lacessamino День тому
Black folks favorite reason for quittin a job: They had me fucked up". It's me. I'm black folks LOL
dorothydandridge День тому
I got fired on Monday, but already cleaned my desk out on Friday so I didn't care.😂😂😂😂😂👌🏿👍🏿
West Michigan Fishing
West Michigan Fishing 2 дні тому
Crazy!!! He was once a black guy??????
LeaMouse 2 дні тому
I’ve been fired I just said “your Loss “
Howe Sandgat
Howe Sandgat 2 дні тому
ird ra
ird ra 3 дні тому
I don't know what world harvey's from but it ain't from THIS one. oh, my bad. he's on a stage with a microphone on TV and black. qualified as an expert on whites.
E Pappas
E Pappas 3 дні тому
I once fired a Spanish woman for stealing- I had to deal with her and 40 crazy ass cousins for the next month. So much wasted energy and misplaced outrage - They weren’t angry at her for screwing up a good job, they were pissed at me for firing a thief
Ace Rothstein
Ace Rothstein 4 дні тому
Last time I got fired I just said, “sales will go down the toilet without me. You’ll be BEGGING me to come back within a year.” They did, and they did, and I thoroughly enjoyed telling them to go fuck themselves.
Ace Rothstein
Ace Rothstein 4 дні тому
Harvey is not funny. His fake black act.
Kris Black
Kris Black 4 дні тому
This guys comedy isnt funny. We done with the white black shit looser??? Stupid ass suit is the funniest part of this bs.. Raising yo voice isnt funny. Its yelling. Lolll
SOME LIT KID 5 днів тому
Beyond all white people, Steve Harvey is allowed to say anything he what's about white people and it isn't racist
Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders 5 днів тому
The funniest shit about all this is that "Bob" has ALWAYS had a plan B---- the "Bob's" of this world always have a contingency plan 😂😂😂
Jasc Random
Jasc Random 5 днів тому
It would have been extra funny if Willy got a promotion instead.
T Rex
T Rex 6 днів тому
The way bosses walk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
jburckhardt 6 днів тому
Nelson Robert Willis
Nelson Robert Willis 6 днів тому
🏃 That boss walk is the best. Boss is afraid that someone will break something off in his @$$. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! 😆😅😄😃☻😂😂😀😉😊
Patricia Ng'ora
Patricia Ng'ora 6 днів тому
Onigga Supreme
Onigga Supreme 6 днів тому
Yep, black folks know that a call to report to the office isn't going to be good news.
Paul Darren
Paul Darren 7 днів тому
I needed that laugh thankyou!!!
T Saraceni
T Saraceni 7 днів тому
Yea these Guys are funny how thay put it out there with peoples actions. Lol in real life.
Chris Ludwig
Chris Ludwig 7 днів тому
kings of comedy
Jaki Arms
Jaki Arms 7 днів тому
"I'll kill your kids" lmao 😂😂
Loaded Bladder
Loaded Bladder 8 днів тому
I'm white, but my best friend is black. Whers the political correctness
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 8 днів тому
and that suit still fits steve harvey
KBarbie_7 7
KBarbie_7 7 10 днів тому
That guy
That guy 10 днів тому
5k dislikes because SJWs forget times change. Oh his suit was also one that disliked this.
Jonathan Seals
Jonathan Seals 10 днів тому
Willie: "I ain't signing shit!"
Tango Bango
Tango Bango 10 днів тому
Funny to see Steve Harvey with a full head of hair. He looks good bald though.
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen 11 днів тому
Dragged out in handcuffs....Yo Tee Tee get my check. 😂😂😂
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen 11 днів тому
Man his suits have always been ugly. 😂😂😂😂
Carl Gibans
Carl Gibans 11 днів тому
Funny,but should tell you something.
Dan O
Dan O 11 днів тому
I got a 6 pack watchin this..
Dan O
Dan O 11 днів тому
"I ain't signin shit" LMAO
Sebastian Roque
Sebastian Roque 14 днів тому
Joshua May
Joshua May 16 днів тому
“What are you talkin about “😂😂😂
Morbid Gaming
Morbid Gaming 17 днів тому
A notification came down and blocked his hair and I thought I was watching the 2019 Steve
jovo squeeze
jovo squeeze 18 днів тому
did i hear pierre bourne’s tag at 00:10 ??
A.G 19 днів тому
Steve harvey with hair looks weird
Nico F
Nico F 19 днів тому
I beg to differ. Two black people just got fired from my place and they had no idea it was coming. Even though everyone else did. 😂😂😂
Nico F
Nico F 11 днів тому
@rlozaa lozano warehouse
rlozaa lozano
rlozaa lozano 17 днів тому
What type of job??
GAMING WIT TER 19 днів тому
Why doesn’t Steve have a Oscar or Nobel peace prize
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez 19 днів тому
87k likes and 5k white people mad 😂 #fuckyojob
Shamar Campbell
Shamar Campbell 22 дні тому
So i wondered how Steve acted when he lost his jobs this year, like Bob or like Willie ?
lemme change it damn
lemme change it damn 23 дні тому
Steve Harvey, Larry the cable guy, Foxworthy, Bill Ingvall. The LEAST FUNNY COMICS EVER. People should be ashamed of laughing at this bull shit. People who think these people are funny don't know what funny is. Just some sheltered, basic ass people.
SetYourUsername1 24 дні тому
"Say it, Tom--say it"🤣🤣
Nikola Nebulus
Nikola Nebulus 25 днів тому
Legend as fuck!
NE KTS 25 днів тому
Not kill the kids.....😂.
Maureen Dunn
Maureen Dunn 26 днів тому
I look it at this way . You don't judge a book by its cover , love ya all people are people we All need stop forcus on the lord made us we bleed red & we all have heart ...........If you don't believe it look yourself in the mirror Amen
multiyapples 26 днів тому
Robyn Hawkins
Robyn Hawkins 27 днів тому
Hyporisy is a sin
kyle strong
kyle strong 27 днів тому
@BlastphamousHD TV2
Jack Myoff
Jack Myoff 27 днів тому
With White people: they become broken when terminated With Black people: they expected it...
Robert Saenz
Robert Saenz 28 днів тому
Steve Harvey look like a cleaned up MC Hammer with that suit on
john warren
john warren 29 днів тому
Why is it always black vrs' white with black comedians? They are all hung up on it.
Matooley O'Brien
Matooley O'Brien Місяць тому
The truth is Stranger Than Fiction .. The following was and is a huge Corporate America protocol since the 80s.. Thats how So many minority managers get hired with no experience into a management position.. it just so they can fire minorities and the company wouldn't ever be accused of being prejudiced and the owners of the company maintain good public relations.This STILL is a unwritten policy. OF Course their are highly qualified people of all races that get jobs on their own merit..... this is often found in Retail companies and chain restaurants Who fear bad publicity . So much easier and cheaper just to keep someone on a salary with benefits then it is to get lawsuits you either fight or settle , not to mention how quick Bad News Press travels with modern social apps and Technology. Once again truth is Stranger Than Fiction and big companies look at it as an investment and discrimination insurance.
Sean Sarille
Sean Sarille Місяць тому
Dave C.
Dave C. Місяць тому
Steve Harvey throwing "finna" around
2 Smooth Travel
2 Smooth Travel Місяць тому
How ironic
theresa dirocco
theresa dirocco Місяць тому
Lol 😂
weazyweaz1 Місяць тому
Then trousers 😂😂😂
Mia fio
Mia fio Місяць тому
Ain't life Crazy!! Steve himself Not only just lost One job this wk.. but Two! And no matter How Steve took the news, I wld Rather tell myself that he went out This way!! LMAO!!
Lezli Welge
Lezli Welge Місяць тому
See Whole Ass is not a new thing ppl been saying it since way back then!!!! 😂😂
re hash
re hash Місяць тому
I can't get over that suit no matter how hard I try.
Gabby Cabeo
Gabby Cabeo Місяць тому
Nando XDX
Nando XDX Місяць тому
"Oh oh no the fuck you didn't "😂😂😂
Freddy FuFu
Freddy FuFu Місяць тому
first time I see Steve very badly dressed
JohnHan Місяць тому
I don't know if there's higher level of comedy than this, but I've never seen one.
Lian Tungnung
Lian Tungnung Місяць тому
What's finna guys??
Eric Ulator
Eric Ulator Місяць тому
This is why companies prefer White employees (and partially why affirmative action was enacted).... LOL
Ervin Griffin, Jr.
Ervin Griffin, Jr. Місяць тому
Back when Steve was actually funny!!
Zack Cotton
Zack Cotton Місяць тому
Steve harvey is about as racist as they come. Yall laugh and say what you want but that's real shit
GPT 56
GPT 56 Місяць тому
He just got cancelled and replaced by kelly clarkson... Well any day now 😂😂😂
Shiela Hazel Sabaria
Shiela Hazel Sabaria Місяць тому
I laughed my lungs out oh my laaawd 🤣🤣🤣
bobbycone2 Місяць тому
Most white people don't act like that shit. This is a comedy show. Steve is playing to his audience and it's way funnier this way. It's mostly BS tho for everyone talking shit in the comments. However, there are always exceptions.
Mr. Wizard
Mr. Wizard Місяць тому
Sounds like Dave Chappelle!!!!!!!
Mr. Wizard
Mr. Wizard Місяць тому
I've never been fired Steve. I always quit before they could fire me! lol
rlozaa lozano
rlozaa lozano 17 днів тому
You're smart
Mr. Wizard
Mr. Wizard Місяць тому
Hey Steve that suit man...you remind me of a sun flower! lmao
Satirical American
Satirical American Місяць тому
Upload the 'Lionel' bit from San Jose. That was the funniest joke ever done on stage.
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor Місяць тому
Ok now true story; I know you probably won't believe me but I honestly got fired from a job and it went down just like that!!! #1) he asked me to sign my termination papers and I got loud and said "HELL NO I AINT SIGNING ANYTHING" #2) I said "well then you have to pay me within 48hrs! I know my rights"; And boss said "no we still have 2 weeks to pay you" (*FYI the Boss was right, I was wrong) #3) I attempted to knock a bunch of shit over in the aisles! #4) I got escorted out of the store by the biggest manager in the store #5) oh and another fact about all this is the store i got fired from was Wal-Mart and I'm a white guy. 🚹
this guy
this guy Місяць тому
“I’ll tell ya right now, I ain’t signin SHIT!” Gets me crying laughing every time.
Lee Schloss
Lee Schloss Місяць тому
Like that he just throws in "boss ass kinda tight". Not really necessary to tell the story, but why not? lol
Fabian Bridges
Fabian Bridges Місяць тому
Mike Rowland
Mike Rowland Місяць тому
The people in the crowd seem proud of it too......
justin poulson
justin poulson Місяць тому
as for my dad he was good at his job but the company hired a college idiot who was an asshole and he fired my dad for no reason, just because you get a college degree in business doesn't mean you are good at it
Aisha P.
Aisha P. Місяць тому
He is dressed like Steve Carey from "The Mask". That suit is spacious😃.
Ryan Neidlinger
Ryan Neidlinger Місяць тому
where the f do black people buy these crayola suits
sumrandumguy1 Місяць тому
There's very little (if any) trust between employer and employee anymore. We all act like Willie
the j
the j Місяць тому
I don't hire blacks, When they get hired and do little to nothing and get fired, they hit you with a discrimination lawsuit.
Dimitriof biscuit
Dimitriof biscuit Місяць тому
I'm the white version of Willy LOL
Cacilia Why
Cacilia Why Місяць тому
just the opposite with me I'm white and have a black boss and I expect to be fired any day to make room for more diversity.
bubmah axr
bubmah axr Місяць тому
Cherokee Forest
Cherokee Forest Місяць тому
I've never had a boss have the balls to fire me to my face, they just take me off the schedule -.-
Samuel Raji
Samuel Raji Місяць тому
The crowd is literally on their feet. Wtf did just say the best joke in the world? They are laughing their eyes out
B Steven
B Steven Місяць тому
OMG, Steve Harvey WITH HAIR!
The Life of ShyShy
The Life of ShyShy Місяць тому
I just got fired!!! Fuck why didn’t I watch this before I went, I have no idea why! The punk bastard of a manager had the nerve to have security there for me too, just wanting me to fulfill the angry black woman agenda, anywho lmaooo! I just sat there blank faced while he had a smirk on his! Talking about this isn’t easy! Of course it is bastard I will be replaced tomorrow if I haven’t already been 😂😂😂😂😂 this is funny af! At first I felt a little sad but I refuse to let them get the better of me! Hell I was on call anyways barely damn making it; on the verge of doing something strange for a little piece of change any damn way 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andy McWilliams
Andy McWilliams Місяць тому
Shit! It’s hard to fire black people. You’d better have a good paper trail. They’ll claim racism, pull the old race card and sue you.
Rodney Johnson
Rodney Johnson Місяць тому
Not tru
The Dude
The Dude Місяць тому
White comedians rarely talk about race. Black comedians rarely talk about anything else.
Sasha Shantel
Sasha Shantel Місяць тому
Amazing 😂😂😂😂
GachaPumpkin XO
GachaPumpkin XO Місяць тому
I had a black teacher, Mr. Blah, and he was our music teacher. He knew he was going to get fired so instead he quit.
Lee Joel Beasley
Lee Joel Beasley Місяць тому
Well Wllie did not comeback Bob cameback after shooting his wife and two dogs and shoot up the office looking for Tom.
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