STOCKING my BACKYARD POND for the FIRST TIME!!! (Tons of Fish)

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Its time to get the backyard pond stocked up with fish before winter! Let me know what kind of fish I should stock next!
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12 жов 2019





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assassman307 307
assassman307 307 6 днів тому
assassman307 307
assassman307 307 6 днів тому
Wonder if flair will hear this
Linda Jenkinson
Linda Jenkinson 10 днів тому
Drug dealers should be band from UKvid scumbags
Linda Jenkinson
Linda Jenkinson 10 днів тому
Shit video as always
Alec Jackson
Alec Jackson 12 днів тому
when jon set the hook 😂😂
Tim Swords
Tim Swords 15 днів тому
# rig fing nice video bro googan squad
L Cole Jackson
L Cole Jackson 15 днів тому
you should try noodling.
Xoneice 16 днів тому
How come your ducks don’t fly away and your chickens don’t hop the fence
BananaNyourSplit 20 днів тому
FLAIR:” spreads corn pile in a corn field” “Puts trail cam and blind up on corn pile in middle of miles of corn fields and flooded fields(WATER EVERYWHERE)” Flair: yea we are goin to kill some deer on this corn pile in the middle of hundreds of acres of corn fields
Us&Titys 69
Us&Titys 69 20 днів тому
18:35 that was a weird lookindog.
accarson 20 днів тому
It's a good day when you are home in a Friday with a week's worth of flair videos to catch up to 👌
RO3 20 днів тому
Awesome video Jordan 👌🏻
The_ToxicBadger 2
The_ToxicBadger 2 21 день тому
“You can’t hear the wind as good.” The wind *VVVVVVFFHHHHVFFHH*
MunsonMAN 21 день тому
Why does this feel like a pg13 fishing version of nelk
Connor McMannes
Connor McMannes 21 день тому
Well flair when a mama crayfish and a daddy crayfish love each other bet much...
Gaige White 05
Gaige White 05 22 дні тому
Hey can you send me a pack I’m only 12 and broke
0bvi0us Plant
0bvi0us Plant 22 дні тому
Bro how did you not see that bobcat stalking you?!?!?!
NRL And outdoor
NRL And outdoor 23 дні тому
7:24 a fish was on the dock like if you saw
kr7kr 23 дні тому
Slip em up your butt.
fn itzHarry
fn itzHarry 25 днів тому
You should stock your pond with common carp and mirror carp I realy recommend them
Nathan Mcpherson
Nathan Mcpherson 25 днів тому
Its best to do it at night so they cant see you as good and get a thermal scope
nico rickey
nico rickey 25 днів тому
Where is this place at??? 19:33
JeSse HughEs
JeSse HughEs 26 днів тому
FishingIsLife 26 днів тому
Man then y’all complain why y’all get broke off we’ll the way y’all set the hook might be the problem over exaggerating with those 1pounders
FISHING ENC 26 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-FOEuoXoPO0c.html trying to get my channel started, check me out!
Christian Harrell
Christian Harrell 26 днів тому
If y’all do send some product my way because I literally have to drive for 45 min just to get googan baits
Thats_Ery_Day Life
Thats_Ery_Day Life 26 днів тому
Flair just stocked lobsters holly cow those did not look like craw dads
Thats_Ery_Day Life
Thats_Ery_Day Life 26 днів тому
Red eared sunfish fight like a mother. Sooooo much fun to catch! Put more red eared in! Like so flair can see!
Justin Springfield
Justin Springfield 27 днів тому
Dont stock all your fish from the same spot. take the boat out next time and distribute all species evenly throughout the pond.
Lane Cooper
Lane Cooper 27 днів тому
You guys should put a fish feeder towards the shallow areas for the small fish
Vita Shevchenko
Vita Shevchenko 27 днів тому
I bet u Flair won't pin this
Nick T. Fishing
Nick T. Fishing 27 днів тому
11:37 Flair: "this makes me wanna do some weird things in here" Jon: *aight imma head out*
Alpha Nix
Alpha Nix 27 днів тому
Flair Apologies for a long video Me; "20 minutes video" mom where's the pop corn
Christian Harrell
Christian Harrell 27 днів тому
When is googan gonna make a frog 🐸
World Fish Cutting
World Fish Cutting 27 днів тому
RK fans ahead of 2019
Samuel martinez
Samuel martinez 27 днів тому
When are you doing a catfish catch and cook? Fried catfish is bomb!!!
Kian Martinez
Kian Martinez 27 днів тому
bonzo kissed you. Like to undo
Thelastking1821 28 днів тому
You should have got that catfish u caught and put him in ur pond
Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan 28 днів тому
Why didn’t you put 1 bag of bass in brew bakery
TheNotoriousOtter 28 днів тому
"Come on lil junior open your mouth" - Flair 2019
Gregory Hamann
Gregory Hamann 28 днів тому
So many adds
Julian Lancelot
Julian Lancelot 28 днів тому
Love the video
Nhulk Mad
Nhulk Mad 28 днів тому
I saw this one kid catch at least a 20 pound cat
Bass Slayer
Bass Slayer 28 днів тому
“You can see them but they can’t see you” Flair 2019 Little does he know about that
Ham Wallet
Ham Wallet 28 днів тому
Those red ears fight very hard for panfish. A floating cricket lure will get one every cast.
Shaky Vidz
Shaky Vidz 28 днів тому
That's a blue catfish
Jay P
Jay P 28 днів тому
Shocked a racoon, fox or coyote hasn't got your birds, yet.
England Jessica
England Jessica 28 днів тому
Y’all remember the cheeks dock😂 and if y’all can clear up around the pond more for fishing room it makes it a lot easier 👍
Aaron Cunningham
Aaron Cunningham 28 днів тому
I love your channel I think that its kinda repetitious however maybe some what made you famous
Kaleb Hall
Kaleb Hall 28 днів тому
You should probably just stock the pond full of bluegill so the bass have plenty to munch on
Mathias Brun
Mathias Brun 28 днів тому
Why do you rip it so damn hard?!
Jenny Rooney
Jenny Rooney 28 днів тому
Day one
Quinn Ames
Quinn Ames 28 днів тому
Stand not blind lol!!!!
SGTrollinski 28 днів тому
8:05 “ Come on junior, open that mouth of yours”
CJ stbber mcstbberson
CJ stbber mcstbberson 28 днів тому
RIP brute bakery
CJ stbber mcstbberson
CJ stbber mcstbberson 28 днів тому
hes givin up on the farm pond
Freeman Owen
Freeman Owen 28 днів тому
Emphasis on "TRIED" to build a boat ramp.
BC Fishing
BC Fishing 28 днів тому
You should electro fish your backyard pond!!!!!!
Brighton K
Brighton K 28 днів тому
part: 2849493937 of flair with the mouth open on his thumbnail😂. i love watching your videos it is so entertaining
JOSEPH J SALAZAR 28 днів тому
You should stock Koi, catfish, carp and if so gold fish in your pound.
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