Summer Walker - Playing Games (1Xtra Live Lounge) | Contains strong language

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Summer Walker performs Playing Games in the BBC Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge
Contains strong language.





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Una Femmi
Una Femmi 16 годин тому
She was so beautiful😢
Mia Bobo
Mia Bobo 2 дні тому
If y’all don’t let this girl make her soap instead of doing this to her
nepomukism 3 дні тому
Reading the comments makes me laugh ... you millenials ... freaking unaware of anything ... this is a just a method, an image, a role to play to get recognized as exactly what you want to see in her .. close your eyes and just listen to the music ... and you will realize that this is one of the worsed performances in this genre I heard for a long time ... Sorry but the actoing doesn't fool me yet. it would fool me yes if she would perform outstanding good, but she doesn't ...
Jayce Comedy
Jayce Comedy 5 днів тому
Y she have a new look every time like she look different
Tiara Martin
Tiara Martin 5 днів тому
Check this out ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-VxiQU3_L4X4.html
Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas 6 днів тому
I miss her old nose 🥺🥺
Mrs. Cinnamon Everett
Mrs. Cinnamon Everett 7 днів тому
Love her
The Welch Family
The Welch Family 7 днів тому
Music is therapy Like if you agree💯
love snipe
love snipe 7 днів тому
Giiirrrrrlllll that voice is everything G.O.A.T S.H.I.T
Simplyymayah 9 днів тому
She has social anxiety y’all shut up😕
Unique Diamond
Unique Diamond 10 днів тому
She looks so shy and uncomfortable
S. Lee
S. Lee 10 днів тому
That’s me giving speeches 😂
Raven Douglass
Raven Douglass 10 днів тому
I think she is uber talented and her voice is amazing, but I’m tired of this social anxiety shit , like girl you were a whole stripper out in ATL, half naked on a stage , but you’re scared to sing fully clothed ? Okay I’m done lol
White Calli
White Calli 11 днів тому
Love heeeeer so much ❤️😍🥰
Tenacious QinKs RARETV
Tenacious QinKs RARETV 11 днів тому
She looks so uncomfortable. I wish she knew how talented she is
Antwan Jones
Antwan Jones 12 днів тому
It’s Chayce
It’s Chayce 12 днів тому
Aw poor girl she look so uncomfortable
Latrice 14 днів тому
I’ve never seen anyone sing a whole song with their arms crossed before she dgaf lol she came to sing and dassit lol
k b
k b 17 днів тому
Poor girl. She’s so nervous
Bhakti Wb
Bhakti Wb 17 днів тому
I like how real she is
Court Wofford
Court Wofford 18 днів тому
She’s so beautiful, so pure, so rare😍
viviene brockington
viviene brockington 18 днів тому
She looks very uncomfortable
Kay Does Hair
Kay Does Hair 19 днів тому
I feel so much for her, I sing n have crazy anxiety if I could jus sing n make music without the other stuff I'd do it
Dior Diorrrs
Dior Diorrrs 22 дні тому
The cringe was real. Her potential wasnt all there because she was hella nervous. Hope she can get better
Kim Jennie
Kim Jennie 23 дні тому
hey girl
Miss Katz Life
Miss Katz Life 25 днів тому
T Renee
T Renee 25 днів тому
I love her voice ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-A6xxubCPvA8.html
Brainey wright
Brainey wright 26 днів тому
Lyrics from Monica should of.know better . And dc child say my name
balard serge
balard serge Місяць тому
hit shoot facebook.com/byonkos/
ladon 216
ladon 216 Місяць тому
She gave this no effort. She gave her fans nor talent no effort. This why Mary j bilge and Beyoncé are hard to come by they would have never gave their talent this amount of effort.
SparklezandSweetzTV Місяць тому
Jay Salinas
Jay Salinas Місяць тому
Why her hair looking raggedy !!?
OnlyOneBurr Місяць тому
She’s so talented but that anxiety thing is tearing her up 😔
Cindie213 Mya213
Cindie213 Mya213 Місяць тому
She seemed really nervous
Uncut_Diamond Місяць тому
She doesn't even need to put on a performance her voice compensates for it
H C Місяць тому
What a brat
BaconOrButter Місяць тому
Thats why all her songs so short so she can sing her shit and leave. She was mad they solod on g 😂😂😂
Eshay Astro & Philosophy
Eshay Astro & Philosophy Місяць тому
Summer has an old soul (Born on the 11th) with her sexual side coming from her Sun and Mars in Aries .. too bad I don’t know her birth time but I’m sure she has some Pisces or 12th house in there somewhere (which shows her spiritual side). The Aquarius moon is an indication of her awkwardness. She’s has a great voice but has a fear to truly perform. But overall I Love the vibe, real deep and sexy music 🎶 it’s what RB needs (and she plays the guitar 🎸).
Here Goes Franklin
Here Goes Franklin Місяць тому
What’s amazing is even having a full blown anxiety attack, her voice is actually better live than on the radio.
Gabs Місяць тому
You can see in her eyes she wasn’t into it. I hope she can be able to relax more when performing. I suffer with anxiety too and I’m not even a performer so I cannot imagine the stress. Love her voice 💗
Shaniqua Walker
Shaniqua Walker Місяць тому
Her anxiety shows so much through her body language and voice! I can't imagine what she feels like on stage singing in front of millions of people!
You Wanna Wager?
You Wanna Wager? Місяць тому
arms crossed the whole time, whole team on their phones at 2:00 lol weird dynamic going on here
Kareem Jay
Kareem Jay Місяць тому
Summer reminds us its about the music !!!
Julian Lemle
Julian Lemle Місяць тому
Why was she so irritated.
Miles Dugar
Miles Dugar Місяць тому
Why did the band have to be so extra at the end🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣😂
Sweet Psycho
Sweet Psycho Місяць тому
Every people talk about how nervous she is. Cmon people if you can't sing just shut up and listen her. At least she is precious . Love you Summer
Victoria Simmons
Victoria Simmons Місяць тому
She looks so uncomfortable but still did her thing really loves her 🥰
Lounge with Ace
Lounge with Ace Місяць тому
I can feel the tension from here what’s wrong baby girl
clandestine73647 Місяць тому
Damn watching this is giving me anxiety. Poor girl.
grey Місяць тому
Effortless beauty and talent, love her so much! 🖤
Chasing Destiny
Chasing Destiny Місяць тому
Sounds angelic. 👸🏽
Laura Місяць тому
A beauty
B&B edu
B&B edu Місяць тому
Low energy
mirriam melendez
mirriam melendez Місяць тому
Why she singing like that she need to sing the normal one
Kierra Місяць тому
She always holds back when performing live😭
Tk Robinson
Tk Robinson Місяць тому
I’ve literally been trying to study her for a week ...to see if this is really an act or if she’s literally over it ... she ain’t playing though 🙇🏾‍♀️ Subscribe to my channel , let’s talk about it 💕❗️
Nikki Delmar
Nikki Delmar Місяць тому
Was it cold there because she is stiff
Sarah Price
Sarah Price Місяць тому
She can wear shades like her
fatima mckay
fatima mckay 2 місяці тому
Shanicka White
Shanicka White 2 місяці тому
The band went crazy
Wig has left the chat Random drawer
Wig has left the chat Random drawer 2 місяці тому
U can tell she dont wanna be there she looks real uncomfortable like there forcing her to do it
Ginger Redds
Ginger Redds 2 місяці тому
I don’t understand you ask for the fame and you act stupid when it’s time to perform and she’s one of my favorite
kds_traveler 2 місяці тому
She has a beautiful voice....Unfold your arms and relax. 🙂
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 2 місяці тому
Great song just boring watching her sing it!
Lupita Alcaraz
Lupita Alcaraz 2 місяці тому
Omg she can sing !! 😭😭❤️
Jade Foreign
Jade Foreign 2 місяці тому
Damn I love sis but her arms are crossed like she don’t wanna be there lol
Huncho Black
Huncho Black 2 місяці тому
If she doesn't have the passion then she need to move around
Nyrie Rose
Nyrie Rose 2 місяці тому
Watching this made me cringe she looks so uncomfortable
Liz P
Liz P 2 місяці тому
Why doesn’t she just be one of those artists that makes music & doesn’t do the promo stuff? It’s so awkward to watch
P S 2 місяці тому
Liz P close your eyes and listen. I swear nothing is awkward... it’s pure talent
Jas J
Jas J 2 місяці тому
I love Summer! That band rocked it!!
Jay kaysay
Jay kaysay 2 місяці тому
Her voice is seriously ridiculous... 🥴🤤🥰
nufsed909 2 місяці тому
She look like shes one disappointment away from a panic attack. No offense. Her behavior is alarming. I'm 🙏
Lauren Sang
Lauren Sang 2 місяці тому
She always looks mad awkward She put no effort into her performances
Ms Carmen
Ms Carmen 2 місяці тому
I agree she looked great that was awesome ...that was some Billy Holiday shyte
Shun King
Shun King 2 місяці тому
She looks very uncomfortable. I know she suffers from social anxiety. Summer hold your head you're a brave person to perform live
King Devo
King Devo 2 місяці тому
Yea I’m bout that action baby. It’s gone be ok. DKelly gone take care of u 🥰🥰😘😘
Mireya Carroll
Mireya Carroll 2 місяці тому
Lol she REALLY over it
Mickey Beauty
Mickey Beauty 2 місяці тому
Wow shes singing like she really doesn’t want to be there but I can’t stop loving her music.... I don’t think I buy a ticket tho
Shayvideos1 2 місяці тому
I think she's special and really talented..people like her go down I history for giving people real conversations to talk about..awkward like any whinehouse and Corrine Bailey Rae..please look them up if you dont know..I believe she writes her own lyrics and they definitely stand out.
Léa Mcgregor
Léa Mcgregor 2 місяці тому
Her voice and the instrumentals.. so pretty
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