Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]

Summer Walker
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Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller)
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Director: Christine Yuan
Producer: Theodore Cabana
Production Company: Object & Animal
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8 жов 2019





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Summer Walker
Summer Walker 5 днів тому
hope y’all like the video..🎮🖤 my debut album OVER IT is out nowwww
Abby H.
Abby H. 13 годин тому
Guuuuuuuuurl. Hoping we like it?! Sistah we are beyoooooooond liking it
MW 7
MW 7 17 годин тому
I love what you did with this song. Thank you. He can't. We can't cause he is married so I can't.
Smao _.x
Smao _.x 17 годин тому
We love you
julia williams
julia williams День тому
Straight 90's good music rnb vibe then some This that new bomb rnb my words not even justifying how dope the music is just Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
julia williams
julia williams День тому
Your music is everything its chill it get me turn up I be reminiscing thinking about my future and just lots more I be feeling like I know how to sing your a mood a vibe please keep puting music like this out like you real live bomb
BAM BAM 10 годин тому
3rinity xo
3rinity xo 10 годин тому
This name been ringing bells 👈🏾click on my icon and listen to my banger while I peep this 👀
Created By Russie
Created By Russie 11 годин тому
Is it just me or does Summer & Aaliyah Jay favor each other?
DatgurlJ 11 годин тому
Song b on repeatttttttt 😍🎶
Bree TheDream
Bree TheDream 11 годин тому
I’m addicted 😩 what u do to this album sis put sum crack in it 😭
Taurean Livermore
Taurean Livermore 12 годин тому
Southern University Marching Band played the hell out of this last night. Crowd went absolutely nuts.
Eazyboy W
Eazyboy W 12 годин тому
Bryson almost on Frank Ocean's level of being lowkey nowadays
Rochell Barbara
Rochell Barbara 12 годин тому
Bryson Tiller I love you but that verse wasn’t needed 🤦🏽‍♀️ Jacquees would have fit better
Genesis 00
Genesis 00 13 годин тому
Don’t get the hype
Asia Carruth
Asia Carruth 13 годин тому
I love how she played grand theft auto after😭😍
QueenDramatic 14 годин тому
I remember when she first dropped this song without bryson.. I been playing it every day since!
Marvin’s World
Marvin’s World 14 годин тому
Ppl complain the song is too short. U can’t put a time stamp on written feelings ❤️💯
Naka 14 годин тому
Loved the video concept my only thing was your delivery it literally felt like we were hearing the audio and they just asked you to move your mouth, a tad more energy lovely
Prod. 7
Prod. 7 14 годин тому
If your an upcoming artist 🔥hit the like button below I’ve got some nice beats 🔥💯
ChillyBinzz 15 годин тому
I wish another chorus would hit off after Bryson's verse just feel like it would fit better rather than the fade out
Christine Williams
Christine Williams 16 годин тому
All these singers sound the same sick.
Babydoll Jackson
Babydoll Jackson 16 годин тому
She cute 😍👸🏿❤️🌹
Shondell Butler
Shondell Butler 17 годин тому
Love this song😘
X-Entrik 97
X-Entrik 97 18 годин тому
Am I the only one who not a big fan of the vocal production of tillers part?
aesthetic guru
aesthetic guru 20 годин тому
I like how in the beginning of the video you can tell she's not playing around and as she's talking to the different guys you can tell , she's upset and making it known that your not going to play with her heart. I think of the other different guys as relationships. Each guy is a different relationship and everyone knows with relationships comes problems, there is no perfect relationship but it's okay. The bathtub scene shows how when your "in love" you would do anything for that person but sometimes things get complicated so you question whether or not it is worth it , you could feel like your drowning and no one is coming to save you . At the end she walks into the room and grabs the controller and that basically means no matter how in control you are , you are never really in control. You will always end up playing the game , hence her picking it up. That's kinda my synopsis of the video but if anyone has any other theories please lemme know and feel free to share . I would love to read them ! Wishing you lots of love and happiness 💖
haleigh 21 годину тому
what song is sampled at the beginning?
Adolfo CaneLA
Adolfo CaneLA 21 годину тому
I hard Jacquees version be for I found this video I still like Jacquees better 👇🏽
Ii-xii Lee
Ii-xii Lee 22 години тому
Firstly. Who is that guy tied up in the ropes. I need answers plz
Will Loll
Will Loll 22 години тому
This is Bryson Tillers song. Who’s the random girl, and where is he at in the video? 3/10 stars
Red Moon
Red Moon 23 години тому
This was lit
Billy Backwoods
Billy Backwoods 23 години тому
I love you summer !
Isjah Craig
Isjah Craig 23 години тому
this wassup i love this song so much and the video brings it together so nicely
Isjah Craig
Isjah Craig 23 години тому
shit bitch you thought i dont fuck w this dry ass no beat having song
Løve nunu
Løve nunu День тому
This my favorite song of all time I swear ❗️❗️❗️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Quam'e Shabazz
Quam'e Shabazz День тому
They finally making songs minute men could fuck to 😂😂😂😂
Lipstick Chateau Wine Color
Lipstick Chateau Wine Color День тому
When she sings, oh lord I feel the soul.
solrac amcl
solrac amcl День тому
The song is great but can we talk about the video?? The artistry?? THANK YOU we needed someone to raise the bar after Cardi B lowered it too much and you did amazing! Woww!
THAT. SCXR День тому
something about this instrumental actually resonates with my soul bmt.. mainly referring 2 the guitar loop still, and then the vocals.... like lord have mercy this song is so good wtf
KaylaBrooks День тому
Fave song on the album ❤️❤️❤️
Tee Me
Tee Me День тому
Your perfect summer
Ja'Rule Davis
Ja'Rule Davis День тому
I love This Song ❗️❗️❗️
Neiyo Beatrice
Neiyo Beatrice День тому
We Stan so much omg
gmgmakeitrain06 День тому
I don’t get the short songs thing she does.
Kia День тому
This is my favorite song on her album🥰🥰
If u claim u want me
Yeshua День тому
90s vibe
Yeshua День тому
This song is very sexxy like very but babie this video and the too slow motion ughhh and it definitely should've had another verse after dude...
Yeshua День тому
This video is dumb ughhh I hate it....I would've rather see her in a park walking looking at other couples and it's young and cute I love this song but this video wtf
Megan Pooh
Megan Pooh День тому
I play this song daily 😍😍 this my shit right here! Brysons part definitely should have been longer.. Still bomb asf tho
pretty girl tee
pretty girl tee День тому
Ok where is just might
xxjxx bee
xxjxx bee День тому
Im a cold ass bitch but everytime bryson comes on i WANNE BE IN LOVE SO BAD
xxjxx bee
xxjxx bee День тому
I need a 3min bryson part PERIODT
Chelsea V Proctor
Chelsea V Proctor День тому
Who disliked this. Honestly. Hating is a disease
Man like Fadz
Man like Fadz День тому
Is it just me or when ever I just search up something random UKvid and then realize that thing blows up
Jason Konadu
Jason Konadu День тому
Only here for Bryson Tiller 🔥🔥
Sherry Workman
Sherry Workman День тому
She didn’t even need him to back her up 😍
BlueGodest _
BlueGodest _ День тому
Me I'm never acting shady ,you'll always be my babyyy 😍🌎💕💯
SPAGHETTI. Spitzname is da .lol.
This whole outfit is fake ariana grande 😐
Ericka TC
Ericka TC День тому
Where I've been to never heard of Summer shame on my friends 🤦🏾‍♀️
Mix Lennoxx
Mix Lennoxx День тому
Gorgeous woman!
SoWhat Bitcch
SoWhat Bitcch День тому
Why she got lil nasx future theme in the bacc ground
Forever Fallon
Forever Fallon День тому
I wonder how come Bryson tiller wasn’t in this?
Ornella O.D.
Ornella O.D. День тому
Chords ??
Stacie Porchia
Stacie Porchia День тому
2019🔥🔥🔥🔥 Im never acting shady you are my baby.
Musically Challenged
Musically Challenged День тому
Can we talk about this bedroom tho?? 😍😍🤩😩
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